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Surgery for inguinal hernia in pediatric age
Mukesh S. Suvera,Panchshila B. Damor,Shaishav V. Patel
International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences , 2013, DOI: 10.5455/2320-6012.ijrms20130515
Abstract: Inguinal hernia repair is one of the most frequently performed surgical procedures in pediatric patients. An inguinal hernia does not resolve spontaneously and must be repaired because of high risk of complications. A retrospective analysis was performed on the hospital records including operative notes of admitted pediatric patients, aged up to 12 years, who underwent inguinal herniotomy. On observation, male affect more than female , right side inguinal hernia more common than left, due to let decent of testis on right side. Early detection and repair of inguinal hernia in pediatric is essential to decrease the potential morbidity and operative complications rate. This needs an increase in popular and pediatric awareness. [Int J Res Med Sci 2013; 1(2.000): 112-115]
Open appendicectomy stump: invaginate or not to invaginate?
Mukesh S. Suvera,Ashish H. Kharadi,Unnati S. Asari,Panchshila B. Damor
International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences , 2013, DOI: 10.5455/2320-6012.ijrms20130817
Abstract: Acute appendicitis remains the most common abdominal surgical emergency. Appendicectomy is the standard treatment of acute appendicitis, which performed by open or laparoscopic approach. During open method, after removal of appendix, stump simple ligation or simple ligation and invagination. A prospective randomized study conducted at Smt SCL General Hospital, Smt NHL municipal Medical College, Ahmedabad between October 2009 to September 2011 to evaluate the necessity of appendicular stump invagination during appendicectomy. A total 110 patients were studied and randomized into two group, Group I stump simple ligation, transfixation and invagination and Group II stump simple ligation and transfixation only. There was no statically significant difference in the rate of postoperative complication and post operative hospital stay between the two groups. The mean operating time was significantly shorter in group without invagination. The rate of postoperative paralytic ileus was more in group I. We conclude that simple ligation of the appendicular stump during appendicectomy is safe, simple and shortens operating time. [Int J Res Med Sci 2013; 1(3.000): 248-251]
Mukesh S Patil
International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Development , 2011,
Abstract: The aim of the present study was to prepare Simvastatin nanoparticles by nanoprecipitation method using a partially water-miscible solvents and the mutual saturation of the aqueous and organic phases prior to form a nanosuspention in order to reduce the initial thermodynamic instability of the nanoparticles. Because of the self-emulsifying properties of the methacrylic acid co-polymers, it was possible to prepare aqueous dispersions of colloidal size containing up to 30% w/v of Eudragit L100 using methanol as a water-miscible solvent with surfactant. Nanoparticles have become an important area of research in the field of drug delivery, because they have the ability to deliver a wide range of drugs to varying areas of the body for sustained periods of time. The nanoparticles have a higher surface-to-volume ratio as compared with bulk material, and therefore the dose and frequency of administration would be reduced hence increasing patient compliance.
Synthesis and Antibacterial Activity Studies of Some 2-(Substitutedphenyl)-3-bis2, 4-(4′-methylphenylamino)-s-triazine-6-ylaminobenzoylamino-5-H-4-thiazolidinone
Mukesh Kumar Ahirwar,S. P. Shrivastava
Journal of Chemistry , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/641547
Abstract: Some 4-thiazolidinone derivatives 6(a-l) have been prepared bearing s-triazine moiety by the condensation of Schiff bases from bis-2,4 (4′-methyl-phenylamino)-s-triazine-6-ylaminobenzoyl substituted benzylhydrazone 5(a-l) with thioglycolic acid. The structures of synthesized compound have been characterized by IR, 1HNMR spectral studies. The synthesized compounds 6(a-l) has been screened for antibacterial activity.
