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Reversible Renal Insufficiency Secondary to Extrinsic Splenic Compression of the Kidney in a Patient with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
Miriam Hadj-Moussa,James A. Brown
The Scientific World Journal , 2010, DOI: 10.1100/tsw.2010.74
Des pauvres de la politique à la politique des pauvres
Ratiba Hadj-Moussa
SociologieS , 2012,
Abstract: S’attachant aux nouvelles modalités de production du politique issues des études subalternes, l’article situe dans un premier temps ces travaux et, dans un deuxième temps, en fait une présentation en s’appuyant sur les éléments qui y sont privilégiés et qui font le lien entre les pauvres et la production du politique . Cette présentation s’appuie essentiellement sur les travaux portant sur les pays du Sud, en particulier l’Inde et quelques pays du Moyen Orient (l’égypte et l’Iran). Elle réfère aussi au Maghreb qui est le terrain principal de l’analyse. La présentation tient compte en particulier des travaux qui s’appuient sur des recherches empiriques substantielles mais dont la portée théorique est très peu discutée. Enfin, si le renvoi aux études subalternes ou postcoloniales est dans ce texte non négligeable, il est aussi fait recours à des travaux produits dans des contextes pluralistes, comme la France. Poor Policy to the Policy of the PoorThis article has its origins in the new methods of production of policy based on subaltern studies. Firstly, it will locate these studies and then it will present its main arguments as well as the relationship between “the poor and policy production”. This presentation is based essentially on the works on countries of the south, particularly India, and few other countries from the Middle East (Egypt and Iran). It also refers to North Africa, which is the major fieldwork of this analysis. This presentation takes into account the works that rely upon substantial empirical research but for which the theoretical range is very little. Finally, if the referral to subaltern or postcolonial studies is significant in this article, it also refers to works produced in pluralistic contexts such as France. De los pobres de la política a la política de los pobresBasándose en estudios subalternos, el artículo se sitúa dentro del marco de los nuevos modos de producción de la res política. El artículo establece una retrospectiva de esas investigaciones y seguidamente las expone, apoyándose en elementos que esas investigaciones resaltan y que establecen un nexo entre los pobres y la producción de lo político . La presentación se apoya esencialmente en las investigaciones que conciernen los países del Sur, entre los cuales India, algunos del Medio Oriente (Egipto e Irán) y sobre todo el Maghreb. La presentación tiene especialmente en cuenta de los estudios que contienen datos empíricos pero con poco contenido teórico. Finalmente aunque la utilización de estas investigaciones subalternas o postcoloniales es importante la autor
Ce que la télévision fait voir
Ratiba Hadj-Moussa
SociologieS , 2010,
Abstract: Cet article examine les enjeux posés par l’avènement de la télévision par satellite en Algérie. Il vise plus précisément à reconsidérer l’espace public et ses composantes en incluant des dimensions jusque là marginalisées parce que caractérisées comme (a)-(non)politiques et non publiques. Ainsi les pratiques spectatorielles sont en général réduites à un divertissement sans relation avec le reste, notamment la dimension politique. Nous proposons de recentrer le questionnement afin de penser l’espace public comme un ensemble relationnel. Regarder la télévision deviendrait alors une pratique qui interroge les frontières entre le privé et le public, le politique et le non-politique, et montrerait comment les jeux de ces frontières sont à leur tour éclairés par la centralité de la question des femmes . This article seeks to examine the stakes raised by the use of satellite television in Algeria. It aims at rethinking public sphere through the analysis of television viewer’s practices. Indeed, television viewing is in general reduced to be a simple entertainment, a one that is disconnected from political action and the domain of common good. The article suggests a relational approach to public sphere and explores the many ways in which its marginalized dimensions could be included. In describing the advent of satellite television and its adoption by Algerian viewers, it shows that the difficulty of Algerian society to embrace an open democratic stance can be grasped through the centrality of the women question within the social and the political realms. Lo que la televisión muestra. Lógica de las fronteras sociales y apuestas de la sociedad argelinaSe examinan aquí las consecuencias de la llegada de la televisión por satélite en Argelia. Se expone una nueva visión del espacio de lo público y de sus componentes incluyendo dimensiones habitualmente marginalizadas ya que consideradas como apolíticas y por consiguiente privadas. Así por ejemplo los espectadores, globalmente, son gentes que se distraen y esas distracciones no tienen nada que ver con la dimensión política. Nuestro objetivo es el resituar los interrogantes con el fin de concebir el espacio público como un conjunto relacional. Ver la televisión puede consiguientemente ser considerado como una forma de mirar que interroga las fronteras entre lo privado y lo público, lo político y lo no político y mostraría como las interacciones entre esos limites fronterizos están influenciadas por el tema central de la problemática femenina.
