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Aqvedvctivm Una lectura tridimensional en la Forma Urbis Marmorea
Monterroso Checa, Antonio
Arqueología de la Arquitectura , 2011,
Abstract: A volumetric reading of the Forma Urbis Marmorea is here proposed. It is based on the graphical descodification of the drawing belonging to the Arcus Neroniani in Monte Celio. These arches are shown in the fragments 4 ab, labelled as aqvedvctivm . Thanks to an accurate building and archaeological analysis, it is understood that the approximate restitution of its architectural elevation and original orography is possible. The traditional proposal, which had understood that this aqueduct had been blinded by later attached construction, theoretically represented by means of those lines sited on the right riverside, is therefore rejected. Proponemos seguidamente una lectura volumétrica en la Forma Urbis Marmorea a partir de la descodificación gráfica del dibujo perteneciente a los Arcus Neroniani del Monte Celio; aquí mostrados en los fragmentos 4 ab bajo el nombre aqvedvctivm . A través de un análisis constructivo y arqueológico detenido, entendemos que es posible restituir aproximativamente su alzado arquitectónico y orografía originaria. Desechamos así la tradicional propuesta que entendía este acueducto cegado por estructuras a él adosadas, teóricamente simbolizadas por las líneas que a derecha del cauce se muestran en este fragmento marmóreo.
Algunos ejemplos aislados de la presencia de pintura barroca espa ola y flamenca en Galicia
Monterroso Montero, Juan M.
Cuadernos de Estudios Gallegos , 1996,
Abstract: Not avalaible No disponible
La condición social del pintor en la Galicia de los siglos XVII y XVIII
Monterroso Montero, Juan M.
Cuadernos de Estudios Gallegos , 1995,
Abstract: Not available. No disponible.
Subtidal soft-bottom macroinvertebrate communities of the Canary Islands. An ecological approach
Monterroso, Oscar;Riera, Rodrigo;Nú?ez, Jorge;
Brazilian Journal of Oceanography , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1679-87592012000100001
Abstract: the canarian archipelago is characterized by a mosaic of soft-bottoms such as cymodocea nodosa meadows, caulerpa spp. meadows, m?erl bottoms, sabellid fields and bare sandy seabeds, including various macroinfaunal communities. vegetated habitats (e.g. cymodocea and caulerpa) maintain more diverse communities than the non-vegetated seabeds. the results indicated that caulerpa meadows and, to a lesser extent, cymodocea nodosa and sabellid fields are the richest and most diverse ecosystems in the study area. moreover, biodiversity differences among islands could be detected with maximum values on the eastern islands (lanzarote and gran canaria) and lowest values on the western ones (la palma).
La reconfiguración neoliberal de los ámbitos rurales a partir del turismo: ?Avance o retroceso?
Monterroso Salvatierra, Neptalí;Zizumbo Villarreal, Lilia;
Convergencia , 2009,
Abstract: this article discusses the rural development strategy called new rurality (nueva ruralidad), through which international agencies insist on the need to reconfigure the rural areas to meet the new roles assigned to them by the neoliberal model of development. it is suggested that the importance of discussing it lies in the fact is that, it is currently being implemented in most latin american countries, including mexico. in contrast, rural tourism has been promoted from the perspective of the labor economics, strategy generated in the communities; it was unveiled as an alternative for rural populations, because it helps to counteract the negative effects of globalization and modernization that characterizes the current neoliberal period. to deepen into how the perspective of labor economics projects works in rural areas, this article refers to two experiences. one is developed by the community of san pedro atlapulco, located in the municipality of ocoyoacac, state of mexico, mexico. the other has been developed by the community of san cristobal, located in the town of cardonal, state of hidalgo, mexico. in both cases, the implementation of tourism projects has helped improve rural living conditions.
Ense anza práctica en 3D: Juicio virtual Practical Teaching in 3D: Virtual Mock Trials Ensenyament pràctic en 3D: judici virtual
Raquel Escutia Romero,Esther Monterroso Casado
@tic : Revista d'Innovació Educativa , 2011, DOI: 10.7203/attic.6.337
Abstract: Este artículo describe los resultados de la aplicación de metaversos como herramienta de ense anza en el ámbito jurídico. La actividad pedagógica realizada se ha llevado a cabo a través de la simulación de un juicio virtual en Second Life. El enfoque dado al ejercicio del derecho en un entorno virtual combinó las siguientes actividades: (1) el análisis jurídico a través de foros de discusión, como una actividad obligatoria previa al juicio. Esta tarea inicial se llevó a cabo a través de la plataforma de aprendizaje asincrónica en 2D Moodle (Aula Judicial), (2) el trabajo colaborativo a través de Google Docs para preparar todos los documentos legales pertinentes (demanda, contestación y tramitación judicial), y (3) la inmersión síncrona en una experiencia 3D de un juicio en Second Life. This article describes the results of implementing metaverses as teaching tools in the academic field of law. It is based upon a pedagogical activity that was made possible by the use of a virtual reality court session developed in Second Life. Our approach to virtual law practice combined the following set of activities: (1) legal analysis through discussion forums, as a required pre-trial activity. This initial task was implemented trough the asynchronous learning platform Moodle (Aula Judicial); (2) collaborative work through Google Docs as to prepare all the relevant legal paperwork (claim, statement of defense, judicial proceedings); (3) synchronous inmersion in a Second Life trial experience. Aquest article descriu els resultats de l'aplicació de metaversos com a eina d'ensenyament en l'àmbit jurídic. L'activitat pedagògica realitzada s'ha dut a terme a través de la simulació d'un judici virtual a Second Life. L'enfocament donat a l'exercici del dret en un entorn virtual ha combinat les següents activitats: (1) l'anàlisi jurídica a través de fòrums de discussió, com una activitat obligatòria prèvia al judici. Aquesta tasca inicial es va dur a terme a través de la plataforma d'aprenentatge asincrònica en 2D Moodle (Aula Judicial); (2) el treball col.laboratiu a través de Google Docs per a preparar tots els documents legals pertinents (demanda, contestació i tramitació judicial); i (3) la immersió síncrona en una experiència 3D d'un judici a Second Life.
