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Zavajajo e dojemanje in gospodarska u inkovitost regionalnega sistema
Miki Malul,Mosi Rosenboim,Tal Shavit
Urbani Izziv , 2012,
Abstract: Novost, ki jo prina a ta lanek, je uporaba u inka napa nega dojemanja na modelu sredi e-obrobje. Na podlagi teoreti nega modela bomo pokazali, da na prostem trgu ob uvedbi u inka napa nega dojemanja v model pride do napa ne porazdelitve podjetij med sredi em in obrobjem. Anketa z vpra alnikom je potrdila, da obstaja napa no dojemanje kakovosti proizvodnih dejavnikov, in sicer v korist sredi a. To napa no dojemanje lahko najdemo tako v pogledih sredi a na obrobje kot v pogledih obrobja nase. Za spremembo teh napa nih dojemanj bi se moralo obrobje bolj tr iti, obenem pa tudi krepiti svojo vlogo in svoj polo aj v dr avi.
Misleading perceptions and economic efficiency in a regional system
Miki Malul,Mosi Rosenboim,Tal Shavit
Urbani Izziv , 2012,
Abstract: This paper’s innovation is the introduction of a misperception effect to the core-periphery model. Using a theoretical model, we show that the free market will lead to distorted spatial distribution of firms between the core and the periphery when a misperception effect is introduced into the model. Based on a questionnaire, we found that a misperception regarding the quality of the production factor exists in favour of the core compared to the periphery. This misperception is found not only in the eyes of the core with regard to the periphery, but also in the periphery regarding itself. We suggest marketing and empowerment of the periphery as a policy tool to alter these misperceptions.
Functionally Incremental Sentence Processing and Reanalysis Difficulty in Head-Final Agglutinative Language  [PDF]
Shingo Tokimoto, Miki Uetsuki
Open Journal of Modern Linguistics (OJML) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojml.2015.51003
Abstract: This paper quantitatively expresses the degrees of processing difficulties caused by syntactically different reanalyses in Japanese sentences by questionnaire and self-paced reading experiments with non-syntactic factors strictly controlled. We propose the functionally incremental processing for Japanese sentences and we demonstrate that our hypothesis is effective to explain the degree of the processing difficulty in various sentence types. The peculiarity of Japanese processing and the relevance of our results to the human sentence processing model are discussed.
The Correlation between Sexuality and Family Functioning among Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Japan  [PDF]
Yoshiko Miki, Naohiro Hohashi
Open Journal of Nursing (OJN) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojn.2018.810054
Abstract: Purpose: The objective of this study was to examine the correlation between the sexuality of patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and family functioning. Methods: The study took the form of a self-administered questionnaire survey, utilizing the Sexuality Satisfaction Index for IBD (SEXSI-IBD) for measuring sexuality and the Survey of Family Environment Survey of Family Environment (SFE) for measuring family functioning. SEXSI-IBD consists of 28 items and five domains, and SFE consists of 30 items and five domains. The participants were recruited at 15 self-help groups and 14 hospitals. Results: Of 146 participants, 48.6% were male and 52.4% female, with an average age of 41.1 years. A significant correlation was observed between the item average score of SEXSI-IBD and Overall Satisfaction Score (OSS) of SFE. Significant correlations were observed in two domains of the SEXSI-IBD, “Daily interaction” and “Sexual communication,” and in all five domains of the SFE. In particular, for “Daily interaction,” the strongest correlation was observed in the SFE’s “Macro system” and “Family internal environment system.” A correlation was observed between the “Physical contact importance” in SEXSI-IBD and the “Macro system” in the OSS of the SFE. Conclusions: Sexuality correlates with family functioning not only in the family internal environment system but also in the family external environment system. Through an approach aimed at elevating the degree of satisfaction for sexuality, it becomes possible to improve family functioning and realize a sense of family well-being.
Distributed Intelligent Lighting System by Performing New Model for Illuminance and Color Temperature in the Workplace  [PDF]
Mohammed Hajjaj, Mitsunori Miki
Intelligent Control and Automation (ICA) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ica.2019.101001
Abstract: A new approach has been proposed to improve the performance of the in-telligent lighting system by estimating personal illuminance and desired color temperature at the workplace. We are considering the problem of using the sensing devices manually for the intelligent lighting system. The lighting control system has not become useful without sensing devices to measure the provided illuminance and color temperature. In this paper, we have used the property of light for the color temperature to estimate the level of color temperature for each user at the workplace. The new method will give personal illuminance for each user at the workplace and decrease the power consumption of the environment as well. As a result, the proposed method of the intelligent lighting system has realized the target of illuminance and color temperature for each user at the workplace by adapting dimming levels using illuminance sensing information for each user. Thus, the energy of the workplace has reduced by using a distributed luminance to realize the target for each user.
