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Genetic variations of nucleoprotein gene of influenza A viruses isolated from swine in Thailand
Nattakarn Thippamom, Donreuthai Sreta, Pravina Kitikoon, Roongroje Thanawongnuwech, Yong Poovorawan, Apiradee Theamboonlers, Kamol Suwannakarn, Sujira Parchariyanon, Sudarat Damrongwatanapokin, Alongkorn Amonsin
Virology Journal , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1743-422x-7-185
Abstract: Twelve influenza A virus specimens were isolated from Thai swine. All samples were subjected to nucleotide sequencing of the complete NP gene. Phylogenetic analysis was conducted by comparing the NP gene of swine influenza viruses with that of seasonal and pandemic human viruses and highly pathogenic avian viruses from Thailand (n = 77). Phylogenetic analysis showed that the NP gene from different host species clustered in distinct host specific lineages. The NP gene of swine influenza viruses clustered in either Eurasian swine or Classical swine lineages. Genetic analysis of the NP gene suggested that swine influenza viruses circulating in Thailand display 4 amino acids unique to Eurasian and Classical swine lineages. In addition, the result showed 1 and 5 amino acids unique to avian and human lineages, respectively. Furthermore, nucleotide substitution rates showed that the NP gene is highly conserved especially in avian influenza viruses.The NP gene sequence of influenza A in Thailand is highly conserved within host-specific lineages and shows amino acids potentially unique to distinct NP lineages. This information can be used to investigate potential interspecies transmission of influenza A viruses. In addition, the genetic variations of the NP gene will be useful for monitoring the viruses and preparing effective prevention and control strategies for potentially pandemic influenza outbreaks.Influenza A virus poses a serious threat to public health worldwide, particularly the virus circulating in humans and animal species such as birds, pigs and horses. Influenza A subtypes H1-3 and N1-2 have been circulating in the human population, while Influenza A subtypes H1 and 3 and N1-2 have been reported in swine. On the other hand, all H1-16 and N1-9 can be found in avian species [1,2]. The virus genome contains 8 segments of single-stranded RNA that encode 10-11 proteins. Among those genes, the NP gene plays a major role with regard to host range or host species barri
Strong Law of Large Numbers for a 2-Dimensional Array of Pairwise Negatively Dependent Random Variables  [PDF]
Karn Surakamhaeng, Nattakarn Chaidee, Kritsana Neammanee
Open Journal of Statistics (OJS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojs.2013.31006

In this paper, we obtain the strong law of large numbers for a 2-dimensional array of pairwise negatively dependent random variables which are not required to be identically distributed. We found the sufficient conditions of strong law of large numbers for the difference of random variables which independent and identically distributed conditions are regarded. In this study, we consider the limit as which is stronger than the limit as m× n→ ∞ when m, n → ∞ are natural numbers.

Bounds in Poisson Approximation for Random Sums of Bernoulli Random Variables
Sasithorn Kongudomthrap,Nattakarn Chaidee
Journal of Mathematics Research , 2012, DOI: 10.5539/jmr.v4n3p29
Abstract: Let $(X_n)$ be a sequence of Bernoulli random variables and $N$ a positive integer value random variable. Assume that $N, X_1, X_2,ldots$ are independent. In this paper, we investigate uniform and non-uniform bounds in Poisson approximation for random sums $X_1+X_2+cdots+X_N$.
