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Investigation on the Microstructure, Texture and Magnetostriction of Directionally Solidified Alloys
J. Arout Chelvane,Mithun Palit,Himalay Basumatary,S. Banumathy,A. K. Singh,S. Pandian
Smart Materials Research , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/754657
Abstract: Effect of V addition on the microstructure and magnetostriction of directionally solidified Tb0.3Dy0.7Fe1.95 has been investigated. The microstructure of V added alloys (Tb0.3Dy0.7 with , 0.025, 0.05, and 0.075) indicate that Fe-50?at.% V is formed as primary phase, which subsequently undergoes spinodal decomposition. The spinodially decomposed Fe-rich phase reacts with the liquid and forms the matrix phase, (Tb,Dy)Fe2. The V-rich spinodally decomposed product, on the other hand, exists as remnant phase without undergoing any metallurgical transformation. Texture studies indicate that the grains of (Tb,Dy)Fe2 show /rotated and orientations for all compositions investigated in the directionally solidified condition. An improvement in magnetostriction has been noticed for small addition of V and with further addition the magnetostrictive property decreases. The formation of additional phases containing vanadium is attributed to be the reason when V is added in higher concentration levels. 1. Introduction The recent research and development work on Tb-Dy-Fe-based magnetostrictive material is aimed mostly at improving the magnetostrictive property through (i) grain orientation by directional solidification and (ii) through microstructural modification by selective alloying additions, followed by appropriate heat treatment [1–7]. Directional solidification under high temperature gradient serves to produce a microstructure that consists of mainly the Laves phase, (Tb,Dy)Fe2, and the minor phase (Tb,Dy)-rich with no significant evidence for the coexistence of other phases [4]. While attempting to grow longer rods (80–100?mm) during directional solidification, maintenance of high temperature gradient as to propitiate such microstructural features will be difficult since the solidification front moves away from the chilled plate, encountering a drop in the temperature gradient. The reduced temperature gradient promotes formation of (Tb,Dy)Fe3 as the primary phase and its conversion into (Tb,Dy)Fe2 does not lead to completion due to the sluggishness of the peritectic reaction, (Tb,Dy)Fe3 + L → (Tb,Dy)Fe2. The unreacted (Tb,Dy)Fe3, therefore, affects the magnetostrictive property of the material [8]. Selective alloying additions are known to cause enhancement in the chosen property by way of suppressing the formation of this deleterious phase. The addition of magnetic elements such as Co, Ni, Mn is known to have less significant effect on the functional property of the material although it profoundly triggers changes in the physical properties such as spin
Nutritional status among the Mising tribal children of Northeast India with respect to their arm fat area and arm muscle area
Mithun Sikdar
Human Biology Review , 2012,
Abstract: The study highlights the nutritional status of two thousand nine hundred and sixty five (2965) numbers of Mising (a scheduled tribe) children of Upper Assam with the help of two derived nutritional indices i.e. Arm Fat Area (AFA) and Arm Muscle Area (AMA). The mean values and their descriptive statistics of AFA as well as AMA are presented for each group of children starting from 6 to 20 years of age. A sexual variation has been found in terms of the mean values of both the indices and is more marked in the early childhood and late adolescent period. With respect to the United States standard the Arm Fat Area indicates that Mising girls suffer relatively more than the Mising boys. On the other hand with respect to Arm Muscle Area Mising boys are found to be more sufferer than the girls. The Mising boys shows higher mean values for AMA than those of the girls whereas an opposite trend of sexual variation is found with respect to AFA. The results indicate that the boys tend to accumulate more muscle and girls more fat in their growth period. With the present study it can be said that to delineate the nutritional status of a particular community several parameters should be taken into consideration at a time to come to a final conclusion.
On cluster systems of tensor product systems of Hilbert spaces
Mithun Mukherjee
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: It is known that the spatial product of two product systems is intrinsic. Here we extend this result by analyzing subsystems of the tensor product of product systems. A relation with cluster systems is established. In a special case, we show that the amalgamated product of product systems through strictly contractive units is independent of the choices of the units. The amalgamated product in this case is isomorphic to the tensor product of the spatial product of the two and the type I product system of index one.
Anamitra Palit
International Journal of Economics and Research , 2012,
Abstract: This paper seeks to review certain salient aspects of Quantum Mechanics in the light of the Classical theories.. There is also an effort to find an alliance between Quantum Mechanics and Relativity based on the Fourier Transforms. This leads to the theoretical prediction of the gravitons and the “Otherons”. The finiteness or barrier limitations of physical quantities has been discussed with the help of the Taylor series.
