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Automatiza??es no inorganico: aproxima??es ao estudo social de criaturas artificiais
Análise Social , 2006,
Abstract: this article offers an introduction to the world of the artificial creature as automatous object, both symbolic and material, real and imaginary. starting out from the paradox contained in its mimicry of the principles of life, the article examines analytical moves towards and away from the concepts of man-machine-animal and organic-inorganic. it seeks a fuller understanding of how people engage technologically with the automaton?s existential processes.
Taenia taeniaeformis: aspectos da rela??o hospedeiro-parasita
Nascimento, Evaldo;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 1982, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02761982000300009
Abstract: cats expel proglottids of taenia taeniaeformis twenty days after infection of cysticercus fasciolares obtained from rats infected 2,5 months earlier with viable eggs. the humoral immunological response of cats and rats was detected in the second week after infection and the peaks of circulating antibodies occurred in the fourth and fifth weeks, respectively.
Tempo de fartura e tempo de famitura no litoral do Pará
Nascimento, Ivete;
Boletim do Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi. Ciências Humanas , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1981-81222006000200003
Abstract: in this work one analyzes some referring questions to the new significa??es of the temporality constructed socially enters the artisan fishing of the coast, in the city of maracan?, using as boundary-maker the concepts the concepts of abundance and famitura the one that they send themselves to the speech in way of life of the past and the gift. it will see as the typical way of life of the rescued past of the memory of old and the meaning of the abundance in the time of the fishing-farmer, the counterpoint with the concept of famitura of the fishing-exclusive of the gift, where the loss surpasses the scope of the strict survival reaching the proper way of life with the weakness of solidarity. this analysis will be given mecanicamente in the conceptual field of the time measured for the tasks and of the time chronometered for the clock. the intensive field work ocurred on fortaleza of the mocooca community incorporating data gotten a long the author's experience in the fish artisan thematic of the pará coast.
Sécurité des patients et culture de sécurité: une revue de la littérature
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232011000900027
Abstract: depuis la publication du rapport "to err is human" par l'institut de médecine américain, la sécurité des patients est devenu un sujet incontournable des politiques publiques en santé: entre 44 000 et 98 000 personnes décèdent tous les ans aux etats-unis suite à des événements indésirables. en plus de mettre en évidence la nécessité de placer la sécurité des patients comme une priorité des autorités médicales, ce rapport centre ses recommandations sur le changement de culture à l'h?pital. c'est ainsi que le terme "culture de sécurité", utilisé dans le nucléaire depuis 30 ans, fait son apparition en milieu médical à partir des années 2000. l'objectif de cet article est de proposer une revue de littérature sur la culture de sécurité dans le domaine de la sécurité des patients. la recherche bibliographique a été réalisée sur la base de données sciencedirect. au total, 74 références ont été sélectionnées dont 48 ont été retenues pour la rédaction de cet article. l'analyse du matériel retenu a guidé la rédaction de cet article par thématique, à savoir: l'historique de la notion de culture de sécurité et ses approches classiques; et l'apparition de la notion de culture de sécurité en milieu médical, les méthodes d'évaluation existants et les moyens de son développement durable.
Sud?o: entre a promessa de paz no sul e a incerteza da guerra no Darfur
Nascimento, Daniela;
Contexto Internacional , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-85292009000300002
Abstract: for more than two decades, sudan has experienced a particularly violent conflict, opposing the northern arab muslim dictatorial government and the southern christian and animist rebels. often considered as an example of the "clash of civilisations" predicted by samuel huntington (1996), the sudanese conflict hides, however, a much more complex reality characterised by deep political and socioeconomic inequalities and asymmetries. for the biggest country in africa, the promises of peace came with the comprehensive peace agreement signed in 9 january, 2005. putting an end to an equally long and complex peace process, this agreement is an ambitious one, including several protocols on power and wealth-sharing and allowing, for the first time, for a possible secession of the south, through a referendum to be held at the end of a six-year interim period, during which there will be a govern of national unity. but peace in sudan is still uncertain, made difficult by the many obstacles to the implementation of the agreement and challenged by a genocidal violence in darfur and an increasing instability in the eastern regions. through a more rigorous analysis of the complexities of war and peace in sudan, this paper aims at evaluating the recent developments of the peace process and understanding the challenges posed to the prospects of a more peaceful and prosperous future in the country.
