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A Simple Index for the High-Citation Tail of Citation Distribution to Quantify Research Performance in Countries and Institutions
Alonso Rodríguez-Navarro
PLOS ONE , 2011, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0020510
Abstract: Background Conventional scientometric predictors of research performance such as the number of papers, citations, and papers in the top 1% of highly cited papers cannot be validated in terms of the number of Nobel Prize achievements across countries and institutions. The purpose of this paper is to find a bibliometric indicator that correlates with the number of Nobel Prize achievements. Methodology/Principal Findings This study assumes that the high-citation tail of citation distribution holds most of the information about high scientific performance. Here I propose the x-index, which is calculated from the number of national articles in the top 1% and 0.1% of highly cited papers and has a subtractive term to discount highly cited papers that are not scientific breakthroughs. The x-index, the number of Nobel Prize achievements, and the number of national articles in Nature or Science are highly correlated. The high correlations among these independent parameters demonstrate that they are good measures of high scientific performance because scientific excellence is their only common characteristic. However, the x-index has superior features as compared to the other two parameters. Nobel Prize achievements are low frequency events and their number is an imprecise indicator, which in addition is zero in most institutions; the evaluation of research making use of the number of publications in prestigious journals is not advised. Conclusion The x-index is a simple and precise indicator for high research performance.
Counting Highly Cited Papers for University Research Assessment: Conceptual and Technical Issues
Alonso Rodríguez-Navarro
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0047210
Abstract: A Kuhnian approach to research assessment requires us to consider that the important scientific breakthroughs that drive scientific progress are infrequent and that the progress of science does not depend on normal research. Consequently, indicators of research performance based on the total number of papers do not accurately measure scientific progress. Similarly, those universities with the best reputations in terms of scientific progress differ widely from other universities in terms of the scale of investments made in research and in the higher concentrations of outstanding scientists present, but less so in terms of the total number of papers or citations. This study argues that indicators for the 1% high-citation tail of the citation distribution reveal the contribution of universities to the progress of science and provide quantifiable justification for the large investments in research made by elite research universities. In this tail, which follows a power low, the number of the less frequent and highly cited important breakthroughs can be predicted from the frequencies of papers in the upper part of the tail. This study quantifies the false impression of excellence produced by multinational papers, and by other types of papers that do not contribute to the progress of science. Many of these papers are concentrated in and dominate lists of highly cited papers, especially in lower-ranked universities. The h-index obscures the differences between higher- and lower-ranked universities because the proportion of h-core papers in the 1% high-citation tail is not proportional to the value of the h-index.
System of psycho-therapeutics influences in patients admitted to hospital with cardiovascular diseases. Sistema de influencias psicoterapéuticas en pacientes con afecciones cardiovasculares hospitalizados.
Teresa Rodríguez Rodríguez,Juan José Navarro López
MediSur , 2004,
Abstract: Fundaments: Within the restricted field of the patients' psychological environment, anxiety and depression seem ti play an important role although it is still pending how to clear it up definitely in the case of ischemic cardiopathy and coronary diseases. However, it isostensible that the patients who suffer from cardiovascular diseases frequently present psychological disorders, mainly emotional ones. Objective: To assess the effectiveness of a system of psychotherapy influences in patients with cardiovasular diseases. Method: Intervention study witha cuasi experimental design in patients with cardiovascular urgencies hospitalized at the Integral Care Unit of the Heart of the ¨Dr. Gustavo A. Lima¨ Hospital from June 1st 2002 to june 1st 2003 and who received relaxing, stimulating and sleeping treatment. Psychological and physiological modifications were assessed after having received treatment with these psychological techniques. Result: Acute Myocardial infarction and Angina pectoris were the most common causes of admission. The variation of respiratory and cardiac frequency as well as blood pressure tend tomaintain, diminish or keep normal values. The psychological state of the patient was favoured after treatment. Conclusion: The effect of the system of psychotherapy influences were beneficial both organically and psychologically. Fundamento: Dentro del campo estricto del entorno psicológico de los pacientes, la ansiedad y la depresión parecen jugar un papel importante, aunque todavía queda por dilucidar de forma definitiva en el determinismo de la cardiopatía isquemica y las enfermedades coronarias, sin embargo, es ostensible que los pacientes portadores de enfermedades cardiovasculares presenten con marcada frecuencia alteraciones de índole psicológica, fundamentalmente alteraciones emocionales. Objetivo : Evaluar la efectividad de un sistema de influencias psicoterapéuticas en pacientes con problemas cardiovasculares. Métodos : Estudio de intervención con dise o cuasi experimental en pacientes con urgencias cardiovasculares hospitalizados en la Unidad de Cuidados Integrales del Corazón, del Hospital ¨Dr.Gustavo Aldereguía Lima¨ de Cienfuegos, en el periodo comprendido entre el 1 de junio de 2002 y el 1 de junio de 2003, a los que se le aplicó tratamiento relajante, estimulante y adormecedor. Se evaluaron las modificaciones de parámetros psicológicos y fisiológicos después de ser tratados con estas técnicas psicológicas. Resultados: Los diagnósticos cardiovasculares de infarto agudo del miocardio y angina fueron las principales causas de ingreso.
