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Podpora podnikavosti v prostredí strednych k l
Milantúr,Veronika Horňáková,Jana Petnuchová
GRANT journal , 2012,
Abstract: V príspevku sa zaoberáme aktuálnym sp sobom podpory zvy ovania podnikate ského ducha a podnikate skych zru ností v rámci predmetu Aplikovaná ekonómia na strednej odbornej kole obchodu a slu ieb v Tren íne. V rámci tejto problematiky sme sledovali aktuálny stav za posledné dva roky vyu by tohto predmetu. Ka dy rok, iaci tejto strednej koly v rámci Aplikovanej Ekonómie dostali za úlohu zalo i tudentské spolo nosti p sobiace v prostredí koly. Predmet Aplikovaná Ekonómia je na tejto kole realizovany prostredníctvom programu organizácie Junior Achievement Slovensko. Sú as ou príspevku sú vysledky dotazníkového etrenia zameraného na vyznam, spokojnos a postoj iakov k predmetu Aplikovaná Ekonómia a k tudentskym spolo nostiam, ktoré si iaci po as tychto dvoch rokov v rámci predmetu vytvorili a riadili.
Interferometric evidence for the observation of ground backscatter originating behind the CUTLASS coherent HF radars
S. E. Milan,T. B. Jones,T. R. Robinson,E. C. Thomas
Annales Geophysicae (ANGEO) , 2003,
Abstract: Interferometric techniques allow the SuperDARN coherent HF radars to determine the elevation angles of returned backscatter, giving information on the altitude of the scatter volume, in the case of ionospheric backscatter, or the reflection altitude, in the case of ground backscatter. Assumptions have to be made in the determination of elevation angles, including the direction of arrival, or azimuth, of the returned signals, usually taken to be the forward look-direction (north) of the radars, specified by the phasing of the antenna arrays. It is shown that this assumption is not always valid in the case of ground backscatter, and that significant returns can be detected from the backward look-direction of the radars. The response of the interferometer to backscatter from behind the radar is modelled and compared with observations. It is found that ground backscatter from a field-of-view that is the mirror image of the forward-looking field-of-view is a common feature of the observations, and this interpretation successfully explains several anomalies in the received backscatter.
Nitrogen metabolism enzymes, soluble protein and free proline content in soybean genotypes and their F1 hybrids
Kere?i Sanja T.,Malen?i? ?or?e R.,Popovi? Milan T.,Kraljevi?-Balali? Marija M.
Zbornik Matice Srpske za Prirodne Nauke , 2008, DOI: 10.2298/zmspn0815021k
Abstract: Nitrate reductase and glutamine synthetase activity, as well as free proline and soluble protein content were measured in eight soybean parent genotypes and six F1 hybrids. The aim of this study was to determine variability and the mode of inheritance for these parameters, and point out the genotypes of interest for future breeding programs. Analysed genotypes and their F1 hybrids expressed significant differences in activities of nitrate reductase and glutamine synthetase enzymes, as well as in soluble proteins and free proline contents. Since mode of inheritance for all investigated traits was in most cases dominance or heterosis, it can be concluded that these parameters are under control of dominant genes. The obtained results suggest that genotypes with favorable traits, such as variety Linda, line 1511, and F1 hybrids (Linda x LN92-7369) and (Balkan x BL-8), could be of interest as a good starting material for further breeding programs.
A comparison of satellite scintillation measurements with HF radar backscatter characteristics
S. E. Milan, S. Basu, T. K. Yeoman,R. E. Sheehan
Annales Geophysicae (ANGEO) , 2005,
Abstract: We examine the correspondence between high latitude ionospheric scintillation measurements made at 250MHz with the occurrence of 10MHz HF coherent radar backscatter, on 13 and 14 December 2002. We demonstrate that when the ionospheric intersection point of the scintillation measurements is co-located with significant HF radar backscatter, the observed scintillation, quantified by the S4 index, is elevated. Conversely, when the radar indicates that backscatter is observed away from the intersection point due to movements of the auroral zone, the observed scintillation is low. This suggests that scintillation is highly location-dependent, being enhanced in the auroral zone and being lower at sub-auroral latitudes. The coexistence of scintillation and HF radar backscatter, produced by ionospheric density perturbations with scale sizes of 100s of metres and ~15 m, respectively, suggests that a broad spectrum of density fluctuations is found in the auroral zone.
The effect of cholic acid treatment on the oxidative status of soybean plants
Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society , 2009,
Abstract: The objective of this work was to study the effect of treatment of young soybean plants with cholic acid of different concentrations on their oxidative status. Young soybean plants, grown hydroponically for two weeks, were treated by adding cholic acid to the nutrient solution at the concentrations 20, 40, 60 and 80 mg/L, the control being without cholic acid. After one week, several parameters of the oxidative status were determined in the leaves and roots of the plants: contents of superoxide (O 2-), hydroxyl radicals ( OH) and glutathione (GSH), lipid peroxidation (LP), the superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity and the soluble protein accumulation, as well as the contents of chlorophylls and carotenoids. Treatments with cholic acid increased O 2-, LP, OH and GSH in the leaves of the treated plants, while only the OH content in-creased in the roots at higher cholic acid concentrations. The obtained results support the idea that cholic acid, as an elicitor of defence responses in plants, might act through the generation of an oxidative burst.
