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Berberis lycium a Medicinal Plant with Immense Value
Purvika Sood1*, Rajni Modgil1,Monika Sood2
Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biological Research , 2013,
Abstract: Berberis lycium belong to family Berberidaceae is an evergreen shrub growing in Himalayan region. The various parts of the plant like root, bark, stem, leaves and fruits are used by the people as a medicine or food. This plant has also gained wide acceptance for its medicinal value in ayurvedic drugs. The plant is known to prevent liver disorders, abdominal disorders, skin diseases, cough, ophthalmic etc. Moreover the pharmacological studies have shown that plant is hypoglycemic, hyperlipidemic, hepatoprotective, anticarcinogenic and antipyretic properties. The fruits of the plant are also very nutritious and are rich source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anthocyanin etc. These fruits are consumed in raw form or are utilized in the preparation of juices, jams, preserve etc. by the local inhabitants. In the present article an attempt has been made to summarize the various properties of Berberis lycium plant.
Therapeutic efficacy of AV/UTL/17 in cases of post-partum gynaecological disorders in cows: a field study
Rajiv Walia1,K.Ravikanth2,Shivi Maini2 and Divesh Sood2
Veterinary World , 2010,
Abstract: Cross bred cows with the history of retained placenta (n=5), endometritis (n=5) and two of postpartum anestrus (n=2), were presented at Veterinary Hospital, Darang, (H.P.), India. The animals were treated with the polyherbal uterine tonic, restorative and ecbolic coded product AV/UTL/17. 83.33% recovery was recorded in this case study which reveals that the administration of herbal uterine tonic preparation is helpful in the treatment of reproductive disorders viz. retained placenta, post partum anestrus and endometritis in cows. [Veterinary World 2010; 3(12.000): 544-545]
Proposing de-novo Generated, Iteratively Optimized New Lead Molecules Targeting HIV-1 PROTEASE
Rajnikant Namdeo , Sachin Sharma, Shivani Sood, A.K.Sharma, Sardul S. Sandhu2
Current Trends in Biotechnology and Chemical Research , 2012,
Abstract: HIV-1 protease is a major enzyme that plays an important role in the replication of virus. The energy refined structures of target were modelled by modeller 9v10 using PDB entry 1LV1 as template. Ligsite program revealed three potential ligand binding sites where the pkt-69 is found to be more favourable containing critical aspartic, threonine & glycine residues (D25, T26 and G27). Heuristic search revealed Methyl-formamide as seed molecules for de-novo generation of structurally complimented lead molecules. LigbuilderV1.2 growing strategy was used for de-novo generation with 10 population cycles. Binding energies were examined by Autodock 4.2.3 for all the designed ligand molecules. Iterative in-silico optimization of the examined molecules w e r e d o n e a n d f i n a l l y d e - n o v o g e n e r a t e d O=CO/C(O/C(=C/C/C=C/C)C(NC=O)Cc1cc(ccc1C=C O)C(O)CC)=C was found as the best fit over rule of 5 and other ADME parameters. Affinity analysis suggested the direct interaction of designed molecules with catalytic aspartate, threonine & glycine (D25,T26 and G27) having good number of VdW interactions. Thus, the designed molecule could possibly inhibit the action of HIV PR1 preventing the cleavage of polypeptides and thereby stops the replication of HIV virus.
Dynamic Identity Based Authentication Protocol for Two-Server Architecture  [PDF]
Sandeep K. Sood
Journal of Information Security (JIS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jis.2012.34040
Abstract: Most of the password based authentication protocols make use of the single authentication server for user's authentication. User's verifier information stored on the single server is a main point of susceptibility and remains an attractive target for the attacker. On the other hand, multi-server architecture based authentication protocols make it difficult for the attacker to find out any significant authentication information related to the legitimate users. In 2009, Liao and Wang proposed a dynamic identity based remote user authentication protocol for multi-server environment. However, we found that Liao and Wang's protocol is susceptible to malicious server attack and malicious user attack. This paper presents a novel dynamic identity based authentication protocol for multi-server architecture using smart cards that resolves the aforementioned flaws, while keeping the merits of Liao and Wang's protocol. It uses two-server paradigm by imposing different levels of trust upon the two servers and the user's verifier information is distributed between these two servers known as the service provider server and the control server. The proposed protocol is practical and computational efficient because only nonce, one-way hash function and XOR operations are used in its implementation. It provides a secure method to change the user's password without the server's help. In e-commerce, the number of servers providing the services to the user is usually more than one and hence secure authentication protocols for multi-server environment are required.
