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Practical Attacks on Mobile Cellular Networks and Possible Countermeasures
Murat Oul,Sel?uk Bakt?r
Future Internet , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/fi5040474
Abstract: Due to widespread adoption of mobile communications devices and increasingly high throughput capacity of cellular networks, Third-Generation (3G) and Long Term Evolution (LTE) are becoming ever more popular. Millions of smart phones with 3G capabilities are sold every year and used for mostly browsing the Internet. Hence, mobile operators have been heavily investing in their packet switched networks to meet customer demand and stay ahead in the market. The widespread use of broadband mobile Internet bring along also some IP based threats such as the Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, botnets and malwares. In this paper, we performed DoS and flooding attacks on 3G mobile networks and measured their effect on the most critical elements of a network such as the Radio Network Controller (RNC) and the Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN) devices. We carried out our experiments on a real mobile network, not just a simulation environment, and hence our findings depict a realistic picture of the vulnerabilities existent in 3G mobile networks. We propose alternative solutions to avoid these vulnerabilities and mitigate the issues raised.
Understanding foreign language teachers’ practical knowledge: What’s the role of prior language learning experience?
Sibel Ar?oul
Journal of Language and Linguistic Studies , 2007,
Abstract: Teachers’ practical knowledge is considered as teachers’ general knowledge, beliefsand thinking (Borg, 2003) which can be traced in teachers’ practices (Connelly & Clandinin,1988) and shaped by various background sources (Borg, 2003; Grossman, 1990; Meijer,Verloop, and Beijard, 1999). This paper initially discusses how language teachers areinfluenced by three background sources: teachers’ prior language learning experiences, priorteaching experience, and professional coursework in pre- and in-service education. Bydrawing its data from the author’s longitidunal study, it also presents the findings of a crosscasetheme emerged from the investigation of three English as a foreign language (EFL)teachers’ prior language learning experiences. The paper also discusses how the participationin studies on teachers’ knowledge raises teachers’ own awareness while it informs theresearch.
The Role and Importance of Cattle Breeders Association on Bovine Breeding in Turkey: A Case Study in Western Part of Turkey
O. Murat Koctürk
Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances , 2012,
Abstract: The Pedigree System was introduced under Turkish-German (GTZ) and Turkish-Italian (ANAFI) projects and the legislation was begun to be issued in 2000. In the legislative research, the rules of European countries, the EU legislation and the ICAR (Internal Committee for Animal Recording) have been taken into account. With approval of the Minister s Office, the Cattle Breeders Central Association was delegated the authority to conduct the herdbook system in Turkey. The aim of this study is to outline the activities of the cattle breeding unions, which were started to be founded in 1995 and to have a close look and to have a close look at the Cattle Breeders Association of Manisa. Sixty percent of the cattle in Turkey are now within the scope of pedigree and prepedigree system. The percent in Manisa is approximately 91%. Producers who use the pedigree system state that the system does not have much effect on their income and welfare. The main problem here is that the production costs are high but the price of the milk is low. To overcome this problem the organization process of CBAT cooperatives has to be completed.
A Case Study of Increasing Income of Dairy Cattle in Rural Area in Western Part of Turkey
O. Murat Kocturk
Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances , 2012,
Abstract: The aim of this study is to investigate the results of government supported dairy cattle farming production in rural area. The project was conducted by a co-operative. All members of co-operative are women. The research was carried out in Izmir’s Kiraz country Yaglar village. Forty eight partners of the 100 partners co-operative were interviewed and the data collected were analyzed. While, the number of animals of 16 companies dealing with dairy farming was 6 on average before the co-operative, the average number of animals is 8.93 after the cooperative. While, the dairy milk yield 73 L on average, this rate went up to 117.7 L for 48 dairy farms. The annual income of members of the cooperative before the project was $2831.8 an average, this amount raised to $5324.1 after the project increasing 53.18%. Dairy farming project carried out by co-operatives have resulted positively in terms of villagers life standards and income growth in areas, where land allocation is not well-balanced and not adequate. In this manner, migration from rural to urban areas has been reduced to a certain extent and production and income growth in rural areas have contributed positively to both farmers and national economy.
The Marketing of Table Grapes and Farmers Organization in Turkey (AlaOehir Case Study)
O. Murat Kocturk
Journal of Biological Sciences , 2006,
Abstract: In recent years, the importance of marketing of the raisins has become important because of yield increase and export incentives. The grape growers that have been organized for raisins with the rate of 50% have not been able to organize effectively in the table grape marketing. Eighty seven percent of the growers have been selling their product to traders and brokers without any guarantee of payment. The growers of the table grapes have established an agricultural development cooperative (shortly named ALA-KOOP) with the aim of marketing their products in the center of AlaOehir county and surrounding villages in 2000. This cooperative could not be activated because of the lack of interest of their members. Meanwhile, with the increase of the grape export in the last decade in AlaOehir county, 42 companies have been founded and these companies take an important role in rural industry and development. It is observed that the cooperatives which have been founded with the aim of organizing the growers, are in need of professional management and financial support to make them successful.
