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Electronic Transport Properties of Transition-Metal Terminated Trigonal Graphene Nanoribbons  [PDF]
Fanhua Meng, Minghua Zhang, Wen Liu
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2016.711122
Abstract: With the non-equilibrium Green’s function method and density functional theory, we have studied the electronic properties of trigonal graphene nanoribbons, with Fe terminal and H terminal, coupled to gold electrodes. Rectification behavior can be observed when the electrode-molecule contact distance is larger than 2.2 Å. The electronic transport is greatly improved in case of Fe terminal which is analyzed in terms of transmission spectra and density of states.
Environmental Modeling and Exposure Assessment of Sediment-Associated Pyrethroids in an Agricultural Watershed
Yuzhou Luo,Minghua Zhang
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0015794
Abstract: Synthetic pyrethroid insecticides have generated public concerns due to their increasing use and potential effects on aquatic ecosystems. A modeling system was developed in this study for simulating the transport processes and associated sediment toxicity of pyrethroids at coupled field/watershed scales. The model was tested in the Orestimba Creek watershed, an agriculturally intensive area in California' Central Valley. Model predictions were satisfactory when compared with measured suspended solid concentration (R2 = 0.536), pyrethroid toxic unit (0.576), and cumulative mortality of Hyalella azteca (0.570). The results indicated that sediment toxicity in the study area was strongly related to the concentration of pyrethroids in bed sediment. Bifenthrin was identified as the dominant contributor to the sediment toxicity in recent years, accounting for 50–85% of predicted toxicity units. In addition, more than 90% of the variation on the annual maximum toxic unit of pyrethroids was attributed to precipitation and prior application of bifenthrin in the late irrigation season. As one of the first studies simulating the dynamics and spatial variability of pyrethroids in fields and instreams, the modeling results provided useful information on new policies to be considered with respect to pyrethroid regulation. This study suggested two potential measures to efficiently reduce sediment toxicity by pyrethroids in the study area: [1] limiting bifenthrin use immediately before rainfall season; and [2] implementing conservation practices to retain soil on cropland.
Mean-field analysis of two-species TASEP with attachment and detachment
Minghua Song,Yunxin Zhang
Quantitative Biology , 2015,
Abstract: In cells, most of cargos are transported by motor proteins along microtubule. Biophysically, unidirectional motion of large number of motor proteins along a single track can be described by totally asymmetric simple exclusion process (TASEP). From which many meaningful properties, such as the appearance of domain wall (defined as the borderline of high density and low density of motor protein along motion track) and boundary layers, can be obtained. However, it is biologically obvious that a single track may be occupied by different motor species. So previous studies based on TASEP of one particle species are not reasonable enough to find more detailed properties of the motion of motors along a single track. To address this problem, TASEP with two particle species is discussed in this study. Theoretical methods to get densities of each particle species are provided. Using these methods, phase transition related properties of particle densities are obtained. Our analysis show that domain wall and boundary layer of single species densities always appear simultaneously with those of the total particle density. The height of domain wall of total particle density is equal to the summation of those of single species. Phase diagrams for typical model parameters are also presented. The methods presented in this study can be generalized to analyze TASEP with more particle species.
Wave-Mean Flow Interaction: the Role of Continuous-Spectrum Disturbances
Zeng Qingcun,Zhang Minghua,
Zeng Qingcun
,Zhang Minghua

大气科学进展 , 2000,
Abstract: Traditionally, "eddy feeds zonal flow" in the atmosphere is considered as a result of decaying unstable waves. We show that disturbances made of non-modal solutions -the continuous-spectrum disturbances-can also effectively transport zonal angular momentum and interact with the zonal basic flow. These disturbances, though stable, eventually decay, losing their energy to strengthen the westerly jets in the atmosphere. Calculations with observational data illustrate that the atmospheric zonal flow is maintained primarily by continuous-spectrum disturbances rather than by unstable waves. Angular momentum transport by continuous-spectrum disturbances is one order of magnitude larger than that by all kinds of normal modes (referred as discreter-spectrum disturbances) including unstable waves.
A Comprehensive Survey of Retracted Articles from the Scholarly Literature
Michael L. Grieneisen, Minghua Zhang
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0044118
Abstract: Background The number of retracted scholarly articles has risen precipitously in recent years. Past surveys of the retracted literature each limited their scope to articles in PubMed, though many retracted articles are not indexed in PubMed. To understand the scope and characteristics of retracted articles across the full spectrum of scholarly disciplines, we surveyed 42 of the largest bibliographic databases for major scholarly fields and publisher websites to identify retracted articles. This study examines various trends among them. Results We found, 4,449 scholarly publications retracted from 1928–2011. Unlike Math, Physics, Engineering and Social Sciences, the percentages of retractions in Medicine, Life Science and Chemistry exceeded their percentages among Web of Science (WoS) records. Retractions due to alleged publishing misconduct (47%) outnumbered those due to alleged research misconduct (20%) or questionable data/interpretations (42%). This total exceeds 100% since multiple justifications were listed in some retraction notices. Retraction/WoS record ratios vary among author affiliation countries. Though widespread, only miniscule percentages of publications for individual years, countries, journals, or disciplines have been retracted. Fifteen prolific individuals accounted for more than half of all retractions due to alleged research misconduct, and strongly influenced all retraction characteristics. The number of articles retracted per year increased by a factor of 19.06 from 2001 to 2010, though excluding repeat offenders and adjusting for growth of the published literature decreases it to a factor of 11.36. Conclusions Retracted articles occur across the full spectrum of scholarly disciplines. Most retracted articles do not contain flawed data; and the authors of most retracted articles have not been accused of research misconduct. Despite recent increases, the proportion of published scholarly literature affected by retraction remains very small. Articles and editorials discussing retractions, or their relation to research integrity, should always consider individual cases in these broad contexts. However, better mechanisms are still needed for raising researchers’ awareness of the retracted literature in their field.
Climatic Changes Lead to Declining Winter Chill for Fruit and Nut Trees in California during 1950–2099
Eike Luedeling,Minghua Zhang,Evan H. Girvetz
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0006166
Abstract: Winter chill is one of the defining characteristics of a location's suitability for the production of many tree crops. We mapped and investigated observed historic and projected future changes in winter chill in California, quantified with two different chilling models (Chilling Hours, Dynamic Model).
Primary Cutaneous MZL with Amyloid Deposition, Initially Misdiagnosed as Amyloidosis Mimics Primary Dural MZL upon Dural Dissemination  [PDF]
Miaoxia He, Lili Wu, Minghua Zhu, Chenguang Bai, Shimin Zhang, Jianjun Wang
Open Journal of Pathology (OJPathology) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojpathology.2013.31004

