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Bushehr as an Energic City
Nasser Sabatsani
Journal of Applied Sciences , 2007,
Abstract: Bushehr city is one of the famous city in the south of Iran which is situated in the coastal part of Persian Gulf. This paper try to discuss one of the most important theme which threat the sustainability and comfortability of tomorrow’s life. Changing Bushehr into an Energic city is one of the effective ways to solve the cities problem. For this purpose, we try to answer these questions: what is called as an energic city?; What are its main characteristics?; What are the aims of changing a city into an energic city? And what should be done to obtain the aims? For these purposes we offer a model which responds to the sustainability of Bushehr. This model uses 3 levels of activity that each level should respond to 5 significant characteristics of an energic city. For this purpose we present some applied ways in each category to obtain those characteristics.
Using Mobile Device to Increase Student Academic Outcomes in Qatar  [PDF]
Ramzi Nasser
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2014.22010

The purpose of this study was to investigate the impact and use of mobile learning tools out of school work. The study determined whether the school assignment prompts has improved student outcome in a mathematics classroom. The general methodology is a quantitative-experimental design; one group of students were administered a higher frequency mobile assignment prompt, a control group was administered a low frequency mobile assignment prompt and a third assigned homework in a traditional manner (in-class handouts). The three groups were matched based on equal aptitude and hence were randomly assigned either in the control or experimental groups. The findings showed that among the high frequency reminder group had increase of return rate and math achievement scores compared to the low frequency and traditional group. We underline the importance of classroom strategies in the improvement of student learning practices by engaging teacher and students with appropriate technologies. The strategies suggested in this study could be implemented in teacher daily school repertoire and could be generalizable to all schools in Qatar.

Recurrent Support and Relevance Vector Machines Based Model with Application to Forecasting Volatility of Financial Returns  [PDF]
Altaf Hossain, Mohammed Nasser
Journal of Intelligent Learning Systems and Applications (JILSA) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jilsa.2011.34026
Abstract: In the recent years, the use of GARCH type (especially, ARMA-GARCH) models and computational-intelligence-based techniques—Support Vector Machine (SVM) and Relevance Vector Machine (RVM) have been successfully used for financial forecasting. This paper deals with the application of ARMA-GARCH, recurrent SVM (RSVM) and recurrent RVM (RRVM) in volatility forecasting. Based on RSVM and RRVM, two GARCH methods are used and are compared with parametric GARCHs (Pure and ARMA-GARCH) in terms of their ability to forecast multi-periodically. These models are evaluated on four performance metrics: MSE, MAE, DS, and linear regression R squared. The real data in this study uses two Asian stock market composite indices of BSE SENSEX and NIKKEI225. This paper also examines the effects of outliers on modeling and forecasting volatility. Our experiment shows that both the RSVM and RRVM perform almost equally, but better than the GARCH type models in forecasting. The ARMA-GARCH model is superior to the pure GARCH and only the RRVM with RSVM hold the robustness properties in forecasting.
Intellectual Property Rights and Bilateral Intra-Industry Trade Flows: An Intuitive Framework  [PDF]
Nasser Al-Mawali
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2014.48091
Abstract: The intention of this paper is to provide \"for the first time\" a conceptual framework on how a level of IPRs is linked to bilateral intra-industry trade (IIT) flows. The proposed analysis of the relationship between IPRs and IIT of this paper is couched in a simple and intuitive framework that answers a positive question of how intellectual property rights (IPRs-) induced market expansion, and market power effects are related to the horizontal and vertical intra-industry trade flows. The proposed intuitive framework introduces a demand-side approach and a supply-side approach in explaining the link between IPRs and intra-industry trade (IIT) flows. The supply-side approach explores how a country’s IPRs affect its own exports (supply). In contrast, the demand-side approach examines the effect a country’s IPRs have on its own imports (demand). The presented conceptual framework of this paper provides intuitive evidence that in determining bilateral intra-industry trade (IIT) flows in a two-country world, the demand approach posits that bilateral trade flows may increase or decrease due to improvements in IPRs in the importing destination country, while the supply-side approach states that the bilateral trade flows may also increase or decrease due to strong (high) IPRs in the exporting country. Furthermore, the simultaneous effects of both supply and demand on bilateral intra-industry trade flows are simultaneously needed in explaining the effects of strengthening the level of the IPRs on bilateral intra-industry trade flows (IIT).
GABAb Receptor Antagonist (CGP35348) Improves Testosterone Induced Spatial Acquisition Impairment in Adult Male Rat  [PDF]
Pourang Shahrzad, Naghdi Nasser
Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science (JBBS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jbbs.2015.511047
Abstract: The high density of the androgen receptors in fundamental centers of learning and memory, such as hippocampus, shows that there must be some relationship between the androgen receptors and cognitive aspects. On the other hand, Gama Amino Butric Acid (GABA) plays a controlling role in the balance of excitability and inhibitory states in the cortex and hippocampus; a number of reports suggest that removal of the influence of inhibitory GABA receptors lead to memory enhancement and conversely the activation lead to memory inhibition. Sex steroids can rapidly influence neural activity by increasing the binding affinity of neurotransmitters such as GABAergic. To determine the effect of Testosterone on learning and memory in CA1 region of hippocampus, male albino Wistar rats (200 - 250 g) are bilaterally cannulated into CA1 of hippocampus then different doses of Testosterone enanthate or CGP35348 are injected through the cannulae for assessing of acquisition, consolidation and retrieval in a single-day testing protocol of Morris water maze task. After hippocampal microinjection with Testosterone (T), acquisition is significantly impaired, while after treatment with CGP35348, acquisition impairment caused by T can be significantly improved. Also T and CGP35348 have no significant effect on consolidation and retrieval stages of spatial memory. These results suggest that CGP35348 may have therapeutic value in the treatment of Testosterone-induced acquisition impairment.
