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A molecular model for diacylglycerol acyltransferase from Mortierella ramanniana var. angulispora
Sanjay Mishra,Surya Prakash Dwivedi,Neeraja Dwivedi,Ajay Kumar
Bioinformation , 2009,
Abstract: Acyl Co-A diacylglycerol acyltransferase (DGAT, EC 2.3.120) is recognized as a key player of cellular diacylglycerol metabolism. It catalyzes the terminal, yet the committed step in triacylglycerol synthesis using diacylglycerol and fatty acyl CoA as substrates. The protein sequence of diacylglycerol acyltransferse (DGAT) Type 2B in Moretierella ramanniana var. angulispora (Protein_ID = AAK84180.1) was retrieved from GenBank. However, a structure is not yet available for this sequence. The 3D structure of DGAT Type 2B was modeled using a template structure (PDB ID: 1K30) obtained from Protein databank (PDB) identified by searching with position specific iterative BLAST (PSI-BLAST). The template (PDB ID: 1K30) describes the structure of DGAT from Cucurbita moschata. Modeling was performed using Modeller 9v2 and protein model is hence generated. The DGAT type 2B protein model was subsequently docked with six inhibitors (sphingosine; trifluoroperazine; phosphatidic acid; lysophospatidylserine; KCl; 1, 2-diolein) using AutoDock (a molecular docking program). The binding of inhibitors to the protein model of DGAT type 2B is discussed.
2D-QSAR model development and analysis on variant groups of anti -tuberculosis drugs
Neeraja Dwivedi*,Bhartendu Nath Mishra,Vishwa Mohan Katoch
Bioinformation , 2011,
Abstract: A quantitative structure activity relationship study was performed on different groups of anti-tuberculosis drug compound for establishing quantitative relationship between biological activity and their physicochemical /structural properties. In recent years, a large number of herbal drugs are promoted in treatment of tuberculosis especially due to the emergence of MDR (multi drug resistance) and XDR (extensive drug resistance) tuberculosis. Multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) is resistant to front-line drugs (isoniazid and rifampicin, the most powerful anti-TB drugs) and extensively drug-resistant TB (XDR-TB) is resistant to front-line and second-line drugs. The possibility of drug resistance TB increases when patient does not take prescribed drugs for defined time period. Natural products (secondary metabolites) isolated from the variety of sources including terrestrial and marine plants and animals, and microorganisms, have been recognized as having antituberculosis action and have recently been tested preclinically for their growth inhibitory activity towards Mycobacterium tuberculosis or related organisms. A quantitative structure activity relationship (QSAR) studies were performed to explore the antituberculosis compound from the derivatives of natural products . Theoretical results are in accord with the in vitro experimental data with reported growth inhibitory activity towards Mycobacterium tuberculosis or related organisms. Antitubercular activity was predicted through QSAR model, developed by forward feed multiple linear regression method with leave-one-out approach. Relationship correlating measure of QSAR model was 74% (R2 = 0.74) and predictive accuracy was 72% (RCV2 = 0.72). QSAR studies indicate that dipole energy and heat of formation correlate well with anti-tubercular activity. These results could offer useful references for understanding mechanisms and directing the molecular design of new lead compounds with improved anti-tubercular activity. The generated QSAR model revealed the importance of structural, thermodynamic and electro topological parameters. The quantitative structure activity relationship provides important structural insight in designing of potent antitubercular agent.
