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Tahap Pengetahuan Dan Pola Penggunaan Perkhidmatan Kerja Sosial Di Kalangan Pesakit: Kajian Kes Di Hospital Ukm
Mohd Suhaimi Mohamad
e-BANGI : Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities , 2007,
Abstract: Artikel ini didasarkan kepada satu kajian yang telah dilakukan untuk mengukur tahap pengetahuan pesakit yang menerima perkhidmatan kerja sosial perubatan. Pengkaji mengandaikan bahawa tahap pengetahuan pesakit mengenai perkhidmatan-perkhidmatan yang ada di Jabatan Kerja Sosial Perubatan (JKSP) mempengaruhi kemungkinan mereka menggunakan khidmat yang ditawarkan itu. Akan tetapi pengetahun dan penggunaan khidmat turut ditentukan oleh latar belakang demografi dan sosio-ekonomi pesakit. Kajian ini dianggap penting terutamanya dalam membantu JKSP menentukan fokus bantuan untuk pesakit. Data diperolehi melalui temubual terhadap 220 responden yang merupakan pesakit di HUKM dari Januari 2002 hingga Disember 2002. Mereka terdiri daripada berbagai-bagai latar belakang etnik, umur, gender, tahap pendidikan, pekerjaan dan pendapatan. Hasil kajian mendapati tahap pengetahuan pesakit di HUKM adalah sederhana dan mempunyai hubungan yang signifikan dengan etnik, umur, tahap pendidikan, pendapatan dan status pekerjaan yakni pada nilai p
Reduction of Backscattered Radiation in an X-Ray Room by Using Fabricated Iron Steel Grid  [PDF]
Abdullah Taher Qaed Naji, Mohamad Suhaimi Jaafar
Advances in Materials Physics and Chemistry (AMPC) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ampc.2013.33027
Abstract: This study aims to improve a way for reducing backscattered radiation in an X-ray room. An iron steel grid, capable to absorb a significant portion of the backscattered radiation, was used. X-ray machine as a source for radiation was directed normally on the phantom, and the backscattered radiation was measured by using ion chamber. The measurements were recorded at various applied voltages (60 kvp to 120 kvp) and the fabricated grid was designed from iron steel constructed of perpendicular parallel strips mounted on a base. The results indicated that the use of iron steel grid was very effective in the reduction of backscattered radiation in an X-ray room up to about 46% by using fabricated iron steel grid.

Design, Synthesis and Cytotoxic Evaluation of o-Carboxamido Stilbene Analogues
Mohamad Nurul Azmi,Mohd Fadzli Md Din,Chin Hui Kee,Munirah Suhaimi,Ang Kheng Ping,Kartini Ahmad,Mohd Azlan Nafiah,Noel F. Thomas,Khalit Mohamad,Leong Kok Hoong,Khalijah Awang
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/ijms141223369
Abstract: Resveratrol, a natural stilbene found in grapes and wines exhibits a wide range of pharmacological properties. Resveratrol is also known as a good chemopreventive agent for inhibiting carcinogenesis processes that target kinases, cyclooxygenases, ribonucleotide reductase and DNA polymerases. A total of 19 analogues with an amide moiety were synthesized and the cytotoxic effects of the analogues on a series of human cancer cell lines are reported. Three compounds 6d, 6i and 6n showed potent cytotoxicity against prostate cancer DU-145 (IC 50 = 16.68 μM), colon cancer HT-29 (IC 50 = 7.51 μM) and breast cancer MCF-7 (IC 50 = 21.24 μM), respectively, which are comparable with vinblastine. The resveratrol analogues were synthesized using the Heck method.
Othman Mohd Yusop,Suhaimi Ibrahim
International Journal of New Computer Architectures and their Applications , 2011,
Abstract: Software Maintenance Testing is essential during software testing phase. All defects found during testing must undergo a re-test process in order to eliminate the flaws. By doing so, test cases are absolutely needed to evolve and change accordingly. In this paper, several maintenance testing approaches namely regression test suite approach, heuristic based approach, keyword based approach, GUI based approach and model based approach are evaluated based on software evolution taxonomy framework. Some of the discussed approaches support changes of test cases. Out of the review study, a couple of results are postulated and highlighted including the limitation of the existing approaches.
DOC and GCA blocks the reduction of hypothalamic CRF containing neurons due to repetitive stress
Suhaimi FH,Mohamad NB,Abdulkadir KB
Neuroanatomy , 2007,
Abstract: Stress causes multiple adaptive hormonal responses including the secretion of CRF, ACTH and corticosteroids.These responses to repetitive stress could be blocked by naloxone, corticosteroids and glycyrrhizic acid (GCA).The effect of corticosteroids and GCA on the hypothalamic CRF containing neurons with repetitive stress hasnot been studied. Sprague-Dawley rats were given either dexamethasone (DEX), deoxycorticosterone (DOC) or GCA. On theeleventh day of treatment, the rats were exposed to two hours of immobilization stress and the procedure wasrepeated daily for another twelve days. The rats were sacrificed on days 2, 4, 8 and 12 after immobilization.On the days of sacrifice, the rats were transfused transcardially and the hypothalami were dissected forimmunohistochemical analysis. With repetitive stress, the number of CRF containing neurons decreased significantly from 1631 ± 58 neurons/mm2 to 595 ± 71 neurons/mm2 (p<0.0005) on second exposure to stress and gradually increased to basal values2058 ± 109 neurons/mm2 by the 8–12 exposures to stress. DOC and GCA completely inhibited this decrease inCRF containing neurons. DEX initially caused a significant decrease in CRF containing neurons compared to controls with repetitive stress. The release of CRF, which initiates the hypothalamus pituitary adrenal responses to stress, could be blocked bymineralocorticoids as well as glucocorticoids.
