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Collagen dressing versus conventional dressings in burn and chronic wounds: A retrospective study
Singh Onkar,Gupta Shilpi,Soni Mohan,Moses Sonia
Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery , 2011,
Abstract: Objective : Biological dressings like collagen are impermeable to bacteria, and create the most physiological interface between the wound surface and the environment. Collagen dressings have other advantages over conventional dressings in terms of ease of application and being natural, non-immunogenic, non-pyrogenic, hypo-allergenic, and pain-free. This study aims to compare the efficacy of collagen dressing in treating burn and chronic wounds with that of conventional dressing materials. Materials and Methods : The records of 120 patients with chronic wounds of varied aetiologies and with mean age 43.7 years were collected and analyzed. The patients had been treated either with collagen or other conventional dressing materials including silver sulfadiazine, nadifloxacin, povidone iodine, or honey (traditional dressing material). Patients with co-morbidities that could grossly affect the wound healing like uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, chronic liver or renal disease, or major nutritional deprivation were not included. For the purpose of comparison the patients were divided into two groups; ′Collagen group′ and ′Conventional group′, each having 60 patients. For assessment the wound characteristics (size, edge, floor, slough, granulation tissue, and wound swab or pus culture sensitivity results) were recorded. With start of treatment, appearance of granulation tissue, completeness of healing, need for skin grafting, and patients′ satisfaction was noted for each patient in both groups. Results : With two weeks of treatment, 60% of the ′collagen group′ wounds and only 42% of the ′conventional group′ wounds were sterile (P=0.03). Healthy granulation tissue appeared earlier over collagen-dressed wounds than over conventionally treated wounds (P=0.03). After eight weeks, 52 (87%) of ′collagen group′ wounds and 48 (80%) of ′conventional group′ wounds were >75% healed (P=0.21). Eight patients in the ′collagen group′ and 12 in the ′conventional group′ needed partial split-skin grafting (P=0.04). Collagen-treated patients enjoyed early and more subjective mobility. Conclusion : No significant better results in terms of completeness of healing of burn and chronic wounds between collagen dressing and conventional dressing were found. Collagen dressing, however, may avoid the need of skin grafting, and provides additional advantage of patients′ compliance and comfort.
Spontaneous tubercular enterocutaneous fistula developing in the scar of a surgery done 14 years earlier
Singh Onkar,Gupta Shilpi,Moses Sonia,Jain Devendra
Saudi Journal of Gastroenterology , 2009,
Abstract: We report a case of spontaneous tubercular enterocutaneous fistula, which occurred after a long interval of 14 years after an appendicectomy. A 32-year-old male presented with the complaint of fecal matter coming out continuously from an opening present over the scar of previous surgery. The only significant past history was that of appendicectomy done 14 years back for acute appendicitis (nontubercular). Histopathology of tissue taken from the margins of the fistulous opening showed caseating granuloma, consistent with tuberculosis. Treatment was provided successfully in the form of fistulectomy and right hemicolectomy with ileotransverse anastomosis along with a 9-month course of four-drug antitubercular treatment. Regular follow-up for the last 2 years has been uneventful.
The Rainbow Group in Mae La camp
Forced Migration Review , 2013,
Abstract: Discrimination, verbal abuse and physical and sexual violence followBurmese LGBTI people who cross into Thailand to seek shelter incamps.
Primary tubercular caecal perforation: a rare clinical entity
Devendra K Jain, Gaurav Aggarwal, Parvinder S Lubana, Sonia Moses, Nitin Joshi
BMC Surgery , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2482-10-12
Abstract: We report the case of a 39 year old male who presented with features of perforation peritonitis, which on laparotomy revealed a caecal perforation with a dusky appendix. A standard right hemicolectomy with ileostomy and peritoneal toileting was done. Histopathology revealed multiple transmural caseating granulomas with Langerhans-type giant cells and acid-fast bacilli, consistent with tuberculosis, present only in the caecum.We report this extremely rare presentation of primary caecal tuberculosis to sensitize the medical fraternity to its rare occurrence, which will be of paramount importance owing to the increasing incidence of tuberculosis all over the world, especially among the developing countries.Intestinal tuberculosis is an extremely common occurrence in India. Any portion of the gastrointestinal tract may be affected by it, and various pathogenic mechanisms are involved. However, a primary isolated caecal perforation due to tuberculosis is an unusual occurrence, without the concomitant involvement of the ileum or ascending colon. We report this extremely rare presentation, the diagnosis of which was made retrospectively, with a view to sensitize the entire world to this entity.A 39 year old male presented to the emergency department, in the month of May 2009, with complaints of right lower quadrant abdominal pain and low grade fever of 2 days duration. He was a chronic alcoholic since 10 years and had no other significant prior medical, surgical history, or any evidence of a traumatic event. On examination, the patient had tachycardia, and slight tenderness and guarding, localized to the right iliac fossa. The rest of the abdomen was non tender. His routine blood tests were within normal limits, with completely normal counts. His HIV and HBsAg tests were negative. An x ray of his abdomen (erect film) showed a ground glass appearance. Ultrasound examination of his abdomen however revealed features suggestive of terminal ileitis or ruptured appendix (caecal
Poverty in Africa and the Forces of Change: Reflections on Rawls Difference Principle  [PDF]
Moses O. Aderibigbe
Advances in Applied Sociology (AASoci) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/aasoci.2012.23029
Abstract: Africa is no doubt one of the continents endowed with resources necessary for the achievement of development in all areas. The pre-colonial era as crude as being described, was to a large extent characterized by values for self sustenance. However, the crises being witnessed in Africa as it manifest in hunger, lack and scarcity over these years have been on one hand, argued to have resulted from the contact Africa had with the external forces of colonialism. These forces as claimed ushered in unbridled economic system with its implications on value system of brotherhood, reciprocity and fraternity among others. On the other hand, the internal forces which manifest in corruption, mismanagement and bad leadership, have totally grounded the development to a halt. This paper critically examines these forces of change, with the aim of identifying the missing link and attempt to suggest ways towards charting a new course in order to regain the values. The paper applies John Rawls Difference Principle as a theoretical framework, capable of ensuring that benefits and burdens are fairly distributed for the advantage of every one, more especially the less privileged in society. This would enhance the attainment of a stable social order as it promotes the ideals of reciprocity and fraternity in society.
Mathematical Modelling of Bloch NMR to Explain the Rashba Energy Features  [PDF]
Moses E. Emetere
World Journal of Condensed Matter Physics (WJCMP) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/wjcmp.2013.31015

