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New Characterizations of Fusion Bases and Riesz Fusion Bases in Hilbert Spaces
Mohammad Sadegh Asgari
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: In this paper we investigate a new notion of bases in Hilbert spaces and similar to fusion frame theory we introduce fusion bases theory in Hilbert spaces. We also introduce a new definition of fusion dual sequence associated with a fusion basis and show that the operators of a fusion dual sequence are continuous projections. Next we define the fusion biorthogonal sequence, Bessel fusion basis, Hilbert fusion basis and obtain some characterizations of them. we study orthonormal fusion systems and Riesz fusion bases for Hilbert spaces. we consider the stability of fusion bases under small perturbations. We also generalized a result of Paley-Wiener [13] to the situation of fusion basis.
On the Generality of Orthogonal Projections and e-Projections in Banach Algebras  [PDF]
Mohammad Sadegh Asgari, Seyedeh Sara Karimizad, Hamidreza Rahimi
Advances in Pure Mathematics (APM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/apm.2012.25044
Abstract: In this paper we develop the orthogonal projections and e-projections in Banach algebras. We prove some necessary and sufficient conditions for them and their spectrums. We also show that the sum of two generalized orthogonal projections u and v is a generalized orthogonal projection if, uv=vu=0. Our results generalize the results obtained for bounded linear operators on Hilbert spaces.
Frames and Bases in Tensor Product of Hilbert Spaces
Amir Khosravi,Mohammad Sadegh Asgari
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: In this article we develop a theory for frames in tensor product of Hilbert spaces. We show that like bases if Y_1, Y_2, \cdot \cdot \cdot, Y_n are frames for H_1,H_2, \cdot \cdot \cdot, H_n, respectively, then Y_1\otimesY_2\otimes...\otimesY_n is a frame for H_\otimes1H_2\otimes \cdot \cdot \cdot \otimesH_n. Moreover we consider the canonical dual frame in tensor product space. We further obtain a relation between the dual frames in Hilbert spaces, and their tensor product.
Job Satisfaction in Operating Room Technician of Hamadan University of Medical Sciences’ Hospitals, 2012
Mohammad Asgari,Ali Rafat,Vahid Rashedi
Pajouhan Scientific Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Introduction: One of the main pillars of stability of organization is its employees' job satisfaction. This study has been conducted in order to determine job satisfaction in operating room technician of Hamadan University of medical sciences’ hospitals, 2012.Material and Methods: In this cross-sectional descriptive-analytic study, 104 operating room technician of Hamadan University of medical sciences’ hospitals were selected through random sampling. Date collection was carried out through Job Satisfaction Questionnaire and a demographic questionnaire. The informed consents were taken from the participants. To analyze the data SPSS were applied.Results: Results indicated job satisfaction in operating room technician of Hamadan University of medical sciences’ hospitals were moderate to low, and the analysis showed that there wasn’t significant relationship between job satisfaction and factors such as age, background, gender, marital status and shift.Conclusion: Due to the low job satisfaction in this study, results should be reported to managers and the relevant authorities, it should be considered in planning for the future, because increase job satisfaction improve the quality of services, and it led to health development in the country.
Calculation of The Critical Point for Two-Layer Ising and Potts Models Using Cellular Automata
Yazdan Asgari,Mehrdad Ghaemi,Mohammad Ghasem Mahjani
Physics , 2004,
Abstract: The critical points of the two-layer Ising and Potts models for square lattice have been calculated with high precision using probabilistic cellular automata (PCA) with Glauber algorithm. The critical temperature is calculated for the isotropic and symmetric case (Kx=Ky=Kz=K), where Kx and Ky are the nearest-neighbor interactions within each layer in the x and y directions, respectively, and Kz is the interlayer coupling. The obtained results are 0.310 and 0.726 for two-layer Ising and Potts models, respectively, that are in good agreement with the accurate values reported by others.
ProtVec: A Continuous Distributed Representation of Biological Sequences
Ehsaneddin Asgari,Mohammad R. K. Mofrad
Computer Science , 2015, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0141287
Abstract: We propose a new approach for representing biological sequences. This method, named protein-vectors or ProtVec for short, can be utilized in bioinformatics applications such as family classification, protein visualization, structure prediction, disordered protein identification, and protein-protein interaction prediction. Using the Skip-gram neural networks, protein sequences are represented with a single dense n-dimensional vector. This method was evaluated by classifying protein sequences obtained from Swiss-Prot belonging to 7,027 protein families where an average family classification accuracy of $94\%\pm 0.03\%$ was obtained, outperforming existing family classification methods. In addition, our model was used to predict disordered proteins from structured proteins. Two databases of disordered sequences were used: the DisProt database as well as a database featuring the disordered regions of nucleoporins rich with phenylalanine-glycine repeats (FG-Nups). Using support vector machine classifiers, FG-Nup sequences were distinguished from structured Protein Data Bank (PDB) sequences with 99.81\% accuracy, and unstructured DisProt sequences from structured DisProt sequences with 100.0\% accuracy. These results indicate that by only providing sequence data for various proteins into this model, information about protein structure can be determined with high accuracy. This so-called embedding model needs to be trained only once and can then be used to ascertain a diverse set of information regarding the proteins of interest. In addition, this representation can be considered as pre-training for various applications of deep learning in bioinformatics.