Computational identification of composite regulatory sites in 16s-rRNA gene promoters of Mycobacterium species
Neeraja Dwivedi1, , and , *,Surya Prakash Dwivedi,Ajay kumar,Vishwa Mohan Katoch
Bioinformation , 2008,
Abstract: The availability of completely sequenced genomes allow the use of computational techniques to investigate cis-acting sequences controlling transcription regulation associated with groups of functionally related genes. Theoretical analysis was performed to assign functions to regulatory systems. The identification of such sites is relevant for locating a promoter at the 5' boundary of a gene. They also allow the prediction of specific gene-expression pattern and response to disturbances in a known signaling pathway. Here, we describe the identification of composite transcription factor (TF) binding sites over promoter regions in16s-rRNA gene for mycobacterium species strains ICC47, ICC67, ICC43 and CMVL700. It is established that the ribosomal gene comprises of sequences that are conserved during evolution and interspersed with divergent regions. Computational identification of known TF-binding sites was performed using TFSITESCAN tool and ooTFD database. The ICC67, ICC47, ICC43 and CMYL700 strains showed 12, 13, 9 and 15 known TF binding sites, respectively. Comparison between strains suggests 9 known TF predicted binding sites to be conserved among them. These data provide basis for the understanding of promoter regulation in 16s-rRNA.
Pluripotencjalna historia immunologii. Przegl d
Neeraja Sankaran
Avant : Journal of Philosophical-Interdisciplinary Vanguard , 2012,
Abstract: [Przek ad] W artykule dokonano przegl du historiografii immunologii od 1999 roku, co w pewnym stopniu jest odpowiedzi na stanowisko takich historyków jak Thomas S derqvist, którzy twierdzili, e to pole badawcze nie by o wówczas do rozwini te (S derqvist i Stillwell). Najpierw wskazano przesz e i tera niejsze problemy, które historiografia ma ze zdefiniowaniem immunologii, a nast pnie skomentowano ostatnie studia nad poj ciem immunologicznego ja”. W dalszym toku przegl du przeanalizowano i oceniono nowe publikacje po wi cone zró nicowanym zagadnieniom immunologii oraz niektóre charakterystyczne oskar enia formu owane wobec niedostatku pewnych dziedzin historii, na przyk ad historii biograficznych i historii instytucji. W podsumowaniu przedstawiono konkuruj ce ze sob kierunki, w których rozwin a si historia immunologii, wychodz c poza wst pne, tymczasowe stadia uchwycone w poprzednim przegl dzie, i staj c si wielog osow , pluripotencjaln dyscyplin , podobn do przedmiotu jej badań. Pokazano te , e historia immunologii nadal rozwija si na wiele nowych i ekscytuj cych sposobów.
The pluripotent history of immunology. A review
Neeraja Sankaran
Avant : Journal of Philosophical-Interdisciplinary Vanguard , 2012,
Abstract: The historiography of immunology since 1999 is reviewed, in part as a response to claims by historians such as Thomas S derqvist the field was still immature at the time (S derqvist & Stillwell 1999). First addressed are the difficulties, past and present, surrounding the disciplinary definition of immunology, which is followed by a commentary on the recent scholarship devoted to the concept of the immune self. The new literature on broad immunological topics is examined and assessed, and specific charges leveled against the paucity of certain types of histories, e.g. biographical and institutional histories, are evaluated. In conclusion, there are compelling indications that the history of immunology has moved past the initial tentative stages identified in the earlier reviews to become a bustling, pluripotent discipline, much like the subject of its scrutiny, and that it continues to develop in many new and exciting directions.
Simulation Analysis on Applicability of Meta Material and PBG Based mm-Wave Planar Antenna for Advanced Cellular Technologies  [PDF]
Smrity Dwivedi
Open Journal of Antennas and Propagation (OJAPr) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojapr.2017.51003
Abstract: Metamaterials have got a unique identification in the field of electromagnetic. Left handed metamaterials have been recognized through its working at high frequencies with larger bandwidth in antenna design. The author has proposed a multi substrates LH metamaterials with an array of split triangular antennas for wideband as well as for larger bandwidth. FR4 is being used at frequency 42 - 26 GHz with thickness of 3 mm for substrate and matching circuit is inserted to get high gain with minimum reflections. The number of rods in PBG is 100, which is found to get high return losses and ideal behavior of VSWR. Obtained results have been in good agreement such as S11 is approximately 30 dB, VSWR 1.8 dB and the bandwidth enhancement is 2 GHz at frequency 5 GHz. All results are plotted using commercial software CST microwave studio (Version 2012) and MATLAB.
