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Endometritis therapy in sows by intra uterine instillation of yeast cell wall solution
Lazarevi? M.,Milovanovi? A.,Barna T.,Miljas N.
Acta Veterinaria , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/avb1206611l
Abstract: On the basis of our investigations it was possible to conclude that intrauterine treatment of sows with puerperal uterine infections with sterile YCW (Yeast Cell Wall) resulted in significant clinical improvement. The percent of recidivism was the lowest (10%) in groups of sows treated with 10 and 20 g of YCW. The degree of bacterial CFU (Colony Forming Units) reduction in samples of sows uterine flushings following instillation of YCW (5, 10 and 20 g) was wery high and ranged from 1361 to 1444 times, while in sows treated with Lotagen 2% solution (100 mL) this parametar was only 32. At the moment of weaning, piglets from sows treated with 10 and 20 g of YCW were heavier when compared to the control and Lotagen group and their DBWG (Daily Body Weight Gain) was higher when compared to the Lotagen and control group. Treatment of sows by IU instillation of YCW did not influence the number of piglets in the next breeding cycle.
The effects of estrogen on the morphology of the pyramidal neurons of the parietal cortex of female rats
Dreki? Dmitar,Lozan?e Olivera,MilovanoviN.,Kerkez M.
Acta Veterinaria , 2006, DOI: 10.2298/avb0603215d
Abstract: In this study the effects of a neonatally (3rd day of life) administered single dose (1 mg) of estradiol dipropionate (E2) on the parietal cortex of juvenile (16 days of life) female rats were investigated. The morphology the volume of the soma and the thickness of the apical dendrite were studied in Golgi impregnated pyramidal neurons from both the external and internal pyramidal layers. In the treated female rats the volume of the soma and the thickness of the apical dendrite of pyramidal neurons was increased surpassing the values in the corresponding controls. These findings indicated significant and prolonged effects of a single dose of estrogen administered in the neonatal period, on the parietal neocortical pyramidal neurons of female rats.
Quality of life and results of total androgen blockade alone and with radiotherapy in the treatment of nonmetastatic prostate cancer
Milovanovi? Lela,Milovanovi? Blagoje
Srpski Arhiv za Celokupno Lekarstvo , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/sarh1208462m
Abstract: Introduction. Hormonal treatment of prostate cancer (CaP) in the form of total androgen blockade (TAB) with or without radiotherapy is applied in metastatic disease and in patients with nonmetastatic and localized disease as well. Objective. The aim of the study was to compare oncological results, residual and newly developed symptoms during treatment and the quality of life in patients with nonmetastatic CaP treated by using Tand in a group treated both with Tand radiotherapy (RT+TAB). Methods. Retrospective analysis of 126 patients with nonmetastatic CaP was performed. Follow-up was 36 months. Seventynine out of 126 patients were treated with Talone and 47 with Tand radiotherapy (TAB+RT). Overall survival, metabolic syndrome appearance and the frequency of nonmalignant complications during treatment were analyzed. Urinary, digestive and sexual symptoms were analyzed, as well as the overall health condition of the patients. Results. Fatal outcome and/or disease progression occurred in 29 out of 126 patients (23%). High risk patients were significantly more frequent in the TAB+RT group (p=0.04). Mortality rate was not different in both groups indicating that better results of treatment were achieved in patients treated with TAB+RT. Metabolic syndrome appeared in 51.6% of Tpatients and in 51.1 of TAB+RT patients, and was significantly more frequent at the end of the follow-up than at the beginning of the treatment (p=0.003 in Tand p=0.01 in TAB+RT group). Urinary symptoms were more frequent than digestive symptoms in both groups. The quality of life was slightly improved after the beginning of therapy to be followed by the tendency of gradual decrease. Conclusion. Both modalities of treatment were efficient. Therapy TAB+RT was more efficient in high risk patients. Metabolic syndrome was more frequent after a long-term administration of therapy than at the beginning. The quality of life was the most affected in sexually active patients.
The crime of aggression between consensus and contestation
Milovanovi? Milo?
Medjunarodni Problemi , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/medjp1101024m
Abstract: The efforts to define the crime of aggression as an international crime are accompanied by many problems. Some countries see it as a sign of salvation against foreign interference in internal affairs, while others see it as a limiting factor in achieving their own interests. In the battle between consensus and contestation every victory was a Pyrrhic one and the price of any compromise was high. However, after the Review Conference of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, which was held in 2010, we have many reasons for optimism. In this paper, the author presents the historical development of the crime of aggression from the theoretical discussion to its criminalization as an international crime. It is through a critical analysis of the norms in international documents and judgments of international courts based on them that we point to all the advantages and disadvantages of defining aggression. In his conclusion, the author predicts the future of the crime of aggression, bearing in mind the latest solutions in theory and practice of international criminal law.
