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Data Quality Enhancement with Novel Search Technique to Avoid Repetition of Records
Mr. V. Govindasamy,,Mrs. V. Akila,,K. S. Raajesh,,MuralidharMoka
International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering , 2013,
Abstract: Data quality is the assessment of data’s fitness to serve its purpose in a given context. Characteristics of data quality include: Accuracy, Completeness, Update status, Relevance, Reliability, Appropriate presentation, Accessibility. Data quality is the major problem experienced by many data entry operators. Our project reduces the possible errors more effectively by incorporating a novel search technique which will avoid repetition of data. During a survey, our system initially will create forms dynamically and the required questions can be entered. Then, the questions can be automatically re-ordered by setting necessary constraints to the questions. The default entry values can be entered for any question where the data needs to be constant. While entering data during the process of survey, the system will automatically re-ask the data-entry operators to enter the appropriate data. Then the search technique will search for the previous data and show whether the particular data is already in database or not.
Hydro- Chemical Evolution of Palk Strait Region, Bay of Bengal
chinavenkataraman govindasamy,Mani Arulpriya,Packiasamy Ruban,V. R. Meenakshi
Journal of Tropical Life Science , 2012,
Abstract: Present analysis was carried out the physico- chemical parameters of two stations such as Thondi and Soliyakudi in the southeast Palk Strait region during the monsoon and post monsoon seasons (November 2008 – March 2009). High temperature (31 C) and salinity (35%o) was recorded in the month of March (post monsoon). Dissolved oxygen content was high (5.2 O2 mg. l-1) during in the monsoonal season. Compared with other nutrients such as NO3, NO2 and SiO2, the total phosphorous concentration was high in both the stations during monsoonal season. In general concentrations of all the nutrients were high in the station I during monsoon season (November and December) which could be due to the addition of nutrients through the sewage, agricultural and land run off.
Electrogastrogram Recovery for Correction of Gastric Disorders Using Gastric Stimulator  [PDF]
Govindasamy Gopu, M. S. GeethaDevasena
Circuits and Systems (CS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/cs.2016.74017
Abstract: Gastric disorders play an important role in digestive system of a human subject. Gastric disorder is due to the gastric dysmotility due to delayed gastric emptying and other motor dysfunctions like impaired fundic distention. Nowadays invasive technique like laparoscopy procedure, endoscopy procedure and surgery procedure plays a vital role in investigation of gastric disorders. Electrogastrogram is a noninvasive technique for analyzing digestive system disorders. In this proposed work, stimulation is delivered with the electrode package with camera, which travels through an esophagus to reach stomach and stimulate the interstitial cajal cells. Due to this stimulation the stomach starts, its activity a potential is provided that is recorded with electrode setup, which is called electrogastrogram. It is verified with its normal range 3 cpm. The stimulation includes pulses mode and continuous mode. Stomach function is recovered and its frequency is measured and the same is compared with normal range value. Depending upon the subject condition, the gastric activity is improved by setting different values of duty cycle. By this procedure the subject avoid painful procedure, stay in hospital, frequently and the cost is minimum.
Asymptotic Data Rates of Receive-Diversity Systems with MMSE Estimation and Spatially Correlated Interferers
Siddhartan Govindasamy
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: An asymptotic technique is presented to characterize the bits/symbol achievable on a representative wireless link in a spatially distributed network with active interferers at correlated positions, N receive diversity branches, and linear Minimum-Mean-Square-Error (MMSE) receivers. This framework is then applied to systems including analogs to Matern type I and type II networks which are useful to model systems with Medium-Access Control (MAC), cellular uplinks with orthogonal transmissions and frequency reuse, and Boolean cluster networks. It is found that for our network models, with moderately large N, the correlation between interferer positions does not significantly influence the bits/symbol resulting in simple approximations for the data rates achievable in such networks which are known to be difficult to analyze and for which few analytical results are available.
Uplink Performance of Large Optimum-Combining Antenna Arrays in Power-Controlled Cellular Networks
Siddhartan Govindasamy
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: The uplink of interference-limited cellular networks with base stations that have large numbers of antennas and use linear Minimum-Mean-Square Error (MMSE) processing with power control is analyzed. Simple approximations, which are exact in an asymptotic sense, are provided for the spectral efficiencies (b/s/Hz) of links in these systems. It is also found that when the number of base-station antennas is moderately large, and the number of mobiles in the entire network is large, correlations between the transmit powers of mobiles within a given cell do not significantly influence the spectral efficiency of the system. As a result, mobiles can perform simple power control (e.g. fractional power control) that does not depend on other users in the network, reducing system complexity and improving the analytical tractability of such systems.
