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Application and evaluation of a pseudotyped virus assay for screening herbs for anti-H5N1 avian influenza virus
Hong Liu,Guang Nie
Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao , 2010,
Abstract: Objective: To establish a method based on a pseudotyped virus assay for screening drugs for anti-H5N1 avian influenza virus, and then to evaluate anti-virus activity of traditional Chinese herbal compounds with the function of purgation, detoxification, cooling the blood and reinforcing the healthy qi based on seropharmacology.Methods: Pseudotyped viruses expressing H5N1 virus hemagglutinin were constructed. Herb-medicated sera were prepared by feeding Wistar rats traditional Chinese herbal compounds. Then inhibitory effects of different drug-medicated sera against pseudotyped virus were evaluated based on incubating serum with pseudotyped viruses or target cells such as Madin-Darby canine kidney cells and human embryonic kidney cell line 293T cells, and the expression of hemagglutinin (HA) protein was detected by flow cytometry.Results: Pseudotyped virus could be neutralized by specific 2B4 monoclonal antibody at doses of 50 μL (500 μg), 25 μL (250 μg) and 12.5 μL (125 μg), which showed that it was a feasible assay to screen drugs. No significant difference was observed in inhibition against H5N1 pseudotyped virus between herb-medicated sera and control serum (P>0.05), meanwhile, the herb-medicated sera also could not inhibit HA expression.Conclusion: Pseudotyped virus assay is a safe, effective, and exact method for screening anti-H5N1 avian influenza virus herbs, and herb-medicated sera prepared by administration of herbs with the function of purgation, detoxification, cooling the blood and reinforcing the healthy qi do not contain active ingredient or monomer which can inhibit HA and sialic acid-α 2,3-galatose.
Extending STL with efficient data structures
Extending STL with Efficient Data Structures

Wu Hong,and Nie Xumin,
Wu Hong
,Nie Xumin

计算机科学技术学报 , 1998,
Abstract: The Standard Template Library (STL) is a C library that provides a set of wellstructured generic C components that work together. Based on its well-structured design, STL can be extended by adding new generic algorithms or new generic containers. In this paper, the work on extending STL by adding several efficient cofitainer classes for threaded binary search trees is discussed. It is shown that the addition of threads signilicantly increases the efficiency of some important access operations on the binary tree containers. In general, significant gain in efficiency can be expected in situations where the data structures are relatively stable, that is, the data structures are looked up often but modified little.
Aging behavior of nano-SiCp reinforced AZ61 magnesium matrix composites
Yan Hong,Hu Xiaowu,Nie Qiao
China Foundry , 2011,
Abstract: The mechanical properties of magnesium matrix composties can be further improved by aging treatment. To study the aging behavior of SiC particles reinforced AZ61 magnesium matrix composites fabricated by ultrasonic method, an investigation has been undertaken by means of Vickers hardness measurement, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and energy spectrum analyzing apparatus. The box-type heat treatment furnace was used in the study. The results showed that no discontinuous cellular precipitation is observed at the grain boundaries in the magnesium matrix of the composite while the Mg17Al12 preferentially precipitates in the matrix. The time to reach the peak hardness for AZ61 alloy or SiCp/AZ61 magnesium matrix composites is reduced with the increase of aging temperature. At the same temperature, the composite exhibit an accelerated aging manner but lower aging efficiency, compared with the unreinforced matrix alloy. The microhardness of the composite is higher than that of the unreinforced matrix alloy, because that the SiC particles distributes homogeneously in the matrix alloy under the ultrasonic processing condition.
Protective Effects of Danggui Buxue Tang on a Human Umbilical Vein Endothelialcell Damage Induced by Advanced Glycation End Products  [PDF]
Wenyu Qin, Bao He, Yu Bei, Rushang Wang, Lang Feng, Youhua Xu, Jiaxiao Zhu, Zhaoguang Zheng, Quan Zhu, Hong Nie
Pharmacology & Pharmacy (PP) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/pp.2012.32030
Abstract: Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) have been regarded as a pivotal inducer in diabetes and kinds of diabetic nephropathy. The present studies explored the effects of Danggui Buxue Tang (DBT) that is a Chinese medicinal de- coction on negative charge to Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cell (HUVEC) and the related mechanism. Alcian blue staining was established to evaluate the intensity of negative charge on HUVEC. Proteoglycan expressions of AGP and avidin were determined by SDS-PAGE. We observed that DBT can significantly increase negative charge on HU-VEC and up-regulated AGP and avidin expressions and ameliorate AGEs-induced HUVEC apoptosis. Therefore, all results showed DBT had prevention effects against the progression of AGEs-induced damage, and this decoction might be promising agent against proteinuria in diabetic nephropathy.
Comprehensive Research on the Origin of the Solar System Structure by Quantum-like Model  [PDF]
Qingxiang Nie
International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics (IJAA) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ijaa.2011.12008
Abstract: A quantum-like model of gravitational system is introduced to explore the formation of the solar system structure. In this model, the chaos behavior of a large number of original nebular particles in a gravitational field can be described in terms of the wave function satisfying formal Schrödinger equation, in which the Planck constant is replaced by a constant on cosmic scale. Numerical calculation shows that the radial distribution density of the particles has the character of wave curves with decreasing amplitudes and elongating wavelengths. By means of this model, many questions of the solar system, such as the planetary distance, mass, energy, angular momentum, the distribution of satellites, the structure of the planetary rings, and the asteroid belt and the Kuiper belt etc., can be explained in reason. In addition, the abnormal rotations of Venus and Mercury can be naturally explained by means of the quantum-like model.
A Study on the Second-Person Narrative in Jennifer Egan’s Black Box  [PDF]
Baoyu Nie
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2015.310008
Abstract: Notable for the second-person Twitter narrative, Jennifer Egan’s 2012 short science fiction Black Box is one of the most triumphant and fully-fledged fictions written in the form of new media. This paper mainly explores the second-person narrative employed in Black Box, pointing out that the second-person narrative leads the reader to participate in the story, allowing the reader to sense the same feelings as the protagonist does. From the second person’s perspective, Egan expresses her concerns and worries about the security of the American security as well as the whole world in the post-”9·11” period and at the same time she embraces the virtues and pleasures of traditional storytelling delivered through a wholly new digital format. This paper concludes that Black Box is perhaps one of the boldest experiments of narrative form and it is a direct exploration into the contemporary image culture.
When Internal Control Meets Internal Audit: Conflict or Combine?  [PDF]
Jingwen Nie
Open Journal of Accounting (OJAcct) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojacct.2017.62004
Abstract: The long-term development of enterprises not only need the escort of internal control, but also can’t do without the monitoring and early warning of internal audit. The relationship between internal control and internal audit is simple and mysterious. When the company internal control meets internal audit, is there conflict brings a lose-lose situation or combination brings a win-win complexion? This article explored the internal control and internal audit of China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd. (CIMC), and found that the combination of the two makes CIMC steady and quickly develop, and it finally becomes a world-class enterprise.
Coverage of Femoral Head at Weight-Bearing Interface of the Hip Joint in Children: An MRI Analysis  [PDF]
Si-Hui Zeng, Hong-Sheng Liu, Hong-Wen Xu, Yuan-Kai Chen, Ding-Qiang Miao, Li-Yi Nie
Open Journal of Medical Imaging (OJMI) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojmi.2013.32008