HF radar observations of high-aspect angle backscatter from the E-region
S. E. Milan, M. Lester, T. K. Yeoman, T. R. Robinson, M. V. Uspensky,J.-P. Villain
Annales Geophysicae (ANGEO) , 2004,
Abstract: We present evidence for the observation of high-aspect angle HF radar backscatter from the auroral electrojets, and describe the spectral characteristics of these echoes. Such backscatter is observed at very near ranges where ionospheric refraction is not sufficient to bring the sounding radio waves to orthogonality with the magnetic field; the frequency dependence of this propagation effect is investigated with the Stereo upgrade of the CUTLASS Iceland radar. We term the occurrence of such echoes the "high-aspect angle irregularity region" or HAIR. It is suggested that backscatter is observed at aspect angles as high as 30°, with an aspect sensitivity as low as 1dB deg–1. These echoes are distinguished from normal electrojet backscatter by having low Doppler shifts with an azimuthal dependence that appears more consistent with the direction of the convection electric field than with the expected electron drift direction. This is discussed in terms of the linear theory dispersion relation for electrojet waves. Key words. Ionosphere (ionospheric irregularities; plasma waves and instabilities; auroral ionosphere)
An investigation of the field-aligned currents associated with a large-scale ULF wave using data from CUTLASS and FAST
H. C. Scoffield, T. K. Yeoman, D. M. Wright, S. E. Milan, A. N. Wright,R. J. Strangeway
Annales Geophysicae (ANGEO) , 2005,
Abstract: On 14 December 1999, a large-scale ULF wave event was observed by the Hankasalmi radar of the SuperDARN chain. Simultaneously, the FAST satellite passed through the Hankasalmi field-of-view, measuring the magnetic field oscillations of the wave at around 2000km altitude, along with the precipitating ion and electron populations associated with these fields. A simple field line resonance model of the wave has been created and scaled using the wave's spatial and temporal characteristics inferred from SuperDARN and IMAGE magnetometer data. Here the model calculated field-aligned current is compared with field-aligned currents derived from the FAST energetic particle spectra and magnetic field measurements. This comparison reveals the small-scale structuring and energies of the current carriers in a large-scale Alfvén wave, a topic, which at present, is of considerable theoretical interest. When FAST traverses a region of the wave involving low upward field-aligned current densities, the current appears to be carried by unstructured downgoing electrons of energies less than 30eV. A downward current region appears to be carried partially by upgoing electrons below the FAST energy detection threshold, but also consists of a mixture of hotter downgoing magnetospheric electrons and upgoing ionospheric electrons of energies <30eV, with the hotter upgoing electrons presumably representing those upgoing electrons which have been accelerated by the wave field above the low energy detection threshold of FAST. A stronger interval of upward current shows that small-scale structuring of scale ~50km has been imposed on the current carriers, which are downgoing magnetospheric electrons of energy 0-500eV.
Remarks on one type of uniform distribution
Milan Pa?téka
Uniform Distribution Theory , 2007,
Abstract: A sequence ${x_n}$ of numbers in $[0,1]$ is called Buck's uniformly distributed if for every interval $I \subset [0,1]$ the set ${n \in \mathbb{N}, x_n \in I}$ is Buck's measurable and its Buck's measure density is equal to the length of $I$. Some examples of sequences are given. An analogy of Weyl's criterion is proved.
Multi-scale observations of magnetotail flux transport during IMF-northward non-substorm intervals
A. Grocott, T. K. Yeoman, S. E. Milan, O. Amm, H. U. Frey, L. Juusola, R. Nakamura, C. J. Owen, H. Rème,T. Takada
Annales Geophysicae (ANGEO) , 2007,
Abstract: Simultaneous observations by the Cluster spacecraft and SuperDARN radars are presented of magnetotail flux transport during northward, but BY-dominated IMF. Two events are discussed, which occurred on 14 August 2004 and 17 September 2005, during intervals of negative and positive IMF BY, respectively. During both intervals the Cluster spacecraft observed isolated bursts of Earthward plasma convection in the central plasma sheet. During the first event, the flows observed by Cluster also had a significant V⊥Y component in the duskward direction, consistent with westward azimuthal flows observed in the midnight sector by the Northern Hemisphere SuperDARN radars. During the second event, Cluster 4 observed a significant dawnward V⊥Y component, again consistent with the Northern Hemisphere SuperDARN observations which revealed eastward azimuthal flow. In this instance, however, Cluster 3 observed a duskward V⊥Y component which was more consistent with the duskward sense of the convection observed by the Southern Hemisphere SuperDARN radars. This implies that Cluster 3 and Cluster 4 were located on different field lines which experienced opposite net azimuthal forces and hence observed oppositely directed convection. These observations are consistent with previous SuperDARN studies of nightside flows under northward IMF and, more importantly, provide the first simultaneous in-situ evidence for a mode of tail reconnection occurring during non-substorm intervals in an asymmetric tail.
Flexibility of production systems and prepare-finish time
Vuki?evi? Milan R.
Glasnik ?umarskog Fakulteta , 2006, DOI: 10.2298/gsf0693023v
Abstract: One of the specificities of the large-serial and mass production is the almost neglected percentage of prepare-finish time in the production cycle. In the conditions of today dominant discontinuous production, it becomes a significant element of the production cycle. The eastern (Japan) doctrine of increasing the flexibility of the production systems, is based inter alia also on the extreme reduction of the prepare-finish time. For this reason, the aim of this study was to identify the types and percentages of individual jobs within the group of prepare-finish jobs. The sample consisted of 3 (three) production systems for the production of joinery, with the discontinuous production system. The research shows that the percentage of time of the jobs installation of work instruments, regulation of processing regime, and removal of work instruments is extremely long and that it ranges between 11.83% and 18.93% of the shift time. The reasons of the high percentage of these jobs are the wide range of products and the absence of the rationalisation of prepare-finish jobs. Within the efforts to minimize the effects of disruption and to increase the flexibility of the production systems, the rationalisation of prepare-finish jobs is the unavoidable condition.
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