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Metamorphoses of Local Administration in Romania
Mihaela V. Cru?an
Acta Universitatis Danubius : Administratio , 2012,
Abstract: In previous studies we paid attention to the idea of regional organization of Romania, but in order to understand the regions of Romania, we should first understand the administrative history of Romania. For that we intend in our research to see how the past has influenced the present, respectively the acceptance of regions as administrative units. The paper will deal with historical problems met in the implementation of regions in Romania. In the European integration process regions are seen as pillars of European cooperation. For future cooperation with European Union, Romania should know and understand the effects of its historical legacy. National and local governments throughout the region are forced to implement new strategies for meeting the needs of their populations. For these reasons we consider important to present a study of the organizational heritage of local public administration. The reform of local public administration is a complex and dynamic process that should start in the past, be implemented in the present and continue into the future. Through our study on the Romanian administrative units we will emphasize how Romania develops under the historical pressure. For this we intend to uncover the causal mechanism of the past, which influences the present and may shape the future of intermediary level of Romanian public administration. The lack of knowledge on what regions are can induce the idea that this type of administrative unit is not desired. The post-communist transition of Romania was and still is characterized by the preponderant power distribution from centre to local level. In our investigation we will use a research strategy based the documentary and content analyses. For a better view, we will have an insight look on the legal norms of Romania.
The Professionalization of Public Administration in Romania
Mihaela V. Cru?an
Acta Universitatis Danubius : Administratio , 2012,
Abstract: The general configuration of the state and its responsibilities has changed and this has introduced important modifications both in the policy arena and in the State’s requirements for high-level skills, qualitatively and quantitatively. Even if Romanian public administration is mainly seen as bureaucratic, oversized and unable to attract the best trained civil servants, the issue of the professionalization of its human resources has never been brought to the fore. Moreover, public functions are not included in the category of the most desired ones the vast majority of people try to obtain such a job, considering that it provides stability. Turnaround professional qualification indicates the rate of experience, knowledge, and integrity necessary to conduct renewal work. Unfortunately, formal barriers hindering the promotion (e.g. waiting time, professional seniority) and limited development opportunities (flat management structures, lack of visible career paths, inadequate information on vacancies) have a negative impact on the degree of motivation and commitment at work, and of course they adversely affect service quality. In this regard we undertake a study among students and graduates of schools of public administration in Romania, Bucharest, from which we determine the worst and the best 10 jobs you can get today in public administration. Moreover, we will seek to find out which is their motivation to have an education in administrative sciences. Also, we focus our attention on those employed in public institutions to pursue their professional route and their professional qualification. Once established, we will endeavour to create the axis of professional career in public administration. This research will hold a discussion on professional qualification, articulated with the unemployment caused by the present crisis. It will aim to demonstrate the consolidation of the professional (dis)qualification as a tool. We will see that professional qualification in public administration involves several factors which are interconnected in one and the same process, such as politics, motivation and quality of life.
Ethical Commitment - the Most Reliable Weapon in Fighting Corruption
Mihaela V. Cru?an
Acta Universitatis Danubius : Juridica , 2012,
Abstract: In the present study we intend to reach and to formulate the importance of ethical commitment of the future civil servants, an issue that the schools of public administration, and not only them, should consider in developing their curriculum. Our working assumption is that in Romania, during the years a line was not drawn in what it concerns the corruption. The lack of knowledge on what ethics means and which are the consequences of the lack of it can induce the idea that we do not know how to fight against corruption. The hypothesis that led us to the study was that the public system, through its human resources and specific relationships, can increase the risk of inducing, directly or indirectly, the corrupted stereotypes.
Linking Public Administration and Law Studies within European Union
Mihaela V. Cru?an
EIRP Proceedings , 2012,
Abstract: The year 1987 represented for us, scholars, the turning point for the Europeanization of highdegree studies. The European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students (ERASMUS) isa European Union student exchange program which has proved its utility in the last two decade. The publicadministration and law studies are two of the fields of studies which have benefited from the ERASMUSProgramme. In this respect we will try to learn the lesson of internationalization from the European contactthrough ERASMUS programme. The ‘win win’ for students is not just in the increase of knowledge in thearea of administrative sciences and law, but also in the share of cultures. The ERASMUS gives students abetter sense of what it means to be a European citizen. In addition, many employers highly value such aperiod abroad, which increases the students’ employability and job prospects.
Brief Apology to the National State in Europe
Mihaela CRU?AN
Acta Universitatis Danubius : Juridica , 2009,
Abstract: Within the European Union order, the national states play a very important role. They are responsible for the enforcement and the control of the execution of the policies of the European Communities. Although the European Union has a central administration, she doesn’t have external agencies. Applying the European instructions and regulations depends on the national governments. Because of rules such as mutual recognition, each government depends on the quality of executing the Community policy, for the purpose of achieving its own responsibilities. A spectre is haunting the national states – the spectre of globalization. That’s way we will focus in this paper on the national state on its dynamism and existence in a united Europe.
Mihaela CRU?AN
Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciences , 2009,
Abstract: The Romanian society, the state, the administration and the judiciary are facing several essential challenges of the contemporary world, and these challenges have to be addressed as soon as possible.The position and the role of the Public Prosecutor’s Office within the rule of law should be clarified since it is a well known fact that the judiciary and public administration systems are not yet capable to manage the changes necessary for the integration in the European juridical space. With the advancement of the Romanian public administration reform, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the public administration have become the two main actors involved in the struggle against corruption. Corruption is considered to be an important factor underlying the inability of the public administration and the judiciary systems to act and to meet the citizen’s needs. The Romanian citizen has been facing the burden of corruption and bureaucracy, and the Public Prosecutor’s Office is one of the institutions called upon not to eradicate this phenomenon, but to prevent it and to keep it under control.Within the current framework, when the political and legal debate raises issues regarding a new review of the Romanian Constitution, one of the questions raised is whether the Public Prosecutor’s Office is a public authority belonging to the executive or to the judiciary. The following paper studies the place of the Public Prosecutor’s Office within the legal systems and consequently will identify and determine its place and role at the intersection between the executive and the judiciary.
