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Differing mental health practice among general practitioners, private psychiatrists and public psychiatrists
N Younès, MC Hardy-Bayle, B Falissard, V Kovess, MP Chaillet, I Gasquet
BMC Public Health , 2005, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2458-5-104
Abstract: All GPs (n = 492), PrPs (n = 82) and PuPs (n = 78) in the South-Yvelines area in France were informed of the implementation of a local mental health program. Practitioners interested in taking part were invited to include prospectively all patients with mental health problem they saw over an 8-day period and to complete a 6-month retrospective questionnaire on their mental health practice. 180 GPs (36.6%), 45 PrPs (54.9%) and 63 PuPs (84.0%) responded.GPs and PrPs were very similar but very different from PuPs for the proportion of patients with anxious or depressive disorders (70% v. 65% v. 38%, p < .001), psychotic disorders (5% v. 7% v. 30%, p < .001), previous psychiatric hospitalization (22% v. 26 v. 61%, p < .001) and receiving disability allowance (16% v. 18% v. 52%, p < .001). GPs had fewer patients with long-standing psychiatric disorders than PrPs and PuPs (52%, 64% v. 63%, p < .001). Time-lapse between consultations was longest for GPs, intermediate for PuPs and shortest for PrPs (36 days v. 26 v. 18, p < .001). Access to care had been delayed longer for Psychiatrists (PrPs, PuPs) than for GPs (61% v. 53% v. 25%, p < .001). GPs and PuPs frequently felt a need for collaboration for their patients, PrPs rarely (42% v. 61%. v. 10%, p < .001).Satisfaction with mental health practice was low for all categories of physicians (42.6% encountered difficulties hospitalizing patients and 61.4% had patients they would prefer not to cater for). GPs more often reported unsatisfactory relationships with mental health professionals than did PrPs and PuPs (54% v. 15% v. 8%, p < .001).GP patients with mental health problems are very similar to patients of private psychiatrists; there is a lack of the collaboration felt to be necessary, because of psychiatrists' workload, and because GPs have specific needs in this respect. The "Yvelines-Sud Mental Health Network" has been created to enhance collaboration.In developed countries, mental health problems, especially anxious an
Instant single-photon Fock state tomography
S. R. Huisman,Nitin Jain,S. A. Babichev,Frank Vewinger,A. N. Zhang,S. H. Youn,A. I. Lvovsky
Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.1364/OL.34.002739
Abstract: Heralded single photons are prepared at a rate of ~100 kHz via conditional measurements on polarization-nondegenerate biphotons produced in a periodically poled KTP crystal. The single-photon Fock state is characterized using high frequency pulsed optical homodyne tomography with a fidelity of (57.6 +- 0.1)%. The state preparation and detection rates allowed us to perform on-the-fly alignment of the apparatus based on real-time analysis of the quadrature measurement statistics.
Límites, pasajes y transformaciones en juego en la Arquitectura / Limits, passages and transformations involved in Architecture.
Younès, Chris
Revista de Urbanismo , 2006, DOI: doi: 10.5354/0717-5051.2006.5132
Abstract: La manera de trazar los límites y de operar los pasajes para transferencias, incursiones, especialmente interferencias, da cuenta del modo de expresión propio de la arquitectura y de su manera de tratar lo estable y lo inestable, lo limitado y lo ilimitado, lo mensurable y lo inconmensurable, lo continuo y lo discontinuo. El arte de ponerlos en acción mediante el proyecto arquitectónico, urbano y paisajístico es una de las problemáticas de investigación del laboratorio interdisciplinario Gersau (filosofía, arquitectura, urbanismo) que ha conducido diferentes estudios sobre el tema y, en particular, desde el punto de vista de las relaciones entre naturaleza y cultura./The way in which limits are drawn and passageways are operated for transfers, incursions, and specially interferences, show how architecture has it’s own way of expression that deals with the stable and the unstable, the limited and the unlimited etc.
Limites, passages et transformations en jeu dans l’architecture / Limits, passages and transformations involved in Architecture.
