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Intrusion in implant-tooth-supported fixed prosthesis: An in vitro photoelastic stress analysis
Srinivasan Murali,Padmanabhan T
Indian Journal of Dental Research , 2008,
Abstract: Background and Objective: Intrusion of natural teeth is a very common and interesting problem associated with implant-assisted fixed partial prostheses. Various theories have been put forth to explain this phenomenon, most of which revolve around the philosophy of exertion of excessive forces onto the natural tooth in a combination fixed partial denture. This photoelastic study examines the current theories revolving around intrusion and evaluates whether natural tooth intrusion is a definite possibility in an implant-tooth-connected fixed partial prosthesis. Materials and Methods: A two-dimensional photoelastic method was employed for testing and analysis. Two sets of photoelastic models were fabricated, one depicting a totally tooth-supported situation and the other an implant-tooth-supported situation. A rigid type and non-rigid type of connection were also incorporated into the fixed partial denture used in the both the situations in the study. Loads were applied on the anterior and posterior abutments and the pontic regions in both sets of models and the fringe patterns were photographically recorded for analysis. Results and Conclusion: The forces were proportionately consistent with the increase in applied loads in both the situations. The use of a non-rigid connection did not show any major significance but in fact may be erroneous. The forces were considerably higher in the implant-tooth-connected situation. The results indicated that the differences in the forces exerted were not light and continuous and may not cause tooth intrusion. Natural tooth intrusion may be caused by reasons other than excessive forces and needs further investigation.
Impact of link breaks on AODV and AOMDV in MANET: A Performance Analysis
Lino Murali,Divya T V
International Journal of Electronics and Computer Science Engineering , 2013,
Abstract: MANETs are ad hoc multi hop networks, formed of mobile battery chargeable devices and commonly used in emergency situations. With its dynamic topology and limited energy level they often come across with link breaks. This paper analyzes how energy consumption of the mobile devices and density of mobile nodes affects the performance of MANET. AODV and AOMDV are reactive routing protocols used in MANET which handles link break due to node mobility and energy drain. Performance of AODV and AOMDV is analyzed in presence of link breaks using ns2 simulator. The results show AOMDV has better performance in throughput, end to end delay and packet delivery ratio compared to AODV only in presence of large network size and high mobility of nodes. Energy consumption and normalized routing load is high for AOMDV compared to AODV for all scenarios.
Expression Divergence of Tandemly Arrayed Genes in Human and Mouse
Valia Shoja,T. M. Murali,Liqing Zhang
Comparative and Functional Genomics , 2007, DOI: 10.1155/2007/60964
Abstract: Tandemly arrayed genes (TAGs) account for about one third of the duplicated genes in eukaryotic genomes, yet there has not been any systematic study of their gene expression patterns. Taking advantage of recently published large-scale microarray data sets, we studied the expression divergence of 361 two-member TAGs in human and 212 two-member TAGs in mouse and examined the effect of sequence divergence, gene orientation, and chromosomal proximity on the divergence of TAG expression patterns. Our results show that there is a weak negative correlation between sequence divergence of TAG members and their expression similarity. There is also a weak negative correlation between chromosomal proximity of TAG members and their expression similarity. We did not detect any significant relationship between gene orientation and expression similarity. We also found that downstream TAG members do not show significantly narrower expression breadth than upstream members, contrary to what we predict based on TAG expression divergence hypothesis that we propose. Finally, we show that both chromosomal proximity and expression correlation in TAGs do not differ significantly from their neighboring non-TAG gene pairs, suggesting that tandem duplication is unlikely to be the cause for the higher-than-random expression association between neighboring genes on a chromosome in human and mouse.
A Study of Mining Software Engineering Data and Software Testing
T.Murali Krishna,Devara Vasumathi
Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: The primary goal of software development is to deliver Optimal Software, i.e., software produced at low cost, high quality & productivity and scheduled with in time. In order to achieve this optimal software, programmers generally reuse the existing libraries, rather than developing similar code products right from the scratch. While reusing the libraries, programmers are facing several changes such as many existing libraries are not properly documented and many libraries contain large number of program interfaces (PIs) through which libraries expose their functionality. These challenges lead to certain problems that affect in producing optimal software. The problems such as reuse of existing libraries consumes more time, lack of knowledge on reusage of program interfaces and we can’t generate effective test inputs during white box testing. The first two problems reduce the software productivity where as last one affect on software testing. To resolve these problems, we propose a general framework called Netminer. Netminer contains a code search engine. With the help of code search engine, we can search the available open source code over the internet. In the analysis phase, Netminer automatically compares the specifications of program interfaces with relevant code examples that are available in the internet. In the next phase, Netminer applies data mining techniques on code examples that are collected and identify common patterns. The common patterns represent exact usage of program interfaces. We propose some more approaches based on Netminer. Some approaches help programmers in effectively reusing program interfaces provided by existing libraries. Some approaches identify defects under analysis from the mined specifications and some approaches help in generating test inputs by the use of static and dynamic test generation. Our research study shows that Netminer framework can be effectively used in software engineering for achieving optimal software.
