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Marital Adjustment, Stress and Depression among Working and Non-Working Married Women
Ms. Hina Ahmed Hashmi,Ms. Maryam Khurshid,Dr. Ishtiaq Hassan
Internet Journal of Medical Update - EJOURNAL , 2007,
Abstract: The present study is aimed at exploring the relationship between marital adjustment, stress and depression. Sample of the study consisted of 150 working and non-working married women (working married women = 75, non-working married women = 75). Their age ranged between 18 to 50 years. Their education was at least gradation and above. They belong to middle and high socio-economic status. Urdu Translation of Dyadic Adjustment Scale (2000), Beck Depression Inventory (1996) and Stress Scale (1991) were used. Results indicated highly significant relationship between marital adjustment, depression and stress. The findings of the results also show that working married women have to face more problems in their married life as compared to non-working married women. The results further show that highly educated working and non-working married women can perform well in their married life and they are free from depression as compared to educated working and non-working married women.
In vitro Susceptibility of Some Gram Positive and Gram Negative Strains of Bacteria and Fungi to Root Extracts to Acacia modesta
Audil Rashid,Hina Hashmi
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 1999,
Abstract: With the therapeutic concept of using the defensive ability of plants against microbial infection, root extracts of Acacia modesta were tested for their potent antimicrobial action. Root extracts exhibited considerable bacteriostatic activity against two gram positive and two gram negative strains. The antibacterial action was compared with the effect of streptomycin. The maximum zone of inhibition of 11 mm diameter was observed in -Streptococcus while a minimum 3mm zone of inhibition was found in Escherichia coli. Among the fungal species tested, yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) exhibited maximum sensitivity action of the extracts. It is also concluded that by improving extraction method antimicrobial potential of the extracts can be further enhanced.
Isolation of Fungi from Roots of Parthenium hysterophorus and Desmostachya bipinnata and Antibacterial Activity of Their Root Extracts
Hina Hashmi,Audil Rashid
Journal of Biological Sciences , 2001,
Abstract: The present study was conducted to quantify the effects of soil pollutants on soil inhabiting root-associated fungi. Roots of Parthenium hysterophorus (L.) subjected to fungal isolation revealed more diversity in fungal association compared to Desmostachya bipinnata (L.). Aspergillus was found most commonly associated fungi with the roots of both the plants. A total of seven different fungal species were isolated from the two plants. The root extracts of both the plants were found to have antibacterial agents. However, gram negative strains of bacteria were observed least sensitive. It seems that either plants or fungi, on polluted sites have co-adapted themselves in order to survive. Their interdependence is a manifestation of an association that cannot be strictly regarded as symbiotic but leads to an endorsing reciprocity.
Hypothyroidism—A Question towards Quality and Patient Centricity  [PDF]
Hina Rehman, Syed Junaid Rehan, Humera Ishaq, Sadia Shakeel, Faraz Hashmi, Safila Naveed
Open Journal of Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases (OJEMD) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojemd.2015.52003
Abstract: The metabolic and endocrine disorders are either increasing across the globe or may have been observed with more focus in recent years. It is not uncommon now to find out neither patients of endocrine and metabolic disorders nor a physician of the associated diseases. There were 42 million people who had thyroid disorders including hypothyroidism according to the survey of endocrine society of India. Hypothyroidism is said when less activity of thyroid glands is observed then the normal. So, to evaluate the quality standard, empowerment and patient centricity in Pakistan with present prevalence of hypothyroidism in different age groups, gender along with the prescribed medication against pre diagnosed disease and associated co-morbidities, the study is designed with a questionnaire development including both qualitative and quantitative variables. Study was conducted on various OPD’s, profit and not for profit secondary and tertiary care hospitals and consultant clinics during July 2013 to Jan 2014 and it was given consideration to include people from all areas of life with minimization of any unforeseen biasness and comprehensive data. After full filling the inclusion criteria, 102 patients were selected as study participants. After completion and reviewing the questionnaire, data were analyzed by 21.00 SPSS version. Chi square/ fisher test, spearmen’s rank correlation were applied for categorical quantitative variable. Paired t test before and after were applied for qualitative variable. Highly significant reliability of items in the questionnaire was found along with inter item correlation (P < 0.05). Out of 102 patients of the study, 80 patients fell into the inclusion criteria, while 22 were excluded. A total of 80 patients were registered in the incorporate duration. Among the total samples 36 (42.9%) were males and 44 (52.4%) were females. Mean age males and females included in the study were 34.89 ± 17.73 and 33.36 ± 13.73 years respectively. The systolic and diastolic blood pressure (120/80 mg Hg) was observed in 18 (40.9%) females’ and 13 (36.1%) males’ patients. Quality, patient centricity and empowerment were the poor areas which need additional consultations and counseling for crutches free environment.