Younès, Chris
Revista de Urbanismo , 2006, DOI: doi: 10.5354/0717-5051.2006.5133
Abstract: La manière de tracer des limites et d’opérer des passages par transferts, incursions, interférences notamment, rend compte du mode d’expression propre à l’architecture et de sa fa on d’agencer le stable et l’instable, le délimité et l’illimité, la mesure et l’incommensurable, la continuité et la discontinuité. L’art de les mettre en uvre par le projet architectural, urbain et paysager est une des problématiques de recherche du laboratoire interdisciplinaire Gerjau (philosophie architecture urbain) qui a conduit différentes études sur ce sujet et en particulier du point de vue des rapports entre nature et culture./The way in which limits are drawn and passageways are operated for transfers, incursions, and specially interferences, show how architecture has it’s own way of expression that deals with the stable and the unstable, the limited and the unlimited, etc.
The Determinants of the Profitability of the Tunisian Deposit Banks
Nesrine Ayadi,Younès Boujelbene
IBIMA Business Review , 2012,
Abstract: Thanks to the study of twelve Tunisian deposit banks, the researchers were able to identify the influence of these determinants on the bank profitability, using a technique of panel data over the period of 1995-2005. The empirical results suggest that the bank capitalization, as well as the size, have a positive and significant effect on the bank profitability. The empirical results indicate that the variables of financial structure, the ratio of the bank assets to the GDP and that of the stock market capitalization to the banking assets have a negative and a statistically significant effect. As for the impact of the macroeconomic indicators, the researchers conclude that the variables do not have a significant effect on bank profitability. Finally, the results indicate the substitutability between banks and financial markets.
Urban Containment Policies and the Protection of Natural Areas: The Case of Seoul's Greenbelt
David N. Bengston,Yeo-Chang Youn
Ecology and Society , 2006,
Abstract: Countries around the world have responded to the problems associated with rapid urban growth and increasingly land-consumptive development patterns by creating a wide range of policy instruments designed to manage urban growth. Of the array of growth management techniques, urban containment policies are considered by some to be a promising approach. This paper focuses on greenbelts, the most restrictive form of urban containment policy. The long-standing greenbelt of Seoul, Republic of Korea is examined as a case study. Seoul's greenbelt has generated both significant social costs and benefits. Costs include higher land and housing prices in the urban area surrounded by the greenbelt, additional costs incurred by commuters who live beyond the greenbelt and work in Seoul, and increased congestion and related quality of life impacts. Benefits include the amenity value of living near the greenbelt, recreational resources, bequest and heritage values, fiscal savings due to increased efficiency in the provision of public services and infrastructure, and a wide range of life-supporting ecosystem services. After standing virtually unchanged for almost three decades, Korea's greenbelt policy is currently being revised and weakened, largely due to pressure from greenbelt landowners and developers. Although there is no definitive answer to the question of whether Seoul would be a more or less "sustainable city" today without the greenbelt, it is certain that in the absence of the greenbelt, Seoul would have lost much of its rich natural heritage and essential ecosystem services.
