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Informed Consent versus Involuntary Hospitalization in Psychiatric Practice. Ethical and Legal Approaches
Daniel RADOI,Mihaela RADOI
Social Research Reports , 2013,
Abstract: From its beginnings as social practice, medicine has always been confronted with ethical dilemmas. Ethical issues are brought into discussion mostly when the patient lacks awareness, when he does not understand, which means that he also does not accept the disease. In order to solve these dilemmas, the physician has to combine norms, habits, customs, religious beliefs and, first of all, legal standards specific to his space of action. Psychiatric diagnosis, especially, determines multiple ethical issues, from involuntary hospitalization to therapeutic methods. As it results from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (art. 1, 3), the fundamental rights of a person are based on the acknowledgment of his human status, that all human beings are born free. Since the autonomy and responsibility of each person – including of the one who needs healthcare – are accepted as important values, his involvement or participation to the decision-making process regarding his own body or health must be acknowledged as a universal right.
Perceptions of Personal and Professional Values in Social Work Training
Daniela SOITU,Mihaela RADOI
Revista Romaneasca pentru Educatie Multidimensionala , 2012,
Abstract: The process of value formation is a gradual one, the stages evolving in close connection with the individual’s development. Values are formed, are developed/strengthened, are modified or replaced. For the future social workers, one of the greatest challenges is to adapt their own values to the values of the profession. Values determine the way society is structured, the way families are organised and operate, social relations, organisational relations, the operation of institutions. Institutions and rules are a translation into practice of dominant values that are manifest in that particular community or society. When forces from outside the community impose new rules, their observance and operation depends on how well they overlap with the existing values. Our study emphasis the challenges a student and a new social worker has to face one he /she has to confront, learn and balance personal and professional values. Two surveys were performed: one during 2003 and another one in 2011; the subjects were students from Social Work specialisation, from all years of studies (386 respondents in 2003 and 230 students in 2011). The aim of the studies was to find the students’ values that acted as grounds for their enrolment in the social work courses, as well as the way these values are maintained, changed or replaced during the years of study. We concluded that the students manage, in different proportion, the transition from recognising professional values to internalising these, making also steps in confronting ethical dilemmas. There is a dynamic during years of study. Transforming the knowledge acquired into behaviours is an important aspect of professional development of students from social work studies. Further research can be developed and focus on the professional development of the current students.
The prevalence of drug use among students of Iasi
Stefan Cojocaru,Daniela Cojocaru,Ovidiu Bunea,Mihaela Radoi
Social Research Reports , 2010,
Abstract: The purpose of the research is to estimate the number of drug users among students of the universities from Iasi, to identify students' behavior towards the use of drugs, drug purchase offer, solutions to reduce the use of drugs. Research using mix methods for estimating the number of drug users using a representative survey, the use of focus groups to obtain qualitative information.
Complementary memristive device based on a thin film of MoS2 monolayers
Antonio Radoi,Mircea Dragoman,Daniela Dragoman,Mihaela Kusko
Physics , 2014,
Abstract: In this manuscript we demonstrate experimentally that a thin film of MoS2 monolayers formed by drop-casting on a gold interdigitated electrode on Si/SiO2 behaves like a complementary memristive device, which is a key device of future crossbar memories. The hysteretic behavior of this device is modulated by light in a spectral range expanding from UV up to IR. In contrast to previous complementary memristive devices based on complicated oxides heterostructures, this device has a simple fabrication procedure and can be controlled by light, in addition to electrical signals.
Design, Fabrication and Characterization of a Low-Impedance 3D Electrode Array System for Neuro-Electrophysiology
Mihaela Kusko,Florea Craciunoiu,Bogdan Amuzescu,Ferdinand Halitzchi,Tudor Selescu,Antonio Radoi,Marian Popescu,Monica Simion,Adina Bragaru,Teodora Ignat
Sensors , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/s121216571
Abstract: Recent progress in patterned microelectrode manufacturing technology and microfluidics has opened the way to a large variety of cellular and molecular biosensor-based applications. In this extremely diverse and rapidly expanding landscape, silicon-based technologies occupy a special position, given their statute of mature, consolidated, and highly accessible areas of development. Within the present work we report microfabrication procedures and workflows for 3D patterned gold-plated microelectrode arrays (MEA) of different shapes (pyramidal, conical and high aspect ratio), and we provide a detailed characterization of their physical features during all the fabrication steps to have in the end a reliable technology. Moreover, the electrical performances of MEA silicon chips mounted on standardized connector boards via ultrasound wire-bonding have been tested using non-destructive electrochemical methods: linear sweep and cyclic voltammetry, impedance spectroscopy. Further, an experimental recording chamber package suitable for in vitro electrophysiology experiments has been realized using custom-design electronics for electrical stimulus delivery and local field potential recording, included in a complete electrophysiology setup, and the experimental structures have been tested on newborn rat hippocampal slices, yielding similar performance compared to commercially available MEA equipments.
