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The Maximum Wiener Index of Trees with Given Degree Sequences
Xiao-Dong Zhang,Yong Liu,Min-Xian Han
Mathematics , 2009,
Abstract: The Wiener index of a connected graph is the sum of topological distances between all pairs of vertices. Since Wang gave a mistake result on the maximum Wiener index for given tree degree sequence, in this paper, we investigate the maximum Wiener index of trees with given degree sequences and extremal trees which attain the maximum value.
Oxidative Wear Behavior of H13 Steel

CHEN Kang-min,WANG Lan,WANG Shu-qi,WEI Min-xian,

摩擦学学报 , 2011,
Abstract: 采用销盘式磨损试验机,对H13钢在室温、200和400℃和不同载荷条件下进行干滑动磨损试验,研究了钢的磨损行为及磨损机制.结果表明:在室温至400℃之间,200℃时钢的磨损率最低,其次为室温下的磨损率,400℃时磨损率最高.室温下钢的磨损率随载荷的提高而增加,磨损表面氧化物较少,其磨损机制主要为黏着磨损;200℃时的磨损行为极为特殊,随载荷从50增至100 N时,磨损表面出现较厚的氧化物层,故磨损率降低,载荷从100增至200 N时磨损率略提高,且显著低于室温和400℃时的磨损率,呈轻微氧化磨损特征.当环境温度达到400℃时,虽然磨损表面发生了明显的氧化,但随载荷的提高,导致基体塑性变形和热软化,导致磨损表面氧化物层剥落量增大,磨损率提高;当载荷超过150 N后材料的磨损机制由轻微氧化磨损转变为氧化磨损和塑性挤出磨损,磨损率迅速提高,为严重磨损.
Holographic grating formation in dry photopolymer film with shrinkage
Holographic grating formation in dry photopolymer film with shrinkage

Luo Shou-Jun,Liu Guo-Dong,He Qing-Sheng,Wu Min-Xian,Jin Guo-Fan,Shi Meng-Quan,Wang Tao,Wu Fei-Peng,

中国物理 B , 2004,
Abstract: An important issue in developing applications for photopolymers in holography is the effect of shrinkage on recording properties. In this paper, we introduce a model to describe real-time formation of a single grating in photopolymers at any geometrical angle, under the assumption that the shrinkage is in proportion to the polymerization. This model combines polymerization kinetics with the coupled-wave theory, explaining the shrinkage effect on the diffraction efficiency. The model is validated by comparing its predictions with the experimental results for a film of 99μm thickness.
Evolutionary Gaming Analysis of Path Dependence in Green Construction Technology Change  [PDF]
Xian-Feng Zhang, Chuan-Min Shuai, Pei-Song Gong, Han Sun
iBusiness (IB) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ib.2012.43024
Abstract: In the context of instigating green construction technology by changing current technology practices, evolutionary game theory is used to solve path dependence problems that yield stable equilibrium. Replicating dynamic gaming shows that in inducing technological change some problems concerning multiple equilibrium definitely exist and that profit is the prime motivation to use or supply new technology. The model also shows that a lock-in of a current tech-nology can be broken as a consequence of players’ studies.
Detection and characterization of spontaneous internal deletion mutants of Beet Necrotic yellow vein virus RNA3 from systemic host Nicotiana benthamiana
Ying Wang, Huiyan Fan, Xian-Bing Wang, Min Li, Chenggui Han, Dawei Li, Jialin Yu
Virology Journal , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1743-422x-8-335
Abstract: Systemic host N. benthamiana was inoculated by Chinese BNYVV isolates. RT-PCR and Northern blot showed that the D RNAs forms of BNYVV RNA3 were present in the systemic infection of the N. benthamiana. Three distinct D-RNA3s, named as D-RNA 3α, D-RNA 3β and D-RNA 3γ, were made into infectious clones. When inoculated on the N. benthamiana, the in vitro transcripts of D forms exhibited more stable than that of wild-type RNA3 in systemic movement. Among the detected mutant, the p25 protein frame-shift mutant (D-RNA3α) induced obvious necrotic lesions on Tetragonia.expansa (T. expansa) and pronounced systemic symptom on the N. benthamiana. The D-RNA3α was further mutated artificially to pre-terminate the downstream N protein, leading to the abolishment of the pathogenicity, indicating the N protein was responsible for the necrotic symptom.Our studies demonstrated the internal deletion mutants of BNYVV-RNA3 were spontaneously generated in the systemic infection on N. benthamiana. The internal deletions didn't affect the efficient replication of D-RNA3s, instead by improving the stability and pathogenicity of RNA3 in the systemic host N. benthamiana. Besides, our results also suggested the downstream N protein of RNA3, but not the upstream p25 protein, may play an important role in the systemic infection on N. benthamiana.Defective RNAs (D RNAs), which have internal deletion of viral sequences, have been described for a variety of plant viruses [1,2]. Some D RNAs interfere with replication of the helper virus (called as defective interfering or DI RNAs) and affect symptom phenotypes, whereas others have little effect [1,3]. Previous reports have shown the generation of D RNAs or DI RNAs was a general biological process among multipartite RNA viruses of plants [1,4].Beet Necrotic Yellow Vein virus (BNYVV), transmitted by zoospores of Polymyxa betae, is a member of the genus Benyvirus causing a worldwide sugar beet disease rhizomania [5]. BNYVV contains four or five plus-sen
Five E+A (post-starburst) galaxies as Brightest Cluster Galaxies
Feng-Shan Liu,Zhong-Lue Wen,Jin-Lin Han,Xian-Min Meng
Physics , 2010,
Abstract: Brightest Cluster Galaxies (BCGs) are mostly elliptical galaxies and very rarely have prominent star formation. We found that five out of 8,812 BCGs are E+A (i.e. post-starburst) galaxies, having the H$\delta$~absorption line with an equivalent width $>2.5\AA$ and no distinct emission lines in [O II] and H$\alpha$. The E+A features we identified from the BCGs for the first time are not as significant as those in general galaxies, indicating that historically the star formation were not very violent.
Regulation Mechanism Design for Transmission Market based on Contestable Markets Theory

