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Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation , 2011,
Abstract: The main purpose of this study was to examine the phonological skills among children with reading disabilities of the Bosnian/Croatian/ Serbian language, where each phoneme is represented by a grapheme following a certain phonemic principle. The sample consists of 15 children with reading disabilities and 15 children without reading disabilities, where "The diagnostic set for examination of the speech, language, reading and writing abilities among children" was used for examination of their phonological capacity. Phonological skills in children are very important for reading and writing acquisition. The results of the study showed that children with reading disabilities achieved poorer results in all tasks examining the phonological skills, compared to children without reading difficulties. The results of our study comply with results of studies conducted for other languages. The study highlights the importance of the mentioned skills for acquiring reading skills in the Bosnian/ Croatian/Serbian language and the significance of deficient phonological abilities for the etiology of reading disabilities. Based on the conducted study, it can be concluded that phonological skills are very important for acquiring reading and writing abilities.
Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation , 2009,
Abstract: Stuttering therapy very often demands combination of various approaches or its modification. The main purpose of this study was to present an integrated approach to stuttering modification therapy and fluency shaping therapy for an intermediate school-age male stutterer (11 years old).The therapy for the child lasted for 12 months, sessions have been carried out twice a week, each session lasted for 45 minutes. The child still attends the therapy. The therapy uses integration of stuttering modification therapy and fluency shaping therapy. For the purpose of the fluency shaping therapy, delayed auditory feedback program is applied. During the stuttering modification therapy the child has been taught how to stutter more easily which implies prolongation of all sounds in words on which child stutters, with easy and soft transition from one sound to another. It is continuously being worked with the child on reducing negative feelings and attitudes as well as elimination of avoidance of words and speaking situations. We explained to the parents the treatment program and their role in the program realization. We also explained the possible causes of stuttering, and tried to identify and reduce fluency distractors, and engage the child in as many situations as possible which improved speech fluency.After the application of this program the child has improved fluency during the conversation in clinical and nonclinical conditions (environment). This fluency consists of spontaneous and controlled fluency. Furthermore, fear of speaking and avoidance of speech situations are significantly reduced. On the basis of the applied therapy on the child at intermediate stuttering level it can be concluded that it is possible to integrate successfully both approaches: stuttering modification therapy and fluency shaping therapy.
Verification of Penetration of Lead in the Profile of Soil around the Former Battery Production Factory, Berat Albania  [PDF]
Mirela Alushllari, Nikolla Civici
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2015.64038
Abstract: The current study reports the concentration of lead in top of the soil samples and its penetration until the depth of approximately 120 cm. Representative soil samples are collected around the former Factory Production of Batteries to Berat, Albania at a distance 80 - 900 m from factory. We have chosen 12 sampling points. We have collected a total of 55 samples where 31 were soil samples (12 top of soil and 19 were profile soil samples) and 24 were random vegetation samples. All soil samples were analyzed using Atomic Absorption Spectrometry for their lead content, at the Institute of Applied Nuclear Physics, University of Tirana, Albania. From results obtained the fraction of lead in profile soil samples was in range: 78 mg/kg - 52,982 mg/kg and average concentration of lead was 2976 mg/kg, while in random vegetation samples was in range: 0.238 - 5.573 mg/kg. In general, trend of the content of lead in profile soil samples was decreasing compared to the content of lead in the respective top soil samples. The concentrations of lead which have been found in analyzed soil samples are compared with the Maximum Contaminant Levels specified by the Directive 86/278/EEC. Also, we have calculated Hazardous Quoted for each sampling point which is found very high. HQ in representative surface soil samples is 0.4 - 80.7 times higher than normal.
An application of the method of matched asymptotic expansions for low Reynolds number flow past a cylinder of arbitrary cross section
Mirela Kohr
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2004, DOI: 10.1155/s0161171204309105
Abstract: We study the low Reynolds number flow of an incompressible Newtonian fluid of infinite expanse past a cylinder of arbitrary cross section by using the method of matched asymptotic expansions. The analysis that will be made in this paper is equivalent to that developed by Power (1990) in order to solve the resulting inner (or Stokes) problems with the completed double-layer boundary integral equation method (CDLBIEM) due to Power and Miranda (1987). We will solve these problems by the boundary integral method developed by Hsiao and Kress (1985).
