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Implementation of a Higher Quality dc Power Converter  [PDF]
N. N. Barsoum
Journal of Electromagnetic Analysis and Applications (JEMAA) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jemaa.2010.22012
Abstract: Many single and three-phase converters are well developed, and covered up in most of electric markets. It is used in many applications in power systems and machine drives. However, an exact definite output signal from the dc side still not recognized. The waveforms of output voltage and current demonstrate an imperfect dc signal and constitute losses, harmonic distortion, low power factor, and observed some ripples. An approximately perfect rectifier bridge is the aim of this research. Perhaps it gives the ability to identify the parameters of the converter to obtain, as much as possible, a perfect dc signal with less ripple, high power factor and high efficiency. Design is implemented by simulation on Power Simulator PSIM, and practically, a series regulator LM723 is applied to provide regulating output voltage. Comparisons of both simulation and hardware results are made to observe differences and similarities.
Ethernet Control AC Motor via PLC Using LabVIEW  [PDF]
Nader N. Barsoum, Pin Rui Chin
Intelligent Control and Automation (ICA) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ica.2011.24038
Abstract: Remotely control applications over a wide area had been commonly used in the industries today. One of the common applications requires remote control and monitoring is inverter fed induction drive system. Drive system has various types of controller, in order to perform some actions such as control the speed, forward and reverse turning direction of the motor. This approach can be done by Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), and with the rise of the technology, Ethernet module will be used in order to achieve the remote control system. Plus the PLC today can be controlled not only using its original software, but 3rd party software as well, such as LabVIEW. LabVIEW is a human machine interfaces design software that is user friendly. It can be easily communicate with different hardware.
High-temperature neutron diffraction and first-principles study of temperature-dependent crystal structures and atomic vibrations in Ti3AlC2, Ti2AlC, and Ti5Al2C3
Nina J. Lane,Sven C. Vogel,El'ad N. Caspi,Michel W. Barsoum
Physics , 2013, DOI: 10.1063/1.4803700
Abstract: Herein we report on the thermal expansions and temperature-dependent crystal structures of select ternary carbide MAX phases in the Ti-Al-C phase diagram in the 100-1000 deg C temperature range. A bulk sample containing 38 wt.% Ti5Al2C3, "523"), $32 wt.% Ti2AlC ("211"), 18 wt.% Ti3AlC2 ("312"), and 12 wt.% (Ti{0.5}Al{0.5})Al is studied by Rietveld analysis of high-temperature neutron diffraction data. We also report on the same for a single-phase sample of Ti$_3$AlC$_2$ for comparison. The thermal expansions of all the MAX phases studied are higher in the $c$ direction than in the $a$ direction. The bulk expansion coefficients - 9.3 x 10^-6 for Ti5Al2C3, 9.2 x 10^-6 for Ti2AlC, and 9.0 x 10^-6 for Ti3AlC2 - are comparable within one standard deviation of each other. In Ti5Al2C3, the dimensions of the Ti-C octahedra for the 211-like and 312-like regions are comparable to the Ti-C octahedra in Ti2AlC and Ti3AlC2, respectively. The isotropic mean-squared atomic displacement parameters are highest for the Al atoms in all three phases, and the values predicted from first-principles phonon calculations agree well with those measured.
Fabrication of Dual-Axis Solar Tracking Controller Project  [PDF]
Nader Barsoum
Intelligent Control and Automation (ICA) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ica.2011.22007
Abstract: The recent decades have seen the increase in demand for reliable and clean form of electricity derived from renewable energy sources. One such example is solar power. The challenge remains to maximize the capture of the rays from the sun for conversion into electricity. This paper presents fabrication and installation of a solar panel mount with a dual-axis solar tracking controller. This is done so that rays from the sun fall perpendicularly unto the solar panels to maximize the capture of the rays by pointing the solar panels towards the sun and following its path across the sky. Thus electricity and efficiency increased.
Structural Analysis of a New Generation of Guyed Telecom Mast with a Wind Turbine
I. Barsoum,F. Barsoum
International Journal of Engineering and Technology , 2012,
Abstract: This work focuses on the structural analysis and response of an innovative design of a guyed mast for the telecom industry in which the power is supplied mainly by attaching a wind turbine on the top. For this purpose a numerical model based on the finite element method (FEM) was developed. The FEM model was validated with experiments conducted on one modular section of the mast, which was loaded in torsion. The model showed good agreement with the experimental results and revealed that failure in the modular section loaded in torsion is governed by non-linear buckling. The entire 57 m guyed mast structure was then modeled using the validated modeling procedure with applied loads corresponding to wind conditions resembling typical African landscape. The design wind loads were determined according to the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA-22-G-1). Several structural design criteria were stipulated and the current design of the mast met all the requirements with a good margin of safety and hence making it a suitable product for the African market.