Türkiye’de Kooperatiflerin Vergilendirilmesi(Taxation on Cooperatives In Turkey)
O. Murat KO?TüRK
Y?netim ve Ekonomi , 2006,
Abstract: Cooperatives are regarded as the third sector in line with the private and the public sectors in most countries. According to Turkey National Cooperatives Union’s by 2004 there are 58 414 cooperatives and 7 544 872 cooperative members both in rural and urban cooperatives in Turkey. Therefore, the cooperatives in Turkey are supported by the government with various instruments such as tax exemptions and reductions. In this paper, taxation on cooperatives and their implementation on cooperative sector were examined. Being an important instrument of social economy, cooperatives undertake significant roles in EU countries. It is thought that those exemption and redections on cooperative sector would make a considerable contribution to the Turkish cooperative movement.
Preschool Teachers’ Views Regarding the Teaching of the Subjects Related To Science and Nature during Early Childhood
O?uzhan KILDAN,Murat PEKTA?
Journal of Kirsehir Education Faculty , 2009,
Abstract: This study was carried out to identify the perspectives of the preschool teachers as regards the teaching of the subjects related to science and nature during early-childhood period. A total of 52 pre-school teachers working in Kastamonu participated in the study. To collect the data for the study, “Personal Information Forms” and “Interviews Forms” were used. Of the qualitative analysis methods, “Descriptive Analysis” was employed in the study. Besides, the percentage of the teachers’ responses was first expressed numerically and then interpreted. The analysis of the interviews reveals that most of the teachers are of the opinion that the objectives and the outcomes of the current preschool programme is adequate enough and that the current preschool programme supports the teaching of the subjects related to science and nature in terms of content. The teachers, however, express that the current preschool programme does not properly prepare the children for their future lives and for the future educational levels. Moreover, while stating that the subjects related to science and nature in the preschool curriculum promote such attitudes among children as curiosity, open-mindedness and scepticism, most of the teachers state that the physical conditions and the equipment of the classes are not sufficient enough to teach the subjects of science and nature; and that in-service trainings for the teaching of the preschool subjects related to science and nature are needed.
Spontaneous Decay of the Effective Cosmological Constant
Murat ?zer,M. O. Taha
Physics , 1998, DOI: 10.1142/S0217732398000620
Abstract: We discuss the notion that quantum fields may induce an effective time-dependent cosmological constant which decays from a large initial value. It is shown that such cosmological models are viable in a non-de Sitter spacetime.
Lie Algebra of Hamiltonian Vector Fields and the Poisson-Vlasov Equations
Oul Esen,Hasan Gümral
Physics , 2012,
Abstract: We introduce natural differential geometric structures underlying the Poisson-Vlasov equations in momentum variables. We decompose the space of all vector fields over particle phase space into a semi-direct product algebra of Hamiltonian vector fields and its complement. The latter is related to dual space of Lie algebra. Lie algebra of Hamiltonian vector fields is isomorphic to the space of all Lagrangian submanifolds with respect to Tulczyjew symplectic structure. This is obtained as tangent space at the identity of the group of canonical diffeomorphisms represented as space of sections of a trivial bundle. We obtain the momentum-Vlasov equations as vertical equivalence of complete cotangent lift of Hamiltonian vector field generating particle motion. Vertical representatives can be described by holonomic lift from a Whitney product to a Tulczyjew symplectic space. A generalization of complete cotangent lift is obtained by a Lie algebra homomorphism from the algebra of symmetric contravariant tensor fields with Schouten concomitant to the Lie algebra of Hamiltonian vector fields. Momentum maps for particular subalgebras result in plasma-to-fluid map in momentum variables. We exhibit dynamical relations between Lie algebras of Hamiltonian vector fields and of contact vector fields, in particular; infinitesimal quantomorphisms. Gauge symmetries of particle motion are extended to tensorial objects including complete lift of particle motion. Poisson equation is then obtained as zero value of momentum map for the Hamiltonian action of gauge symmetries for kinematical description.
Jets, Lifts and Dynamics
Oul Esen,Hasan Gümral
Physics , 2010,
Abstract: We show that complete cotangent lifts of vector fields, their decomposition into vertical representative and holonomic part provide a geometrical framework underlying Eulerian equations of continuum mechanics. We discuss Euler equations for ideal incompressible fluid and Vlasov equations of plasma dynamics in connection with the lifts of divergence-free and Hamiltonian vector fields, respectively. As a further application, we obtain kinetic equations of particles moving with the flow of contact vector fields both from Lie-Poisson reductions and with the techniques of present framework.
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