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Relación de la cultura física terapéutica con determinadas categorías filosóficas
Linares Hernández,Lucía; Mena Ramírez,Sabina; Hernández Rodríguez,Yunit; Guerra Paredes,Miriam; Pedro Rogert,Félix A;
Revista de Ciencias M??dicas de Pinar del R?-o , 2007,
Abstract: to carry out this research paper, some dialectical categories related to therapeutic physical exercises were analyzed from a critical reflection about the current criteria of modern life where the advances of science and technology submit human being to an almost total state of hypokinesis that affects health conditions, increasing the risk of suffering from degenerative and chronic non-contagious pathologies. knowing the importance of the therapeutic exercises in the proper use of free time and the effect of these exercises on the changes of the life-styles, a study taking into consideration philosophical categories and biomedical view points was conducted to demonstrate that the ways of life and the life-styles can influence the quality of life apart from society and level of life. way and level of life are not determining as life-styles are. therapeutic physical exercises take different variants according to socio-economic formations.
Detec??o de linfonodo sentinela no cancer colorretal: importancia, técnicas e resultados
Basilio, Pedro;Fonseca, Lea Miriam Barbosa da;
Arquivos de Gastroenterologia , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-28032006000300002
Abstract: background and aim: considering that lymph node status is a key factor in colorectal cancer staging, and the main determinant for adjuvant therapy of colorectal cancer being this therapy, responsible for a significant increase in colorectal cancer patients survival, the staging methods should be the most accurate possible in order to offer this individuals the opportunity to be adequate treated in order to achieve the best survival possible. sentinel lymph node study is progressively being popularized as a method that increases sensibility in detect positive nodes to reveal a more accurate stage and prognosis in colorectal cancer patients. patients and methods: thirty one colorectal cancer patients were prospectively studied and sentinel lymph node was identified in 100% of the cases utilizing either patent blue alone, or in association with radiotracer based on technetium 99m colloid solution in a randomized fashion. results: the mean number of sentinel nodes per patient was 1.96 ranging from 1 to 3 nodes. with the addition of transoperative lymphocintigraphy five extra sentinel nodes, not identified by the blue dye alone, were identified and considered for histopathology study. in four cases (12.9%) the sentinel lymph node was the only site of metastasis, all of them being detected by association of hematoxylin and eosin and immunohistochemical examination. conclusion: sentinel lymph node detection and analysis is feasible, technique is relatively simple and is able to produce upstage in clorectal cancer. blue staining and radio guided techniques are both safe and their superposition has shown good results in terms of increase accuracy in our experience. there was no aberrant lymph drainage that would alter resection margins in patients studied. upstaging rate, identifying potential candidates for adjuvant therapy was 12.9% (4/31). to this individuals chemotherapy could be a chance to increase their global survival.
Política fiscal y control del tabaco: una oportunidad única para beneficiar a la salud pública y al erario
Armendares,Pedro Enrique; Reynales Shigematsu,Luz Miriam;
Salud Pública de México , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0036-36342006000700020
Abstract: various studies and analyses show that an increase in tobacco prices through taxation is one of the most efficient tools in the application of integral policies in the fight against tobacco. increases in taxes contribute to cessation, to reductions in consumption and in the number of deaths among addicts and to decrease the number of people who start to smoke. however, many governments hesitate to apply high taxes to tobacco for fear of possible negative economic results including loss of jobs and a decrease in fiscal revenue as a consequence of smuggling. both literature and empirical experience indicate that these negative consequences do not occur or have been overestimated, often due to arguments promoted by the tobacco industry itself. increases in tobacco taxes result in greater fiscal income, even in the presence of smuggling, which can be confronted without eroding tobacco control policies. numerous countries, including mexico, still have a wide margin for increasing tobacco taxes, and thereby to take advantage of an exceptional opportunity that benefits both the population's health and the public treasury. to do so, governments must stand up to the powerful tobacco industry, which is aware of the efficiency of taxes to combat tobacco use and therefore resorts to intense ad campaigns, political lobbying and negotiation of voluntary agreements for "self-regulation" in order to avoid stricter legislative or fiscal measures.
Ideais e realidade: uma aula reservada para crian as autistas bilíngües = Ideals and reality: a self-contained class for bilingual autistic children
Ebsworth, Miriam Eisenstein,Ruiz, Pedro M.