Spatial variations of b-values in the subduction zone of Central America
David A. Monterroso,Ota Kulhánek
Geofísica internacional , 2003,
Abstract: Frequency-magnitude distribution along the Mid-American Trench (MAT) has been studied by means of 2345 earthquakes during the period 1964-1994. We used the regional MIDAS catalogue with a magnitude of completeness of 4.2. To resolve the b-value as a function of depth (one dimensional approach), we applied vertically sliding windows containing a constant number of events. To obtain more details in the b distribution, we projected catalogue hypocenters in three selected regions (approximately Guatemala and El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica), onto planes perpendicular to the trench. The b-values were calculated in sliding cylindrical volumes (two-dimensional approach) containing a constant number of earthquakes and centered at nodes of a 5 km x 5 km grid. The b-value varies significantly along a large part of MAT. High b-values were identified in the upper part of the slab at depths of 80-110 km beneath Guatemala-El Salvador and at depths 130-170 km beneath Nicaragua. Anomalous (high) b-values in the lower part of the slab were located at depths of 50-90 km and 50-160 km beneath Guatemala-El Salvador and Nicaragua, respectively. Anomalies observed at the upper part of the slab may be related to dehydration and successive increase in pore pressure in the down-going lithosphere, which may generate volcanism above the anomalies in the upper part of the slab. Anomalies on the lower surface of the Wadati-Benioff zone are likely to be associated with high thermal gradients between the slab and mantle.
La reconfiguración neoliberal de los ámbitos rurales a partir del turismo: Avance o retroceso?
Neptalí Monterroso Salvatierra,Lilia Zizumbo Villarreal
Convergencia , 2009,
Abstract: En este artículo se discute la estrategia de desarrollo ru ral denominada nueva ruralidad, a través de la cual los organismos internacionales insisten en que es necesario reconfigurar los ámbitos rurales para que cumplan con las nuevas funciones que les asigna el modelo de desarrollo neoliberal. Se apunta que la importancia de discutirla radica en que, actualmente, está siendo aplicada en la mayor parte de los países latinoamericanos, México incluido. En contraposición, se sostiene que el turismo rural, impulsado desde la perspectiva de la economía del trabajo, estrategia generada en las propias comunidades, se devela como una alternativa para las poblaciones rurales, porque las ayuda a contrarrestar los efectos negativos del proceso de globalización y modernización que caracteriza el actual periodo neoliberal. Para abundar sobre la forma en que funciona la economía del trabajo en proyectos de turismo rural, se hace referencia a dos experiencias. Una es la desarrollada por la comunidad de San Pedro Atlapulco, localizada en el municipio de Ocoyoacac, Estado de México. La otra corresponde a la comunidad de San Cristóbal, ubicada en el municipio del Cardonal, estado de Hidalgo. En ambas la instrumentación de proyectos de turismo rural ha permitido mejorar las condiciones de vida.
Pseudo Central-Catheter Method for Asymmetrical Vaginal Prescription with Multi-Channel Cylindrical Applicators in Image-Guided High Dose-Rate Brachytherapy  [PDF]
Kelin Wang, Michele Ferenci, Kyle Padgett, Mutian Zhang, Maria Irene Monterroso, Ming Chao
International Journal of Medical Physics,Clinical Engineering and Radiation Oncology (IJMPCERO) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ijmpcero.2015.42016
Multi-channel cylindrical applicators for high dose-rate (HDR) brachytherapy are utilized mainly for special gynecology cases often involving image-guidance high dose-rate (IG-HDR or IGBT) brachytherapy. In these cases, doses are prescribed to partial vaginal wall/depth where the disease is indicated by an MRI study scanned on the same day. These novel IG-HDR procedures are logistical challenges comparing to typical HDR out-patient treatments due to the complexity of planning for asymmetrical prescriptions as well as the extension of the whole procedure. Indeed the main advantages of HDR over LDR brachytherapy would be significantly weaken unless the IG-HDR procedures become more efficient in time, thus timely treatment planning becomes crucial. Based on our clinical experience, we propose the pseudo central-catheter method to reduce errors, to minimize uncertainty and to ensure efficiency. In this method, the central hollow path of the multi-channel cylindrical applicator is digitized into a pseudo catheter similar to other active catheters, and the asymmetrical prescription points could be generated corresponding to the pseudo dwelling points in the pseudo central-catheter. The pseudo dwelling points are later deleted after generating the prescription point arrays. This method is robust with minimal chance of errors or uncertainties, and demonstrates high efficiency with much less chance of uncertainty, which is significant for IG-HDR brachytherapy procedures utilizing multi-channel applicators.
Litiasis fosa navicular de uretra
Granados Loarca,Edgar Antonio; Salazar Monterroso,Carlos; Robles,Carlos;
Archivos Espa?oles de Urología (Ed. impresa) , 2005, DOI: 10.4321/S0004-06142005001000013
Abstract: objetive: evaluate the treatment of the meatus urethral lithiasis. methods/results: a case of a 52 year-old male patient is reported with a big stone in the urethral meatus. male patient that consults for micturitional syndrome, disury and difficulty when urinating, in whom felt induration of the glans and observed a water-pipe where the patient urinated. the diagnoses was made by the observation and the palpation of the glans. it was extracted by meatoplasthy with good results. conclusions: the treatment of the meatus urethral big lithiasis that causes obstruction is the meatoplasthy.

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