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Mohsen Masoomi
Academic Research International , 2012,
Abstract: Many reviewers and critics have noticeably referred to various techniques of multiple narration and polyphonic composition as major structural devices in The Joke. It is believed that Milan Kundera, on one hand uses the technique multiple narration to implement his major themes, and on the other hand, inserts the polyphony of music into the realm of his novel. As a matter of fact, for Kundera the narrative structure of The Joke resembles much to that of a musical note. While each note contains uniqueness on its own, it combines and accords with other notes to produce a coherent whole. Kundera gives unity and consistency to his novel through implementing a web of individual yet interconnected narrators/characters that best perform their duties in both narration and presentation. This multi-perspectival narrative style helps the writer to put in the picture the intended themes of the story through a polyphonic narrative.
Mohsen Masoomi
Academic Research International , 2012,
Abstract: Dismissing most of the traditional novelistic structures, Milan Kundera utilizes particular narrative devices to illustrate his own aesthetic of the novel, which emphasizes parallel explorations of related themes, active philosophical contemplation and the integration of dreams and fantasy with realistic analysis. Kundera succeeds in upgrading his specific subjects, characters and contexts to the worldwide level. Such success is attained through the implementation of various stylistic devices particularly narrative techniques. The multiperspective narration of the story gives more freedom to the readers in approaching the mind and consciousness of the writer. In addition, readers become encouraged to conjure up the imaginary being or the experimental self of the characters while taking advantage from Kudera’s relevant contemplation of existential code formula for characters; a fact which helps them more in a better understanding of the writer’s technique in characterization.
What is the Best Evidence Medical Education?
Rasoul Masoomi
Research and Development in Medical Education , 2012, DOI: 10.5681/rdme.2012.002
Abstract: Best Evidence Medical Education (BEME) is defined as: “The implementation by teachers and educational bodies in their practice, of methods and approaches to education based on the best evidence available.” Five steps have been recognized in the practice of BEME. These are: framing the question, developing a search strategy, evaluating the evidence, implementing change and evaluating that change. In this paper, I described the concept of BEME, its steps, and challenges.
Selection of Six Anterior Teeth for Edentulous Patients
M Memarian .,R Masoomi
Journal of Dental Medicine , 2005,
Abstract: Statement of Problem: Choosing an appropriate tooth for edentulous patients is a very important step indentistry.Purpose: This research has been done for determination of proper procedure for tooth selection in edentulous patients.Methods and Materials: In this cross- sectional study 100 student and people who have come to a medicalcenter (range 20-30 years old) were collected randomly and the size of their anterior teeth were determined. A gauge with 0.01 mm accuracy and flexible plastic millimeter was used in order for measurement of anatomic landmark. For achieving the relation between the sizes of teeth statistical analysis was done.Results: 50% of patients were female and the other 50% were male. We found a relationship between mesiodistal width of six maxillary anterior teeth and mesiodistal width of six mandibuMary teeth that can beshown as follow;In men: six mandibular anterior teeth width= 0.S3 * width of six maxillary anterior teeth -2.008 In women: six mandibular anterior teeth width- 0.56 * width of six maxillary anterior teeth + 9.53 Also strong meaningful relationships between width of six anterior maxillary teeth and the width between corners of the lip in curve position have been noticed only in men which can be show' as follow: width of Six mandibular anterior tceth= 39.63 + 0.21+ the width between corners of lip in curve position for men Conclusion: Although there are different ways for prediction of teeth size, it seems these findings can be helpful in determining and prediction of it.
Relationship between newborn Acid-Base status and umbilical cord morphology
Marssosi V,Masoomi F
Acta Medica Iranica , 2001,
Abstract: ess the relationship between umbilical cord blood gases at birth and morphology of umbilical cord, in a prospective study of 200 consecutive term delivery, we investigated the relationship between umbilical cord morphology characteristics (umbilical crd length, number of vascular coil, coiling index) and color of amniotic fluid and umbilical vessel blood gases. Statistically significant linear correlation was found between umblicial venous PH and the umbilical cord length (r=0.39, 95% CI 0.25, 0.53, P<0.03), umber of vascular coils (r=0.45 95% CI 0.31-0.59 P<0.012), and coiling index (r=0.34, 95% CI 0.12-0.48, P<0.04), and also negative linear correlation was found between umbilical venous partial pressure of carbon dioxide & of coli (r=0.3, 95% CI –0.44, -0.16 P<0.03). No relation was found between umbilical cord indices and meconium staining of amniotic fluid.Placental weight also correlated with umbilical cord length (r=0.17, 95% CI 0.03-0.31, P<0.03), but not with umbilical cord coils or coiling index.Umbilical venous pH is related to umbilical cord morphology but umbilical venous PCO2 was only related to the number of coils and umbilicat artery pH wa only related to the number of coils and not related to length or coiling index of umbilical cord morphology. The morphology of umbilical cord can affect maternal-fetal gas exchange
Multiple Periodic Solutions for Some Classes of First-Order Hamiltonian Systems  [PDF]
Mohsen Timoumi
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/am.2011.27114
Abstract: Considering a decomposition R2N=A⊕B of R2N , we prove in this work, the existence of at least (1+dimA) geometrically distinct periodic solutions for the first-order Hamiltonian system Jx'(t)+H'(t,x(t))+e(t)=0 when the Hamiltonian H(t,u+v) is periodic in (t,u) and its growth at infinity in v is at most like or faster than |v|a, 0≤a<1 , and e is a forcing term. For the proof, we use the Least Action Principle and a Generalized Saddle Point Theorem.