Educa??o , 2009,
Abstract: Este estudo qualitativo abordou as experiências de crian as bilíngües, selecionadas com desordem do espectro autista em uma sala de aula de Educa o Infantil Especial Bilíngüe. Os dados incluíram observa o ao vivo, grava es em vídeo e entrevistas com os funcionários e pais. Apesar da dedica o dos professores, dos funcionários e da família, os desafios incluíram limita es lingüísticas de clínicos gerais, uso inconsistente de espanhol e/ou inglês, falta de compreens o dos pais sobre a natureza do autismo e demanda irreal de funcionários. O ambiente da barulhenta sala de aula, às vezes refletia aprendizagem, que freqüentemente significava transtorno. A prepara o profissional de professores também era inadequada.
Daily activity patterns of visits by males of four species of Eulaema (Apidae: Euglossina) to odor baits in a tropical forest fragment in Bahia, Brasil
Melo, Pedro N.;Gimenes, Miriam;Oliveira Neto, Antonio;
Zoologia (Curitiba) , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1984-46702009000200002
Abstract: several studies have been conducted with bees of the subtribe euglossina using odor baits as attractants. the objective of this study was to analyze the daily activity pattern of visits by males of four species of eulaema - eulaema nigrita lepeletier, 1841, eulaema flavescens (friese, 1899), eulaema cingulata (fabricius, 1804) and eulaema bombiformis (packard, 1869) - to vanillin and benzyl acetate baits, and their relationship with climatic and environmental factors throughout the day in different months of the year in a tropical forest fragment in bahia. eulaema nigrita was the most frequent species on vanillin baits and e. flavescens was the most frequent species on benzyl acetate baits. the highest frequency of visits was observed in february and december. activities started between 5:00 and 9:00 h. in february and november, visits of e. nigrita to the bait were observed daily, following a bimodal pattern. the same activity pattern was observed for e. bombiformis in december. males of four species of eulaema occurred in all remaining months in a unimodal daily activity pattern, with a higher frequency before 9:30 h. the correlation between the visiting activity to odor baits and climatic factors was low. this result can be due to bee flight activity occurring within a range of adequate climatic variation, particularly temperature, which in our study ranged from 23 to 32oc. daily activity patterns of euglossina males on odor baits can represent patterns of flower fragrance collection under natural conditions, with visits usually at the time of highest production.
Streptococcus pneumoniae: from molecular biology to host-pathogen interactions
Pedro Garcia,Miriam Moscoso,Violeta Rodriguez-Cerrato,Jose Yuste
Journal of Applied Biomedicine , 2010,
Abstract: Streptococcus pneumoniae is the main cause of community acquired pneumonia and also produces meningitis,bacteremia, and otitis media, among others. Worldwide, these infections are the cause of substantial morbidityand mortality. Many different virulence factors have been described and most of them are surface-locatedmacromolecules, namely, the capsular polysaccharide and various pneumococcal proteins. Cell wallhydrolases (CWHs) specifically cleave covalent bonds of the peptidoglycan and associated polymers: mostCWHs are choline-binding proteins (CBPs) and are among the most well-known surface proteins.Pneumococcal CBPs have been investigated due to their role in pathogenesis and as candidate antigens forimproved vaccines. Among the complex host-parasite interactions characteristic of pneumococcal disease,nasopharyngeal colonization is the first step. CBPs appear to play a central role in the development of thecarrier state, possibly by affecting biofilm formation and development. Although the role of biofilms in thepathogenesis of some chronic human infections is currently widely accepted, the molecular bases underlyingthe formation of pneumococcal biofilms are only recently being studied. Among therapeutic strategies tocombat multidrug-resistant pneumococcal infections, the use of purified phage- or bacteria-encoded CWHsboth in vitro and in animal models is under investigation.
The Wigner caustic on shell and singularities of odd functions
Wojciech Domitrz,Miriam Manoel,Pedro de M. Rios
Mathematics , 2012, DOI: 10.1016/j.geomphys.2013.04.005
Abstract: We study the Wigner caustic on shell of a Lagrangian submanifold L of affine symplectic space. We present the physical motivation for studying singularities of the Wigner caustic on shell and present its mathematical definition in terms of a generating family. Because such a generating family is an odd deformation of an odd function, we study simple singularities in the category of odd functions and their odd versal deformations, applying these results to classify the singularities of the Wigner caustic on shell, interpreting these singularities in terms of the local geometry of L.