Inmigración, estrategias de aculturación y valores laborales: un estudio exploratorio
Retortillo Osuna,Alvaro; Rodríguez Navarro,Henar;
Revista de Psicología del Trabajo y de las Organizaciones , 2008, DOI: 10.4321/S1576-59622008000200004
Abstract: over the last two decades, spain has become a major immigration country with the associated economical, labour, cultural impact ant its implications. this paper departs from a consideration of the complexity and multi-dimensionality of this phenomenon. a review is made of literature regarding the connexion between acculturation strategies deployed by the immigrants and social values -a key component of work fit and work meaning. acculturation strategies in this exploratory study are based on berry's model. these strategies identify which work aspects are awarded more importance and to what extent cultures from both the country of origin and the host country influence the attribution of value.
Acculturation attitudes and ethnic prejudice in different education levels: a comparative approach.
álvaro Retortillo Osuna,Henar Rodríguez Navarro
Revista Electronica Interuniversitaria de Formación del Profesorado , 2008,
Abstract: Immigration has important demographic, economic, social and educational consequences in receiving countries. Nowadays international migrations cause essential changes in host countries, both at the macro and micro levels and both as a group and individually. From a mainly psychosocial perspective, the present paper points out the need to research, from a comparative approach, on the way students (at different education levels, both public and private) regard newcomers living in their society. In addition, this research focuses on the preferences of the host population about immigrants’ social inclusion, in other words, acculturation attitudes. Because we behave with others according to the way we perceive them, we consider it necessary to try and get to know what image native students have of newcomers.
Estado de salud de un grupo de ni os al a o de edad
Juan Carlos Barrios Rodríguez,Alicia Alvarez Rodríguez,Magda Alonso Cordero,Marcia Navarro Rodríguez
Revista Cubana de Pediatr?-a , 1995,
Abstract: Se realizó un estudio descriptivo y retrospectivo del estado de salud de un grupo de ni os con corte transversal al a o de edad, el cual forma parte de una investigación provincial. El universo y la muestra coincidieron (320 ni os nacidos entre el 1 de enero de 1992 y el 30 de junio de 1992); predominó el crecimiento físico dentro de parámetros normales y dentro de los malnutridos los que estaban por defecto, la duración de la lactancia entre 3 y 6 meses, así como el comienzo de la ablactación después de los 4 meses, las enfermedades respiratorias y diarreicas agudas como causas de morbilidad y la invalidez neurológica, así como las cardiopatías congénitas como causas de mortalidad infantil. Se recomienda incrementar las labores de prevención y promoción de salud para lograr una mayor duración de la lactancia materna, disminuir las causas de invalidez, sobre todo neurológicas, y la mortalidad infantil.