Chronic urticaria and Helicobacter pylori
Yadav Mukesh,Rishi Jai,Nijawan S
Indian Journal of Medical Sciences , 2008,
Abstract: Background: Helicobacter pylori (HP) have recently emerged as a novel eliciting factor for chronic urticaria (CU). The possible association between HP and CU has enormous potential, as eradicating HP could cure CU. Aims and Objectives: We conducted a study to assess the prevalence of HP infection and effect of bacterium eradication on skin lesions in patients of chronic idiopathic urticaria (CIU). Settings and Design: Four hundred sixty patients of CU attending the allergy clinic, SMS hospital, Jaipur during the period February 6, 2004, to February 6, 2006, were screened for possible eliciting factors. Patients with CIU were enrolled and others were excluded. Materials and Methods: Sixty-eight patients of CIU and similar number of age and sex matched controls, attending the allergy clinic, SMS Hospital, Jaipur were enrolled in the study. All patients underwent endoscopy with antral biopsy for urease and histopathology to identify HP-associated gastritis. Infected patients were given HP eradication therapy. Eradication of bacterium was confirmed by fecal antigen assay. Subjective response to treatment was judged using chronic urticaria quality-of-life questionnaire (CU-Q 2 oL) while objective response to treatment was judged by need for ′rescue medication′ (antihistaminics). Statistical Analysis: Data were analyzed using Chi square and paired′t′ test for their level of significance. Results: HP associated gastritis was present in 48 (70.58%) patients, out of which 39 (81.25%) patients responded to eradication therapy. Ten (50.00%) patients without HP associated gastritis showed response to symptomatic therapy. Overall 49 (72.05%) patients responded and 19 (27.94%) showed no response. The value of χ2 was 28.571 (P = 0.003), which showed significant association between presence of HP and response to eradication regimen. Conclusion: The response of HP eradication therapy in infected patients of CIU is significant. HP should be included in diagnostic workup of patients with CIU.
Quality and Shelf-Life of Smoked Chevon Sausages Packed under Vacuum and Stored at 4±1°C
S. Dharmaveer,V. Rajkumar,K. P. Mukesh
American Journal of Food Technology , 2007,
Abstract: Smoked chevon sausage was prepared using four-year-old Barbari bucks to study their shelf-life under refrigeration. Smoked sausages were packed in HDPE bags under vacuum (VP) and aerobically (AP). Packed sausages were evaluated for proximate, physico-chemical, microbiological and sensory changes on day 0, 7, 14 and 21 due to storage. The cooking yield (%) and cholesterol (mg per 100 g of sausages) content of fresh smoked chevon sausages were 73.50 and 98.74. Overall mean moisture, fat, protein and ash contents were 55.48, 17.05, 18.36 and 3.00 percent, respectively. Overall mean water activity (aw), pH and W-B shear force values (kg/5 cm length sausages) were 0.972, 6.41 and 3.20, respectively. In microbial analysis overall SPC, PBC and LAB were log 5.86, 5.00 and 4.24 CFU g-1 respectively. Coliform, yeast and mould were also detected. To identify day of spoilage SPC values were plotted in graph. Over all spoilage based on storage period mean was day 12 but yeast and mold growth was visible on the surface of sausage on day 14. Smoking and vacuum packaging of spent goat chevon sausages has some beneficial effect on pH, protein, SPC and sensory scores but did not extend the shelf -life. In light of the observations, it can be concluded that vacuum packaging has no definite advantage in preserving quality and sensory attributes. Product can be stored under refrigeration up to seven days irrespective of packaging condition.