Unsupervised Topographic Learning for Spatiotemporal Data Mining
Guéna?l Cabanes,Younès Bennani
Advances in Artificial Intelligence , 2010, DOI: 10.1155/2010/832542
Abstract: In recent years, the size and complexity of datasets have shown an exponential growth. In many application areas, huge amounts of data are generated, explicitly or implicitly containing spatial or spatiotemporal information. However, the ability to analyze these data remains inadequate, and the need for adapted data mining tools becomes a major challenge. In this paper, we propose a new unsupervised algorithm, suitable for the analysis of noisy spatiotemporal Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) data. Two real applications show that this algorithm is an efficient data-mining tool for behavioral studies based on RFID technology. It allows discovering and comparing stable patterns in an RFID signal and is suitable for continuous learning. 1. Introduction In recent years, the size of datasets has shown an exponential growth. A study exhibits that the amount of data doubles every three years [1]. In application areas such as robotics, computer vision, mobile computing, and traffic analysis, huge amounts of data are generated and stored in databases, explicitly or implicitly containing spatial or spatiotemporal information. For instance, the proliferation of location-aware devices gives rise to vast amounts of frequently updated telecommunication and traffic data, and satellites generate terabytes of image data daily. These huge collections of spatiotemporal data often hide possibly interesting information and valuable knowledge. It is obvious that a manual analysis of these data is impossible, and data mining might provide useful tools and technology in this setting. Spatiotemporal data mining is an emerging research area that is dedicated to the development of novel algorithms and computational techniques for the successful analysis of large spatiotemporal databases and the disclosure of interesting knowledge in spatiotemporal data. However, the ability to analyze these data remains inadequate and the need for adapted data mining tools becomes a major challenge. As the study of data streams and large databases is a difficult problem because of the computing costs and the big storage volumes involved, two issues appear to play a key role in such an analysis: (i) a good condensed description of the data properties [2, 3] and (ii) a measure capable of detecting changes in the data structure [4, 5]. In this paper, we propose a new algorithm which combines two methods [6, 7] to perform these two tasks. The solution we propose consists of an algorithm, which constructs an abstract representation of the datasets, performs automatically a clustering of the data
Carbon nanotube, graphene, nanowire, and molecule-based electron and spin transport phenomena using the non-equilibrium Green function method at the level of first principles theory
Woo Youn Kim,Kwang S. Kim
Physics , 2007, DOI: 10.1002/jcc.20865
Abstract: Based on density functional theory (DFT), we have developed algorithms and a program code to investigate the electron transport characteristics for a variety of nanometer scaled devices in the presence of an external bias voltage. We employed basis sets comprised of linear combinations of numerical type atomic orbitals and k-point sampling for the realistic modeling of the bulk electrode. The scheme coupled with the matrix version of the non-equilibrium Green function method enables determination of the transmission coefficients at a given energy and voltage in a self-consistent manner, as well as the corresponding current-voltage (I-V) characteristics. This scheme has advantages because it is applicable to large systems, easily transportable to different types of quantum chemistry packages, and extendable to describe time-dependent phenomena or inelastic scatterings. It has been applied to diverse types of practical electronic devices such as carbon nanotubes, graphene nano-ribbons, metallic nanowires, and molecular electronic devices. The quantum conductance phenomena for systems involving quantum point contacts and I-V curves are described for the dithiol-benzene molecule in contact with two Au electrodes using the k-point sampling method.
Electronic Structure and Properties of SrAlGe and BaAlGe
S. J. Youn,A. J. Freeman
Physics , 2012,
Abstract: The electronic structures of BaAlGe and SrAlGe which are superconductors with hexagonal honeycomb layers have been studied by using a first principles method. Energy bands, Fermi surafces, and density of states are presented. The two materials have topologically different Fermi surfaces. BaAlGe has two Fermi surfaces: One has a three dimensional spinning-top-like shape and the other has a cylindrical shape with two dimensional character. SrAlGe has only one connected Fermi surface. Two gap superconductivity for BaAlGe is suggested from the inherently different character of the two Fermi surfaces. The higher $T_c$ of SrAlGe than BaAlGe is related to the difference in both the topology of the Fermi surface and the band dispersions along the $z$ direction.
The structure of verbal sequences analyzed with unsupervised learning techniques
Catherine Recanati,Nicoleta Rogovschi,Younès Bennani
Computer Science , 2007,
Abstract: Data mining allows the exploration of sequences of phenomena, whereas one usually tends to focus on isolated phenomena or on the relation between two phenomena. It offers invaluable tools for theoretical analyses and exploration of the structure of sentences, texts, dialogues, and speech. We report here the results of an attempt at using it for inspecting sequences of verbs from French accounts of road accidents. This analysis comes from an original approach of unsupervised training allowing the discovery of the structure of sequential data. The entries of the analyzer were only made of the verbs appearing in the sentences. It provided a classification of the links between two successive verbs into four distinct clusters, allowing thus text segmentation. We give here an interpretation of these clusters by applying a statistical analysis to independent semantic annotations.
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