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The economic-geographical and environmental polarization as a factor of new functional relations between areas
MiliniMiroljub A.
Glasnik Srpskog Geografskog Dru?tva , 2004, DOI: 10.2298/gsgd0402157m
Abstract: Geographical clustering, in the way of economic-geographical polarization represents regular and positive process of development of human society. These processes are characterized by stressed intensity, together with relatively short time dimension at the territory of Serbia. Extreme recent ecological polarization is the main consequence of this type of recomposition of economic-geographical elements in the territory of Serbia. At the one hand, anthropogenic or socio-economic areas (locations, axis and crossroads of development) are formed, together with the numerous ecological problems as developing barriers, while at the other hand are territories of economic-geographical stagnation also with satisfying quality of basic natural resources and environmental condition. These differences generates and permanently increases their spatial, resource and ecological interdependence.
Mineralization of the surface waters in the Viso ica drainage basin: Supplement for the landscape-ecologic analysis
Mustafi? Sanja,Manojlovi? Predrag,MiliniMiroljub
Glasnik Srpskog Geografskog Dru?tva , 2009, DOI: 10.2298/gsgd0904141m
Abstract: The drainage basin is spatially and functionally clearly defined and relevant hydrologic, geomorphologic and ecologic landscape totality. Therefore, it mostly represents basic geo-spatial unit of generation, monitoring, and studying numerous physical-geographical and geo-ecologic occurrences and processes. One of the most important components of geo-space, on the level of basin, is manifested through the state and quality of surface waters. So, the acceptance of systematic approach in studying mineralization of the surface waters would contribute to the deeper understanding of the process in complex systematic surroundings which drainage basin represents. The Viso ica Drainage Basin was chosen as proving ground of this kind of the research approach for several reasons. The highest specific runoff on the territory of Eastern Serbia, heterogeneous geologic structure of terrain, almost complete absence of the influence of the anthropogenic factor on the state of the environment, as well as the existence of water accumulation enabled perception of the values of dissolved mineral substances of surface waters as landscape-ecologic component of geo-space.
Natural basis of geoecological processes in the region upa Aleksandrova ka
MiliniMiroljub A.,Pecelj Milovan
Glasnik Srpskog Geografskog Dru?tva , 2008, DOI: 10.2298/gsgd0801053m
Abstract: Natural basis is a complex, dynamic and meaningful geospatial category. Although its intensity is subject to changes, it is both a permanent determinant of social development and a physical basis of geoecological processes. Due to its own development tendencies and more intensive and various anthropogenic influences, the relation between natural basis and human society is characterized by a specific structure and dynamics of geoecological processes. In the case study of the region upa Aleksandrova ka (despite its small territory), geoecological processes are characterized by a number of specific and detectable morpho-physionomical and morpho-functional elements and relations. Such a structure of geoecological processes provides geographical homogenity and individuality to the region of upa Aleksandrova ka.
Contribution to the study of geological setting of lower Aleksandrovac Zupa
Carevi? Ivana,MiliniMiroljub,Jovanovi? Velimir
Glasnik Srpskog Geografskog Dru?tva , 2009, DOI: 10.2298/gsgd0903135c
Abstract: Aleksandrovac Zupa represents the example of territorial area with composite geological structure and furthermore compound geotectonic framework. Due to the character of some formations, framework and time relation of deformation, these areas belong among the most compound on the Balkan Peninsula. On its territory, the big and composite structural-facies zones are being confronted and became imbued. In a stratigraphic point of view, the largest extend have the Miocene deposits that overlain the crystalline schists of Proterozoic. .
Mountain border area of eastern Serbia in the function of the spring zones of surface water
MiliniMiroljub,Mihajlovi? Bojana,?abi? Dejan,?ur?i? Nina
Journal of the Geographical Institute Jovan Cvijic, SASA , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/ijgi1201011m
Abstract: Border mountain area of eastern Serbia has a distinct potential and importance in the function of surface water sources, which are characterized by range of geographical and environmental characteristics and similarities determined by mountainous character of the territory. For the purposes of this paper, border area of Serbia towards Bulgaria is provisionally determined by iso-border of 25 km. On the defined area of eastern Serbia there are 11 individual territories allocated in the function of being surface water source. Key objects for the realization of the goals of rational and functional exploitation of surface water sources are accumulations. They are the link between the system of surface water sources and water supply system.
Bioclimatology and ecoclimatology prospecting: Right out development
Pecelj Milovan P.,MiliniMiroljub A.,Pecelj Milica
Glasnik Srpskog Geografskog Dru?tva , 2007, DOI: 10.2298/gsgd0702199p
Abstract: This paper discusses fact that there is small number of articles about bioclimatic research in domestic scientific literature which is correlated with small number of bioclimatic researching projects. Authors want to emphasize that for changing this condition it is necessary to applying multidisciplinary approach to bioclimatic research. As an example of multidisciplinary approach in bioclimatic research it is representing mathematical model MENEX-5. This model opens a new opportunities for bioclimatic research of actual environmental problems, which are trigger by global climate change and destruction of ozone layer.