Outsourcing Trends in Pakistan
Adeel Ahmed Hashmi,Arshad Mansoor
International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering , 2013, DOI: 10.7763/ijcee.2013.v5.751
Abstract: This paper illustrates the study of practices and trends of outsourcing of software production around the world specially in Pakistan. The focus of the study is to find out factors that influence the outsourcing trends and where is outsourcing industry of Pakistan heading to. With Pakistan’s fast-paced IT industry, it is emerging as a powerhouse in the South Asian region; other factors include availability of a large pool of English-proficient skilled professionals, affordable connectivity rates, competitive infrastructure and operational costs. On the downside, the country has an image problem in global community because there is perception abroad that Pakistan is politically and economically unstable. However, these problems have not scared away customers. The conclusion of the study is that it will enhance the knowledge of practitioners and academia about the cross-cultural outsourcing in systems development.
Analysis of Massive MIMO-Enabled Downlink Wireless Backhauling for Full-Duplex Small Cells
Hina Tabassum,Ahmed Hamdi Sakr,Ekram Hossain
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: Using tools from stochastic geometry, we develop a framework to model the downlink rate coverage probability of a user in a given small cell network (SCN) with massive MIMO-enabled wireless backhauls. The considered SCN is composed of a mixture of small cells that are configured in either in-band or out-of-band backhaul modes with a certain probability. The performance of the user in the considered hierarchical network is limited by several sources of interference such as the backhaul interference, small cell base station (SBS)-to-SBS interference and the SI. Moreover, due to the channel hardening effect in massive MIMO, the backhaul links experience long term channel effects only, whereas the access links experience both the long term and short term channel effects. Consequently, the developed framework is flexible to characterize different sources of interference while capturing the heterogeneity of the access and backhaul channels. In specific scenarios, the framework enables deriving closed-form coverage probability expressions. Under perfect backhaul coverage, the simplified expressions are utilized to optimize the proportion of in-band and out-of-band small cells in the SCN in closed-form. Finally, few remedial solutions are proposed that can potentially mitigate the backhaul interference and in turn improve the performance of in-band FD wireless backhauling. Numerical results investigate the scenarios in which in-band wireless backhauling is useful and demonstrate that maintaining a correct proportion of in-band and out-of-band FD small cells is crucial in wireless backhauled SCNs.
Design of a Fuzzy Logic Based Controller for Fluid Level Application  [PDF]
Hina Shahid, Sadia Murawwat, Intesar Ahmed, Sana Naseer, Rukhsar Fiaz, Ayesha Afzaal, Shumaila Rafiq
World Journal of Engineering and Technology (WJET) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/wjet.2016.43047
Abstract: In industrial process control, fluid level control is one of the most basic aspects. Many control methods such as on-off, linear and PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) were developed time by time and used for precise controlling of fluid level. Due to flaws of PID controller in non-linear type processes such as inertial lag, time delay and time varying etc., there is a need of alternative design methodology that can be applied in both linear and non-linear systems and it can be execute with fuzzy concept. By using fuzzy logic, designer can realize lower development cost, superior feature and better end product. In this paper, level of fluid in tank is control by using fuzzy logic concept. For this purpose, a simulation system of fuzzy logic controller for fluid level control is designed using simulation packages of MATLAB software such as Fuzzy Logic Toolbox and Simulink. The designed fuzzy logic controller first takes information about inflow and outflow of fluid in tank than maintain the level of fluid in tank by controlling its output valve. In this paper, a controller is designed on five rules using two-input and one-output parameters. At the end, simulation results of fuzzy logic based controller are compared with classical PID controller and it shows that fuzzy logic controller has better stability, fast response and small overshoot.
