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Barjam and Its Impact on Islamic Republic of Iran’s Economic Relations
Moslem Bameri
International Journal of Nations Research , 2018, DOI: -
Abstract: Over the past decade, under the pretext of nuclear activities, it is laid down multilateral international sanctions and unilaterally broad against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Closing financial and monetary bottlenecks between the central bank and other banks and foreign financial institutions of Iran blocking lots of country oil revenues and cut most of the Iran's oil exports the cause is sharp decline in economic growth. Agree on the deal and country entry to the international community, had along new opportunities and important implications for the parties. current study paid exercise effect and nuclear talks on the economic prosperity of the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as the state of the economy of the country in different dimensions including economic growth, foreign investment, oil sale and energy and... with the era ahead of time has been analyzed. The main question of the research is this Barjam had what impact on the economy of Iran? From the perspective of the researcher the agreement is real a milestone in politics and foreign relations of the Islamic Republic of Iran which has brought opportunities and openings in the economy of the country. but yet there are many obstacles in the exchange of Iranian economy with the international economy which requires more time.
In Vitro Antibacterial Properties of Aqueous Garlic Extract (AEG) Against Multidrug-Resistant Enterococci
Mohammad Bokaeian,Zakaria Bameri
Zahedan Journal of Research in Medical Sciences , 2013,
Abstract: Background: As relatively avirulent enteric bacteria, enterococci usually cause infections in immune-compromised patients. The antimicrobial treatment, however, is quite challenging, since enterococci are intrinsically resistant to many antibiotics. Objective of the present study was to examine the antibacterial activity of aqueous garlic extract on isolates of enterococci.Materials and Methods: In this descriptive research, a total of 120 enterococcus isolates including 70 multidrug-resistant isolates causing different infections were collected from three hospitals in Zahedan. The susceptibility of isolates to different antibiotics was measured by agar diffusion test and antibacterial activity of garlic extract was measured using disc-diffusion and microbroth dilution methods.Results: Among 120 enterococcus samples, 95 (79.2%) and 25 (20.8%) isolates were E. faecalis and E. faecium respectively. The highest resistance was observed in erythromycin (95.8%) and the lowest resistance (6.7%) in chloramphenicol, while 88.3% and 65.8% of the isolates were resistant to tetracycline and ampicillin respectively. Moreover, 58% of the isolates were Multi-Drug Resistant (MDR) and showed resistance to at least three antibiotics. Antibacterial activity of AGE was characterized by inhibition zones of 16.8±1.8 mm and Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) ranged from 4 to 32 mg/ml. Conclusion: The present study suggests that AGE has a significant anti-enterococcal effect and therefore, supports the use of garlic as an herbal remedy in Zahedan.
The Strategy of the Enemy's Soft Threats and its Impact on Cultural Transformation (An Emphasis on Supreme Leader's Guidelines)
Ghaffar Zarei , Muslim Bameri
International Journal of Nations Research , 2018, DOI: -
Abstract: Cultural transformation is considered as one of the signs of the countries and political parties’ failed strategic goals. Any country, exposed to the power and security-focused action, needs to optimize its position through cultural, social, political, and security discourses. The enemy always strives to expand its threat on target societies in the first step and on the whole world in the second. By taking advantages from their superior technology as well as communication and media power, the enemy implements the new colonial policies. In recent decades, the Supreme Leader has repeatedly referred to the enemy’s soft threats. He has declared that the Islamic culture and ethics are the goals of the enemy by the soft threat in the country which some did not believe and still do not believe, moreover, he believes that the enemy wants to transfer their tendencies to the thoughts and beliefs of our nation. Through expanding the wrong culture and the culture of corruption and prostitution, the enemy seeks to take our youth from us. The cultural activities of the enemy not only is a kind of "cultural invasion," but one must say that a "cultural depredation" and a "cultural mass murder". The present study aims to explain the enemy’s soft threat strategy and the way it affects the transformation of the country's culture through documentary-descriptive and analytical method focusing on the thought of the Supreme Leader based on his lectures delivered in recent decades.
Parties and Political Exhilaration in Iran; Case Study in the Eleventh Government
Ali Mohammad Haghighi, Muslim Bameri
International Journal of Nations Research , 2018, DOI: -
Abstract: Political exhilaration and mental relaxation in any country is requisite for coordination and giving price to NGO's forums especially parties and political organizations that has an irreplaceable role in promoting political awareness and people's participation in determining the fate of their affairs; A subject that has converted to one of worries of various governments in less developed countries. Formation of political parties in Iran reach to more than a hundred years ago and always for a variety of reasons has been ups and downs. Whenever Political parties and people's participation grow in decision making political development and political exhilaration in the country is tangible. A dark point in political development relying on expansion and organize of parties this is that most parties and political organizations in our country active (practice) in the election days and deactivate on other days and in the same vein prominent national figures and tribal culture with verbal influence and their attractiveness have more impact to the parties. Current study has paid to review parties and civil society organizations and its effect at political and social vitality (exhilaration) of the people in the first four years of Rouhani's government and examines the status of the formations and political associations with any political tastes in this era.