Synthesis and Biological Activity of Some 2-(2’-(Substituted Phenyl-4-thiazolidinone-3-yl)-1’3’-isoxazol-4-yl)aminoquinoline Derivatives
Mukesh Kumar Ahirwar,S. P. Shrivastava
Journal of Chemistry , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/962350
Crystalline maculopathy: A rare complication of tamoxifen therapy
Srikantia Nirmala,Mukesh S,Krishnaswamy Malavika
Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutics , 2010,
Abstract: Tamoxifen is a selective estrogen receptor modulator widely used in the treatment of hormone-responsive breast cancer. Tamoxifen-induced ocular complications are very rare. A post-menopausal woman, diagnosed and treated case of carcinoma of left breast, on follow-up presented with history of gradual diminution of vision in both eyes of 3 months duration. Patient was on tamoxifen therapy 20 mg daily for the last 2 years. Fundus examination showed crystalline maculopathy. Fluorescein angiography, ocular coherence tomography confirmed the diagnosis. Tamoxifen therapy was discontinued. Although ocular toxicity is rare, careful evaluation of patients with visual symptoms on tamoxifen therapy is required.
Some Fixed Point Theorems under Weak Semicompatibility
A. S. Saluja,Mukesh Kumar Jain
Chinese Journal of Mathematics , 2014, DOI: 10.1155/2014/618965
Abstract: The aim of the present paper is to prove some fixed point theorems by using the recent notion “weak semicompatibility.” The new notion is proper generalization of semicompatibility and can be applicable on commuting and compatible maps. We used compatible and absorbing mappings to prove theorems which also include (E.A.) property. 1. Introduction and New Definitions In 1995, Cho et al. [1] introduced the concept of semicompatibility and obtained the first result that established a situation in which a collection of mappings has a fixed point. They defined a pair of self-maps to be semicompatible if(a) and(b) . For some , implying holds. Singh and Jain [2] observe that (b) implies (a). Hence they defined the semicompatibility by condition (b) only. Let be a metric space and let and be two maps from into itself. and are commuting maps if for all in . To generalize the notion of commuting maps, Sessa [3] introduced the concept of weakly commuting maps. He defines and as being weakly commuting if for all . Obviously, commuting maps are weakly commuting but the converse is not true. In 1986, Jungck [4] gave more generalized commuting and weakly commuting maps called compatible maps. and are called compatible if Whenever is a sequence in such that for some , clearly, weakly commuting maps are compatible, but the implication is not reversible (see [4]). Afterwards, Jungck et al. [5] made another generalization of weakly commuting maps by introducing the concept of compatible maps of type ( ). Previous and are said to be compatible of type ( ) if in place of (1) we have the two following conditions: It is clear to see that weakly commuting maps are compatible of type ( ); from [5] it follows that the implication is not reversible. Two self-maps and of metric space are called -compatible ([6] cited from [7]) if , whenever is a sequence in such that for some in . Similarly, two self-maps and of metric space are called -compatible ([6] cited from [7]) if , whenever is a sequence in such that for some in . Two self-mappings and of a metric space are called weakly commuting [8] at a point in if for some . The two self-maps and of a metric space are called weakly commuting of type [9] if there exists some positive real number such that for all in . The two self-maps and of a metric space are called weakly commuting of type [9] if there exists some positive real number such that for all in . It may be noted that compatible mappings and can be weakly commuting of types and . Let and be two self-maps of metric space ; then will be called -absorbing [10] if there exists
High order parameter-robust numerical method for a system of (M>=2) coupled singularly perturbed parabolic reaction-diffusion problems
Mukesh Kumar,S. Chandra Sekhara Rao
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: We present a high order parameter-robust numerical method for a system of (M>=2) coupled singularly perturbed parabolic reaction-diffusion problems. A small perturbation parameter {\epsilon} is multiplied with the second order spatial derivatives in all the equations. The parabolic boundary layer appears in the solution of the problem when the perturbation parameter {\epsilon} tends to zero. To obtain a high order approximation to the solution of this problem, we propose a numerical method that employs the Crank-Nicolson method on an uniform mesh in time direction, together with a hybrid finite difference scheme on a generalized Shishkin mesh in spatial direction. We prove that the resulting method is parameter-robust or \epsilon-uniform of second order in time and almost fourth order in spatial variable, if the discretization parameters satisfy a non-restrictive relation. Numerical experiments are presented to validate the theoretical results and also indicate that the relation between the discretization parameters is not necessary in practice.
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