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Simulation of Game Model for Supply Chain Finance Credit Risk Based on Multi-Agent  [PDF]
Yueliang Su, Nan Lu
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2015.31004
Abstract: Supply chain finance is an efficient method to solve SME’s financing problem. A core issue is to simulate the supply chain finance system’s real operations. To solve the problem, this paper designs a simulation model for supply chain finance based on Simon’s bounded rationality with multiagent simulation technique instead of absolute rationality. The influences of the behaviors of bank, SME and warehousing company on credit risk of the supply chain finance are simulated and managerial insights are given. The research can help to reduce credit risk of bank loan while increasing the supply chain system’s benefit.
Supply Chain Finance Credit Risk Evaluation Method Based on Self-Adaption Weight  [PDF]
Yueliang Su, Nan Lu
Journal of Computer and Communications (JCC) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jcc.2015.37002
Abstract: Credit risk is the core issue of supply chain finance. In the supply chain, problems happened in different enterprises can influent the whole to different degrees through transferring, thus statuses of all enterprises and their different influences should be considered when evaluating the supply chain’s credit risk. We examine the characters of supply chain network and complex network, use the local growing complex network to simulate the real supply chain, use cluster analysis to classify the company into several levels; Introducing each level’s self-adaption weight formula according to the company’s quantity and degrees of this level and use the weight to improve the credit evaluation method. The research results indicate that complex network can be used to simulate the supply chain. The credit risk evaluation (CRE) of an enterprise level with bigger note degrees has a greater weight in the supply chain system’s CRE, thus has greater effect on the whole chain. Considering different influences of different enterprise levels can improve credit risk evaluation method’s sensitivity.
Small Amplitude Periodic Solutions of Klein-Gordon Equations
Nan Lu
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: We consider a class of nonlinear Klein-Gordon equations $u_{tt}=u_{xx}-u+f(u)$ and obtain a family of small amplitude periodic solutions, where the temporal and spatial period have different scales.
Compressible Euler equation with damping on Torus in arbitrary dimensions
Nan Lu
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: We study the exponential stability of constant steady state of isentropic compressible Euler equation with damping on $\mathbb T^n$. The local existence of solutions is based on semigroup theory and some commutator estimates. We propose a new method instead of energy estimates to study the stability, which works equally well for any spatial dimensions.
Small Generalized Breathers with Exponentially Small Tails for Klein-Gordon Equations
Nan Lu
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: We consider a class of nonlinear Klein-Gordon equation $u_{tt}=u_{xx}-u+f(u)$ and show that generically there exist small breathers with exponentially small tails.
A smoothing-type algorithm for solving inequalities under the order induced by a symmetric cone
Lu Nan,Zhang Ying
Journal of Inequalities and Applications , 2011,
Abstract: In this article, we consider the numerical method for solving the system of inequalities under the order induced by a symmetric cone with the function involved being monotone. Based on a perturbed smoothing function, the underlying system of inequalities is reformulated as a system of smooth equations, and a smoothing-type method is proposed to solve it iteratively so that a solution of the system of inequalities is found. By means of the theory of Euclidean Jordan algebras, the algorithm is proved to be well defined, and to be globally convergent under weak assumptions and locally quadratically convergent under suitable assumptions. Preliminary numerical results indicate that the algorithm is effective. AMS subject classifications: 90C33, 65K10.
Normally Elliptic Singular Perturbations and Persistence of Homoclinic Orbits
Nan Lu,Chongchun Zeng
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: We consider a dynamical system, possibly infinite dimensional or non-autonomous, with fast and slow time scales which is oscillatory with high frequencies in the fast directions. We first derive and justify the limit system of the slow variables. Assuming a steady state persists, we construct the stable, unstable, center-stable, center-unstable, and center manifolds of the steady state of a size of order O(1) and give their leading order approximations. Finally, using these tools, we study the persistence of homoclinic solutions in this type of normally elliptic singular perturbation problems.
The Eastern Cultural Signature of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Empirical Evidence and Theoretical Perspectives  [PDF]
Huanhua Lu, Yi’nan Wang, Yiying Song, Jia Liu
Chinese Medicine (CM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/cm.2013.43012

Background: Holistic thinking, which is rooted in Eastern culture, is assumed to be the core of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Recently, such holistic thinking has been proposed to be applicable to Western medicine practices for alleviating serious side effects; however, the obscure and often ill-defined terms of TCM, such as qi, yin yang, and wuxing, pose considerable obstacles for further understanding TCM. In the present study, we explored whether and how TCM is actually related to the scientific construct of holistic thinking, to elucidate the particular cultural signature of TCM. Methods: A random sample of 101 college students majoring in TCM and 93 non-medical college students was recruited for the study. Two psychological scales—the Chinese Holistic Thinking Scale and the TCM Competence Scale were used respectively to measure the holistic thinking and participants’ ability to apply the TCM in practice. Results: We found that individuals who thought more holistically were better at applying TCM to modern medical problems. Interestingly, TCM was associated with holistic thinking in both TCM and non-medical students, suggesting that this association is intrinsic. Further exploration revealed that the association and variability facets of Eastern holistic thinking—which emphasize that the world is interconnected and ever-changing, respectively—significantly accounted for the individual differences in competence in utilizing TCM in practice. Conclusion: In short, our study provides the first empirical evidence linking TCM to the Eastern holistic thinking style, which not only deepens the understanding of TCM from a scientific perspective but also promotes dialogue between TCM and Western medicine for building safer and

Phagocytic Receptor CED-1 Initiates a Signaling Pathway for Degrading Engulfed Apoptotic Cells
Xiaomeng Yu,Nan Lu,Zheng Zhou
PLOS Biology , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pbio.0060061
Abstract: Apoptotic cells in animals are engulfed by phagocytic cells and subsequently degraded inside phagosomes. To study the mechanisms controlling the degradation of apoptotic cells, we developed time-lapse imaging protocols in developing Caenorhabditis elegans embryos and established the temporal order of multiple events during engulfment and phagosome maturation. These include sequential enrichment on phagocytic membranes of phagocytic receptor cell death abnormal 1 (CED-1), large GTPase dynamin (DYN-1), phosphatidylinositol 3-phosphate (PI(3)P), and the small GTPase RAB-7, as well as the incorporation of endosomes and lysosomes to phagosomes. Two parallel genetic pathways are known to control the engulfment of apoptotic cells in C. elegans. We found that null mutations in each pathway not only delay or block engulfment, but also delay the degradation of engulfed apoptotic cells. One of the pathways, composed of CED-1, the adaptor protein CED-6, and DYN-1, controls the rate of enrichment of PI(3)P and RAB-7 on phagosomal surfaces and the formation of phagolysosomes. We further identified an essential role of RAB-7 in promoting the recruitment and fusion of lysosomes to phagosomes. We propose that RAB-7 functions as a downstream effector of the CED-1 pathway to mediate phagolysosome formation. Our work suggests that phagocytic receptors, which were thought to act specifically in initiating engulfment, also control phagosome maturation through the sequential activation of multiple effectors such as dynamin, PI(3)P, and Rab GTPases.
Providing Virtual Memory Support for Sensor Networks with Mass Data Processing
Nan Lin,Yabo Dong,Dongming Lu
International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/324641
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