The Effect of Different Movement Exercises on Cognitive and Motor Abilities  [PDF]
Monika Thomas
Advances in Physical Education (APE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ape.2012.24030
Abstract: The influence of physical activity on motor and cognitive performance has been approved in several studies. However, it is still unclear which functions are affected, and why. It also remains unknown what type of physical training is best suitable. The present study focuses on special movement aspects based on the Brain Gym? program. Four groups of subjects (n = 64) participated in two experiments with pre-post intervention design. In experiment 1 two groups of subjects were exposed to a sensorimotor adaptation study design by executing center out pointing movements under distorted visual feedback conditions with their dominant and non-dominant arm to test for intermanual transfer (IMT) as pre- and posttest. The intervention in both groups consisted of specified movement exercises with the right and left extremities: participants of Experimental group executed movements crossing the body midline and participants of Control group movements without crossing the body midline. Results showed a decreased retention of adaptation but larger IMT for Experimental group during posttest. We conclude that movements crossing the body midline impede retention but enhance IMT of sensorimotor adaptation. A potential relationship to an improvement of communication between the cerebral hemispheres evoked by the movement exercises crossing the body midline is rather speculative. In experiment 2 two groups were exposed to the d2-test measuring concentration and attention and a dice-test testing for visual-spatial abilities as pre- and posttest. The interventions were similar to experiment 1. Results yielded no differences between groups such that different effects of both interventions could not have been shown.
Two Blind Adaptive Equalizers Connected in Series for Equalization Performance Improvement  [PDF]
Monika Pinchas
Journal of Signal and Information Processing (JSIP) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jsip.2013.41008

A variable step-size parameter is usually used to accelerate the convergence speed of a blind adaptive equalizer with N1 + N2 -1 coefficients where N1 and N2 are odd values. In this paper we show that improved equalization performance is achieved when using two blind adaptive equalizers connected in series where the first and second blind adaptive equalizer have N1 and N2 coefficients respectively compared with the case where a single blind adaptive equalizer is applied with N1 + N2 -1 coefficients. It should be pointed out that the same algorithm (cost function) is used for updating the filter taps for the different equalizers and that a fixed step-size parameter is used. Simulation results show that for the low signal to noise ratio (SNR) environment and for the case where the convergence speed is slow due to the channel characteristics, the new method has a faster convergence speed with a factor of approximately two while leaving the system with approximately the same or lower residual intersymbol interference (ISI).

Under What Condition Do We Get Improved Equalization Performance in the Residual ISI with Non-Biased Input Signals Compared with the Biased Version  [PDF]
Monika Pinchas
Journal of Signal and Information Processing (JSIP) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jsip.2015.62008
Abstract: Recently, closed-form approximated expressions were obtained for the residual Inter Symbol Interference (ISI) obtained by blind adaptive equalizers for the biased as well as for the non-biased input case in a noisy environment. But, up to now it is unclear under what condition improved equalization performance is obtained in the residual ISI point of view with the non-biased case compared with the biased version. In this paper, we present for the real and two independent quadrature carrier case a closed-form approximated expression for the difference in the residual ISI obtained by blind adaptive equalizers with biased input signals compared with the non-biased case. Based on this expression, we show under what condition improved equalization performance is obtained from the residual ISI point of view for the non-biased case compared with the biased version.
