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?ükrü BATüRK,Mustafa ULUOCAK,Süleyman ERO?LU,Hatice ?AH?N
Turkish Studies , 2010,
Abstract: The affixes used during the verb processing in the Turkey Turkish dialects show important phonetic variations. These affixes, which are commonly used in all the Turkey Turkish dialects, differ from one region to another, even from one village to another in the same region, in having varying phonetic characteristics. Of these affixes, those which undergo change most frequently and function as a key to the determination of the ethnic structure of the region in question are the future tense and present continuous tense suffixes. In Bursa local dialects, the final phoneme /r/ of the present continuous tense suffix –(I)yor predominantly was omitted and the neighboring vowel was lengthened. However, we observe that the initial vowel of the future tense suffix –AcAk was omitted and the back vowel /a/ was changed to the front vowel /e/ in the second syllable. We come across some different uses in the person suffixes following these suffixes. In this article, it is aimed to put forth various uses of the affixes in question and other verb processing affixes used in the local dialects of Bursa. Türkiye Türk esi a zlar nda fiil i letimi s ras nda kullan lan ekler, nemli fonetik de i iklikler g stermektedir. Bütün Türkiye Türk esi a zlar nda ortak olarak kullan lan bu ekler, b lgeden b lgeye hatta ayn b lgede bulunan yak n k yler aras nda farkl ses zellikleriyle kullan lmaktad r. Bu ekler aras nda en ok de i ikli e u rayan ve b lgenin etnik yap s n belirlemede anahtar konumunda olan ekler, gelecek zaman ve imdiki zaman ekidir.Bursa yerli a zlar nda –(I)yor imdiki zaman ekinin a rl kl olarak sonundaki r sesi dü ürülmü ve yan ndaki ünlü uzat lm bi imde kullan lmaktad r. Gelecek zaman eki –AcAk ise ba ndaki ünlü dü ürülüp ikinci hecedeki ünlüsü inceltilmi bi imde kar m za kar. Bu eklerin kulland ki i eklerinde de baz de i ik kullan mlar g ze arpmaktad r.Bu makalede Bursa b lgesi yerli a zlar nda s z konusu eklerin ve di er fiil i letme eklerinin durumu ortaya konulacakt r.
Süleyman ERO?LU?,?ükrü BATüRK,?? Mustafa ULUOCAK,Hatice ?AH?N
Turkish Studies , 2009,
Abstract: How important is research which is related to the Anatolian dialects that is one of many well-known. It is one of the well-known topics that researches which are related to Anatolian dialects have major importance. Many of compilation studies has been made in different areas of Anatolian hitherto, general features of language has been propounded, though based on the available material regarding the ethnic composition of the region have been tried to reach conclusions the same situation have not valid to the dialects area of the Bursa. The Bursa region indigenous dialects have not been deal with the dialect studies. Studies about region dialects do not exceed a few limited studies. Thus, as part of "The Bursa Indigenous Dialects Compiled Examining" project which is supported by the Uludag University and launched in 2006 compilation studies about Bursa dialects were initiated. In this article under the project content to set out the compiled and solved texts will be attempted to give general features of the Bursa indigenous dialects. Anadolu a zlar yla ilgili ara t rmalar n ne kadar nemli oldu u ok iyi bilinen konulardan biridir. Bugüne kadar Anadolu'nun de i ik b lgelerinde ok say da derleme al malar yap lm , genel dil zellikleri ortaya konmu , eldeki malzemelerden yola karak b lgelerin etnik yap s yla ilgili sonu lara var lmaya al lm olsa da ayn durumun Bursa b lgesi a zlar i in ge erli olmad ortadad r. A z al malar nda Bursa b lgesi yerli a zlar ele al nmam t r. B lge a zlar yla ilgili al malar, dar kapsaml bir iki yay m ge memektedir. Bu eksiklikten hareketle 2006 y l nda ba lat lan Uluda üniversitesi destekli "Bursa Yerli A zlar n n Derlenip ncelenmesi" adl proje kapsam nda Bursa a zlar yla ilgili derleme al malar ba lat lm t r. Bu makalede s z konusu proje kapsam nda derlenen ve zülen metinlerden yola k larak Bursa yerli a zlar n n genel zellikleri verilmeye al lacakt r.