Fiction on Nature
Moslem Zolfagharkhani
Cross-Cultural Communication , 2012, DOI: 10.3968/2306
Abstract: Joseph Conrad’s ‘Youth’ is significant and considerable in that it is a novella which is built on the author’s personal experiences along with drawing on the interaction between Man and Nature. Conrad’s tenth story ‘Youth’ revolves round Marlow who is both a narrator and a central character. He undertakes a sea journey in which the adolescent Marlow becomes a man. ‘Youth’ is a story of discovery and development, of revelation and revolution vis-à-vis man and nature and their sociality. Conrad delineates this sociality through the English people and the sea. The direct engagement of natural elements, water and wind, as adversaries to man is revealed by the author. This engagement makes man not just an object of more or less accidental fate, but a protagonist, a fighter in the battles of his existence. What kind of a community gets surfaced in ‘Youth’ vis-à-vis Sea? Marlow starts his narrative by addressing five people at the beginning of the story. He says “between the five of us there was the strong bond of the sea, and also the fellowship of the craft” (69). Such beginning speeches direct us to get involved in a fiction which is a mirror of man and nature community. Keywords: Fiction; Joseph Conrad; ‘Youth’; Man; Nature; Sociality. Résumé: La Jeunesse de Joseph Conrad est importante et considérable en ce qu’elle est une nouvelle qui se construit sur des expériences personnelles de l’auteur ainsi que par le dessin sur l’interaction entre l’homme et la nature. Jeunesse dixième étage de Conrad tourne autour de Marlow qui est à la fois un narrateur et un personnage central. Il entreprend un voyage en mer dans lequel l’adolescent Marlow devient un homme. Jeunesse est une histoire de la découverte et le développement, de la révélation et la révolution vis-à-vis de l’homme et la nature et leur socialité. Conrad délimite cette socialité par l’intermédiaire du peuple anglais et de la mer. la participation directe des éléments naturels, l’eau et le vent, comme des adversaires à l’homme est mis en évidence par l’auteur. Cet engagement fait de l’homme n’est pas seulement un objet de sort plus ou moins accidentelle, mais un protagoniste, un combattant dans le batailles de son existence. Quel genre d’une communauté se fait surface dans vis-à-vis de Jeunesse de la mer? Marlow commence son récit en abordant cinq personnes au début de l’histoire. Il dit: entre les cinq d’entre nous il y avait la forte discours des obligations de la mer, et aussi la communion de l’artisanat (69). De commencer ces diriger nous de s’impliquer dans une fiction qui est un miroir d
Fiction on Revolution
Moslem Zolfagharkhani
Studies in Literature and Language , 2012, DOI: 10.3968/2255
Abstract: The present study aims at showing Joseph Conrad’s Under Western Eyes as the author’s major deep concern about revolution and revolutionaries. Indeed the book is his memoire of both his past life and his mother country. The novel focuses on Razumov the central character and his unwanted involvement in political activities. Hence two worlds are depicted, one is the individual world of Razumov the student and the other is the communal world of the revolutionists. Under Western Eyes is a site for Conrad’s sentiments and inner responses where one comes across his obsessions about man and his society. Key words: Fiction; Joseph Conrad; Under Western Eyes; Revolution
On the running of the spectral index to all orders: a new approach to constrain the inflationary models
Moslem Zarei
Physics , 2014,
Abstract: In conventional approaches, the power spectrum of primordial perturbations is characterized by free parameters such as the spectral index, its running, the running of running and the tensor-to-scalar ratio. In this work we show that, at least for simple inflationary potentials, one can find the primordial scalar and tensor power spectra exactly by summation over all of the running terms. In this method, we expand the power spectra about the pivot scale and then find the series terms as a function of e-folding number for models of inflation. Interestingly, for the models studied here one can sum over all terms and evaluate the exact form of power spectra. This in turn reduces the parameter space because in our method there are no spectral indexes and running terms. We compare our results to the recent CMB data and find that our new power spectra have good agreement with data although they contain less free parameters.
Design and simulation of a sigma delta ADC
Moslem Rashidi
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: In this report we describe the design and simulation of a Sigma Delta ADC in Matlan/Simulink
Non-uniform sampling and reconstruction of multi-band signals and its application in wideband spectrum sensing of cognitive radio
Moslem Rashidi
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: Sampling theories lie at the heart of signal processing devices and communication systems. To accommodate high operating rates while retaining low computational cost, efficient analog-to digital (ADC) converters must be developed. Many of limitations encountered in current converters are due to a traditional assumption that the sampling state needs to acquire the data at the Nyquist rate, corresponding to twice the signal bandwidth. In this thesis a method of sampling far below the Nyquist rate for sparse spectrum multiband signals is investigated. The method is called periodic non-uniform sampling, and it is useful in a variety of applications such as data converters, sensor array imaging and image compression. Firstly, a model for the sampling system in the frequency domain is prepared. It relates the Fourier transform of observed compressed samples with the unknown spectrum of the signal. Next, the reconstruction process based on the topic of compressed sensing is provided. We show that the sampling parameters play an important role on the average sample ratio and the quality of the reconstructed signal. The concept of condition number and its effect on the reconstructed signal in the presence of noise is introduced, and a feasible approach for choosing a sample pattern with a low condition number is given. We distinguish between the cases of known spectrum and unknown spectrum signals respectively. One of the model parameters is determined by the signal band locations that in case of unknown spectrum signals should be estimated from sampled data. Therefore, we applied both subspace methods and non-linear least square methods for estimation of this parameter. We also used the information theoretic criteria (Akaike and MDL) and the exponential fitting test techniques for model order selection in this case.
Evaluation of Lifetime Bounds of Wireless Sensor Networks
Moslem Amiri
Computer Science , 2010,
Abstract: In this paper we estimate lifetime bounds of a network of motes which communicate with each other using IEEE 802.15.4 standard. Different frame structures of IEEE 802.15.4 along with CSMA/CA medium access mechanism are investigated to discover the overhead of channel acquisition, header and footer of data frame, and transfer reliability during packet transmission. This overhead makes the fixed component, and the data payload makes the incremental component of a linear equation to estimate the power consumed during every packet transmission. Finally we input this per-packet power consumption in a mathematical model which estimates the lower and upper bounds of routings in the network. We also implemented a series of measurements on CC2420 radio used in a wide range of sensor motes to find the fixed and incremental components, and finally the lifetime of a network composed of the motes using this radio.
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