Report on TELSIKS 2011 Conference
Bratislav Milovanovi
Microwave Review , 2011,
Abstract: Report on the 10th International Conference on Telecommunications in Modern Satellite, Cable and Broadcasting Services - TELSIKS 2011 held in Nis from October 5 to 8, 2011.
Report on ICEST 2011 Conference
B. Milovanovi
Microwave Review , 2011,
Age structure of the population of Vojvodina according to territory and nation
Milovanovi? Zoran
Zbornik Matice Srpske za Drustvene Nauke , 2006, DOI: 10.2298/zmsdn0621305m
Abstract: In the inter-census period, the process of ageing of the population of Vojvodina continued, and Vojvodina is in the stage of a deep demographic old age. The average age increased from 37,7 to 39,8 years, and the index of ageing from 71,0 to 94,1. Territorially speaking, the population of Vojvodina has a homogeneous age structure. All counties are in the stage of a deep demographic old age. Somewhat more favourable age structure is present in the South-Ba ki, Sremski and South- Banatski counties. Homogeneity is also present at the municipal level. Out of 45 municipalities, 39 belong to the phase of a deep demographic old age, 5 to a demographic old age, and 1 to the deepest demographic old age, while in the 1991 census 38 municipalities belonged to the phase of a demographic old age, and 7 to the phase of a deep demographic old age.
Dragan Milovanovi
Zbornik Radova Ekonomskog Fakulteta u Isto?nom Sarajevu , 2012,
Abstract: The latest wave of economic crisishas influenced strongly the volatility of share prices inthe capital market of the Republic of Srpska. The basicresearch questions to which answers are required inmaking investment decisions are: whether the pricesof shares are undervalued or overvalued, whether theprice is determined by specific and measurable factorsand whether it is predictable for investors. The marketprice of shares can significantly deviate from the realintrinsicvalue of shares. Making investment decisionsin such circumstances requires quantitative analysiswith the aim of determining the real-intrinsic value ofshares. In this paper, the method of fundamentalanalysis of share prices will be used as a basicconcept of assessing the value, ie. intrinsic evaluationof value of the shares. The main goal of fundamentalanalysis is identifying the weaknesses of the marketduring the formation of market share price, throughelaborating the amount of deviation of the marketprice of shares relative to the real-intrinsic value ofshares. The paper presents an analysis of share pricesthat make up the index of Electric Power Company ofthe Republika Srpska (ERS10). The aim of the paper isto elaborate underestimation or overvaluation ofshare prices of the company Elektrokrajina a.d. BanjaLuka (EKBL-R-A) based on fundamental analysis ofthe company's share prices. As a result, analysis andmathematical interpretation of the economic doctrineof fundamental analysis and its appli-cation in thecapital market of the Republika Srpska, as shownusing the example of Elektrokrajina a.d. Banja Luka,indicated the possibility of decision-making oninvesting into securities based on this theoreticalconcept.
Gregory of Nazianzus's De rebus suis and the tradition of epic didactic poetry
Milovanovi? ?elica
Zbornik Radova Vizantolo?kog Instituta , 2008, DOI: 10.2298/zrvi0845043m
Abstract: Gregory's poem De rebus suis (Carm.2.1.1) is examined in this article from the point of view both of its content and of its literary and stylistic features. In content, the poem is personal and reflexive, and its central theme appears to be a crisis of faith that its author had experienced in his later years. In form, it has all the characteristics of the epic didactic genre: it is metaphrastic in nature (i.e., it turns prose material into verse form); it is written in the archaizing epic language; it makes use of the modified Homeric simile (the so-called multiple correspondence simile); and it carefully avoids the use of specific liturgical terms and expressions replacing them instead with various poetic paraphrases. The overall conceptual simplicity of the poem is generic too, and it may have been modeled on the earliest known representative of the genre, Hesiod's Works and Days. .
Dragan Milovanovi
Zbornik Radova Ekonomskog Fakulteta u Isto?nom Sarajevu , 2011,
Abstract: Creating the optimal portfolio ofsecurities on modern financial markets is leading inthe modern theory and practice of investment insecurities. The paper analyzes the extent and valueof trading securities on the Belgrade StockExchange during the period from 31 October 2005to 31 October 2010, as well as movement of thecorresponding stock index during that period.Furthermore, the paper elaborates theoretical andempirical analysis of quantitative choice of theinvestor’s optimal portfolio of securities withsecurity preference in case of the Republika Srpskacapital markets. Based on the analysis of selectionof the investor’s optimal portfolio of securities withsecurity preference are Roy’s model, Kataoka’s andTelser's model.The bases for the analysis ofselection of the investor’s optimal portfolio ofsecurities with security preference are elaboratedby means of the mathematical analysis of the Roy’smodel, Kataoka’s model and Telser's model ofcapital market of the Republika Srpska.Interpretation of the results can serve as a basis forprofessional and scientific discussion on theinvestor’s optimal portfolio of securities withsecurity preference.
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