A note on the prothrombin time abnormality in the patients with amebic liver abscess
Viroj Wiwaniikit,Nattakarn Suwansaksri,Jamsai Suwansaksri
Online Journal of Health & Allied Sciences , 2006,
Abstract: Amebic liver abscess is reported worldwide and can present with a a wide spectrum of clinical manifetations. Similar to the other liver diseases, the prothrombin time abnormality can be seen in the patients with amebic liver abscess. We retrospectively studied the prothrombin times among 30 Thai hospitalized patients with amebic liver abscesses and did not find any correlation between the prothrombin time and any other studied manifestation
Foundations and Technological Landscape of Cloud Computing
Nattakarn Phaphoom,Xiaofeng Wang,Pekka Abrahamsson
ISRN Software Engineering , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/782174
Effect of Operating Conditions on Catalytic Gasification of Bamboo in a Fluidized Bed
Thanasit Wongsiriamnuay,Nattakarn Kannang,Nakorn Tippayawong
International Journal of Chemical Engineering , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/297941
Abstract: Catalytic gasification of bamboo in a laboratory-scale, fluidized bed reactor was investigated. Experiments were performed to determine the effects of reactor temperature (400, 500, and 600°C), gasifying medium (air and air/steam), and catalyst to biomass ratio (0?:?1, 1?:?1, and 1.5?:?1) on product gas composition, H2/CO ratio, carbon conversion efficiency, heating value, and tar conversion. From the results obtained, it was shown that at 400°C with air/steam gasification, maximum hydrogen content of 16.5%?v/v, carbon conversion efficiency of 98.5%, and tar conversion of 80% were obtained. The presence of catalyst was found to promote the tar reforming reaction and resulted in improvement of heating value, carbon conversion efficiency, and gas yield due to increases in H2, CO, and CH4. The presence of steam and dolomite had an effect on the increasing of tar conversion. 1. Introduction Energy demand has been growing for the past several decades due to rapid industrial and urban development in industry, but fossil fuel reserves have been in decline [1]. Renewable energy has been very popular as an obvious candidate to substitute fossil fuels. Biomass is one of the renewable fuel sources that can claim to have significant environmental benefits with regards to neutral carbon emissions and reduction in global warming [2, 3]. There are many biomass materials that can be utilized for energy [4]. Fast growing plants, which do not compete with food crops, may be used as sustainable energy resources [5, 6] for developed and developing countries. Biomass can be converted to biofuels via several pathways such as biochemical or thermochemical conversion. Gasification process is one of the promising technologies to produce syngas from solid feedstock [2, 7–9]. Producer gas containing simple molecular gas can be used, instead of fossil fuels, in combustion engines. Gas production is dependent on input streams, operating conditions, and gas output conditioning. Input of gasification process is referred to by type and components of feedstock materials and type and flow of gasifying agent. Gas output conditioning is a process involved in cooling and disposing particulate matter and tar in the gas product. Gasification reactions are controlled by operation conditions such as temperature, pressure, and residence time. Reaction temperature is one of the most influential parameters for the gasification operation. Gasification temperature is normally classified into three ranges; low (400–600°C), medium (600–900°C), and high (>900°C). Increasing temperature tends to result
Recent Electrochemical and Optical Sensors in Flow-Based Analysis
Orawon Chailapakul,Passapol Ngamukot,Alongkorn Yoosamran,Weena Siangproh,Nattakarn Wangfuengkanagul
Sensors , 2006, DOI: 10.3390/s6101383
Abstract: Some recent analytical sensors based on electrochemical and optical detectioncoupled with different flow techniques have been chosen in this overview. A briefdescription of fundamental concepts and applications of each flow technique, such as flowinjection analysis (FIA), sequential injection analysis (SIA), all injection analysis (AIA),batch injection analysis (BIA), multicommutated FIA (MCFIA), multisyringe FIA(MSFIA), and multipumped FIA (MPFIA) were reviewed.
Stability of Polarized States for Diamond Valleytronics
Johan Hammersberg,Saman Majdi,Kiran Kumar Kovi,Nattakarn Suntornwipat,Markus Gabrysch,Daniel. J. Twitchen,Jan Isberg
Physics , 2014, DOI: 10.1063/1.4882649
Abstract: The stability of valley polarized electron states is crucial for the development of valleytronics. A long relaxation time of the valley polarization is required to enable operations to be performed on the polarized states. Here we investigate the stability of valley polarized states in diamond, expressed as relaxation time. We have found that the stability of the states can be extremely long when we consider the symmetry determined electron-phonon scattering. By Time-of-Flight measurements and Monte Carlo simulations, we determine electron-phonon coupling constants and use these data in order to map out the relaxation time temperature dependency. The relaxation time can be microseconds or longer below 100K and 100 V/cm for diamond due to the strong covalent bond, which is highly encouraging for valleytronic applications.
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