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Miodrag Mitic
Acta Medica Medianae , 2001,
Abstract: A retrospective analysis comprises the period from January, 1990, to January,1996. The frequency, the clinic image and the therapy effects are determined. In theabove-mentioned period there were 182 larynx tumors in men and 10 in women. Themost frequent location was glottic (6). The most frequent case was that of a localtumor expansion according to the type l, while the dominant regional expansion wasaccording to the type No. A five-year survival period was noted in 7 female patients.
Miodrag Mitic
Acta Medica Medianae , 2001,
Abstract: Our experience with the neck metastasis tumors are reported in a retrospectivestudy comprising the period from January, 1990, to January, 2000. Out of the overallnumber of the sick (211) the primary tumor was located in the ORL region is 90% ofthe cases while most of them were in the larynx, 10% in the hematopoietic systemorgans and the infraclavicular region; the percentage of the undetected primary tumorwas 5,21. Regarding the results of the study, men were more liable to metastasistumors of the neck meaning they were 9 times more sick than women. The mostfrequent patients were persons between 50 and 60 years of age; the dominant localspreading of the tumor was upon the T2 and T3 types; the most frequent regionalspreading was upon the N2 type. Distant metastases were discovered in 11 patients; 9of them were in the lungs while 2 in the liver. In the pathohistological sense, the mostfrequent was planocellular carcinoma while the emergence of other malign tumorswas sporadic. The treatment was comprehensive; it was, first of ali, surgical combinedwith the radio and chemo therapies. The best results were achieved in treatingthose metastasis tumors where the primary one was localized in the larynx while thepoorest ones were achieved when dealing with the tongue and the mouth cavity.
Miodrag Mitic,Bo?idar Petrovic,Dragan Jankovic
Acta Medica Medianae , 2001,
Abstract: A patient is presented after being operated from the metastatic neck tumor.While searching for a primary tumor, a tumor of the back upper epipharynx wall wasdiscovered. The pathohistologic examination has verified adenocarcinoma. The chemotherapy has been applied. After applying the therapy, the tumor in theepipharynx has disappeared while the general state of the patients is good.
Miodrag Mitic,Zoran Dimic,Mila Bojanovic,Aleksandar Bojanovic
Acta Medica Medianae , 2003,
Abstract: A retrospective study was performed from 01.01.1992 to 31.12.2001 (10-year period) to investigate laryngeal and hypopharyngeal trauma.The aim was to paint-out the frequency of laryngeal and hypopharyngeal injury among the other ENT traumas, to emphasize dramatically clinical findings in most injuries and urgency and complexity of their treatment.Total number of ENT injuries in that period was 420, out of which 28 laryngeal injuries or 9,05%. All patients were hospitalized on ENT Clinic, Clinical Center Nis, and all injuries were clinically and radio logically verified. The patients were between 25 and 35 years old, with different symptoms: from discrete dysphonia and dysphagia to dramatically symptoms with air-way obstruction and massive hemorrhage.Male patients were three times more affected than females. All injuries were conservatively and surgically treated. Laryngeal and hypopharyngeal trauma request careful and persistent treatment until the final cure.
Foreign Students at Rumanien Universities. Admision, Residence and Working in Romania
Studii de Stiinta si Cultura , 2011,
Abstract: The adoption of a national legislation in total agreement with the community legislation that is concerned with the admission, residence and work engagement of the foreign students, represents an important step regarding the effort made by the Romanian government in order to insure a proper integration of the foreign persons within the Romanian society, that can have amazing effects over the evolution of the work market from Romania.
The Usage of the Digital Controller in Regulating Boost Converter  [PDF]
Muhanad D. Almawlawe, Darko Mitic, Marko Milojevic
Circuits and Systems (CS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/cs.2015.612027
Abstract: This paper proposes the modeling and simulation technique to analyze and design a Boost converter using generalized minimum variance method with discrete-time quasi-sliding mode to adjust the converter switch through a pulse width modulation (PWM), so as to enhance a stable output voltage. The control objective is to maintain the sensed output voltage stable, constant and equal to some constant reference voltage (8 volt) in the load resistance variation (24, 48, 240) Ω and input voltage variation (20, 24, 28) volt circumstances. This control strategy is very appropriate for the digitally controlled power converter and for the system requirement accomplishment, resulting high output voltage accuracy. The performance degradation in practical implementation can be expected due to noise, PWM nonlinearities, and components imperfection. The digital simulation using MATHLAB/Simulink is performed to validate the functionality of the system.