Evaluating Cultural and Technical Obstacles in School-Based ICT Programs: An Analysis of Two Case Studies  [PDF]
Miriam Judge
Creative Education (CE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2013.49B006

The emergence of a knowledge-based economy has been identified as a central trend in modern economies as a result of the increasingly important role of information technology and learning in economic performance. In recognition of this most governments throughout the developed world have responded with a series of policy initiatives since the late 1990’s to either introduce or significantly increase information technology provision in schools to prepare students for life in the twenty first century. Ireland, with its growing reliance on the knowledge economy sector for employment and continued economic prosperity, developed its own policy initiative for computerizing the nations’ schools known as“Schools IT 2000: A Policy Framework for the New Millennium”. It was an ambitious programme with high expectations for the integration of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) in education. This paper examines two longitudinal educational ICT projects in Ireland in the first decade of the new millennium to query how far schools have travelled along the information superhighway and to ponder how well the catalytic capabilities of ICT have become embedded in the realities of classroom life and teachers pedagogic practices, with attendant implications for Ireland’s economic development.

Manifestaciones neuropsiquiátricas de la infección por el virus de la inmunodeficiencia humana
Casanova Sotolongo,Pedro; Casanova Carrillo,Pedro; Casanova Carrillo,Carlos; Lima Mompó,Gilda; Aldana Vilas,Laura; Acosta Batista,Miriam;
Revista Cubana de Medicina Militar , 2002,
Abstract: a literature review of the nervous system disorders in human inmunodeficiency virus infection (hiv) is made. the importance of nervous disease lies in the wide variety of causes and frequency. it has been pointed out that neuropsychiatric lesions occur due to the direct action of the virus itself or the opportunistic infections or accompanying neoplasias. the mechanism of these disorders is the serious, progressive and irreversible deterioration of the immune system by hiv, which seems to be parallel to nerve involvement, in which t-lymphocyte and monocyte-macrophage act as target cells. the most common observed diseases were dementia-aids combination, aseptic meningitis, vacuolar myelopathy and others. psychiatric and psychological disorders may be dementia-dependent or isolated even in subjects without other aids-related symptoms. the successful use of anti-retroviral therapy in life extension poses new challenges derived from the transforming process into a more chronic disease.
Nasopharyngeal Colonization and Invasive Disease Are Enhanced by the Cell Wall Hydrolases LytB and LytC of Streptococcus pneumoniae
Elisa Ramos-Sevillano, Miriam Moscoso, Pedro García, Ernesto García, Jose Yuste
PLOS ONE , 2011, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0023626
Abstract: Background Streptococcus pneumoniae is a common colonizer of the human nasopharynx and one of the major pathogens causing invasive disease worldwide. Dissection of the molecular pathways responsible for colonization, invasion, and evasion of the immune system will provide new targets for antimicrobial or vaccine therapies for this common pathogen. Methodology/Principal Findings We have constructed mutants lacking the pneumococcal cell wall hydrolases (CWHs) LytB and LytC to investigate the role of these proteins in different phases of the pneumococcal pathogenesis. Our results show that LytB and LytC are involved in the attachment of S. pneumoniae to human nasopharyngeal cells both in vitro and in vivo. The interaction of both proteins with phagocytic cells demonstrated that LytB and LytC act in concert avoiding pneumococcal phagocytosis mediated by neutrophils and alveolar macrophages. Furthermore, C3b deposition was increased on the lytC mutant confirming that LytC is involved in complement evasion. As a result, the lytC mutant showed a reduced ability to successfully cause pneumococcal pneumonia and sepsis. Bacterial mutants lacking both LytB and LytC showed a dramatically impaired attachment to nasopharyngeal cells as well as a marked degree of attenuation in a mouse model of colonization. In addition, C3b deposition and phagocytosis was more efficient for the double lytB lytC mutant and its virulence was greatly impaired in both systemic and pulmonary models of infection. Conclusions/Significance This study confirms that the CWHs LytB and LytC of S. pneumoniae are essential virulence factors involved in the colonization of the nasopharynx and in the progress of invasive disease by avoiding host immunity.
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