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The Test of Consciousness: The Crisis of Signification in the IDF
Nadir Tsur
Military and Strategic Affairs , 2010,
Abstract: Conclusions drawn by the IDF from the post-Second Lebanon War debrie ngs and investigations about the language and validity of the documents on doctrine, the applicability of operative plans and their assimilation, and the clarity of commands and their rationale, all point to a crisis of signi cation. This crisis, which has dogged the security establishment as well as its civilian and military foundations, began its slow growth in the early 1990s. Many sectors within the public were tired of war and of internal struggles, especially in the security-political arena. New approaches adopted in the art of war were not always properly adjusted to Israel’s reality, with concessions to post-modern, global ideas imparting a transition to peace-seeking militarism or re ecting new de nitions of old military goals. The two intra-military dimensions of the crisis of signi cation that engulfed the IDF were not approved by the top command structure and emanated without prior warning from command and control bodies, with the exception of the State Comptroller. They stemmed in part from the failure to formulate a concept of the use of force and combat doctrines that would provide a response to the new complex reality facing Israel and give clear, goal-oriented meaning to the understanding of the enemy and its methods.
Succinct representation of labeled trees
Dekel Tsur
Computer Science , 2013,
Abstract: We give a representation for labeled ordered trees that supports labeled queries such as finding the i-th ancestor of a node with a given label. Our representation is succinct, namely the redundancy is small-o of the optimal space for storing the tree. This improves the representation of He et al. which is succinct unless the entropy of the labels is small.
Axillary nerve conduction changes in hemiplegia
Atzmon Tsur, Haim Ring
Journal of Brachial Plexus and Peripheral Nerve Injury , 2008, DOI: 10.1186/1749-7221-3-26
Abstract: Forty-four shoulders of twenty-two patients with a first-time stroke having flaccid hemiplegia were tested, 43 ± 12 days after stroke onset. Wasting and weakness of the deltoid were present in the involved side. Motor nerve conduction latency and compound muscle action potential (CMAP) amplitude were measured along the axillary nerve, comparing the paralyzed to the sound shoulder. The stimulation was done at the Erb's point whilst the recording needle electrode was inserted into the deltoid muscle 4 cm directly beneath the lateral border of the acromion. Wilcoxon signed rank test was used to compare the motor conduction between the sound and the paralytic shoulder. Mann-Whitney test was used to compare between plegic and sound shoulder in each side.Mean motor nerve conduction latency time to the deltoid muscle was 8.49, SD 4.36 ms in the paralyzed shoulder and 5.17, SD 1.35 ms in the sound shoulder (p < 0.001).Mean compound muscle action potential (CMAP) amplitude was 2.83, SD 2.50 mV in the paralyzed shoulder and was 7.44, SD 5.47 mV in the sound shoulder (p < 0.001). Patients with right paralyzed shoulder compared to patients with right sound shoulder (p < 0.001, 1-sided for latency; p = 0.003, 1-sided for amplitude), and patients with left paralyzed shoulder compared to patients with left sound shoulder (p = 0.011, 1-sided for latency, p = 0.001, 1-sided for amplitude), support the same outcomes. The electro-physiological changes in the axillary nerve may appear during the first six weeks after stroke breakout.Continuous traction of the axillary nerve, as in hypotonic shoulder, may affect the electro-physiological properties of the nerve. It most probably results from subluxation of the head of the humerus, causing demyelinization and even axonopathy. Slowing of the conduction velocities of the axillary nerve in the paralyzed shoulders may be related also to the lowering of the skin temperature and muscular atrophy in the same limb. The usefulness of routine scre
De la paternité biologique à la paternité littéraire : étapes d’une argumentation chez Montaigne From Biological to Literary Paternity: The Stages of an Argumentation in Montaigne
Nadine Kuperty-Tsur
Argumentation et Analyse du Discours , 2010,
Abstract: Dans De l’affection des pères aux enfants , Montaigne, à la fois père et magistrat rompu aux affaires de succession, entame une réflexion critique sur les rapports entre parents et enfants. L’analyse qu’on propose ici part de la lettre à la comtesse qui constitue le premier noyau de l’essai, pour retracer l’argumentation du locuteur-scripteur qui va de la valeur de l’amour maternel à celle de l’enfantement de l’ uvre (de l’écrivain) en passant par l’amour paternel. On montre comment la négociation des valeurs est déplacée dès lors que le discours monogéré de l’essai se substitue à la lettre : l’adresse à l’autre est effacée, et l’essai propose une nouvelle définition de la paternité. In his essay “On the paternal affection for children” Montaigne (himself a father and a magistrate greatly experienced in succession cases) proposes a critical revision of the topos of the relations between parents and children. The analysis we submit here starts with the letter to the Countess, first nucleus of the essay. We then try to show how the argumentation proceeds, from the value of maternal love to that producing forth a literary/philosophical work, with paternal love as the intermediary link. The negotiation of values comes to an end when the monological discourse of the essay is substituted for the dialogical discourse of the correspondence: the address is obliterated, and the essay offers a new definition of fatherhood.
The Power of an Example: Hidden Set Size Approximation Using Group Queries and Conditional Sampling
Dana Ron,Gilad Tsur
Computer Science , 2014,
Abstract: We study a basic problem of approximating the size of an unknown set $S$ in a known universe $U$. We consider two versions of the problem. In both versions the algorithm can specify subsets $T\subseteq U$. In the first version, which we refer to as the group query or subset query version, the algorithm is told whether $T\cap S$ is non-empty. In the second version, which we refer to as the subset sampling version, if $T\cap S$ is non-empty, then the algorithm receives a uniformly selected element from $T\cap S$. We study the difference between these two versions under different conditions on the subsets that the algorithm may query/sample, and in both the case that the algorithm is adaptive and the case where it is non-adaptive. In particular we focus on a natural family of allowed subsets, which correspond to intervals, as well as variants of this family.