Global and regional aspects for development of Serbia and the Balkans: The events from the past as a message for future
?abi? Dejan,Pavlovi? Mila,Vujadinovi? Sne?ana,MiliniMiroljub
Glasnik Srpskog Geografskog Dru?tva , 2010, DOI: 10.2298/gsgd1001159s
Abstract: In 2010 Serbia faced with many social, economical and political issues such as the economic crisis, unemployment, uncertain candidate for membership in the European Union, cooperation with the International War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague and others. Recurrences of the past are still being felt in the political than some of the European Union with Serbia. Serbia has a long way toward permanent membership, and to intensify regional cooperation in Southeast Europe (SEE) through active membership in regional organizations and initiatives. Although this region for many years been burdened with the past and lack of understanding among nations, the steppes of integration is still achieved and is still stricken by stereotyped comparisons with a barrel keg, and so damn yard. The aim of this paper is to point out some directions for further development of the region and review of the circumstances that have contributed to this state, to show the events of the past who may be a message for the future. .
Laser system for remote sensing monitoring of air pollution and quality control of the atmosphere
Beli? Ilija,Radosavljevi? Ljubinka,MiliniMiroljub,?abi? Dejan
Thermal Science , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/tsci120226136b
Abstract: Monitoring of the atmosphere and determination of the types and amounts of pollutants is becoming more important issue in complex and global monitoring of the environment. On the geocomponent and geocomplex level problem of monitoring the environment is attracting the attention of the scientific experts of different profiles (chemists, physicists, geographers, biologists, meteorologists), both in the national and international projects. Because of the general characteristics of the Earth's atmosphere (Dynamically Ballanced Instability DBI) and the potential contribution to climate change solutions air-pollution monitoring has become particularly important field of environmental research. Control of aerosol distribution over Europe is enabled by EARLINET systems (European Aerosol Lidar NETwork). Serbia’s inclusion into these European courses needs development of the device, the standardization of methods and direct activity in determining the type, quantity and location of aerosol. This paper is analyzing the first step in the study of air-pollution, which is consisted of the realization of a functional model of LIDAR remote sensing devices for the large particle pollutants.
Strategic framework for sustainable development in the period of transition towards market economy: Critical overview of the strategy of long-term development of Serbia
Had?iMiroljub,Zekovi? Slavka
Spatium , 2005, DOI: 10.2298/spat0512001h
Abstract: This paper offers a critical analysis of the strategic framework for long-term economic development of Serbia, of the role of strategic development in the success of the transition process, and the consequences of the lack of a development strategy. The strategy of long-term economic development of Serbia, as a programme intended to designate the economic and development policy of the state, is analyzed with the aim of finding an acceptable formulation of development strategy. The authors consider various approaches and propose a strategy for Serbia in the period of transition towards market economy. They also point out that, in the period of transition from a government-planned towards a market economy, strategy should be given greater importance than in periods that do not represent turning points, because of the greater possibility of incorrect policy making, potential conflicts of interest groups, reaching sustainable development, and maximizing prosperity. The authors take into account the advantages and disadvantages of the radical and of the gradualist approach to transition and propose formulating a development strategy that would contain combined elements of plan and market mechanisms. They believe that the process of transition lacks a clear development strategy, and that the quality of the existing development strategy of Serbia until 2010 is such that it cannot be understood as a serious approach to the transition issue. The authors stress the consequences of undergoing transition without a development strategy, that include inappropriate dynamic and sequence of reforms; a lack of coordination between development policy, macroeconomic policy, market reforms, and spatial planning policy; higher costs of transition, insufficient rate of economic growth, etc. They offer proposals for a comprehensive development framework (CDF) and for strategic planning of territorial industrial development.
The process of risk management in financial business
Danica ?igi?,Miroljub Had?i
Singidunum Journal of Applied Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Risk management has become one of the most important managementfunctions within banks and financial institutions. Its role is even moreimportant during the current world economic crisis, with the aim ofsaving assets and preserving future profit. Serbian banks have recentlystarted to introduce overall risk management function in line with BaselII agreement and take care of all sorts of risks. During recent years, ahigher level of risk has been present in crisis circumstances, which meansthat Serbian banks have to be more careful than before. There have beenclear signs of deterioration of the structure of banking assets, but hopefully,this negative trend was stopped. At the same time, one can pointout that domestic banks are in better position compared to the banks incountries within the region.
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