Mustafa ULUOCAK ?,? ?ükrü BATüRK,Süleyman ERO?LU?,Hatice ?AH?N
Turkish Studies , 2010,
Abstract: As studies on Türkiye Turkish dialects increase in number, it becomes likely to come across some illustrative points with respect to the matter of determining some features of Oguz Turkish and the ethnical structures of the regions under discussion by moving from the dialect features in question. > change is observed in many of the Türkiye Turkish dialects. The same sound change is present in Bursa local dialects as well. However, more different examples of this kind of sound change were identified in Bay nd r village of Büyükorhan, Bursa. In this article, > changes observed in Bursa local dialects and Bay nd r village will be exemplified. Türkiye Türk esi a zlar yla ilgili al malar artt k a s z konusu a z zelliklerinden yola karak O uz Türk esinin baz zelliklerini ve ilgili b lgelerin etnik yap s n belirleme konusunda ayd nlat c noktalarla kar la lmaktad r. Türkiye Türk esi a zlar n n bir o unda > de i imine rastlanmaktad r. Ayn ses de i ikli i Bursa yerli a zlar nda da g zlemlenmektedir. Ancak Bursa Büyükorhan il esine ba l Bay nd r k yünde bu ses de i ikli iyle ilgili daha farkl rnekler tespit edilmi tir. Bu yaz da Bursa yerli a zlar nda ve Bay nd r k yünde g zlemlenen > de i iklikleri rneklendirilecektir.
Simple Blunt Trauma and Diaphragmatic Rupture Showing Delayed Clinical Signs
Tar?k Ocak,Ramazan Ku?aslan,Mustafa Batürk,Hakan Yi?itba?
Akademik Acil T?p Olgu Sunumlar? Dergisi (AKATOS) , 2012,
Abstract: The diaphragm provides the progression between certain structures and the chest cavity by means of an anatomic hiatus. The diaphragm is the second most functional muscle structure of the body after the heart. Diaphragm injuries may result from serious blunt or penetrating injuries. While most of the blunt diaphragm infuries are caused by traffic accidents and falls from heights, some may occur as a result of other blunt traumas to the lower chest or epigastrium. Diaphragm injuries may be seen in t 0.8-1.6% of the patients hospitalized due to blunt abdominal trauma. In this study, we will report that a diaphagm injury of a patient who has a history of blunt abdominal trauma was diagnosed six months after the trauma when he was admitted to hospital because of stomach ache and pain in his left chest.
Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment for Visual Loss Due to Carbon Monoxide Intoxication: A Case Report
Tar?k Ocak,Mustafa Batürk,Salih Ayd?n,?zer Kemahl?
Akademik Acil T?p Olgu Sunumlar? Dergisi (AKATOS) , 2013,
Abstract: High oxygen (O2) consuming organs such as the brain and the heart are easily affected by carbon monoxide (CO) intoxication. The most frequent changes are bilateral ischemic lesions and necrosis in the grey substance of brain tissue, particularly in the globus pallidus. Depending on the severity of intoxication, cerebral and cardiac findings may occur as well as visual impairment, although rare. Visual disorders may develop in patients recovering from coma. In this case report, we present a case with severe loss of vision consequent to CO intoxication, who demonstrated a complete response to long-term hyperbaric oxygen treatment.
Problem solving skills and childhood traumas in patients who self-injured by punching glass during an anger outburst
?akir ?zen,Mehmet Suba??,Azad Y?ld?r?m,Mustafa Batürk
Journal of Clinical and Experimental Investigations , 2010,
Abstract: Objectives: We aimed to investigate the problem solving skills and its childhood traumas among the patients who failed to control their anger and injured their hands and wrists after punching a window or door glass.Methods: The patients who admitted to emergency service with severe wrist injury including tendon, vessel or nerve cut were included. Twenty-five patients who punching glass constituted study group (23 men, 2 women) and 14 patients who accidentally injured their hands (13 men, 1 woman) included as control group. A few days after wrist operation the patients were informed and asked for study participation. Problem Solving Inventory (PSI) and Childhood Trauma Questionnaire (CTQ) were applied to all patients.Results: The mean age of the study and control groups was 25.9 and 29.7 years, respectively. Ratios of right hand injury in the study and the control groups were 84% and 43%, respectively (p=0.008). The study group showed higher childhood emotional and physical trauma scores than the control group but the difference was not statistically significant (p>0.05). PSI scores were higher in the study group than the controls which means problem solving skills were poorer in the study group (p=0.001). PSI scores, CTQ total score (p<0.001) and sub-scale scores were positively correlated in the study group.Conclusions: Previously experienced emotional and physical traumas interfere with the problem solving skills. These individuals show lower tendency to judge and try alternative ways. Psychoeducation on interpersonal relationships, anger management, and problem solving skills may decrease the future injuries in these patients.
Noninvasive Electrophysiological Effects of Lightning Strike: Case Series
Yahya ?slamo?lu,Habib ?il,Mustafa Batürk,Ebru Tekba?