Maryse Potvin, Crise des accommodements raisonnables: une fiction médiatique?
Ratiba Hadj-Moussa
The Canadian Journal of Sociology , 2009,
Load Balancing in Grid Computing
Belabbas Yagoubi,Hadj Tayeb Lilia,Halima Si Moussa
Asian Journal of Information Technology , 2012,
Abstract: Grid computing has recently emerged as popular platforms for deploying large-scale and resource-intensive applications. This kind of infrastructure raises challenging issues in many areas of computer science and especially in the area of distributed computing. One motivation of Grid computing is to aggregate the power of widely distributed resources and provide non-trivial services to users. To achieve this goal, large collaborative efforts are currently underway to provide the necessary software infrastructure. Resource management is an essential function provided at the service level of this software infrastructure. To improve the global throughput of these environments, workloads have to be evenly balanced among the available resources. Several load balancing strategies and algorithms have been proposed in this area. Most of them were developed in mind, assuming homogeneous set of sites linked with homogeneous and fast networks. However for computational grids we must address main new issues, like: heterogeneity, autonomy, dynamicity and so forth. This paper deals with a survey for grid load balancing problem. First, the essential aspects of load balancing system are overviewed to provide a global image of the load balancing process. Then specificities and challenges for grid are discussed and compared to traditional distributed systems. Finally, the state of the art of current research and some popular algorithms are outlined.
Proportioning of Biomarkers (GSH, GST, Ache, Catalase) Indicator of Pollution at Gambusia affinis (Teleostei Fish) Exposed to Cadmium
Souissi Mohamed,Ouali Kheireddine,Hadj Moussa Wyllia,Rouachdia Roquia,Djabourabi Aicha,Bensouilah Mourad
Environmental Research Journal , 2012,
Abstract: In this experimental study we were interested in cadmium, a heavy metal frequently met in the watery ecosystems located in residential and industrialized areas. This research aims at evaluating the impact of cadmium, diluted with various amounts (0.1, 1 and 5 g L 1) in the water of various batches of Gambusia affinis, by the proportioning of certain biomarkers indicator of pollution: the GSH, the GST, the catalase (on the level of the liver) and the acetylcholinesterase (on the level of the brain). The lethal concentrations (100% of mortalities) are equal to 10 cadmium g L 1. The results of proportionings show that the contents of the biomarkers vary according to the amount and from the exposure time to cadmium. The exposure of fish to 5 cadmium g L 1 causes an activation of the system of detoxification which is translated, as from the 7th day of exposure, by the reduction in the rate of GSH and the increase in the activity of the GST. The activity of the hepatic GST presents a significant and very significant difference in fish exposed during 15 days to the respective amounts of 1 g L 1 and 5 cadmium g L 1. With regard to the catalase of the falls of the content are raised at the 7th day of exposure at the unit of the batches treated with cadmium. As for the acetylcholinesterase it is in fish exposed to 5 g L 1 during more than 15 days that a significant difference is observed.
A Generalization of Ince’s Equation  [PDF]
Ridha Moussa
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics (JAMP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jamp.2014.213137
Abstract: We investigate the Hill differential equation \"\" where A(t), B(t), and D(t) are trigonometric polynomials. We are interested in solutions that are even or odd, and have period π or semi-period π. The above equation with one of the above conditions constitutes a regular Sturm-Liouville eigenvalue problem. We investigate the representation of the four Sturm-Liouville operators by infinite banded matrices.