Primary cutaneous marginal zone B-cell lymphoma (MZL) is considered a cutaneous counterpart of extranodal MZL of mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue and an indolent lymphoma. Amyloid deposition in this tumor is very rare. We report here a case of primary cutaneous MZL with massive amyloid deposition. The tumor disseminated to the dura and mimicked primary dural MZL. The patient had a four year history of the recurrence cutaneous lesions with a misdiagnosis of amyloidosis. The correct diagnosis was made after the metastatic dural lesion was confirmed by radiology, pathology and molecular biology approaches. It is of crucial importance for differential diagnosis to avoid misdiagnosis and the patients are indeed required long-term regular examinations and treatment because of the possibility of recurrence or dissemination.

Formation of silica nanotubes through a TPPS J aggregates template
Li Zhang,Jian Jiang,MingHua Liu
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2012, DOI: 10.1007/s11434-012-5432-4
Abstract: It is found that 5,10,15,20-tetrakis (4-sulfonatophenyl) porphyrin (TPPS), which is known to form J aggregates in water under low pH value, acts as a template for the hydrolyzing of organosilane. The nanotube structures of silica with 4–8 nm inner diameters are obtained, which is consistent with the height of TPPS J aggregates, indicating that TPPS J aggregates are indeed acting as the template for the sol-gel transcription. The TPPS J aggregation disappear when the medium pH value is shifted from acidic to basic, consequently formed silica nanostructures are amorphous nanosphere rather than nanofiber structures. In contrast, the copper phthalocyanine (TSCuPc), which does not exist as linear J aggregates, cannot induce the silica to form one dimensional nanofiber structures, implying that the templating effect of TPPS J aggregates for inorganic nanostructures.
Multipacting saturation in parallel plate and micro-pulse electron gun
Lang Liao,Meng Zhang,Minghua Zhao
Physics , 2014, DOI: 10.1088/1674-1137/39/2/027003
Abstract: A novel parallel plate model is proposed that divided the electron cloud into three parts at saturation, and it is studied in detail using both an analytical approach and PIC (Particle In Cell) code simulations. As one part of the electron cloud, ribbons modes are suggested by tracking the trajectory of individual particle, and the aim of this mode form is to simplify the progress of multipacting effect in the parallel plate so as to be eliminated by optimizing RF parameters. The micro-pulse electron gun (MPG) has demonstrated the potential to address the need for high peak and average current electron beams, hence studying the multipacting in MPG is essential. On the basis of multipacting studying in the parallel plate, it is clear that increasing the cavity voltage is of interest in yielding high quality beams in the gun.
Specificity Screening of Potential Active Components from Moutan Cortex for Rat Mesangial Cells HBZY-1 by Cell Membrane Immobilized Chromatography  [PDF]
Junfei Gu, Minghua Zhang, Jiarui Yuan, Bingjie Zhao, Liang Feng, Xiaobin Jia, Li Zhang, Yuesheng Wang, Luqi Huang
Chinese Medicine (CM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/cm.2015.62016
Abstract: Moutan Cortex (MC) has been demonstrated to have an inhibitive effect on inflammation and oxidative stress responses in mesangial cells in our previous study. However, little is known about the components of MC contributing to this benefit. In the present study, cell membrane immobilized chromatography (CMC), a fast and useful method, was presented for screening potential active components of MC. HBZY-1 cells were incubated with MC (200 μg/mL) at the optimal incubation time (90 min). HPLC-DAD analysis and LC/ESI/MS/MS were performed to distinguish the active components and identify its structural ion fragments. The results showed that eight components binding to HBZY-1 cells were mudanoside B, paeoniflorin sulfonate, paeoniflorin, tetragalloyl glucose (isomeride), hexagalloyl glucose, mudanopiside A, and paeonol. In conclusion, our established CMC might be a useful method for screening potential active components in complicated traditional Chinese medicines. These components might be associated with the efficacy of MC on prevention and treatment of diabetic nephropathy.
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