WANG Xian-jia,HAN Dong,WANG Guang-min,
,韩 东,王广民

系统工程理论与实践 , 2007,
Abstract: At present,the distribution and transmission market is still a high monopoly market,which induces lower productive efficiency and higher monopoly price.In order to solve such questions,this paper applies incentive theory to analyze the contract design between the grid company and the electric power plants when electric direct-supplying is permitted.The analyses are based on contestable markets theory and from the perspective of the regulation.The electric direct-supplying promotes the competition in the electric transmission market and improves electric supplement,hastens the grid company to improve productive efficiency and to reduce productive costs.The direct-supply also meliorates the whole welfare of the society.
Chemotaxonomic Studies on Equisetaceous Plants in China

Yu Rong-Min,Zhou Rong-Han,Li Xian,

中国科学院研究生院学报 , 1987,
Abstract: The present paper deals mainly with the chemical contents of the family Equ- isetaceae in China. The taxonomic value of the flavonol in this family is discussed. The results of chemical investigation show that kaempferol-3,7-diglucoside and kaempfe- rol are the characteristic components of the family; kaempferol-3-diglucoside is characteristic of the genus Hippochaete and quercetin is characteristic of the genus Equisetum. Described in this paper are isolation of 11 compounds and identification of 7 compounds in this experiment, among which kaempferol-3-diglucoside and succinic acid are isolated from Hippochaete hiemale for the first time.
Rapid Elimination of Surface Organophosphorous Pollutants Using Hydroxyl Radical

YANG Xian-li,BAI Min-dong,HAN Feng,

环境科学 , 2010,
Abstract: 针对近年来不断发生的有机物磷污染事件,通过强电场电离放电方法把H2Ogas和O2电离,制取以·OH为代表的活性自由基溶液,以喷洒的方式对2种模拟有机磷污染物敌敌畏和氧乐果进行表面快速去除研究.结果表明,在pH=6,模拟平面上敌敌畏和氧乐果初始浓度为60 μg·cm-2的情况下,当·OH喷洒密度增加到3.9 μg·cm-2时,短时间内敌敌畏和氧乐果去除率均可达90%以上,矿化率也分别达到64%和72%.随着pH值的不断增大,有机物的去除率均表现为先略有降低而后迅速增大,在接近中性时最低;其中敌敌畏和氧乐果在pH=12时的去除率要比pH=6时分别高出约21%和26%.四因素三水平正交试验表明以喷洒方式去除表面有机磷污染起主要作用的是·OH.
Analysis of atom focusing for nanostructure fabrication with a completely off-resonant optical standing wave

Chen Xian-Zhong,Yao Han-Min,Chen Xu-Nan,

物理学报 , 2005,
Abstract: The focusing of a thermal atomic beam to nanometer_scale dimensions can be rea lized by a completely off_resonant standing_wave laser field, which can decrease the difficulty of atom lithography experiments. The effects of atom source on a tom focusing are analyzed using the Monte_Carlo scheme and trajectory tracing me thod, and the simulation results have shown that the effective size of the targe t has a much more important effect on feature width than beam spread and longitu dinal velocity spread. Several methods for improving experiments are presented.
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