Enslavement of Wireless Sensor Network to an RF Energy Harvesting System  [PDF]
Alex Mouapi, Nadir Hakem
Open Journal of Antennas and Propagation (OJAPr) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojapr.2017.52006
Abstract: The abundance of telecommunications systems makes it possible to have somewhat significant quantity of radiofrequency energy in the environment. This energy can be recycled to power ultra-low-power devices such as Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). In this paper, the performance of a miniature RF/DC converter is evaluated in order to enslave a WSN’s per-formance to the amount of the recovered energy. More precisely, a highly sensitive and efficient rectifier is designed to achieve optimum performance in the GSM band. The design method relies on a judicious choice of the rectifying diode which is the basis of most losses in a rectifying antenna (rectenna). Optimum performance is achieved by using the gradient method search proposed in the Advanced Design System (ADS) software. A rectifier based on Schottky diodes HSMS 2850 used in a voltage doubler topology is thus obtained. A maximum RF/DC conversion efficiency of 36% is reached for an RF input power level of 10 dBm. An energy budget of a sensor node in a WSN having an equitable distribution of network loads is then defined and used to evaluate the performance of the WSN regarding the distance at which the Base Station (BS) can be located. The Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy (LEACH) protocol is used for this purpose. The distance separating the WSN from the BS is used as the enslavement parameter. Our analysis shows that increasing the duration of each round results in an increase in the range of the WSN. As an example, a network with 100 nodes distributed over an area of may be located at 1.3 km from the base station when each node of the WSN must perform measurements every 1 min.
Realidades sociais e escolares e dinamica familiar nos meios populares
Zago, Nadir;
Paidéia (Ribeir?o Preto) , 1998, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-863X1998000100006
Abstract: the present work intends to present the results of a research focussed on the comprehension of school courses and family mobilization in the popular class. the results were obtained from 34 interviews with families living in a peripheral neighborhood of florianópolis. the analysis highlighted the importance of school courses as a process and their interactions with social and symbolic factors and practices defined by the individuals. analysis also reveals distinguished rationalities about the socialization and schooling practices of children.
Quando os dados contrariam as previs?es estatísticas: os casos de êxito escolar nas camadas socialmente desfavorecidas
Zago, Nadir;
Paidéia (Ribeir?o Preto) , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-863X2000000100007
Abstract: how can we explain situations of clear evidence of successful school performance when the social and cultural reality of the students is unfavorable to their school education? without intending to answer this question, in this study we present some research data concerning underprivileged families who experienced situations demonstrating school adaptation and a longer prermancen of their children in the school system compared to the statistical data about the brazilian educational reality. going against the generic pathology-creating vision of underprivileged families, the study shows the error we incur when we base ourselves on middle class standards to evaluate the practices observed in socially underprivileged classes.
Do acesso à permanência no ensino superior: percursos de estudantes universitários de camadas populares
Zago, Nadir;
Revista Brasileira de Educa??o , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-24782006000200003
Abstract: this article deals with the problem of inequalities in education, a theme dear to the sociology of education, and of the presence of students of popular origin in higher education. the central axis of this analysis is that of the inequalities of access and permanence of those students in higher education. the results are based on the conclusions of a research based on two main sources of information: 1) of a quantitative nature: the data on students enrolled in the university admission exam; 2) more qualitative data obtained from interviews with 27 students. this study permits us to show the contradictions between a greater demand for higher levels of education and the policies of access and permanence to the brazilian system of higher education.
Nadir ?LHAN
Turkish Studies , 2009,
Abstract: It may be not possible to determine how and when some of the adjuncts came into existence. But we can follow the existences, the changes of some of the adjuncts which are still being used in nowadays Turkish and say some of them are formed of words and some of them are formed with the combination of prefix+ root and root+ suffix, thanks to the historical texts in hand. It is seen that with the combination of suffixes and roots there can be formed new adjuncts which have new functions. It is seen that some of the adjuncts are formed with the combination of an adjunct and a word which completed the period of becoming an adjunct subject to the ones which are formed with the combination of a word and an adjunct which hasn’t completed the peiod of becoming an adjunct or vise versa. Eklerin bir k sm n n ne zaman ve nas l ortaya kt n belirlemek mümkün olmayabilir. Ancak günümüz Türk esinde kullan lan bir k s m eklerin, eldeki tarih metinlerden hareketle nas l bir olu umla ortaya kt klar n , nas l bir de i im g sterdiklerini; bir k sm n n kelimelerden ekle ti ini, bir k sm n n da ek+k k / k k+ek kayna mas yla ortaya kt klar n takip edebilmekteyiz.Kelime k kleri ile eklerin kayna mas ndan yeni fonksiyonlu, yeni eklerin ortaya kt g rülmektedir. Meydana gelen eklerin bir k sm n n, ekle me sürecini tamamlam bir kelimeyle bir ekten olu mas na kar l k; baz lar da; bir kelimenin ekle me sürecini tamamlamadan bir ekle, veya bir ekin ekle me sürecini tamamlamayan bir kelimeyle kayna arak yeni bir ek olu turmas eklinde g rülmektedir.
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