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Changes during Cooking Processes in 6 Varieties of Andean Potatoes (Solanum tuberosum ssp. Andinum)  [PDF]
Maria E. Jimenez, Analia M. Rossi, Norma C. Sammán
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2015.65078
Abstract: The value of the native potato varieties grown in Argentinean northwest lies both in their fundamental role as a source of food for the population and in their potential for the development of new products. The aim of this work was to study the changes produced by two common cooking processes (boiling and frying) on the nutritional, textural and functional characteristics of five Andean potatoes varieties. The cooking process (boiling) does not significantly affect the composition of potatoes, but there are losses of vitamin C; a greater loss was observed when they were boiled shelled. In frying potatoes vitamin C is completely destroyed. Resistant starch values between 0.90 and 4.58 g/100g of potato were found for raw Andean varieties; they decreased during the cooking process (boiled) (0.15 to 0.54 g/100g of potato) and increased again to be stored for 48 h at 4°C (0.73 - 1.88 g/100g of potato). The frying process produced an increment in energy value between 92% and 148% according to variety. Regarding to the fracture strength and hardness, no significant differences were observed between the Andean varieties and the control (Spunta) at the initial or final stages, but there were differences during the intermediate stages.
La cantiga IIIa de las fiestas de Santa maría ("Tod' aqueste mund' a loar deveria ") y la secuencia Novis cedunt vetera: filiaciones textuales y musicales entre las Cantigas de Santa María y el Códice de Las Huelgas
Rossi,Germán; Disalvo,Santiago;
Olivar , 2008,
Abstract: in an interdisciplinary (musical and literary) perspective, this note analyzes the liturgical piece of las huelgas codex 56, - i.e. the sequence novis cedunt vetera - with the hypothesis that cantiga iii of the festas de santa maria ("tod' aqueste mund' a loar deveria" ; ms. e, n. 413 in mettmann's edition), from alfonso x's cantigas de santa maría , is its romance version. this hypothesis is based on intertextual elements, both poetic and melodic, which allow us to presume such filiation.
Transindividuación y tecno-génesis en las sociedades de control
Rossi Maina, Luis Sebastián
La Trama de la Comunicación , 2013,
Abstract: [es] La formación social capitalista del siglo XXI conjuga metamorfosis antropológicas con mutaciones tecnológicas. No obstante, esos cambios han sido conjurados por disciplinas sociales dedicadas a resguardar la cultura de la técnica. En primer lugar, el siguiente ensayo intenta, a través de la teoría simondoniana de la individuación y de la filosofía de la diferencia, abrir algunas reflexiones sobre los rastros de tecnicidad en el orden simbólico y las transindividuaciones (agenciamientos, acoplamientos, colectivos) que surgen en las actuales relaciones entre los seres humanos y las tecnologías informáticas y electrónicas. En un segundo momento, abordaremos la particularidad de esas tecnologías: trabajar con imágenes. Así, describiremos los rasgos de significaciones audiovisuales y técnicas que son características de, por un lado, el modo de existencia del paradigma de lo visual (los video-juegos); pero que, además, configuran aquellos colectivos (transindividuales) trazados más allá de la intersubjetividad en el campo ontológico inexplorado de las conjunciones entre invenciones técnicas y seres humanos. [en] ThThe capitalist social formation of the XXI century combines anthropological metamorphosis with technological mutations. However, these changes have been conjured up by social disciplines dedicated to preserve the culture from technology. First, the following essay try to generate (through simondonian theory of individuation and the philosophy of difference) some thoughts about technicity in the symbolic order and trans-individuations arising in the current relations between humans and computer and electronic technologies. In a second moment, we will address the particularity of these technologies: working with images. Thus, we will describe the features of audiovisual and technical significations that are characteristic of, on one hand, the mode of existence of the paradigm of the visual (video games); but also shape those trans-individualities traced beyond intersubjectivity in the unexplored ontological field of combinations between technical inventions and human beings.