MUC16/CA125 in the Context of Modular Proteins with an Annotated Role in Adhesion-Related Processes: In Silico Analysis
Miroslava Jankovic,Ninoslav Mitic
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/ijms130810387
Abstract: Mucin 16 (MUC16) is a type I transmembrane protein, the extracellular portion of which is shed after proteolytic degradation and is denoted as CA125 antigen, a well known tumor marker for ovarian cancer. Regarding its polypeptide and glycan structures, as yet there is no detailed insight into their heterogeneity and ligand properties, which may greatly influence its function and biomarker potential. This study was aimed at obtaining further insight into the biological capacity of MUC16/CA125, using in silico analysis of corresponding mucin sequences, including similarity searches as well as GO (gene ontology)-based function prediction. The results obtained pointed to the similarities within extracellular serine/threonine rich regions of MUC16 to sequences of proteins expressed in evolutionary distant taxa, all having in common an annotated role in adhesion-related processes. Specifically, a homology to conserved domains from the family of herpesvirus major outer envelope protein (BLLF1) was found. In addition, the possible involvement of MUC16/CA125 in carbohydrate-binding interactions or cellular transport of protein/ion was suggested.
Sr?an Pesic,Radmila Mitic
Acta Medica Medianae , 2000,
Abstract: Vomiting is a frequent symptom following diverse diagnostic and pharmacothcrapeulicprocedures. The knowledge of the anatomic-neurophysiological basis ofthis disorder represents the basis for a qualitative and adequate pharmacotherapy.The involvement of numerous neurotransmitters and neuromodulators in the mechanism of the appearance of nausea and vomiting creates the need for morethrough knowledge of these occurrences. The serotonin plays an important role in thecoordination of the impulses relevant for the emergence of vomiting both in thecentral and in the peripheral nervous system. The role of particular types, especiallyof the 5HT3 the serotonin receptors in the mechanism of the emergence of thesymptom is also proved. Due to all this the use of the selective antagonists of theserotonin receptors in today regarded as the ''golden standard" of antiemetic therapy.The paper tries lo present the experimentally-proved basis for the use of thismedication especially through a detailed description of the preclinic examination ofthe use of the selective antagonists of the serotonin receptors in the therapy ofincreased motility of the gastrointeslinal system and vomiting. Likewise, we havealso shown clinic proofs about efficient activity of this medicament in the postoperativevomiting therapy after various surgical interventions in total anesthesia.
Rapid and Reliable HPLC Method for the Determination of Vitamin C in Pharmaceutical Samples
SS Mitic, DA Kostic, DC Naskovic- okic, MN Mitic
Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research , 2011,
Abstract: Purpose: To develop and validate an accurate, sensitive and reproducible high performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) method for the quantitation of vitamin C in pharmaceutical samples. Method: The drug and the standard were eluted from Superspher RP-18 (250 mm x 4.6 mm, 10ìm particle size) at 20 0C. The mobile phase was prepared by carefully adding acetic acid (500 ml) to 1.5g of 1-hexanesulfonic acid sodium salt and mixing well (pH 2.6). The flow rate was 0.7 mL min-1. UV detector, set at 280 nm, was used to monitor the effluent. Results: Each analysis required no longer than 4 min. The limit of quantitation was 1.95 ìg mL-1. Recovery (%) for different concentrations ranged from 99.58 to 101.93. Conclusion: The simplicity of this low-cost, rapid technique and its high specificity to ascorbic acid, even in the presence of a variety of excipients, demonstrate that this HPLC method would be particularly suitable for the determination of ascorbic acid in the investigated preparations as well as other similar pharmaceutical/veterinary formulations without prior sample preparation.
Identification of Carassius gibelio migration patterns in Europe
Lucian D. Gorgan,Mitic? Ciorpac
Aquaculture, Aquarium, Conservation & Legislation , 2013,
Abstract: The current short paper is a summary of a wider research on identification of Carassiusgibelio migration patterns in Europe using mitochondrial markers. Haplotypes distribution was correlatedwith geographical origin of populations.
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