Quantitative Analysis of SPI in Pakistan
Adeel Ahmed Hashmi,Arshad Mansoor,Nawazish Khokhar
International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering , 2013, DOI: 10.7763/ijcee.2013.v5.754
Abstract: This study scrutinizes the trends of adoption of CMMI as a standard around the world specially Pakistan. The focus of the study is to find out factors that influence the standardization trends and where is software industry of Pakistan heading to. With Pakistan’s fast-paced IT industry, it is emerging as a powerhouse in the South Asian region due to the availability of a large pool of English-proficient skilled professionals, affordable connectivity rates, competitive infrastructure and operational costs are some of the other benefits that Pakistan enjoys. On the downside, the country has an image problem. There is this perception abroad that Pakistan is politically unstable. However, these problems have not scared away customers. The implication of the study is that it enhances our knowledge of cross-cultural standardization, which may be useful to practitioners and academics.
The Mobot Architecture: A Design of Autonomy Data Evaluation
Arshad Mansoor,Adeel Ahmed Hashmi,Nawazish Khokhar
International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering , 2013, DOI: 10.7763/ijcee.2013.v5.765
Abstract: Most large, long term mobile robot systems start with some architecture. We studied some of the architectures which are implemented on robot previously, the advantages and disadvantages and finally select siemens 4 view architecture, the best possible architecture for mobile robot. In the designing phase of developing architecture of a robot using siemens 4 view, first of all we will identify the quality goals in the form of factor tables. Quality goals/Factor tables are basically broader statements which gave the information of the attributes, which this system will be capable to perform at the end and it will also provide different qualities that the final system should exhibit and are used to guide the development process. We will only identify some of the quality goals like navigation, security, monitoring, communication etc. Complete and detailed architecture will be developed in future. We named this architecture as Mobot.
Process Simulation of a 620 Mw-Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant with Optimum Flue Gas Recirculation  [PDF]
Ahmed Badr Al Hashmi, Abdel Aziz Abdulla Mohamed, Zin Eddine Dadach
Open Journal of Energy Efficiency (OJEE) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojee.2018.72003
Abstract: The main objective of this investigation is to obtain an optimum value for the flue gas recirculation ratio in a 620 MW-Natural Gas Combined Cycle (NGCC) power plant with a 100% excess air in order to have a composition of the exhaust gas suitable for an effective absorption by amine solutions. To reach this goal, the recirculated flue gas is added to the secondary air (dilution air) used for cooling the turbine. The originality of this work is that the optimum value of a Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR) ratio of 0.42 is obtained from the change of the slope related to the effects of flue gas recirculation ratio on the molar percentage of oxygen in the exhaust gas. Compared to the NGCC power plant without flue gas recirculation, the molar percentage of carbon dioxide in the flue gas increases from 5% to 9.2% and the molar percentage of oxygen decreases from 10.9% to 3.5%. Since energy efficiency is the key parameter of energy conversion systems, the impact of the flue gas recirculation on the different energy inputs and outputs and the overall efficiency of the power plant are also investigated. It is found the positive effects of the flue gas recirculation on the electricity produced by the steam turbine generator (STG) are more important than its cooling effects on the power output of the combustion turbine generator (CTG). The flue gas recirculation has no effects on the water pump of the steam cycle and the increase of energy consumed by the compressor of flue gas is compensated by the decrease of energy consumed by the compressor of fresh air. Based on the Low heating value (LHV) of the natural gas, the flue gas recirculation increases the overall efficiency of the power plant by 1.1% from 57.5% from to 58.2%.
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