Theoretical Calculation of Resonant Frequencies of the Human Alveolar Wall and Its Implications in Ultrasound Induced Lung Hemorrhage
D. John Jabaraj,Mohamad Suhaimi Jaafar
International Journal of Bioscience, Biochemistry and Bioinformatics , 2013, DOI: 10.7763/ijbbb.2013.v3.153
Abstract: The human alveolar wall was modeled here asmembranes and its resonant frequency was determined in orderto analyze the mechanism of alveolar resonance of theultrasound induced lung hemorrhage. The resonant frequencyof the membrane models of the human alveolar wall wasdetermined to be within the range of the frequency of diagnosticultrasound used in the thoracic and abdominal regions; whichis > 2.5 MHz. Thus, the alveolar resonance is proved to occurduring the diagnostic ultrasound imaging of humans. Howeverthe possibility of alveolar wall damage at resonance was notanalyzed here. Nevertheless according to the resonant frequencyequations derived here, the resonance of the alveolar wall bydiagnostic ultrasound waves can be eliminated from occurringwhen total lung capacity is ~ 20% (at maximal expiration)
R. Thiyagarajan,Mohamad Suhaimi Jaafar,L. Palaniappan
Journal of Physical Science , 2007,
Abstract: Sound velocity (U), density (ρ) and viscosity (η) values have been measured at 303 K in the ternary system of aniline+methanol+cyclohexane. From these data, acoustical parameters such as adiabatic compressibility (β), free length (Lf), free volume(Vf) and internal pressure(πi) have been estimated using the standard relations. The results are interpreted in terms of molecular interaction between the components of the mixtures. Observed excess value in the mixture indicates the existence of dipole-induced dipole and dipole-dipole interactions in the system.
物理化学学报 , 2008,
Testing Web Services Composition: A Mapping Study
Hazlifah Mohd Rusli,Suhaimi Ibrahim,Mazidah Puteh
Communications of the IBIMA , 2011,
Abstract: E-business systems are known for their frequent changes in business requirements, and traditional software development engineering approaches have difficulties in keeping up with this dynamicity. The use of service oriented architecture in software development has become popular as it provides a solution to frequent changes to business environments in a heterogeneous network. In service oriented architecture, new systems are quickly developed by combining services developed and owned by different organizations, and one way of realising this architecture is via Web services. Although much research effort has been put into the discovery, invocation and composition of services testing Web services has only begun to attract interest from both researchers and industry players. This paper aims to provide a mapping study of current Web services composition testing researches conducted by other researchers. Research papers on testing of Web services composition were gathered from various scholarly databases using provided search engines within a given period of time. The research papers were then classified according to issues addressed by them. The aim is to get a broad overview of the current state of research in Web services composition testing. By looking at the areas focused by existing researchers, gaps and untouched areas of Web services composition testing can be discovered.
Association between Sex Differences and the Pharmacokinetics of Repaglinide among a Malaysian Population  [PDF]
Ruzilawati Abu Bakar, Mohd Suhaimi Ab Wahab, Imran Ahmad, Gan Siew Hua
Pharmacology & Pharmacy (PP) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/pp.2011.24042
Abstract: This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of sex differences on the pharmacokinetics of repaglinide in healthy subjects. One hundred twenty one healthy volunteers (61 male and 60 female; aged 18 - 50 years) were included in the study. Subjects were administered a single 4-mg repaglinide oral dose. Blood samples were taken at 0, 30, 60, 120, 180 and 240 min. Serum repaglinide levels were determined by a high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method. Subjects were also genotyped by polymerase chain reactions - restriction fragment length polymorphisms (PCR-RFLP) for CYP3A4*4, *5 and *18 alleles and by an allele-specific multiplex PCR for CYP2C8*2, *3, *4 and *5 alleles. The pharmacokinetics of repaglinide were comparable between male and female subjects. The mean clearance (CL) of repaglinide was 16.0% lower (p = 0.03), the mean area under the serum concentration-time curve (AUC) was 12.8% higher (p = 0.04) and the peak serum concentration (Cmax) was 13.2% higher (p = 0.03) in females compared to male subjects. The mean rate of elimination (kel) and mean CL of repaglinide were 47.67% (p = 0.03) higher and 29.25% (p = 0.03) higher, respectively, in male subjects having CYP2C8*5 allele compared to female subjects. We also found that the mean half-life (t1/2) of repaglinide was 42.43% higher (p = 0.03), and the mean AUC was 35.83% higher (p = 0.03) in female subjects when compared to the male subjects having CYP2C8*5 allele. Sex differences significantly influence the pharmacokinetics of repaglinide.
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