Uterine Reconstruction Due to a Giant Myoma. A Case Report and Literature Review  [PDF]
M. N. Gennaro Della Rossa, B. Navarro Santana, M. Rodríguez Verdejo-Arias, E. Valer Cardenas, J. Plaza Arranz
Open Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (OJOG) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojog.2016.61008
Abstract: Giant myomas, defined as those > 9 cm, are uncommon. Due to the difficulties caused by its enormous size, the usual surgical treatment is a simple total hysterectomy. The surgery may be performed by either laparoscopy or laparotomy. However, the case presents a 45-year-old woman who was diagnosed with a giant myoma of 23 cm. The patient is asymptomatic and does not accept the indication of a simple total hysterectomy because of her fear to lose her femininity and a feeling of mutilation and unfulfilled genesic desire. A personalized procedure was performed: myomectomy by laparotomy with subsequent uterine reconstruction. The case is described to focus the interest on giant uterine myomas, taking into account the limited availability of literature on the topic, and to highlight the reconstruction after myomectomy.
Sepsis neonatal por Estreptococos Pyogenes
Rodríguez-Herrera,Gilberto; Ramírez-Navarro,Cinthya;
Acta Médica Costarricense , 2009,
Abstract: we present herein the case of a newborn patient of appropriate gestational age weight ( 3700 grams), born by vaginal delivery, from a mother that had had 2 previous pregnancies (2 normal deliveries). during the immediate puerperium she had fever. the parents consulted at the age of 2 days, stating that they had noticed difficult breathing since his birth, hipoactivity and poor appetite. he was admitted to the hospital and underwent several studies searching for the origin and germ causing the sepsis. he developed respiratory failure and needed mechanical ventilation for several days on different occasions. he had exudative pleural effusion and hypoxic ischemic seizures. later on, his blood cultures were positive for streptococcus pyogenes. streptococcus pyogenes or streptococcus β- hemolytic group a infection, used to be a common entity in the beginning of the past century, it was commonly associated with puerperal infections and newborn infections, but its incidence declined and nowadays, is uncommon during the neonatal period. its clinical manifestations could vary from chronic omphalitis up to a low grade septicemia or fulminant meningitis. since its incidence has declined, at the present time; is an unusual infection of the neonatal period. ampicillin and gentamicin are currently recommended as first-line antimicrobials, ampicillin replacing the previously recommended penicillin.
Carcinoma de células renales bilateral asincrónico tratado con nefrectomía radical bilateral y transplante renal: Informe de un caso
Rodríguez-Covarrubias, Francisco;Gabilondo-Navarro, Fernando;
Gaceta médica de México , 2006,
Abstract: bilateral renal cancer may require bilateral nephrectomy and chronic dialysis. however, an available option is kidney transplantation. controversy exists about an adequate period oftime to perform kidney transplantation and the role of immunotherapy on the risk of malignant recurrence. we report a case of bilateral asynchronous renal cell carcinoma treated with bilateral radical nephrectomy and kidney transplantation six years after without evidence of malignant disease.
Aspectos legales relacionados con las úlceras por presión
Soldevilla Agreda,J. Javier; Navarro Rodríguez,Sonia;
Gerokomos , 2006, DOI: 10.4321/S1134-928X2006000400005
Abstract: over the past few years, spain has been experiencing a significant increase in questionable health care practices. during the long process which aims to dismiss pressure ulcer (pu) as a banal, especially inevitable process due to being closely related to old age and terminal illness, it is becoming apparent that patients and their families are now reacting, complaining and suing for lack of prevention or inadequate treatment, something that has already been happening for years in other countries with similar cultural and economic characteristics. a revision on the impact and the way the pressure ulcer issue is being legally dealt with in our surrounding countries (united kingdom, united states, germany...) from the point of view of penal law, civil law or through disciplinary procedures, has made a very noticeable difference in the way professionals, institutions and people behave with regards to this subject. with an entirely instructive purpose, the legal configuration of our country's health care practice is described, as well as the types of liability and procedures which may be applicable to this process, including some specific considerations, such as pu as a biomarker for elder abuse and neglect, the protocol for the prevention and treatment of pu as the center's responsibility, liability for the lack of adequate material for the prevention and treatment of pu, informed consent previous to applying a technique, medical history and specific pu records including photographs, pu as cause of hospital admission, and discharge of patients with pu. the current issue of nurse prescribing in the field of pu care and other chronic wounds is considered as a 'deeply-rooted, allowed and applauded practice for years' in spain. finally, details and discussions on judicial pronouncements of cases related to such wounds in the last few years allow us to conclude that, despite the increase in the number of sentences related to pu, the number that represents the sentences which
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