The Bloch NMR as an analytical tool was able to address the fundamental features in the learning of spintronics. Beside confirming past assertions on the Rashba spin-orbit interaction, thermal motion of hole and electron spin and features of the quantum well, it was also able to explain the condition necessary for Rashba splitting within the quantum well. When the Rashba energy is 43 meV, it modified the Ehrenfest’s theorem to hold for an external magnetic field. The confinement potential which is the strength of the Rashba spin-orbit interaction was shown to be controlled magnetically.

China-Africa Legal and Judiciary Systems: Advancing Mutually Beneficial Economic Relations  [PDF]
Moses N. Kiggundu
Beijing Law Review (BLR) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/blr.2013.44020

This paper provides a comparative longitudinal assessment of legal and judicial reforms relevant for China-Africa economic relations. It draws on and extends aspects of institutional and organizational theory, focusing on the concepts of convergence, alignment, hybridization, and institutional voids. Data were obtained from publically available databases from reputable international organizations including the World Bank and the World Economic Forum. Results point to areas where China has made progress more than Africa, and areas where serious capacity and performance gaps remain, especially for individual African countries. The paper provides a brief discussion of the implications for the need to build organizational capacities necessary for strengthening China-Africa economic law and advancing mutually beneficial economic relations and concludes by identifying research limitations, and areas for future research.

A Philosophical Appraisal of the Concept of Common Origin and the Question of Racism  [PDF]
Moses Oludare Aderibigbe
Open Journal of Philosophy (OJPP) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojpp.2015.51003
Abstract: The quest for a definite answer to some certain ageless philosophical questions such as: What is man? What is his origin? What is his destiny? How is he like other beings in the universe, and how does he differ from them? These have up-till date; remain fundamental questions, which are begging for answers in all human societies. In spite of several attempts from the religious, scientific, cultural and sociological theories to explain the issue of common origin, the problem of racism with all its contradictions persists. This paper is to critically evaluate on one hand, the concept of common human origin, using the various theories to analyse the basis for its justification; on the other hand, examine the issues relating to racism, with the aim of arguing that the meaningfulness or meaninglessness of the universe must start from our understanding of human person and his existence. The philosophical method of conceptual clarification and critical analysis are employed to establish the view that man is the key to the understanding of the whole of reality. Thus, whatever disrespect human dignity regardless of colour, race or sex is to be absolutely rejected.
Case Study: Emerging Advantages of Climate Change for Agriculture in Kano State, North-Western Nigeria  [PDF]
Moses Okemini Nwagbara
American Journal of Climate Change (AJCC) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ajcc.2015.43021
Abstract: The current climate change is affecting the environment in diverse ways. Some of the effects are good and some others bad. The good side has not been given its deserved attention in Nigeria, nor has it in most parts of the world. Some areas are becoming warmer and wetter, which could enhance agriculture. This paper therefore examined the rainfall and temperature trends as tools of climate change over Kano State, north-western Nigeria, which is an area well known for agriculture. Rainfall and temperature data covering a period of 43 years (1971-2013) were collected and analyzed using the moving averages, regression and correlation statistics. Results obtained showed gradual but steady increases in both temperature and rainfall. The results indicate that Kano State is warming at an average annual rate of 0.011°C and becoming wetter at a rate of 21.26 mm per annum. An implication of this increased rainfall for farmers in the area is the opportunity to increase crop and animal production. This is because more rainfall can now be harvested. Also, soil moisture, rivers, dams, and ponds are being recharged more, thus making water more available and longer lasting for crops and animals.
Consent, Consensus and the Leviathan: A Critical Study of Hobbes Political Theory for the Contemporary Society  [PDF]
Moses O. Aderibigbe
Open Journal of Philosophy (OJPP) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojpp.2015.56046
Abstract: The purpose of the state and its apparatus right from the formation of human society to this contemporary period is still being confronted with the question of legitimacy. One of the major reasons why the state is formed is for the attainment of good life of the citizens. The institution of the state would thus remain legitimate only when those who are in political authority perform basic functions of government to meet the expectations of the members of the society. To this end, this paper examines the concept of consent and consensus as a foundation for the justification of the emergence of the state and argue that if there is no mutual agreement within the society, there can be little or no way of ensuring peaceful resolution of policy differences that is associated with the democratic process. Consequent upon this, the paper adopts Thomas Hobbes social contract theory as a theoretical framework to explain the origin of the state and justify the absolute power of the government which is rooted in the consent and the consensus of the people. The philosophical methods of conceptual clarification and critical analysis are employed to examine Hobbes political theory and evaluate its relevance to the contemporary society.
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