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Inferior Parietal Lobe Activity in Visuo-Motor Integration during the Robot Hand Illusion  [PDF]
Mohamad Arif Fahmi Bin Ismail, Sotaro Shimada
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2018.915174
Abstract: The robot hand illusion (RoHI) is the participant’s illusion of the self-ownership and the self-agency of a robot hand that appears to be moving consistently with their own hand, and feel as if the robot hand belongs to them. Mismatching between motor and visual information disrupt the effect of RoHI respect to the robot hand. In our previous study, we found that participants felt that the virtual hand was their own when the visual feedback was delayed by less than 200 ms. Moreover, although they did not feel that the virtual hand was their own, the participants felt that they could control the virtual hand even with a visual delay of 300 - 500 ms. Here, we used near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) to investigate brain activity associated with the RoHI under different delayed visual feedback conditions (100 ms, 400 ms, and 700 ms). We found significant activation in the supramarginal gyrus and superior temporal gyrus in the 100 ms feedback delay condition. An ANOVA indicated that this activation was significantly different from that in other conditions (p < 0.01). These results demonstrate that activity in the inferior parietal cortex was modulated by the delay between the motor command and the visual feedback regarding the movement of the robot hand. We propose that the inferior parietal lobe is essential for integrating motor and visual information that enables one to distinguish their own body from those of others.
Competencies, Roles and Effective Academic Leadership in World Class University
Elham Shahmandi,Abu Daud Silong,Ismi Arif Ismail,Bahaman Bin Abu Samah
International Journal of Business Administration , 2011, DOI: 10.5430/ijba.v2n1p44
Abstract: How an academic leader can become more effective? This research question is examined in the context of middle level leadership in research universities that includes the Deans and Head of Departments. It is based on a review of literature that focuses on the investigation of effective academic leadership. In the present situation of globalization, academic excellence is often related to being World Class University. Leadership effectiveness is more related to situational leadership style in research universities and in a global context. Hence situational leadership models such as Hersey and Blanchard and Yetton-Vroom are analyzed. It is suggested that effective academic leaders use the four styles proposed by Hersey and Blanchard that includes “telling, selling, participating and delegating”. These styles should be used in relation to ability and willingness of followers to perform the assigned tasks. The review also indicated that to be effective, academic leaders require certain competencies and perform the necessary roles in order to lead. Effective academic leaders need the skills and abilities to lead research universities towards excellence. Roles of academic leaders are examined in relation to Mintzberg leadership roles. The ten roles identified by Mintzberg are categorized into three major roles of interpersonal contact, information processing and decision making. To summarize, effective academic leaders utilized various leadership styles according to certain situations, possessed the required competencies and assumed certain roles when appointed as Deans and Head of Departments in research universities. As such it is important that a systematic leadership development programs should be developed to ensure academic leadership effectiveness.
Validating the Measures of Perceived Restorativeness in Obudu Mountain Resort, Cross River State, Nigeria  [PDF]
Henry I. Ojobo, Sapura Mohamad, Ismail Said
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2014.211001

Several studies suggest that contact with natural environments enhance restoration of directed attention better than experience of other environments devoid of nature. This study attempts to validate the self-report measures of the components of a restorative environment and perceived stress through an exploratory study of the multi-stimulus Obudu mountain resort environment. Twenty-two respondents randomly co-opted at the study site had their perception of stress measured by the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) while their perceived restoration was measured by the Perceived Restorativeness Scale (PRS). Results indicate an acceptable stable and consistent coefficient alpha across the scores. We found that perceived stress is significantly related to fascination and age while being away, extent, compatibility and length of days were not significant. The results support the reliability and constructs of the PSS and the PRS in a mountain environment. The finding is a further indication of the universality of the underlying postulates behind restorative environments, human response and wellbeing.

Obstructive sleep apnea among commercial vehicle drivers in Malaysia: Issues and initiatives  [PDF]
Ameer Batcha Wahida, Othman Ilhamah, Ahmad Mohamad Suffian, Mohd Fahmi Aimi, Mohamed Norlen, Shaw Voon Wong
Health (Health) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/health.2013.58A2012

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) has been identified by many studies as one of the significant contributing factors for motor vehicle accidents. However, only a small number of studies have been conducted in Malaysia. Objective: This paper aims to highlight the prevalence of OSA among truck drivers and express bus drivers in Malaysia and efforts being undertaken to address issues related to OSA among commercial vehicle drivers. Methodology: Two separate studies were conducted: a cross sectional study among truck drivers and secondly among express bus drivers. The screening process for identifying the high risk group for OSA was done using Berlin questionnaire. Meanwhile, among express bus drivers, OSA was confirmed with sleep study using polysomnography test. Result: Screening of risk group of OSA among truck drivers revealed that 14.6% (19) of drivers were categorized as having high risk of OSA while 85.4% (111) having low risk of OSA. While, in another study, polysomnography test among express bus drivers showed that 83 (28.7%) had mild OSA, 26 (9.0%) had AHI moderate OSA, and 19 drivers (6.6%) severe OSA. Conclusion: This paper highlighted the issues of OSA among commercial vehicle drivers in Malaysia. With an alarming high prevalence, OSA should be a major road safety concern in this country. A special study focusing on sleep and fatigue related crashes may need to be conducted to complement the current studies and full implementation of existing efforts and initiatives to address OSA in road crashes should be realized by the relevant authorities.