An indirect boundary integral method for an oscillatory Stokes flow problem
Mirela Kohr
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2003, DOI: 10.1155/s016117120321231x
Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to present an indirect boundary integral method for the oscillatory Stokes flow provided by the translational oscillations of two rigid spheres in an incompressible Newtonian fluid of infinite expanse.
Lex et Scientia , 2011,
Abstract: Mihai Adrian HOTCA, Dan LUPASCU, Mircea DAMASCHIN, Beatrice Onica-JARKA
Techniques and Simulation Models in Risk Management
Economia : Seria Management , 2012,
Abstract: In the present paper, the scientific approach of the research starts from the theoretical framework of the simulation concept and then continues in the setting of the practical reality, thus providing simulation models for a broad range of inherent risks specific to any organization and simulation of those models, using the informatics instrument @Risk (Palisade). The reason behind this research lies in the need for simulation models that will allow the person in charge with decision taking inside the field of risk management to adopt new corporate strategies which will answer their current needs. The results of the research are represented by two simulation models specific to risk management. The first model follows the net profit simulation as well as simulating the impact that could be generated by a series of inherent risk factors such as losing some important colleagues, a drop in selling prices, a drop in sales volume, retrofitting, and so on. The second simulation model is associated to the IT field, through the analysis of 10 informatics threats, in order to evaluate the potential financial loss.
Risk Management in IT Governance Framework
Economia : Seria Management , 2011,
Abstract: The concept of governance has an already old contour: the system by which business corporations are directed and controlled. The most praised principles regarding shareholder rights, transparency and board accountability now constitute the foundation for new tendencies evolved from such ground. Executive compensation, transparency and shareholder reporting are new issues attached to board responsibilities. Besides such almost negative approaches the board faces a more and more prominent role from risk management and IT governance perspective. Nowadays is generally acknowledged that the board is in charge for managing and controlling the risks to assets of the enterprises and business future. IT Governance has emerged as a support for corporate governance, as an important part of board’s striving efforts to perform better in a competition environment. These responsibilities, risk management and IT Governance, remain within the framework of old concept of corporate governance and are fed from its substance. The interaction between these concepts is the core interest of this research.IT Governance is defined as procedures and policies established in order to assure that the IT system of an organization sustains its goals and strategies. The management of the organisations face a new challenge: structural redefinition of the IT component in order to create plus value and to minimize IT risks through an efficient management of all IT resources of the organisation. The evolution of the present IT environment is a natural process according to which business environment should adapt.
The right of social insurance as constitutional right and as an important right arising from labor relations - An overview of the framework of social insurance in Albania
Mirela Selita
Academicus : International Scientific Journal , 2013, DOI: 10.7336/academicus.2013.07.09
Abstract: Social insurance is part of social security which consists as well as of social assistance and services, health services and health care insurance. Everyone has the right for social insurance when retired or in case of incapacity of work under a certain system established by a law. The right of social insurance is part of labor rights. In Albania the mandatory social insurance scheme is based on the pay-as-you-earn principle, on the awareness of the individual about the risks in social field in its future and in the principle of agreement between generations. This is a scheme financed out of contributions from the employers, the employed persons and self-employed. The benefits are provided in case of sickness, maternity, old-age, disability, loss of breadwinner, employment accidents/occupational diseases and unemployment.
Lucr?ri ?tiin?ifice : Management Agricol , 2009,
Abstract: A fundamental element in designing sustainable rural development strategies consists in evaluation the economic capacity of the production structures in agriculture. Since land use is a primary determinant of ecosystem vulnerability, affecting the soil regeneration, biodiversity, or landscape, the paper aims at investigating the economic potentials conferred by the agricultural area usage in the Romanian farms. By using methods consisting in quantitative and qualitative analyses, based on data supplied by a survey upon land resources management, the outcome consists in assessments, at sample level and regional aggregation, using specific indicators and correlations by ownership operating structures, categories of land usage and size classes of the investigated agricultural holdings.

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