Convolutional Noise Analysis via Large Deviation Technique  [PDF]
Monika Pinchas
Journal of Signal and Information Processing (JSIP) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jsip.2015.64024
Abstract: Due to non-ideal coefficients of the adaptive equalizer used in the system, a convolutional noise arises at the output of the deconvolutional process in addition to the source input. A higher convolutional noise may make the recovering process of the source signal more difficult or in other cases even impossible. In this paper we deal with the fluctuations of the arithmetic average (sample mean) of the real part of consecutive convolutional noises which deviate from the mean of order higher than the typical fluctuations. Typical fluctuations are those fluctuations that fluctuate near the mean, while the other fluctuations that deviate from the mean of order higher than the typical ones are considered as rare events. Via the large deviation theory, we obtain a closed-form approximated expression for the amount of deviation from the mean of those fluctuations considered as rare events as a function of the system’s parameters (step-size parameter, equalizer’s tap length, SNR, input signal statistics, characteristics of the chosen equalizer and channel power), for a pre-given probability that these events may occur.
International Journal of Drug Development & Research , 2009,
Abstract: ABSTRACTType 2 diabetes is a progressive, metabolic disorder characterised by two fundamental defects: insulin resistance at peripheraltarget tissues and pancreatic beta-cell dysfunction. Insulin sensitivity declines as an individual moves from normal to impairedglucose tolerance state. Pancreatic beta cells compensate by hyper-secretion of insulin in order to maintain normoglycemia.When pancreatic beta cells exhaust and the function of pancreatic beta cells deteriorates progressively, an individualprogresses from the state of impaired fasting glucose or impaired glucose tolerance to frank diabetes. Despite good complianceto treatment, the glycemic control of type 2 diabetes deteriorates progressively. Hence, new therapeutic agents are continuouslybeing developed to help our diabetes population. Recent studies have shown that early intervention at prediabetes state and betacell protection with insulin sensitisers may improve the prognosis of diabetes. Dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4) is the enzymeresponsible for inactivating the incretin hormones glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) and glucose dependent insulinotropicpolypeptide (GIP), two hormones that play important roles in glucose homeostasis. Inhibition of dipeptidyl peptidase 4 is apromising new approach for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. DPP-4 inhibition results in increased blood concentration of theincretin hormones GLP-1 and GIP. This causes an increase in glucose-dependent stimulation of insulin secretion, resulting in alowering of blood glucose levels. Research has demonstrated that DPP-4 inhibitors portray a very low risk of hypoglycemiadevelopment. DPP-4 inhibition is safe and well tolerated, the risk of hypoglycaemia is minimal, and DPP-4 inhibition is bodyweightneutral. This is seen in association with good tolerability and weight neutrality. Hence, DPP-4 inhibition has thepotential to be a novel, efficient and tolerable approach to treat type 2 diabetes.to its solution form.
Analysis of Leakage Reduction Technique on Different SRAM Cells
Monika Yadav#1, Shyam Akashe*2, Dr.Yogesh Goswami #3
International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology , 2011,
Abstract: Leakage components is very important for estimation and reduction of leakage power, especially for low power applications. This provides the motivation to explore the design of low leakage SRAM cells. High leakage currents in deep submicron regimes are becoming a major contributor to total power dissipation of CMOS circuits as the threshold voltage, channel length and gate oxide thickness are scaled. Memory leakage suppression is critically important for the success of power-efficient designs, especially for ultra- low power applications. As the channel length of the MOSFET reduces, the leakage current in the SRAM increases. One method is to reduce the standby supply voltage (VDD) to its limit, which is the Data retention voltage (DRV), leakage power can be substantially reduced. Also, lower operating voltage will lower the stability of SRAM cell resulting in lower value of static noise margin. To reduce the sub-threshold leakage further, an adaptive voltage level (AVL) circuit is added to this cell, which controls the effective voltage across the SRAM cell in inactive mode. Two schemes are employed; one in which the supply voltage is reduced and the other in which the ground potential is increased.CADENCE Simulations are performed with 90nm CMOS technology process file and the leakage currents of all the cells are measured and compared. Simulation results revealed that there is a significant reduction in leakage current for tis proposed cell with the AVL circuit reducing the supply voltage

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