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Identification of proteases employed by dendritic cells in the processing of protein purified derivative (PPD)
Mohamadzadeh Mansour,Mohamadzadeh Hamid,Brammer Melissa,Sestak Karol
Journal of Immune Based Therapies and Vaccines , 2004, DOI: 10.1186/1476-8518-2-8
Abstract: Dendritic cells (DC) are known to present exogenous protein Ag effectively to T cells. In this study we sought to identify the proteases that DC employ during antigen processing. The murine epidermal-derived DC line Xs52, when pulsed with PPD, optimally activated the PPD-reactive Th1 clone LNC.2F1 as well as the Th2 clone LNC.4k1, and this activation was completely blocked by chloroquine pretreatment. These results validate the capacity of XS52 DC to digest PPD into immunogenic peptides inducing antigen specific T cell immune responses. XS52 DC, as well as splenic DC and DCs derived from bone marrow degraded standard substrates for cathepsins B, C, D/E, H, J, and L, tryptase, and chymases, indicating that DC express a variety of protease activities. Treatment of XS52 DC with pepstatin A, an inhibitor of aspartic acid proteases, completely abrogated their capacity to present native PPD, but not trypsin-digested PPD fragments to Th1 and Th2 cell clones. Pepstatin A also inhibited cathepsin D/E activity selectively among the XS52 DC-associated protease activities. On the other hand, inhibitors of serine proteases (dichloroisocoumarin, DCI) or of cystein proteases (E-64) did not impair XS52 DC presentation of PPD, nor did they inhibit cathepsin D/E activity. Finally, all tested DC populations (XS52 DC, splenic DC, and bone marrow-derived DC) constitutively expressed cathepsin D mRNA. These results suggest that DC primarily employ cathepsin D (and perhaps E) to digest PPD into antigenic peptides.
Comparative Susceptibility of Different Biological Forms of Anopheles stephensi to Plasmodium berghei ANKA Strain
Hamid R. Basseri, Habib Mohamadzadeh Hajipirloo, Mulood Mohammadi Bavani, Miranda M. A. Whitten
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0075413
Abstract: Background There are varying degrees of compatibility between malaria parasite-mosquito species, and understanding this compatibility may be crucial for developing effective transmission-blocking vaccines. This study investigates the compatibility of different biological forms of a malaria vector, Anopheles stephensi, to Plasmodium berghei ANKA strain. Methods Several biologically different and allopatric forms of A. stephensi were studied. Three forms were isolated from different regions of southern Iran: the variety mysorensis, the intermediate form and the native type form, and an additional type form originated from India (Beech strain).The mosquitoes were experimentally infected with P. berghei to compare their susceptibility to parasitism. Anti-mosquito midgut antiserum was then raised in BALB/cs mice immunized against gut antigens from the most susceptible form of A. stephensi (Beech strain), and the efficacy of the antiserum was assessed in transmission-blocking assays conducted on the least susceptible mosquito biological form. Results The susceptibility of different biological forms of A. stephensi mosquito to P. berghei was specifically inter-type varied. The Beech strain and the intermediate form were both highly susceptible to infection, with higher oocyst and sporozoite infection rates than intermediate and mysorensis forms. The oocyst infection, and particularly sporozite infection, was lowest in the mysorensis strain. Antiserum raised against midgut proteins of the Indian Beech type form blocked infection in this mosquito population, but it was ineffective at blocking both oocyst and sporozoite development in the permissive but geographically distant intermediate form mosquitoes. This suggests that a strong degree of incompatibility exists between the mosquito strains in terms of midgut protein(s) acting as putative ookinete receptors. Conclusions The incompatibility in the midgut protein profiles between two biological forms of A. stephensi demonstrates a well-differentiated population structure according to geographical origin. Therefore, the design of potential transmission-blocking strategies should incorporate a more thorough understanding of intra-species variations in host-parasite interactions.
Dendritic cells: In the forefront of immunopathogenesis and vaccine development – A review
Mohamadzadeh Mansour,Luftig Ronald
Journal of Immune Based Therapies and Vaccines , 2004,
Abstract: Dendritic cellls (DCs) comprise an essential component of the immune system. These cells, as antigen presenting cells (APCs) to na ve T cells, are crucial in the initiation of antigen specific immune responses. In the past years, several DC subsets have been identified in different organs which exert different effects in order to elicit adaptive immune responses. Thus, identification of such DC subsets has led to a better understanding of their distribution and function in the body. In this review, several key properties of the immunobiology, immunopathogenesis and vaccine strategies using DCs will be discussed.