Design of Wideband PBG Antenna for New Generation Communication Systems through Simulation  [PDF]
Smrity Dwivedi
Open Journal of Antennas and Propagation (OJAPr) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojapr.2017.54013
In modern wireless communication system, demand of high bandwidth antennas with low cost are increased. In proposed paper, these requirements have been fully justified by using PBG based wideband antenna. Although, metamaterial is one more option to build this idea, sometimes, negative permittivity or negative permeability or both does not permit to allow easy fabrication and maintaining low cost. An antenna with several periodic rods and organic magnetic materials substrate made it possible to enhance the bandwidth and think off using it for 5G communication systems. Proposed antenna is designed and fabricated for frequency range of 40 GHz - 50 GHz, and 12 × 9 periodic rods with substrate having organic magnetic materials property. Antenna is designed and analyzed using commercial simulation software CST microwave studio (CST STUDIO SUITE 2014) and measured for return loss and VSWR for fabricated design. Obtained results meet the requirement of wider bandwidth of 1.5 - 2 GHz and return loss, ?35 dB, and directivity is 61 dBi with efficiency of 61%.
Witkop′s tooth and nail syndrome: A multifaceted approach to dental management
Subramaniam P,Neeraja R
Journal of the Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry , 2008,
Abstract: Witkop′s tooth and nail syndrome is a rare autosomal dominant disorder of ectodermal dysplasia characterized by hypodontia and nail dysplasia. Mutations in MSX-1 have been shown to be associated with this syndrome. There is failure of development and eruption of the dentition. Tooth shape may vary; the most common forms are conical and narrow crowns. The nails may be spoon shaped and slow growing and affect both finger and toe nails. The nail involvement is more severe in childhood. The present case describes a 14-year-old boy who showed the characteristic features of Witkop′s syndrome. A multifaceted approach to the dental management of the patient is discussed.
Role of Multidetector CT in Evaluation of Polytrauma Patients  [PDF]
Amit Nandan Dhar Dwivedi
Open Journal of Emergency Medicine (OJEM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojem.2014.23009

Trauma is the leading cause of death in age group less than 45 years. In trauma, time is one of the most crucial factors in predicting prognosis. Outcomes are greatly improved when critical interventions are provided within the golden hour following injury. Whole body multidetector computerised tomography (WBMDCT) can decrease this critical time and increase survival. Emergency CT plays a major role in diagnostic workflow in the evaluation of patients with polytrauma. MDCT scanners are widely used because they rapidly produce high-resolution scans of large areas, offering short examination times for multiple body regions under emergency conditions. Such examinations most often include the head, cervical spine, and thorax to pelvis. Role of MDCT in head trauma remains unparalleled for reasons like its widespread availability and capability to reveal skull fractures, primarily because it is a fast and efficient method to triage the patients with treatable conditions mandating urgent surgical intervention such as extra axial hematomas, mass effect, herniations of brain, hydrocephalus, and midline shift and hence preventing secondary brain injury. MDCT angiography is an important tool to screen patients with suspected vascular injury.

Distribution and Association of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in Different Cultivars of Wheat from Lalganj Pratapgarh District of Utter Pradesh, India  [PDF]
O. P. Dwivedi
Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology (ABB) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/abb.2015.65034
Abstract: Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi are key components of soil micro-flora and obviously interact with other microorganisms in the rhizosphere which is the zone of influence of plant roots on microbial populations and other soil constituents. Keeping in view the importance of AM fungi, the present study was undertaken for assessing the AM fungal spore population dynamics in the rhizosphere soil and its colonization in rhizosphere soils in relation to soil physico-chemical factors. Present study represents an attempt to establish the qualitative and quantitative distribution of AM fungal species in rhizosphere soils of wheat. Thirteen different wheat cultivars collected from four different sites of Lalganj Pratapgarh (U.P.), India were examined for the AM infection. All the wheat cultivars were found to be infected with arbuscular mycorrhizae. However, their population in rhizosphere and root infection varied to a considerable extent from species to species. The maximum spore population and highest percentage of root colonization were found with the rhizosphere soil of cultivars Ankur Kedar.
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