Simulation of Power Flow and Protection of a Limited Bus Grid System with Injected Solar Power  [PDF]
Nader Barsoum, Chai Zen Lee
Energy and Power Engineering (EPE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/epe.2013.51008

In recent years, injection of renewable energy such as solar power into the power grid is increasing. However, inclusion of large-scale intermittent-type renewable energy requires better management in proper understanding of grid’s variable characteristics and its protection systems. In this paper, the investigation on overvoltage issue is illustrated. Overvoltage in distribution feeder occurs when large amount of solar power is injected at low power demand. Another investigation is on false operation of overcurrent relays due to reverse power to the 33 kV loads. The potential solutions to the two issues are illustrated in the small-sized power grid system using bi-directional inverters on AC buses in charging battery banks and adjusting the relay current settings. The benefits of solar power injection are illustrated whereby output power from generators is decreased and transmission losses are reduced. Electrical Transient Analysis Program (ETAP) was used for investigations.

Cost Optimization of Hybrid Solar, Micro-Hydro and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Using Homer Software  [PDF]
Nader Barsoum, Pearl Dianne Petrus
Energy and Power Engineering (EPE) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/epe.2015.78031
Abstract: The main purpose of this paper is to present the analysis of cost optimization of Hybrid Renewable Energy System in remote area where grid connection is impossible. The analysis of hybrid system is modeled using HOMER software. Homer software is utilized as an assessment with modeling tools that simplifies the task of evaluating designs option for both off-grid and on-grid-connected system that allows load data and parameters to be inputted. In this paper, HOMER is used to find the most cost effective configuration among set of different simulated system to achieve the objective of least possible Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) for a given system under a propose load of 75 kW.
Steady State Simulation of 33 kV Power Grid  [PDF]
Kiu Han Teck, Nader Barsoum
Journal of Power and Energy Engineering (JPEE) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jpee.2018.66007
Abstract: An example is presented in this paper relating to power problems in Sandakan power network. Sandakan is a suburb in east coast of Sabah state of Malaysia. The problems were reported with power flow and N-1 contingency in terms of blackout after main grid supply outages with overload and high fault current on distribution system. This paper focuses on analysis of steady state stability of 33 kV power grid using load flow, contingency analysis and voltage stability (P-V Curve). The analysis is done by using industrial grade power software called Power System Simulation for Engineers (PSS/E). The power flow result showed that there are three generators generating out of limits. Contingency results showed that three transformer branches and three distribution branches are affected. There are nine weakest buses that violate contingency voltage deviation criterion and cannot withstand more load power when N-1-1 case in the branch of bus 8 to bus 28 is under outage.
DC Motor Speed Control Using SMS Application  [PDF]
Nader Barsoum, Izam Faizan Bin Moidi
Intelligent Control and Automation (ICA) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ica.2014.54022
Abstract: Motors are normally used for industrial control, automation and home electrical appliance. It spans everything from residential washing machines, fans, hand-held power tools, automotive window lift, traction control system, industrial drives and many more. Motor application is not completed without a control system. The inventions of microprocessor and microcontroller make the control system become easier. This control system is basically controlling the switch, speed, and direction of motor. Control signal is generated by a switch that is connected directly to the control circuit. In order to control and monitor the motor, user need to be at the place where the switch is located. In this system, mobile phone is used as a control switch. By sending text message using short message service (SMS) which is a part of the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), control signal is sent wirelessly to the control circuit. By implementing GSM module on the control circuit of motor, it can enable the user to send text message that contain command from any mobile phone to that GSM module. The GSM module will receive the text command and send it to the microcontroller to be processed and converted into desired control signal. Controlling motor using SMS is really convenient and give mobility as the user is able to control and monitor the motor from anywhere as long as the places have coverage. Moreover, sending text message is considered very low cost and most of people have their own mobile phones and it already becomes one of the basic needs in life.
New Approach on Development a Dual Axis Solar Tracking Prototype  [PDF]
Nader Barsoum, Rinoe Nizam, Elvin Gerard
Wireless Engineering and Technology (WET) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/wet.2016.71001
Abstract: To track the sun in two directions that is elevation and azimuth, a dual-axis tracking prototype is developed to capture the maximum sun rays by tracking the movement of the sun in four different directions. One axis is azimuth which allows the solar panel to move left and right. The other axis is elevation and allows the panel to turn up and down. The result of this new development provides the solar panels with extensive freedom of movement. This new approach will make use of the Light Depending Resistor (LDR) which is important to detect the sun light by following the source of the sun light location. AutoCAD software is being used to design the draft in 2-dimension (2D) for the hardware dual axis solar tacker. Sketch Up software is being used to sketch the drawing to be more real in 3-dimension (3D). Proteus software is being used to design the circuit for the Arduino UNO microcontrollers and H-BridgeIC chip. This implemented system can save more energy and probably offers more reduction in cost. The paper discusses the process of hardware development and the control process of tracking the sun, as well as the circuit design.
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