Anamitra Palit
International Journal of Economics and Research , 2012,
Abstract: We may consider a flat rectangular plate moving horizontally in a vertical magnetic field,motion being in a direction perpendicular to the length of the plate. We have an induced emf=BLV[B,L and V having their usual/conventional meanings] between the tips,in the length wise direction of the conductor perpendicular to the motion.That's the axial EMF. During the formation of the axial emf a current flows along the length of the conductor. This current should get deflected in the lateral direction due to the existing magnetic field, producing a transverse emf between the lateral edges.If the tips are connected by a wire we have a closed circuit condition--we should simply have the Hall voltage between the lateral edges[in the direction of the motion].And we can show this by calculation.The question that naturally arises: Would it be possible to use these voltages as supplementary power sources in moving vehicles---in moving trains,cars ,airplanes etc., utilizing the earth's magnetic field? In fact the induced current running out through the wheels in moving trains is at the cost of the engine power. We could think of saving this energy. The other alternative would be to use the energy --the energy that is already being wasted.Saving the energy might increase the speed of the train by a negligible amount spread over a long period of time.But if we use the wasted energy over a long period of time we will gain Ampere-hours--more especially so in consideration of so many trains covering long distances. We could also think of storing the charge running out of the wheels and use it in future.Another application would be to move objects in the earth's magnetic field by tidal ,wind or hydro power[of flowing rivers] and utilize the induced emf in a productive way. We have the ready-made field of the earth very much in favor of such enterprise/endeavor
Adult onset loose anagen hair syndrome with alopecia totalis
Aparna Palit
Al Ameen Journal of Medical Sciences , 2008,
Abstract: A young adult male patient presented with diffuse hair loss of two years duration. Clinical features and investigations were suggestive of loose anagen hair syndrome. He developed alopecia totalis during follow-up. Scalp biopsy revealed perifollicular lymphocytic infiltration. A diagnosis of adult-onset loose anagen hair syndrome with alopecia areata was made
Evaluation of Meandering Characteristics Using RS & GIS of Manu River  [PDF]
Mithun Deb, Dabojani Das, Misbah Uddin
Journal of Water Resource and Protection (JWARP) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jwarp.2012.43019
Abstract: A river or stream is dynamic through time. The most significant morphological property of a river is the meandering process, which is dominated and governed by hydraulic, hydrologic and topographic characteristics of the river and its drainage area [1]. In a meandering river, the length of the river keeps on increasing by eroding the outer bank of a bend [2]. The present study has been conducted to investigate the meandering parameters of Manu River using Remote sensing technology and Geographic information system. The name Manu River used here to represent the river reach from Tripura border to the confluence with Kushiyara River in Manumukh, Sherpur. Ten critical bend have been chosen in Manu River which are changing over time. The minimum width as found was 52.6 m at near Brahman-bazar (chainage 22.58 km) in 1997; the maximum width was 80.6 m near Rajnagar (chainage 34 km) in 2006. Meandering ratio varies from 0.32 to 1.67 and wavelength 558.31 m to 1803.54 m. The Sinuosity of the river ranges from 1.36 to 2.48.
Opportunity for natural selection among some selected population groups of Northeast India
Das Farida,Sikdar Mithun
Indian Journal of Human Genetics , 2010,
Abstract: Background: Selection potential based on differential fertility and mortality has been computed for seven population groups inhabiting different geographical locations of Northeast India. Materials and Methods: Crow′s as well as Johnston and Kensinger′s index have been used for the present purpose. Results and Conclusion: Irrespective of the methodology, the total index of selection was found to be highest among the Deoris followed by the Kaibartas. The lowest selection index was found among the Oraon population. If the relative contribution of fertility and mortality components to the total index is considered to be multiplicative, it is observed that in all these communities the fertility component exceeds that of mortality component, which may indicate initiation of demographic transitional phase in the selected populations with the betterment of healthcare and socioeconomic condition within the last few decades.
A Review of Trend of Leprosy Situation in Jamnagar District of Gujarat
Sanghavi Mithun M
National Journal of Community Medicine , 2012,
Abstract: Objectives: This study was conducted to identify the trend of leprosy in Jamnagar district and to evaluate the impact of national leprosy elimination Program in Jamnagar District. Methodology: This was a retrospective study conducted by analyzing records of District Tuberculosis Center, Jamnagar from April 2000 to March 2011. Different variables like Prevalence rate, Annual New case detection rate, Proportion of MB cases, Grade 2 disability cases, child cases and female cases among new cases etc. were covered in the study. Results: There was a decrease in prevalence of leprosy in Jamnagar district. Annual case detection rate was decreasing from 12.53 per lakh population in the year 2000a€“01 to 2.36 per lakh population in the year 2010-11. Proportion of cases released from treatment was rising during initial six years followed by decline during next two years. Child ratio had been declined during the year 2008-09 followed by rise in last two years. There is rising trend of MB cases over years. The trend of deformity and female cases among new cases was not consistent. Conclusions: The national leprosy elimination Program has impressive impact in maintaining the elimination level of leprosy in a district. Some sincere efforts like improving surveillance activities, IEC activities, improving cases released from treatment etc are still required for further improving leprosy situation in a district.
Zero Data Remnance Proof in Cloud Storage
Mithun Paul,Ashutosh Saxena
International Journal of Network Security & Its Applications , 2010,
Abstract: In a cloud environment where Storage is offered as a service, a client stores his data with a provider andpays as per the usage. Once the contract ends, the client, as the data owner, may like to see, due to privacyreasons and otherwise that the data is properly shredded in the provider storage. In this paper we proposea scheme for Zero Data Remnance Proof (ZDRP) – a comprehensive proof given by the cloud data storageprovider as regards to zero data remnance post the SLA period. In absence of such shredding the providercan consume the data to his benefit without coming in legal framework. The proof of data destruction canbe achieved together by clauses in the SLA and a comprehensive destruction-verifier algorithm. Theimplementation of this can be achieved by appropriate modification of the data updation mechanismsprovided by open source cloud providers.
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