Neurological legal disability
Murali T,Taly A,Srivastava Abhishek
Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology , 2006,
The Landscape of Human Proteins Interacting with Viruses and Other Pathogens
Matthew D Dyer,T. M Murali ,Bruno W Sobral
PLOS Pathogens , 2008, DOI: 10.1371/journal.ppat.0040032
Abstract: Infectious diseases result in millions of deaths each year. Mechanisms of infection have been studied in detail for many pathogens. However, many questions are relatively unexplored. What are the properties of human proteins that interact with pathogens? Do pathogens interact with certain functional classes of human proteins? Which infection mechanisms and pathways are commonly triggered by multiple pathogens? In this paper, to our knowledge, we provide the first study of the landscape of human proteins interacting with pathogens. We integrate human–pathogen protein–protein interactions (PPIs) for 190 pathogen strains from seven public databases. Nearly all of the 10,477 human-pathogen PPIs are for viral systems (98.3%), with the majority belonging to the human–HIV system (77.9%). We find that both viral and bacterial pathogens tend to interact with hubs (proteins with many interacting partners) and bottlenecks (proteins that are central to many paths in the network) in the human PPI network. We construct separate sets of human proteins interacting with bacterial pathogens, viral pathogens, and those interacting with multiple bacteria and with multiple viruses. Gene Ontology functions enriched in these sets reveal a number of processes, such as cell cycle regulation, nuclear transport, and immune response that participate in interactions with different pathogens. Our results provide the first global view of strategies used by pathogens to subvert human cellular processes and infect human cells. Supplementary data accompanying this paper is available at http://staff.vbi.vt.edu/dyermd/publicati?ons/dyer2008a.html.
Discovering Networks of Perturbed Biological Processes in Hepatocyte Cultures
Christopher D. Lasher,Padmavathy Rajagopalan,T. M. Murali
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0015247
Abstract: The liver plays a vital role in glucose homeostasis, the synthesis of bile acids and the detoxification of foreign substances. Liver culture systems are widely used to test adverse effects of drugs and environmental toxicants. The two most prevalent liver culture systems are hepatocyte monolayers (HMs) and collagen sandwiches (CS). Despite their wide use, comprehensive transcriptional programs and interaction networks in these culture systems have not been systematically investigated. We integrated an existing temporal transcriptional dataset for HM and CS cultures of rat hepatocytes with a functional interaction network of rat genes. We aimed to exploit the functional interactions to identify statistically significant linkages between perturbed biological processes. To this end, we developed a novel approach to compute Contextual Biological Process Linkage Networks (CBPLNs). CBPLNs revealed numerous meaningful connections between different biological processes and gene sets, which we were successful in interpreting within the context of liver metabolism. Multiple phenomena captured by CBPLNs at the process level such as regulation, downstream effects, and feedback loops have well described counterparts at the gene and protein level. CBPLNs reveal high-level linkages between pathways and processes, making the identification of important biological trends more tractable than through interactions between individual genes and molecules alone. Our approach may provide a new route to explore, analyze, and understand cellular responses to internal and external cues within the context of the intricate networks of molecular interactions that control cellular behavior.
Catatonia and Multiple Pressure Ulcers: A Rare Complication in Rehabilitation Setting
Srivastava A,Gupta A,Murthy P,Murali T
Indian Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation , 2008,
Abstract: An eighteen years old boy reported with a continuous course illness characterized by features of catatoniasecondary to severe depression with multiple pressure ulcers over sacrum and heels. Ulcers were effectivelymanaged by a team of physiatrist, psychiatrist and rehabilitation nurses. Immobility, reduced nocturnalmovements, increased skin fragility and poor nutrition contributed to the development of the pressureulcer in bed bound patients. Efforts should be directed towards prevention of pressure ulcers to reduceadditional morbidity. Key Message: First case to be reported of a patient with catatonia secondary todepression having multiple pressure ulcers.
Surgical Reconstruction of Pressure Ulcers in Patients with Spinal Cord Disease: A Prospective Study
Srivastava A,Gupta A,Taly AB,Murali T
Indian Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation , 2008,
Abstract: Objective: To study efficacy of surgery in the management of pressure ulcers in spinal cord disease.Design: Prospective, follow up study.Setting: Neurological rehabilitation unit of a tertiary centre.Sample: Patients of spinal cord diseases with grade III/IV pressure ulcers, underwent surgical reconstructionand rehabilitation in year 2005 with a minimum follow up duration of one year.Outcome measures: Ulcer healing rate, postoperative complications, ulcers recurrence rate.Statistical analysis: Frequency analysis on SPSS 13.0 for windows.Results: Surgical intervention was carried out in 25 subjects (M-19, F-6), having total 39 ulcers (stage III-16, IV – 23). Surgeries performed were: debridement - 3, split skin grafting -13 and flap mobilization andclosure - 23. Only four subjects (16.6%) had initial complications: wound dehiscence - 2 and delayed grafthealing -2. Follow up rate was 92.0% (23/25 patients), duration of 12-21 months (mean 15.4+/- 7.45m) andonly four subjects (17.3%) had ulcer recurrence.Discussion: All outcome variables showed significant improvement at follow up with good ulcer healing rate(87.0%), low initial complication (16.6%) and recurrence rate (17.3%).Conclusion: Timely surgical interventions are necessary for pressure ulcers. Reconstructive proceduresare simple & highly effective and should be an integral part of rehabilitation program.
Congenital left atrial appendage aneurysm
Selvaraj Thiruvenkadam,Kapoor Poonam,Murali Krishna T,Kiran Usha
Annals of Cardiac Anaesthesia , 2008,
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