Crossed Testicular Ectopia: A Case Report
Behzad Feizzadeh Kerigh,Mohamadali Mohamadzadeh Rezaei
Urology Journal , 2005,
The Survey of Knowledge of Dentists in Correct Prescription Radiography in Isfahan City
M - Mehdizadeh,Z Mohamadzadeh,M Shirban
Journal of Isfahan Dental School , 2005,
Abstract: As uses of X-ray increases for diagnostic purposes, the necessity for dentists to have adequate knowledge about prescribing radiographs also increases. This will cause correct diagnosis and reduces the radiation to the patient. The aim of this cross sectional study was to evaluate the knowledge of dentists from Isfahan about prescribing radiographs.For this research a question form was designed and filled by 230 dentists, which were chosen randomly.T-test analysis was used. The results showed that the dentists' knowledge about prescribing panoramic and periapical and bitewing radiographs was good, about occlusal and about growth and development assessment was moderate and about in highrisk and normal patients and periodontal caries patient and CT and MRI was poor.There was no difference between knowledge of female and male dentists.There was no difference between knowledge of general dentists, residents and specialists about prescription panoramic, periapical, bitewing, growth and development assessment and caries, but the knowledge of residents was better than general dentists about prescription occlusal radiographs. About CT andMRI the knowledge of specialists and residents were higher than general dentists. About prescription radiography for periodontal patient knowledge of specialists were higher than general dentists and residents.Key words. Dentists, Correct prescription, Radiography
Investigation on Numerical Modeling of Water Vapour Condensation from a Flue Gas with High COR2R Content  [PDF]
Hamid Nabati
Energy and Power Engineering (EPE) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/epe.2011.32023
Abstract: In this paper, condensation of water vapor from a mixture of COR2R/HR2RO is studied numerically. To simplify the study and focus on the physical model, a simple vertical plate was chosen. Two condensation models are developed and numerical approach is considered to implement these models. The main objective in the cur-rent paper was to study the capability of numerical modeling in prediction of complex process. Results showed that developed condensation models in combination with numerical approach can predict the trends in condensation behavior of binary mixture very well. Results from this study can be developed further to be used in design of condensers which are suitable for oxy-fuel power plants.
Optimal Node Scheduling for Desired Percentage of Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks  [PDF]
Hamid Khosravi
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/wsn.2012.45018
Abstract: Recent developments in wireless communication and embedded computing technologies have led to the advent of wireless sensor network technology. Hundreds of thousands of these micro sensors can be deployed in many areas including health, environment and battlefield in order to monitor the domain with desired level of accuracy. When wireless sensors are deployed in an area, the lifetime of the network should last as long as possible according to the original amount of energy. Therefore, reducing energy consumption in WSNs is of primary concern. We have proposed a node scheduling solution that solves the coverage and connectivity problem in sensor networks in an integrated manner. In this way we will divide network life time to finite number of rounds and in each round we will generate a coverage bitmap of sensors of the domain and based on this bitmap it will decided which sensors remain active or go to sleep. We will check the connection of the sensor network by using Laplacian of adjancy graph of active nodes in each round. Also the network will be capable of producing desired percentage of coverage by using coverage bitmap. We will define the connected coverage problem as an optimization problem and we will seek a solution for the problem by using Genetic Algorithm optimization method.
Hamid Hamid
Bumi Lestari , 2013,
Abstract: The aims of this research were (1) to assess the sustainability of the marine sanctuary program in the COREMAP site phase II Raja Ampat; and (2) to find out the parameters which affect the sustainability aspects marine sanctuary program in the COREMAP site phase II Raja Ampat. This research had been conducted in Raja Ampat-West Papua by using survey method and respondents determined by purposive sampling method. The collected data had been analyzed by Analytic Hierarchy Process, or AHP. The results indicated that (1) the sustainability of marine sanctuary program in the COREMAP site phase II Raja Ampat will go on, because the strong indications showed that the comprehensive sustainable value were 2,178 (high category), (2) from 22 evaluated villages, 15 villages (68,2%) have sustainability value by high category and 7 villages (31,8 %) have sustainability value by moderate category (i.e: Villages of Saonek, Yenbeser, Kurkapa, Bianci, Selpele, Yensawai, and Arefi).
A Comparative Study on Pain Caused by Standard and Z–Track Method for I.M Injection
S Jolaee,N Mehrdad,N Bahrani,SH Mohamadzadeh
Hayat Journal of Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery , 2003,
Abstract: Introduction: Pain caused by some therapeutic and nursing procedures has been a major concern of health care providers. Injection pain is a common complaint of patients. Materials and Methods: This quasi-experimental investigation was conducted to compare the pain intensity caused by standard, and Z-Track method for intramascullar (I.M) injection. The samples were 100 female nursing student volunteers that were selected by convenience sampling. Each sample was injected two times blindly: first by standard and then by Z-Track method, with 24 hours interval. None of them knew the method of injection for each time. The injection solution was 1 ml sodium chloride. Pain intensity was measured by a numerical pain assessment scale and pain experienced by every body was compared with herself. Results: The results showed that the pain associated with IM injection was significantly decreased when Z-Track method was used. Conclusion: The researcher can join to other authors stating that Z-Track can be the technique of choice for all I.M injections.
Study on Qualitative Change of Spermatozoid on Lori Ram in vitro
Mohamadzadeh Saeid,U.K. Doronin,S. Kadivar
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2006,
Abstract: In this time, for treatment of sterility high technology is available. Even one spermatozoid or one head could be fertile oocyte. When we study aging for spermatozoid, this is question, how does spermatozoid grow old and die? After spermatogenesis, how long time does spermatozoids remain at 4°C? For this experiment 10 Lori rams in similar age were selected randomaizely. All of them killed and cut off deferent ductulus (between epydidymis and ampulla). Spermatozoids was extracted and place in epindorf. Solution 1 million mL-1 prepared and stored at +4°C. Motility was 93% and after 13 h, motility significantly was decreased. Percent of sperm head was low (2%) but in many samples, percent of tail was observed 5%. Majority of spermatozoa remained normal and not change significantly at +4 degree centigrade up to six month. Proportion of coiled spermatozoa was very low. Cell membrane in ram spermatozoa very specific and resistance to cold shock.
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