Electrochemical Self-Assembly of Nanoporous Alumina Templates Title  [PDF]
Muna Moussa Abbas
Advances in Materials Physics and Chemistry (AMPC) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ampc.2013.35035
Abstract: Porous alumina was fabricated electrochemically through anodic oxidation of aluminum by means of such a self-organized method. Anodic aluminium oxide (AAO) template with nanopores was grown by two-steps anodization processes from a high purity aluminium foil. The anodization process was carried out in a phosphoric acid electrolyte at ambient temperature with a different duration of anodization. The analysis observation by Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) showed that nanopore size increased with anodization time. The nanopore sizes of porous alumina were (16.04, 26.19 and 37.39 nm) for (1, 2 and 3 hour) respectively.
Effect of Hydrochloric Acid on the Structural of Sodic-Bentonite Clay  [PDF]
Samira Bendou, Moussa Amrani
Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering (JMMCE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jmmce.2014.25045
Abstract: The objective of this work is to determine changes of surface properties of a bentonite after acid activation, using hydrochloric acid solutions (HCl) at room temperature. XRD, FX, FTIR, MEB, and BET analyses of the samples have been carried out to examine the structure of bentonite before and after acid activation. It is found that the raw bentonite is composed of dioctahedral montmorillonite with predominant quantity and certain amounts of quartz, albite and illite, etc. It has an cation exchange capacity (CEC) of 74.32 meq/g which allows it to be characterized as typical sodium bentonite. The changes, at low acid concentrations, are the result from from cation exchange (exchangeable cations with H+ ions). Differences of surface area at high acid concentrations (0.25 - 0.4 M) were caused by structural changes and partial decomposition of the samples. Data of surface area measurements have showed that with increase of concentration of hydrochloric acid, the surface area increased. The maximum value (837.11 m2/g) was reached by the sample activated with 0.4 M HCl. By against, activation with higher concentration (0.6 M) caused a decrease in the surface area.
Secondary Hypertension in Sub-Saharan African Populations: A Retrospective Study between 2011 and 2016 at Regional Hospital of Saint-Louis, Senegal  [PDF]
Yaya Kane, Joel Simon Manga, Diatou Gueye Dia, Maiga Moussa Zeinabou Tondi, Ahmed Tall Lemrabott, Maria Faye, Sidy Mouhamed Seck, Mouhamadou Moustapha Cisse, Alex Ismael Keita, Kalilou Diallo, El Hadj Fary Ka, Abdou Niang, Boucar Diouf
Open Journal of Nephrology (OJNeph) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojneph.2016.63012
Abstract: Introduction: High blood pressure (HBP) is a worldwide health issue responsible of high cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Even though essential HBP is far the most frequently reported in patients, secondary causes must be known because of their severity and the possibility of aetiological treatment. No recent epidemiological data are available about secondary causes of HBP in black African populations. The aim of this study was to describe aetiological patterns of secondary HBP in patients followed at Saint-Louis Hospital. Patients and Method: We conducted a retrospective and descriptive study in regional hospital of Saint-Louis. All patients aged ≥15 years old admitted from January 1st 2011 to January 31st 2015 in internal medicine, nephrology, emergency and cardiology departments were included. Clinical, paraclinical data and patients outcomes were collected from medical records. Hypertension was defined according to JNC8 criteria. Secondary HBP was considered if explorations identified a clear aetiology to hypertension. Statistical analysis was done with Excel 2010 and STATA 12.0. Results: We included 9253 patients with mean age of 35 ± 12 years (15 - 83 years) and sex-ratio of 1.6. Overall 67.5% of patients had hypertension and secondary causes were found in 10.5% of them. The majority of patients presented clinical symptoms suggesting a secondary cause of HBP and first-line laboratory explorations were normal in half of cases. Renal diseases were responsible for 79.1% of secondary HBP cases mainly dominated by glomerulonephritis (22.6%), vascular nephropathies (18.7%) and autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (5.8%). They were followed by preeclampsia (13.6%) and endocrinal aetiologies such as hyperthyroidism (5.8%), hypercorticism (0.5%), pheochromcytoma (0.5%), primary hyperparathyroidism (0.4%) and Conn’s adenoma (0.1%). Combination of ≥3 antihypertensive drugs was necessary in 71.5% of cases and surgical treatment was performed in three patients. Blood pressure was normalized in only 27.7% of patients. Conclusion: Secondary causes are frequent in our young patients with HBP. In the majority of patients complete clinical examination and minimal laboratory investigations recommended by World Health Organisation can give an aetiological orientation that needs further radiological and hormonal explorations.
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