International Journal of Economics and Research , 2011,
Abstract: The development strategies of large companies are marked, after the beginning of the ‘90s, by two major evolutions as compared to the industrial and financial consolidation processes: on the one hand, the activities refocusing on basic materials, and on the other hand, the acceleration of the internationalization of activities connected to the market globalization. These evolutions are mostly the consequences of a logical upheaval of portfolio selection. Such an approach has led to privileges within priorities of choosing investment sectors before the geographical choice(Berdot J.P. et al. (2001), Cavaglias et al. (2000), Forbes and Chinn (2003), Emiris M. (2004)).
Madalina Antoaneta RADOI
Lex et Scientia , 2011,
Abstract: The latest four decades have marked by their width, speed and radicality a true “revolution” on the financial market, a transformation and restructuring of financial services, of financial instruments which were used, of transaction systems, but also of competitive processes. The importance that should be given to such transformations of financial systems is given, as well, by their impact, both at the micro- and at the macro- levels, on the economy as a whole.The evolution of the European financial market at the beginning of the 21st century has followed the general trend of global markets. As a main tendency of financial market restructuring at the European level we should keep in mind the fact that there was an opening towards private financing according to the American model, due to the necessity to attract international capital resources, a process which is still ongoing.The integration of the European financial markets at the beginning of the 21st century follows the general process of financial globalization which develops rapidly on several structures of financial systems.
Trinocladus divnae and montiella filipovici: A new species (Dasycladales, green algae) from the Upper Cretaceous of the Mountain Pa trik (Mirdita Zone)
Radoi?i? Rajka
Geolo?ki Anali Balkanskog Poluostrva , 2006, DOI: 10.2298/gabp0667065r
Abstract: Two new dasycladalean species from the Upper Cretaceous of the Mountain Pa trik, Kukes Cretaceous Unit of the Mirdita Zone are described: Trinocladus divnae sp. nov. is characterized by variable size of the thallus, relatively narrow main axis, typical Trinocladus organization of the laterals and thin calcification limited to the distal part of the thallus which includes a swollen part of secondaries and short tertiaries. Often, the internal portion of the whorls (except sometimes the main stem membrane), tends to dissolve and form dissolution cavities filled with cement. Montiella filipovici sp. nov. is characterized by a primary skeleton made of a thin individual sheath around a fertile ampullae, often obliterated by recrystallization. Four to six laterals, each giving one secondary and one fertile ampulla located on the upper side of the relatively thick short primary lateral. Upper Cenomanian limestone with Cisalveolina fraasi and Trinocladus divnae sp. nov. was deposited immediately before the events that resulted in sea level rising. The middle and upper Cenomanian eustatic-tectonic processes had different effects in the Pa trik shallow water areas, depending on the distance from the basinal part of the Unit. Bathymetric changes in a part of the Pa trik sedimentary area were not significant, even negligible. Montiella filipovici is found in the post-fraasi shallow water sequence, assigned to the ?uppermost Cenomanian-lowermost Turonian (= Whiteinella archaeocretacea Zone p. p.; a short stratigraphic gap, in a part of the area, is noted). Shallow water limestone with Turonian taxa, corresponding to the helvetca Zone, occurs a few meters upward. Supplementary note: the species Cylindroporella parva RADOI I is transferred in the genus Montiella, the species Permocalculus elliotti JOHNSON is transferred in the genus Trinocladus, while the species Trinocladus bellus YU JING is transferred in the genus Belzungia.
New Dasycladalean Alga from the Upper Cretaceous of the Island Pa man, Croatia
Radoi?i? Rajka
Geolo?ki Anali Balkanskog Poluostrva , 2002, DOI: 10.2298/gabp0264083r
Abstract: The minute Salpingoporella - S. pasmanica n. sp. - is described. It was found in hemipelagics limestone of the Dalmatian island Pa man, Adriatic Carbonate Platform.
Note on Paleocene algae in the Dubrovnik coast - Adriatic carbonate platform
Radoi?i? Rajka
Geolo?ki Anali Balkanskog Poluostrva , 2003, DOI: 10.2298/gabp0301029r
Abstract: The presence of Paleocene in the Dubrovnik Coast (Adriatic Carbonate Platform) is documented by algal flora in the locality Plo ice, Konavli. The algal assemblage includes more than 20 species. Ten taxa present in the Paleocene of the Karst (NE Italy-Slovenia) occur in Plo ice: Acroporella chiapasensis DELOFFRE, FOURCADE & MICHAUD, Decastroporella tergestina BARATTOLO, Drobnella slovenica BARATTOLO, Dissocladella gracilis RADOI I Hamulusella? liburnica (RADOI I ), Cymopolia elongata (DEFRANCE) MUNIER-CHALMAS, Cymopolia paronai RAINERI, Cymopolia satyavanti (PIA) Cymopolia cf. barberae ELLIOTT and Microsporangiella buseri BARATTOLO. The stratigraphy of the Konavli carbonate belt has been revised in this study.
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