Uplink Performance of Large Optimum-Combining Antenna Arrays in Poisson-Cell Networks
Siddhartan Govindasamy
Computer Science , 2013,
Abstract: The uplink of a wireless network with base stations distributed according to a Poisson Point Process (PPP) is analyzed. The base stations are assumed to have a large number of antennas and use linear minimum-mean-square-error (MMSE) spatial processing for multiple access. The number of active mobiles per cell is limited to permit channel estimation using pilot sequences that are orthogonal in each cell. The cumulative distribution function (CDF) of a randomly located link in a typical cell of such a system is derived when accurate channel estimation is available. A simple bound is provided for the spectral efficiency when channel estimates suffer from pilot contamination. The results provide insight into the performance of so-called massive Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) systems in spatially distributed cellular networks.
A Survey of Grid Based Clustering Algorithms
International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology , 2010,
Abstract: Cluster Analysis, an automatic process to find similar objects from a database, is a fundamental operation in data mining. A cluster is a collection of data objects that are similar to one another within the same cluster and are dissimilar to the objects in other clusters. Clustering techniques have been discussed extensively in SimilaritySearch, Segmentation, Statistics, Machine Learning, Trend Analysis, Pattern Recognition and Classification [1]. Clustering methods can be classified into i) Partitioning methods ii) Hierarchical methods iii) Density-based methods iv) Grid-based methods v) Model-based methods. Grid based methods quantize the object space into a finite number of cells (hyper-rectangles) and then perform the required operations on the quantized space. The main advantage of Grid based method is its fast processing time which depends on number of cells in each dimension in quantized space. In this research paper, we present some of the grid based methods such as CLIQUE (CLustering In QUEst) [2], STING (STatistical INformation Grid) [3], MAFIA (Merging of Adaptive Intervals Approach to Spatial Data Mining) [4], Wave Cluster [5]and O-CLUSTER (Orthogonal partitioning CLUSTERing) [6], as a survey andalso compare their effectiveness in clustering data objects. We also present some of the latest developments in Grid Based methods such as Axis Shifted Grid Clustering Algorithm [7] and Adaptive Mesh Refinement [Wei-Keng Liao etc] [8] to improve the processing time of objects.
Planning Annuaulised hours when spike in demand exists
MR Sureshkumar,V Madhusudanan Pillai
International Journal of Industrial Engineering Computations , 2012,
Abstract: Manpower planning using annualised hours is an effective tool where seasonal demand for staff in industry exists. In annualised hours (AH) workers are contracted to work for a certain number of hours per year. The workers are associated with relative efficiency for different types of tasks. This paper proposes a Mixed Integer linear Programming (MILP) model to solve an annualised working hours planning problem when spike in demand exists. The holiday weeks for the workers are considered as partially individualised. If a worker has been assigned with more than one type of working week in a week, this will be compensated with one or more holiday week. The performance of the model is demonstrated with an example. It can be seen that this type of modelling helps to meet the spikes in demand with less capacity shortage compared with one working week in a week.
Comparative Study on Cold Form Purlins for Distortional Buckling Behaviour
Govindasamy.P,Sreevidya .V,Dr.L.S.Jayagopal
International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology , 2013,
Abstract: This paper presents the comparative study on cold form purlin sections under distortional buckling behaviour. The “C” purlins are now-a-days widely used in all industrial buildings. It is made up of steel sheets, thickness ranges from 0.8mm to 5mm and formed by cold process. It is extensively used for the advantage of lightweight, low cost and easy manufacturing. In the present study, an analysis has been made to understand the behaviour of cold formed “C” purlins for gravity and wind load conditions. In actual practice compression flanges and tension flanges are laterally restrained by roof sheeting in gravity and wind loading respectively. For this study, actual full scale model test have been conducted in laboratory, for above said boundary conditions. Uniformly distributed load was applied and vertical and lateral deflection was measured. In addition, a numerical study using finite element analysis was done for the above said case. For the analysis ANSYS 10.0 software was used. Finally a comparative study is made between theoretical and experimental results.
Trends and Variability of AVHRR-Derived NPP in India
Govindasamy Bala,Jaideep Joshi,Rajiv K. Chaturvedi,Hosahalli V. Gangamani,Hirofumi Hashimoto,Rama Nemani
Remote Sensing , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/rs5020810
Abstract: In this paper, we estimate the trends and variability in Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR)-derived terrestrial net primary productivity (NPP) over India for the period 1982–2006. We find an increasing trend of 3.9% per decade (r = 0.78, R 2 = 0.61) during the analysis period. A multivariate linear regression of NPP with temperature, precipitation, atmospheric CO 2 concentration, soil water and surface solar radiation (r = 0.80, R 2 = 0.65) indicates that the increasing trend is partly driven by increasing atmospheric CO 2 concentration and the consequent CO 2 fertilization of the ecosystems. However, human interventions may have also played a key role in the NPP increase: non-forest NPP growth is largely driven by increases in irrigated area and fertilizer use, while forest NPP is influenced by plantation and forest conservation programs. A similar multivariate regression of interannual NPP anomalies with temperature, precipitation, soil water, solar radiation and CO 2 anomalies suggests that the interannual variability in NPP is primarily driven by precipitation and temperature variability. Mean seasonal NPP is largest during post-monsoon and lowest during the pre-monsoon period, thereby indicating the importance of soil moisture for vegetation productivity.
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