R. L?c?tu?u,G. Catu,Mihaela Lungu,Nineta Rizea
Present Environment and Sustainable Development , 2007,
Abstract: Les données sont présentées considérant la nature des sols de la zone de Rosia Montana (Alba Country). La situation actuelle des sols est conditionnée par leurs niveaux de charge en métaux lourds et par la capacité d`amortissement de leurs réactions. Le possible impact polluant des métaux lourds provoqué par l`exploitation et la transformation des minerais est conditionné aussi par le contenus relatif baissé des métaux lourds des roches porteuses des minerals et dans les roches mortes(terril). Les possibles types et formes d`impact sur le sols des la zone de Rosia Montana comme conséquence de la construction et des travaux d`exploitation.
Nineta Rizea,Mihaela Lungu,Rodica Doina Laz?r,Radu L?c?tu?u
Present Environment and Sustainable Development , 2009,
Abstract: The SC Avicola Crevedia SA obtains and raises chicken for meat, and products processing and delivering. The maximum production capacity is of 8,474,100 chicken heads/year, processed meat. Relevant information is needed to support the company in obtaining the integrated environment authorization, so that the society meets the pollution prevention, diminution and control requirements. For this purpose, a RIISA team drew up, in 2004-2005, the necessary environmental studies. Soil, water and air were sampled in several precincts of the different sites of the company. Based on the obtained results, this paper presents the influence of industrial poultry growing at SC Avicola Crevedia SA, Dambovi a County, on the environmental components.
Bioassay Procedure for the Diagnosis of Aflatoxicosis in a Pig Farm in Nsukka, South East Nigeria  [PDF]
S. V. O. Shoyinka, K. F. Chah, C. P. Eze, W. S. Ezema, I. R. Onoja, P. U. Umeakuana
Open Journal of Veterinary Medicine (OJVM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojvm.2014.47015

The owner of an intensively reared pig farm in Nsukka, South-East Nigeria reported the deaths (within one week) of 90 piglets (2-3 months of age) out of 150 piglets on the farm. The piglets were being fed home-compounded ration composed of spent grain (which appeared moldy) and other locally sourced materials. Clinical signs observed in affected piglets include sudden loss of appetite, diarrhea and distress grunting sound prior to death. Symptomatic treatment of the piglets which included the use of antibiotics (tetracycline, LA) did not appear to have ameliorated the condition. At necropsy carcasses were generally in fair to good body condition; with subcutaneous hemorrhages, mainly under the skin of head and neck regions. Lungs were congested and edematous, with froth along the tracheal and bronchial airways. The liver and spleen were moderately congested, while the mucosae of the gastrointestinal tract (which was free of ingesta) appeared mildly hyperaemic. No pathogenic bacterium was isolated from the heart blood and spleen. Histologic section of the liver showed centrilobular hepatocytes vacoulation and necrosis with hypertrophy of Kupffer cells that were in erythrophagocytosis. There was moderate fibrinous exudation into the interlobular septae. Spleen section showed severe erythrophagocytosis, but mild haemosiderosis. White pulp was either reactive or depopulated. Lungs were severely haemorrhagic with bronchitis and bronchiolitis. A tentative diagnosis of mycotoxicosis was made and the spent grain-compounded ration was fed to different groups of ducklings, with/without arginine and lysine supplementation. On the bases of clinical signs and mortality pattern; gross and histologic changes in the liver of the ducklings, a definitive diagnosis of aflatoxicosis was made. This paper emphasizes the experimental feeding of suspected feeds/feed ingredient to ducklings as a reliable diagnostic model for aflatoxicosis.

Estimation of Heavy Metal Levels in the Muscle, Gizzard, Liver and Kidney of Broiler, Layer and Local (Cockerel) Chickens Raised within Awka Metropolis and Its Environs, Anambra State, South Eastern Nigeria  [PDF]
P. A. C. Okoye, V. I. E. Ajiwe, O. R. Okeke, I. I. Ujah, U. B. Asalu, D. O. Okeke
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2015.66055
Abstract: 65 chickens (layer, broiler and cockerel) from different farms within Awka metropolis and its environs were purchased, processed and analyzed for the levels of heavy metals (Pb, As, Cd, Ni, Cr, Hg, V and Cu) in the internal organs (muscle, gizzard, liver and kidney) of the chickens using flame atomic absorption spectrometer after nitric/perchloric acid digestion. The ranges of mean concentrations of the metals in the internal organs of the chickens in mg/g were Pb; (0.046 - 0.478) As; (0.053 - 0.318), Cd; (0.027 - 0.649), Cr; (0.045 - 0.234), Hg; (0.052 - 0.740), Ni; (0.038 - 0.534), V; (0.037 - 0.053), and Cu; (0.146 - 0.445). About 10% - 40% of Pb, Cd and Hg exceeded the permissible level of 0.5 ppm set for these metals in the liver and kidney of the chickens. Anova analysis revealed significance of the heavy metals in the internal organs of the chickens at p < 0.05.
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