Evaluation of the patient-based indices for orthodontic need assessment in the 13 to 18 year-old adolescents in Isfahan
maneh Asgari,Arezo Ebn Ahmady,Mohammad Hossein Khoshnevisan,Faezeh Eslamipour
Journal of Dental Medicine , 2012,
Abstract: Background and Aims: Normative need assessments should be substituted or integrated by patient-based outcome measures regarding their shortages in health-oriented approach . This study aimed to assess and compare the ability of an index of oral health-related quality of life measured by Child Oral Health Impact Profile (COHIP) questionnaire and the Aesthetic Component of Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (AC-IOTN) to identify the normative need to orthodontic treatment using Dental Health Component-IOTN in a sample of the Iranian adolescents.Materials and Methods: Target population of this cross-sectional analytic study was 597 of the 13 to 18 year-old schoolchildren enrolled in middle and high schools of the city of Isfahan, Iran. They completed the COHIP questionnaire and then were examined by two calibrated trained dentists (agreement coefficient:0.9) to record the DHC grading. The students scored their AC in according to the images of the scale. The association between subjective indicators and clinically defined need were evaluated by the correlation analysis and the statistics for the diagnostic validity of tests.Results: Of 568 examined students, 16.7% and 2.1% had definite need according to DHC and AC criteria, respectively. 10% of orthodontic patients had perceived distinct impact on their quality of life. The significant association (P=0.001) between the severity of malocclusion and quality of life was at moderate level by AC (R=0.37), but it was not convincing enough by DHC (R=0.16). The specificity of AC to detect the healthy ones showed to be excellent but its low sensitivity disabled the recognition of patients, precisely.Conclusion: The considered patient-based indices did not meet the competencies to define the orthodontic need in the adolescents, but it could be employed to identify the persons with impaired quality of life and it would probably benefit the process of prioritization.
Effect of lidocaine spray on the pain intensity during insertion of vascular needles in hemodialysis patients
Mohammad Reza Asgari,Nahid Hoshmand Motlagh,Mohsen Soleimani,Raheb Ghorbani
Koomesh , 2013,
Abstract: Introduction: Pain during insertion of vascular needles is the most stressful part of the hemodialysis treatment. Repeated painful interventions have adverse effects on the body and the spirit of these patients. Due to central role of nurses in care, they have important role in reducing the pain of these patients. This study was conducted to determine the effect of lidocaine spray on the pain intensity when the needles are inserted into vascular access for hemodialysis.Materials and Methods: A semi-experimental and double blind study was performed on 30 patients in hemodialysis ward of Semnan Fatemieh hospital. In this study, pain intensity during the insertion of hemodialysis vascular needles was measured by numerical pain scale in a one group by using Lidocaine spray and Lidocaine spray placebo. Pair T test was used to determine pain intensity mean difference between two conditions. Results: Overall, the results showed that the mean pain intensity was 2.3±1.91 and 3.96±2.14 in two conditions using lidocaine spray and lidocaine spray placebo, respectively. However, a significant difference was found between the mean pain intensity in two conditions statistically by using paired t- test (P<0.001).Conclusion: Results showed that lidocaine spray is effective in reducing pain when the needles are inserted into vascular access. Therefore, based on the results of the study, it is recommended to use lidocaine spray in order to reduce pain in these patients before insertion of hemodialysis vascular needles
An exploration study on building market oriented business
Naser Azad,Mohammad Rikhtegar,Hamed Asgari,Hamid Bagheri
Management Science Letters , 2013, DOI: 10.5267/j.msl.2013.04.009
Abstract: Building market oriented business units is one of the key successes for creating competitive economy. This paper presents an empirical investigation based on the implementation of factor analysis to detect important factors influencing building market oriented business units. The study designs a questionnaire including 22 questions and after verifying skewness of the data the questions were reduced to 18 and the questionnaire was distributed among 220 experts. Cronbach alpha was calculated as 0.789, which is well above the minimum acceptable limit and validates the results. The results of factor analysis reveal four major factors including knowledge management, customer relationship management, creativity and flexibility.
Comparative effects of daily and weekly boron supplementation on plasma steroid hormones and proinflammatory cytokines
Mohammad Reza Naghii,Mahmood Mofid,Ali Reza Asgari,Mahdi Hedayati
Physiology and Pharmacology , 2011,
Abstract: Introduction: Boron possesses widespread properties and is important for human and animal nutrition. Since Boron is rapidly bioavailable, the objective of the present study was to determine whether acute (hourly or daily), and weekly supplementationcould have any significant biological effects on the synthesis of steroids as well as inflammatory biomarkers. Methods: Eight male volunteers participated in experiments on three occasions (day 0, 1 and 7). On the first day (day 0), a blood sample was collected at 8.00 A. M, followed by ingestion of placebo. On the next day (supplementation- day 1), similar procedure was followed by ingestion of 10 mg of boron capsule. On both occasions samples of blood were collected every 2h for the next 6 h. Subjects consumed a capsule of 10 mg boron every day and on day 7, blood collection was carried out again at 8.00 A.M. Independent sample t-tests were used to evaluate the differences. Results: Plasma boron was significantly increasedfollowing hourly (P=0.002) and weekly (P=0.000) consumption of boron. After one week of supplementation, free testosterone levels were significantly increased (P<= 0.02) and estradiol concentrations were significantly decreased (P<= 0.01). Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), cortisol and Vitamin D showed slight non significant, increases. The ratios of free testosterone/testosterone (FT/T) (P<= 0.001), free testosterone/estradiol (FT/E2) (P<= 0.004) and testosterone/estradiol (T/E2) (P<= 0.009) were significantly increased. Also, all 3 inflammatory biomarkers were decreased after supplementation. Conclusion: Although there are previous studies that report a decrease in proinflammatory cytokines induced by boron consumption, to our knowledge, this is the first human study reporting an increase in plasma free testosterone concentrations following consumption of a boron supplement. This indicates a possible protective role against diseases of pathological conditions for this microelement.

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