Mapping Properties of Generalized Robertson Functions under Certain Integral Operators  [PDF]
Muhammad Arif, Wasim Ul-Haq, Muhammad Ismail
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/am.2012.31009
Abstract: In the present article, certain classes of generalized p-valent Robertson functions are considered. Mapping properties of these classes are investigated under certain p-valent integral operators introduced by Frasin recently.
Malaysian Family Physician , 2010,
Abstract: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a major respiratory illness in Malaysia that is mainly preventable and treatable but unfortunately remains largely undiagnosed. Primary care providers play a vital role in screening the population at risk, making an early diagnosis and initiating prompt and appropriate therapy including smoking cessation to improve symptoms and quality of life of the COPD patient. Measures to prevent and treat exacerbations are also important to prevent further rapid decline in lung function and to reduce morbidity and mortality associated with the disease.
Malaysian Family Physician , 2011,
Abstract: Obstructive sleep apnoea hypopnoea syndrome (OSAHS) is a common cause of breathing-related sleep disorder, causing excessive daytime sleepiness. Common clinical features of OSAHS include snoring, fragmented sleep, daytime somnolence and fatigue. This article aims to provide a comprehensive review of the condition, including its management.
Medical Students’ Challenges and Strategies in Producing Web TV Programs on YouTube  [PDF]
Maslawati Mohamad, Izyan Safwani Ismail, Normilah Wahab, Saripah Mamat
Creative Education (CE) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2016.74063
Abstract: Cooperative learning occurs when students work together in small groups on an assigned project to achieve learning objectives. A classroom assignment given in an English for Specific Purposes course namely, Workplace Communication III, exposed medical students to this method. This assignment required students to produce a Web TV program and upload it to YouTube. In completing their assignment by employing cooperative learning method, the students applied several processes and faced challenges that eventually helped them to improve their communication skills in the English language. This study aimed to identify the challenges faced and the strategies the students employed to overcome those challenges. Seventeen first year medical undergraduates who enrolled in the Workplace Communication III course were involved in this study. Semi-structured focus group interviews and reflective notes were used to collect the data for this study. The challenges faced by students are time constraint, communication and technical difficulties, and a lack of creativity and confidence. The main strategies applied included brainstorming ideas, independent learning, and practices to overcome these challenges. This study could serve as a guideline for the course designers to improve the current course.
Entanglement of Moving and Non-Moving Two-Level Atoms  [PDF]
Mohamad Kh. Ismail, Tarek M. El-Shahat
Journal of Quantum Information Science (JQIS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jqis.2017.74014
Abstract: In this paper we study the dynamics of the atomic inversion, von Neumann entropy and entropy squeezing for moving and non-moving two-level atoms interacting with a Perelomov coherent state. The final state of the system using specific initial conditions is obtained. The effects of Perelomov and detuning parameters are examined in the absence and presence of the atomic motion. Important phenomena such as the collapse and revival are shown to be very sensitive to the variation of the Perelomov parameter in the presence of detuning parameter. The results show that the Perelomov parameter is very useful in generating a high amount of entanglement due to variation of the detuning parameter.
An Efficient Arrhythmia Detection Using Autocorrelation and Statistical Approach  [PDF]
Mohamad Sabri Bin Sinal, Eiji Kamioka
Journal of Computer and Communications (JCC) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jcc.2018.610006
Abstract: Computational electrocardiogram (ECG) analysis is one of the most crucial topics in cardiovascular research domain especially in identifying abnormalities of heart condition through cardiac arrhythmia symptom. There are many existing works focusing on recognizing the abnormalities condition through arrhythmia symptom, however, the detection rate is still unsatisfied. Arrhythmia consists of more than 14 various types of symptoms. Therefore, most of the existing research found it difficult to classify the entire symptom and maintain the overall accuracy especially in long hour data. In this study, a new mechanism to overcome this issue is proposed: A combination between Autocorrelation methods with K-Nearest Neighbor (KNN) classifier method is introduced to accurately and robustly detect 14 types of Arrhythmia symptom regardless of the origin of the symptom in a long hour data. Moreover, variability analysis based on periodic autocorrelation result is proposed and used for classification procedure. 1 minute and 12 hours duration data was chosen to compare and signify the most suitable time duration to detect Arrhythmia symptom. In addition, an analytical result and discussion is done to provide justification behind each tendency of Arrhythmia and Normal Sinus symptom in autocorrelation result. As the result of proposed method performance evaluation, it was revealed that the accuracy of 95.5% in discriminating Arrhythmia from Normal Sinus data is achieved. Furthermore, it was confirmed that utilizing autocorrelation result in long hour data can help to generalize abnormalities characteristic of heart condition like Arrhythmia symptom. It is concluded that the proposed method can be useful to diagnose abnormalities of heart condition at any stage.
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