Objective: To analyze the features of coverage of femoral head at weight-bearing interface of the hip joints in children. Material and Methods: MRI scans of the hips were performed in 95 normal children aged from 1 to 8 years. Radial scans of the hip joints were performed using FFE sequence. Review the morphological features of weight-bearing interface of the acetabulum and the femoral head. Total covering angle (TCA), acetabular covering angle (ACA) and labral covering angle (LCA) were measured, inter-group comparison and correlation analysis were done. Result: The acetabulum and the femoral head had congruent articulating surface at each weight-bearing position. There was no statistical TCA difference at each position. Average ACA increased, while average LCA decreased from anterior to posterior. TCA correlated with LCA, ACA negatively correlated with LCA. Conclusion: TCA is a good index in indicating stability of the hip joint. Cartilage ossifies slower at posterior than anterior positions. Cartilage acetabulum and the labrum serve as complementary structures that contribute in total stabilizing of the hip joint in development.

Dynamic Propagation Channel Characterization and Modeling for Human Body Communication
Zedong Nie,Jingjing Ma,Zhicheng Li,Hong Chen,Lei Wang
Sensors , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/s121217569
Abstract: This paper presents the first characterization and modeling of dynamic propagation channels for human body communication (HBC). In-situ experiments were performed using customized transceivers in an anechoic chamber. Three HBC propagation channels, i.e., from right leg to left leg, from right hand to left hand and from right hand to left leg, were investigated under thirty-three motion scenarios. Snapshots of data (2,800,000) were acquired from five volunteers. Various path gains caused by different locations and movements were quantified and the statistical distributions were estimated. In general, for a given reference threshold è = ?10 dB, the maximum average level crossing rate of the HBC was approximately 1.99 Hz, the maximum average fade time was 59.4 ms, and the percentage of bad channel duration time was less than 4.16%. The HBC exhibited a fade depth of ?4 dB at 90% complementary cumulative probability. The statistical parameters were observed to be centered for each propagation channel. Subsequently a Fritchman model was implemented to estimate the burst characteristics of the on-body fading. It was concluded that the HBC is motion-insensitive, which is sufficient for reliable communication link during motions, and therefore it has great potential for body sensor/area networks.
Decentralized H∞ Robust Stabilization for a Class of Uncertain Switched Composite Systems

NIE Hong,ZHAO Jun,

自动化学报 , 2004,
Abstract: 主要研究一类不确定切换组合系统H∞意义下鲁棒稳定性问题,利用单Lyapunov函数和多Lyapunov函数技术,给出了使这类系统渐近稳定且具有H∞扰动衰减度的两种分散切换律的设计方案.
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