Da guerra à paz no Sud?o: as (in)visibilidades do Acordo Geral de Paz
Rela??es Internacionais (R:I) , 2011,
Abstract: in the current study of conflicts, dominant visions tend to underline the decisive role of primordial ethnic or religious identities. this primordialist perspective, however, takes attention away from other important causes that contribute to the emergence and perpetuation of conflict, namely deep socioeconomic inequalities between groups. departing from sudan’s north-south conflict, its origins and the evolution in the conflict resolution and peacebuilding models that culminated with the signature of the 2005 comprehensive peace agreement, we argue that effective and sustainable peace strategies in sudan (and elsewhere) imply addressing the more structural inequalities at stake and the deconstruction of simplistic views of the role of ethnicity and religion.
Blood and other substances: new reproductive technologies and adoption in popular groups in southern Brazil
Nascimento, Pedro;
Vibrant: Virtual Brazilian Anthropology , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1809-43412011000200012
Abstract: based on ethnographic research in a public hospital that offers assisted reproduction services and in low income communities in the city of porto alegre, in southern brazil, this article focuses on cases in which the use of conceptive reproductive technologies for couples is related to the type of relationship established with public health services. the paper also discusses how the fact that people seek medical attention does not invalidate adoption as a way of establishing kinship ties. the aim is to question discourses about the spread of new reproductive technologies, which are generally based on vague definitions of what is called a desire for biological children. in addition, the article reflects on the specific nature of adoption among the working classes in the context of dissemination of such reproductive technologies.
O Associativismo Feminino S?o-tomense em Lisboa: Uma quest?o de género?
Cadernos de Estudos Africanos , 2012,
Abstract: this paper proposes an analysis of the efforts of santomean women residing in the lisbon area to build their association and thus, if possible, to improve their lives. common origin and shared histories of difficulties experienced by santomean immigrant women in the lisbon area provide the grounds for this grassroots endeavour. the difficulties santomean women struggle with everyday are related in part to the usual obstacles faced by immigrants, but often stem also from the unequal gender distribution of family and other responsibilities among santomeans. despite the difficulties arising from the condition of immigrants, and despite the idealization of the homeland when abroad, many women do not consider turning back, for they take into account the disadvantages of returning to the archipelago regarding the balance of gender relations and the consolidation of family plans - even when they don’t articulate this motives quite explicitly. daily life in lisbon is hard, but it is also less uncertain in what concerns the durability of family life projects. based on testimonies of santomean women living in the lisbon area, this article aims to explore some hypotheses of interpretation of santomean women’s situation and their practices of mutual-help, considering especially the (cautious) modelling of gender relations, easier in the context of migration than in the homeland.
Propaganda de medicamentos: como conciliar uso racional e a permanente necessidade de expandir mercado?
Nascimento, álvaro;
Trabalho, Educa??o e Saúde , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1981-77462007000200002
Abstract: the pharmaceutical industry, advertising agencies, communication companies, and the retail market have implemented an intense marketing strategy aimed at boosting medication consumption. the scientific and technological revolution, in turn, changed illnesses treatment standards and its impact on the health sector gave rise both to the medicalization phenomenon and to the logic that these goods and services should be considered as merchandise, as any other. this fact brings a challenge about: in medication use, to what extent should therapeutic requirements aimed strictly at controlling diseases prevail? at what point does market pressure begin encouraging drug consumption? the media's exploitation of the symbolic value there is behind the drugs is a powerful instrument to induce behavior to increase product consumption. the magnitude of the problem has forced the state to regulate drug advertisements via laws, decrees, and codes which, through the years, have been being disrespected. on november 30 2000, the national health surveillance agency (anvisa) published collegiate board resolution (cbr) 102, once again in an attempt to impose limits on the sector. over and beyond the stepped-up inspection efforts, this article discusses the regulation model itself, which has been unable to reach the goals it was designed to achieve.
Teoria Microecon mica de Becker e Fecundidade no Brasil
Danielle Nascimento
Geografares , 2012,
Abstract: No estudo da dinamica demográfica, os indicadores de natalidade s o fundamentais para o entendimento do crescimento natural de uma popula o. Assim como a mortalidade, a natalidade é influenciada por fatores biológicos e socioecon micos. No Brasil, segundo os dados do Censo Demográfico de 2010, a natalidade destacou-se pelo seu comportamento e demonstrou que esse evento é cada vez mais influenciado pelos aspectos socioecon micos do país. Segundo Becker, esse processo é resultado de uma combina o ótima que os pais fazem entre filhos e outros bens de forma que a sua satisfa o seja maximizada, dada a sua restri o or amentária.
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