Journal of Academic Emergency Medicine , 2011,
Abstract: Objectives: Lightning is a frequent natural disasters, and may result in death at a rate of up to 20-30% of affected patients. The most common cause of death in these cases is cardiac arrest. In addition, deaths can occur due to injury of the respiratory center. Material and Methods: In the literature, there are many case reports regarding lightning injuries. Howewer, there are only a few studies on the effects of lightning strike on the heart. In this paper, we specifically investigate the noninvasive electrophysiological effects of lightning strike on the heart.Results: Ventricular fibrillation, asystole, supraventricular tachycardia, QT prolongation and nonspecific ST-T changes may occur in patients with lightning injury. However, there is no typical electrocardiogram (ECG) sign/signs of lightning injury. Conclusion: Electrocardiographic changes due to lightning strike depend on the severity and duration of exposure of the body.
A Robust Chaos-Based Image Cryptosystem with an Improved Key Generator and Plain Image Sensitivity Mechanism  [PDF]
Hidayet O?ra?, Mustafa Türk
Journal of Information Security (JIS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jis.2017.81003
Abstract: In this paper, we propose an effective gray image cryptosystem containing Arnold cat map for pixel permutation and an improved Logistic map for the generation of encryption keys to be used for pixel modification. Firstly, a new chaotic map is designed to show better performance than the standard one in terms of key space range, complexity and uniformity. Generated secret key is not only sensitive to the control parameters and initial condition of the improved map but also strongly depend on the plain image characteristic which provides an effective resistance against statistical and differential attacks. Additionally, to get higher encryption strength of the cryptosystem, both confusion and diffusion processes are performed with different keys in every iterations. Theoretical analysis and simulation results confirm that the proposed algorithm has superior security and effectively encrypts and decrypts the gray images as well.
From Istanbul to Hicaz Ottoman cities: according to a pilgrimage traveler
Sadettin Batürk
International Journal of Human Sciences , 2013,
Abstract: Manuscripts, regardless of which were written literary style, are primary sources for the writing of history. While benefiting from such sources as well as who is the author, whether or not the work copy of an author and the content must be taken into account.Haji Ali Effendi, a competent civil servant of the Ottoman Empire, carried out a pilgrimage on 1646. On the occasion of his pilgrimage in this article, Tuhfetü'l-Huccac which contains information about Ottoman cities will be assessed. This work was written as a type of literary travelogue.The book contains information on cities and towns on the right arm road route of the Ottoman between Istanbul-Hejaz. This work was written in XVII. century and copy of the author was subjected to scrutiny. Through this study, a work in XVII. century was revealed for the first time and presented to the realm of science as a source of first-hand.
Mathematics teacher candidates’ evaluations of teaching and learning process in faculty of education
Sava? Batürk
International Journal of Human Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: With the new structure of educational faculties, student teachers began to complete first 3.5 years of their licence education (7 semesters) in science and art faculties by taking content knowledge courses and other 1.5 years (3 semesters) in educational faculties by taking pedagogical content knowledge and pedagogical courses (YOK, 1998). Undoubtedly, as every program has positive or negative sides, this new structure process is also criticised or appreciated. For example, the program has effects of the American and English educational systems (Baki, 1998) and that is why it is criticised by several educators. According to Aslan (2003), as the courses aim to provide general culture and the program is flexible, it is normal that content knowledge courses are taken in sciences and art faculties in the USA. However in Turkey, their courses aim at making specialists, so the program of science and art faculties is unnecessary and exorbitant for student teachers (Aslan, 2003). Some studies such as Yigit & Akdeniz (2004), Sarac (2006) and Basturk (2009) give support to this consideration by putting forward that student teachers’ process in science and art faculties negatively influences their attitudes toward profession of teaching and prevent them from feeling as a teacher. The new structure process is criticized through many aspects. However, unfortunately, there are a small number of researches that investigate the opinions of student teachers affected directly by this process (Alev & Yigit, 2006; Unsal, 2004; Ada et al., 2005; Gorgen & Deniz, 2003; S rmaci & Gencdogan, 2007; Koc, 2007; Kavcar et al., 2007; Peker & Tambag, 2007; Saglam, Yuksel & Kara, 2007; Sahin & Balkar, 2007). In these studies, by means of Likert type questionnaires, opinions of student teachers of two programs (3.5+1.5 and 4+1.5) on some subjects are generally determined, for example, the duration, proficiency of providing teacher qualifications of the programs, student teachers’ main reasons in enrolling in the programs, their views on whether having a post as a teacher. Most of these studies also found out whether there are significant differences between the two different groups. Undoubtedly the results of these studies are very important and give important clues about the functioning of the process. But we think that the subject should be dealt with research having more qualitative aspects. This can provide completing results of the previous studies and better understanding of the details of the picture.In the light of what is introduced above, the aim of this study is to determine
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