Origin of the Words Denoting Some of the Most Ancient Old World Pulse Crops and Their Diversity in Modern European Languages
Aleksandar Miki
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0044512
Abstract: This preliminary research was aimed at finding the roots in various Eurasian proto-languages directly related to pulses and giving the words denoting the same in modern European languages. Six Proto-Indo-European roots were indentified, namely arnk(')- (‘a leguminous plant’), *bhabh- (‘field bean’), * (‘a kernel of leguminous plant’, ‘pea’), ghArs- (‘a leguminous plant’), *kek- (‘pea’) and *lent- (‘lentil’). No Proto-Uralic root was attested save hypothetically *ka?a (‘pea’), while there were two Proto-Altaic roots, *b?krV (‘pea’) and * (‘lentil’). The Proto-Caucasianx root * denoted pea, while another one, *hōw?(ā) (‘bean’, ‘lentil’) and the Proto-Basque root *i?ha-r (‘pea’, ‘bean’, ‘vetch’) could have a common Proto-Sino-Caucasian ancestor, *hVw?V (‘bean’) within the hypothetic Dené-Caucasian language superfamily. The Modern Maltese preserved the memory of two Proto-Semitic roots, *'ada?- (‘lentil’) and *pūl- (‘field bean’). The presented results prove that the most ancient Eurasian pulse crops were well-known and extensively cultivated by the ancestors of all modern European nations. The attested lexicological continuum witnesses the existence of a millennia-long links between the peoples of Eurasia to their mutual benefit. This research is meant to encourage interdisciplinary concerted actions between plant scientists dealing with crop evolution and biodiversity, archaeobotanists and language historians.
Amnion-derived stem cells: in quest of clinical applications
Toshio Miki
Stem Cell Research & Therapy , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/scrt66
Abstract: The emerging field of regenerative medicine requires a reliable cell source in addition to biomaterial scaffolds and cytokine/growth factors. The 'cell' is a particularly critical element for cell replacement therapies in order to provide a safe and sufficient cell supply for clinical applications. Efforts to search for an adequate cell type and cell source have been conducted and have continued along with the discussions for their use in clinical application.There are many potential cell sources for regenerative medicine, including bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells, tissue-specific progenitor cells, embryonic stem (ES) cells, and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. Although their biological potentials have been demonstrated, none of these cells is widely accepted as a definitive cell source for clinical applications. Each cell type possesses different advantages as well as limitations for their use, such as safety or availability. It will be helpful to search for a potential stem cell source from the perspective of its potential for clinical application. What is the sine qua non of the cells for clinically applicable regenerative medicine? At the end of this review, this question will be discussed further.There is increasing evidence that the human placenta contains pluripotent or multipotent stem cells or both. Various multipotent stem cells have been isolated from different parts of the human placenta, such as the amnion, chorion, umbilical cord, and fetal blood. As placenta-derived cells, these stem cells have common advantages (Figure 1). Specific types of placenta-derived stem cells, such as trophoblastic, hematopoietic, and mesenchymal stroma cells, have been discussed elsewhere [1-3]. Here, we will review stem cells derived from the amnion of human placentae, specifically amniotic epithelial (AE) cells. First, we will summarize previous studies that have demonstrated the unique stem cell characteristics of AE cells. On the basis of these findings,
A new parallel corpus approach to Japanese learners’ English, using their corrected essays
Nozomi Miki
Themes in Science and Technology Education , 2010,
Abstract: This research introduces unique parallel corpora to uncover linguistic behaviors in L2argumentative writing in the exact correspondence to their appropriate forms provided byEnglish native speakers (NSs). The current paper targets at the mysterious behavior of I thinkin argumentative prose. I think is regarded as arguably problematic and controversial in L2writing community; the overuse of this marker underscores the points, confusing logicaldevelopment, while the rubric of argumentative writing tests such as TOELF and IELTSrequires test-takers to write their personal views. Actually, I think is favoured as a booster inacademic writing of particular disciplines. Our approach resolves this, investigating how Ithink was used in Japanese students’ writing and corrected by NSs, specifically, how I thinkwas deleted or kept by NSs. This is a promising method and immediately applicable toclassroom teaching, where university students can receive feedback from our unique parallelcorpora.
Scottish women's hospitals: The 90th anniversary of their work in Serbia
Miki? ?elimir
Medicinski Pregled , 2005, DOI: 10.2298/mpns0512597m
Abstract: The Scottish Women's Hospitals (SWH), a unique health institution in the history of medicine, staffed entirely by women, was founded soon after the outbreak of the First World War, August 12, 1914 in Edinburgh, by the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies. The founder and the main driving force behind this organization was Dr. Elsie Inglis (1864-1917). Although her proposition to the British War Office had been rejected, she offered her services to the Allies (France, Belgium, Russia and Serbia). The first 200 bed SWH unit was sent to France in November 1914, and soon after followed other units, so at the end '.here were 13 very well equipped SWH units working in the various theatres of war in Belgium, Serbia, Russia, Rumania and Greece. The first unit of SWH came to Serbia in early January 1915, and was located at Kragujevac. Soon after, three other SWH units arrived to Serbia and were stationed at Mladenovac, Valjevo and Lazarevac. It was an enormous help to Serbia, full of wounded and sick people, due to the dreadful typhus epidemic which was devastating the country. A large SWH unit, attached to the Southern Slav Volunteer Division, had worked on the Dobrud a front, and there were three hospitals and a special transport unit on the Salonika Front, which were all engaged in the treatment of Serbian wounded soldiers until the end of the First World War. Two other SWH units, located in France, were treating the Serbian refugees. Serving bravely and honorably on the various theatres of war, the legendary Scottish Women's Hospitals made enormous contributions to the allied war efforts, and helped Serbian people a great deal.
Rhodococcus equi infection
Miki? Dragan
Vojnosanitetski Pregled , 2006, DOI: 10.2298/vsp0611957m
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