The Algorithm of the Time-Dependent Shortest Path Problem with Time Windows  [PDF]
Nasser A. El-Sherbeny
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/am.2014.517264
Abstract: In this paper, we present a new algorithm of the time-dependent shortest path problem with time windows. Give a directed graph \"\", where V is a set of nodes, E is a set of edges with a non-negative transit-time function \"\". For each node \"\"\"\", a time window \"\" within which the node may be visited and \"\" , \"\"is non-negative of the service and leaving time of the node. A source node s, a destination node d and a departure time t0, the time-dependent shortest path problem with time windows asks to find an s, d-path that leaves a source node s at a departure time t0; and minimizes the total arrival time at a destination node d. This formulation generalizes the classical shortest path problem in which ce are constants. Our algorithm of the time windows gave the generalization of the ALT algorithm and A* algorithm for the classical problem according to Goldberg and Harrelson [1], Dreyfus [2] and Hart et al. [3].
Optimal Management of Brine from Seawater Desalination Plants in Gaza Strip: Deir AL Balah STLV Plant as Case Study  [PDF]
Yunes Mogheir, Nasser Al Bohissi
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2015.66054
Abstract: Brine salty water that is produced from Reverse Osmosis desalination plants usually has very large quantity and contains much higher salts ratio than that found in the sea. The disposal of such brine water has risks on environment. The objective of the research is to investigate the best brine disposal option in Gaza Strip. Five options for the disposal of brine were studied: 1) disposal of brine to the sea; 2) discharge of brine to wastewater plant; 3) deep well injection; 4) evaporation pond and 5) land irrigation. The new desalination plant Short-Term Low Volume (STLV) of a capacity of 6000 m3/d was used as a case study. Initially, the cost for each option was calculated separately, where it was found that the least cost is to pump the brine to the sea without affecting the seawater and marine life. To support this decision, two methods were used to reach the optimal option for the disposal of brine: Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA) and Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). In MCA the measurement includes: economic, environmental, technical, political and social aspects, depending on a group of academics and experts in that field to fill in the questionnaire, which is a part of the analysis. As a result of that, the highest percentage among other options goes to pump the brine directly to the sea. On the other hand, the second method, which is Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), used the method of matrices among the different options and linked it with the standards that have been selected in the first method (MCDA). AHP method indicated also the best disposal of brine by pumping the brine to the sea.
Determination of trace amounts of copper in river and sea water samples by flame atomic absorption spectrometry (FAAS) after cloud-point preconcentration
Goudarzi, Nasser;
Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-50532007000700009
Abstract: a new preconcentration method was proposed using the cloud point approach for copper determination. the reagent 1,5-diphenyl-benzoin (cupron) was used as a complexing agent and triton x-114 was added as a surfactant. after phase separation, dilution of the surfactant-rich phase was carried out using acidified methanol and the copper content was subsequently measured by flame atomic absorption spectrometry. after optimization of the complexation and extraction conditions, the enrichment factor for cu was found to be 88. the proposed procedure allowed determination of the copper content with the detection limit of 0.04 μg l-1. the method was successfully applied to copper determination in river and sea water samples. the relative standard deviation for the method was found to be 1.9 % for cu. the interference effects of some anions and cations were also investigated.
UVB: suscetibilidade no melanoma maligno
Nasser, Nilton;
Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0365-05962010000600010
Abstract: background: it is well established that uv radiation provokes an immunological depletion in the skin, enabling the development of malignant cutaneous tumors. most nonmelanoma skin cancer patients are considered to be uvb-susceptible. objective: to study the behavior of uvb- susceptibility in malignant melanoma (mm) patients and whether this is a risk factor to the development of mm. methods: eighty-eight volunteers were selected and divided into two groups: healthy control group (n = 61) and mm group (n = 27), which were identified according to the following clinical criteria: histopathological type, level of invasion, skin phototype, sex and age. susceptibility to ultraviolet b (uvb) radiation was measured by the onset of a contact hypersensitivity reaction to diphenylcyclopropenone among individuals sensitized in previously irradiated areas. results: susceptibility to uvb radiation was 81.5 in the mm group and 31.2% in the control group. the risk of an uvb-susceptible individual to develop mm was 9.7 times higher than when uvb resistant. conclusion: uvb susceptibility should be considered an important risk factor to the development of this type of cancer.
Epidemiologia dos canceres espinocelulares - Blumenau (SC) - Brasil, de 1980 a 1999
Nasser, Nilton;
Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0365-05962004000600003
Abstract: background: the morbidity from skin squamous cell cancers is increasing worldwide. in brazil there are no studies on the morbidity coefficients for this type of cancer. objectives: to determine the morbidity coefficients, analyze and classify the squamous cell cancers diagnosed in the city of blumenau-sc-brazil, from 1980 to 1999, according to their most important clinical and histologic features. methods: the author reviewed the histopathological exams at two laboratories in the city of blumenau, with respect to sex, age, anatomical site and histologic type. the morbidity coefficients were calculated using the number of squamous cell cancers found and estimated annual population. results: we identified 2,195 tumors, with a higher incidence in males and individuals over 60 years of age. regarding the anatomical site, we found more tumors in sun exposed areas. the morbidity coefficients varied from 31.1 cases per 100,000 inhabitants/year in 1980 to 86.3 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 1989. conclusions: squamous cell cancers in blumenau present similar patterns of distribution according to age, anatomical site and histological types as the world literature and the coefficients of morbidity were the only ones found in the brazilian literature consulted.
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