Inferring Single Neuron Properties in Conductance Based Balanced Networks
Román Rossi Pool,Germán Mato
Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience , 2011, DOI: 10.3389/fncom.2011.00041
Abstract: Balanced states in large networks are a usual hypothesis for explaining the variability of neural activity in cortical systems. In this regime the statistics of the inputs is characterized by static and dynamic fluctuations. The dynamic fluctuations have a Gaussian distribution. Such statistics allows to use reverse correlation methods, by recording synaptic inputs and the spike trains of ongoing spontaneous activity without any additional input. By using this method, properties of the single neuron dynamics that are masked by the balanced state can be quantified. To show the feasibility of this approach we apply it to large networks of conductance based neurons. The networks are classified as Type I or Type II according to the bifurcations which neurons of the different populations undergo near the firing onset. We also analyze mixed networks, in which each population has a mixture of different neuronal types. We determine under which conditions the intrinsic noise generated by the network can be used to apply reverse correlation methods. We find that under realistic conditions we can ascertain with low error the types of neurons present in the network. We also find that data from neurons with similar firing rates can be combined to perform covariance analysis. We compare the results of these methods (that do not requite any external input) to the standard procedure (that requires the injection of Gaussian noise into a single neuron). We find a good agreement between the two procedures.
Herramienta Computacional para la Ense?anza de la Evaluación del Campo Eléctrico en Instalaciones Industriales
Rossi,Andrea P; Baldini,Patricia N;
Información tecnológica , 2008, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-07642008000300012
Abstract: in this work, a program developed in matlab? to teach how to evaluate the electric field of electric lines in industrial installations is presented. considering a plane perpendicular to the line route, the program calculates low frequency electric field values for any spatial point around an electric line of any geometrical configuration, and allows observing the temporal behaviour of the electric field. the behaviour of the electric field for a three phase electric line with different geometrical configurations was simulated in class. the program graphic results were similar to those provided by other authors. the use of the program in class facilitated the comprehension by the students of the behaviour of electric fields near power lines.
Alfred W. Stelzner ?Porqué solo tres a?os en Argentina?
Toselli,Alejandro J; Rossi,Juana N;
Serie correlaci?3n geol?3gica , 2008,
Abstract: alfred wilhelm stelzner arrives to córdoba at april 6, 1871, to assume its contract of mineralogy profesor in the national academy of sciences in córdoba. stelzner was one of the eight young and distinguished professors that came to be taken charge of to organize and to open the way in the scientific investigation from our territory to proposal of germán burmeister, being designated by the president of the republic, don domingo f. sarmiento, inside a project of modification of the teaching in the "national university of san carlos in córdova." the hired professors should use their time, apart from the educational activity, in carrying out trips for the country to investigate the natural resources of the estados del plata, and the varied wealth of the susceptible underground of use. then they should make know the results of their studies in wider circles, by means of the bulletin and records of the academy. a. stelzner begins with great enthusiasm its activities of basic recognition of a practically unexplored territory for the scientific investigation and in little time they come the light its concepts of "pampinen sierres" and of the "anticordillera", as well as the description of such minerals as: famatinite, beryl, triplite, apatite and other minerals; together with the first geologic profiles and regional maps of the sierra of córdoba and of san luis, as of the north of the república argentina. but scientific director's position that g. burmeister showed, granted him great ingerencia on the activities of its subordinates, what motivated little of arriving hard confrontations with the scientific ones and especially with a. stelzner, when taking direct behavior on the different collections, in the dictation of the classes, in the contralor of the results of the expeditions and the obligation of publishing the results of the studies in the "bulletin and actas of the academy" that were observed and questioned difficultly by this director. this produced a serious ins
Herramienta Computacional para la Ense anza de la Evaluación del Campo Eléctrico en Instalaciones Industriales Computational Tool to Teach the Behaviour of the Electric Field in Industrial Installations
Andrea P Rossi,Patricia N Baldini
Información Tecnológica , 2008,
Abstract: Se presenta en este trabajo una rutina desarrollada en Matlab para la ense anza de la evaluación del campo eléctrico generado por líneas eléctricas existentes en instalaciones industriales. Considerando el plano perpendicular a la traza, la rutina calcula el valor del campo eléctrico de baja frecuencia en cualquier punto del espacio circundante a una línea eléctrica de cualquier configuración geométrica y permite visualizar el comportamiento temporal en estado estacionario del campo eléctrico. Utilizando esta rutina, se analizó en aula el comportamiento del campo eléctrico generado por una línea trifásica para diferentes configuraciones de sus conductores. Los resultados gráficos son concordantes con los provistos en trabajos publicados por otros autores. La aplicación del programa en la ense anza facilitó la comprensión por parte de los alumnos del comportamiento del campo eléctrico en cercanías de líneas eléctricas. In this work, a program developed in Matlab to teach how to evaluate the electric field of electric lines in industrial installations is presented. Considering a plane perpendicular to the line route, the program calculates low frequency electric field values for any spatial point around an electric line of any geometrical configuration, and allows observing the temporal behaviour of the electric field. The behaviour of the electric field for a three phase electric line with different geometrical configurations was simulated in class. The program graphic results were similar to those provided by other authors. The use of the program in class facilitated the comprehension by the students of the behaviour of electric fields near power lines.