Corrosion effect on the flexural strength & micro-hardness of ips e-max ceramics  [PDF]
Cherif Mohsen
Open Journal of Stomatology (OJST) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ojst.2011.12006
Abstract: Objectives: The effect of ceramics construction (press- able, machinable) and corrosion on flexural strength and micro-hardness was studied. Materials & Methods: Two types of ceramics were tested: IPS e-max Press and IPS e-max CAD. Forty samples were constructed and divided into 2 groups according to the type of ceramics. Each group was then subdivided into 2 subgroups. Subgroups 1 were not subjected to corrosion while subgroups 2 were subjected to corro-sion test. Finally each subgroup was divided into 2 classes according to the type of test: biaxial flexural strength, micro-hardness. Results: There was a sig-nificant difference between the two tested ceramics as regard weight loss as IPS e-max CAD recorded less weight loss than IPS e-max Press. As regard the flex-ural strength, IPS e-max CAD recorded significant higher strength than IPS e-max Press. Corroded sam- ples recorded significant lower flexural strength than non-corroded samples for the two tested ceramics. As regard the Vickers micro-hardness test, the results showed significant difference between the two tested ceramics. IPS e-max CAD recorded higher mi-cro-hardness values than IPS e-max Press. The results also showed that the corroded samples recorded no significant micro-hardness values than non- corroded samples for the two tested ceramics. Conclusions: IPS e-max CAD recorded less weight loss weight loss after being subjected to corrosion test than IPS e-max Press. The method of fabrication affected the flexural strength µ-hardness of ceramic as machinable ceramic (e-max CAD) recorded significant higher data than pressable ceramic (e-mas Press). Corrosion decreased the flexural strength of both tested ceramics but had no effect on micro- hardness.
Using Intelligent Computational Methods for Optimizing Niching Method  [PDF]
Mohsen Jahanshahi
International Journal of Intelligence Science (IJIS) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ijis.2011.11001
Abstract: Optimization implies the minimization or maximization of an objective function. Some problems have sev-eral optimum points which all, should be computed. Niching method is presented to do so. However, its efficiency can be improved via combining it with Memetic algorithm. Therefore, in this paper, Memetic method is used to improve this method in terms of convergence rate and diversity. In the proposed methods, genetic algorithm, PSO, and learning automata are used as a local search algorithm of Memetic method. The result of simulations demonstrates that proposed methods are more effective compared with Niching in terms of convergence and diversity.
Vertical marginal gap & retention of ceramic full coverage & inlay retained ceramic fixed partial dentures  [PDF]
Cherif Mohsen
Open Journal of Stomatology (OJST) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ojst.2011.14021
Abstract: Objectives: A comparison study between ceramic full coverage FPDs & 3 designs of ceramic inlay retained FPDs regarding vertical marginal gap & retention. Materials & Methods: Twenty samples were construc- ted and divided into 4 groups according to the type of restorations: full coverage, inlay-shaped (occluso-pro- ximal inlay + proximal box), tub-shaped (occluso-pro- ximal inlay), and proximal box-shaped FPDs. All samples were subjected to a vertical marginal gap measurements followed by a retention test. Results: The vertical marginal gap data showed no significant difference between full coverage FPDs, the tub-shap- ed inlay retained FPDs and the proximal box-shaped inlay retained FPDs. While there was a difference between these three designs and the inlay retained FPDs. Regarding retention, the full coverage FPDs recorded higher retentive strengths and was signifi-cant difference than all inlay retained FPDs designs tested. The inlay-shaped design was significant dif-ference than the other two inlay retained FPDs de-signs. Conclusions: There was no significant differ- ence between full coverage FPDs, tub-shaped & pro- ximal box shaped inlay retained FPDs as regard ver- tical marginal discrepancies. While, the inlay-haped design showed the highest vertical marginal discrep- ancies. The premolar & molar retainers for the same type of restorations showed no difference in vertical marginal discrepancies. All measured vertical mar- ginal discrepancies were in the range of clinical ac- ceptance. The full coverage FPDs recorded higher retentive strengths than all inlay retained FPDs de- signs tested. The inlay-shaped design recorded the highest retentive strengths among the three inlay re- tained FPDs designs. There was no difference as re- gard retentive strengths between tub-shaped & pro- ximal box shaped inlay retained FPDs.
Electromagnetic Radiation Reaction and Stability of the Hydrogen-Like Atoms  [PDF]
Mohsen Dehghani
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2011.211174
Abstract: Based on a suitable linear combination of the physical and un-physical electromagnetic potentials, the radiation reaction potentials have been calculated. Through the near zone expansion of the potentials, it has been shown that in either of the relativistic and non-relativistic cases the outgoing (radiated) energy of the electrons orbiting the nucleus is substituted by incoming (electromagnetic radiation reaction) energy. This means that energy is conserved and the classical hydrogen-like atoms are stable.
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