Curvas de distribui??o de efluentes do íon nitrato em amostras de solo deformadas e indeformadas
Rossi, Paulo;Miranda, Jarbas H.;Duarte, Sérgio N.;
Engenharia Agrícola , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-69162007000400010
Abstract: there is a great importance to quantify the trace and the chemical elements transport in soil. this work had as objective to obtain the transport parameters of the nitrate ion in soil (pore water velocity (v), retardation factor (r), dispersivity (l) and the dispersion coefficient (d)) in different textures soils, mainly, under different sampling forms (deformed and non deformed). the research was carried out under two samplings forms, mentioned previously, by application of 50 mg l-1 of no3- in two different soils profiles at a depth of 0-20 cm. the breakthrough curves was made by two forms: traditional methodology (tfsa) and the technique with non deformed sample developed during the research period. the results showed that the transport parameters fitted by the computational program cxtfit, with deformed sampling, overestimated the parameters values, with exception of dispersivity, when compared to the non deformed sampling, for both soil types.
Ecological Aspects of Phebotomine (Diptera, Psychodidae) in an Endemic Area of Tegumentary Leishmaniasis in the Northeastern Argentina, 1993-1998
Salomón, Oscar D;Rossi, Gustavo C;Spinelli, Gustavo R;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02762002000200003
Abstract: the first epidemic tegumentary leishmaniasis′ outbreak in the province of misiones was recorded in 1998, in the locality of puerto esperanza. phlebotominae collected in the region, previously or simultaneously to the outbreak (september 1993-december 1998) showed that the species lutzomyia intermedia s. l. was prevalent (94%, n 6,150) at all the sites sampled with miniature light trap (10) and shannon trap (3). l. pessoai, l. whitmani, l. migonei, l. shannoni, l. fischeri, l. misionensis, brumptomyia avellari and b. guimaraesi were also captured. sand fly distribution in time and space suggests that in the province of misiones (1) the species already present before 1990 could give rise to the epidemic by the density/dispersion fluctuation of their local populations; (2) the abundance of l. intermedia s. l. was associated with environments with ecotones of primary-secondary vegetation, close to water bodies and with moderate human disturbance; (3) this species showed, towards the end of 1997, peaks of exceptional abundance, subsequent to rainfall peaks in 1996. this increase in abundance of potential vector sand fly populations close to houses with colonizable surroundings could have generated the 1998 epidemic outbreak.
Bactérias do gênero Aeromonas em abatedouro de frangos
Costa, F.N.;Rossi Júnior, O.D.;
Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-09352002000500013
Abstract: two hundred samples of poultry meat were analyzed in order to evaluate contamination by aeromonas spp. in eight sites of a slaughterhouse, with 25 samples obtained in each site. aeromonas spp. was found in nine (36.0%) samples of feathers, 14 (56.0%) samples of stools, 18 (72.0%) carcasses after pre-evisceration, post-evisceration, and cooling, as well as in 20 (80.0%) samples of chilling water. the microorganism was not found in samples from either the supplying water or the tank for scalding water. aeromonahydrophila was identified in 39 (15.2%) samples, whereas a. sobria, a. caviae, a. veronii, a. schubertii, a. trota, and a. jandaei were identified in, respectively, 69 (26.9%), 87 (34.0%), 18 (7.0%), three (1.2%), two (0.8%), and one (0.4%) samples. in addition, bacteria dissemination may occur during slaughtering and regardless the hygienic-sanitary control followed by the industry, poultry carcasses may be contaminated by aeromonas spp. therefore cooled carcasses may represent a potential risk for consumers.
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