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“Good Vibrations”: The Social Networks of Optimists and Alter-Optimists  [PDF]
Miguel Pereira Lopes
Social Networking (SN) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/sn.2012.11001
Abstract: This study empirically tested if the personality trait of optimism and the interpersonal capability to generate optimism in one’s network nodes (i.e., alter-optimism) influences the social relationship patterns. The results provide evidence that optimism trait is independent from the way social networks of personal-issue sharing, advice-seeking, problem-solving, and innovation, are structured. In contrary, the alter-optimism capability does provide a good explanation of one’s social network position. Implications of these findings are discussed at the end.
A Dialectical Approach to Positive Organizational Studies  [PDF]
Miguel Pereira Lopes
American Journal of Industrial and Business Management (AJIBM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ajibm.2013.32024

Over the last decade, an academic movement emerged towards the study of positive phenomena in management and organization studies. Since then, two different scientific research streams have emerged in line with this positive approach to management: 1) positive organizational scholarship (POS), which proposes a trait approach view of positive virtues and strengths and sees the environment as a moderator variable which facilitates or not the exhibition of corresponding positive behaviours; and positive organizational behaviour (POB), which defends a state-like perspective of positive characteristics, thus putting a strong emphasis on situational factors as determinants of positive behaviour, leaving a marginal role to positive psychological traits. As a critical comparison between these two different research streams is yet to be done, in this paper I propose a dialectical approach to study positivity in organizations and contrast these two different ontological approaches to positivity in organizations. I presented arguments to demonstrate that each of these approaches alone constitute quite a limited proposal in that each of them seems to misleadingly assume that: traits cannot be changed; they show incongruence between assumptions and purpose and; they constitute biased viewpoints. A dialectical approach makes possible to overcome these shortcomings by assuming both personality characteristics and environmental features relate each other in an intertwined complex way to produce positive behaviour in organizations. I finally present some practical implications that a dialectical approach would have to organizations and managers.

Calling for Authentic Leadership: The Moderator Role of Calling on the Relationship between Authentic Leadership and Work Engagement  [PDF]
Victor Seco, Miguel Pereira Lopes
Open Journal of Leadership (OJL) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojl.2013.24015
Authentic Leadership (AL) literature supports the existence of a positive relationship between perceived AL, follower work engagement, and positive attitudes like calling. Our research doesn’t confirm that relationship and fosters the possibility of AL influence could not be felt by employees. It was also expected, theoretically, a positive effect of Calling as well as with trust. We have found a significant negative effect on the relationship between AL and calling. But our findings brought some positive insights. There was a positive significant relationship between calling and work engagement. Calling had also moderated, with a positive significant result, the relationship between AL and work engagement. Future research should focus on the importance of perceived AL within the education public services, and the significant effect of calling on work engagement. Our study suggests that organizations could promote employee calling work orientation, stimulate leaders to become more authentic, and improve positively organization performance.
Jorge F. S. Gomes,Miguel Pereira Lopes
Revista de Administra??o FACES Journal , 2006,
Abstract: O presente artigo aborda a relev ¢ncia e validade do modelo do equil -brio pontuado (GERSICK, 1991) para a compreens £o das mudan §as ocorridas nas organiza § μes, principalmente das mudan §as ao n -vel da gest £o dos recursos humanos. A aplica § £o deste modelo de mudan §a organizacional permite-nos levantar algumas hip 3teses para explicar o facto de muitas organiza § μes que implementam mudan §as significativas nas pr ticas de gest £o de recursos humanos n £o encontrarem resultados da mesma magnitude ao n -vel dos resultados esperados. Especificamente, a breve an lise efectuada leva-nos a pensar (i) que muitas das altera § μes ocorridas nas pr ticas de gest £o n £o constituem mudan §as genu -nas ao n -vel organizacional, (ii) que muitas dessas mudan §as acabam inclusive por servir a tend ancia de in rcia das organiza § μes e (iii) que essa genu -na mudan §a organizacional ocorre apenas quando existe uma mudan §a nas regras b sicas que regem a organiza § £o, ou seja, quando existe uma transforma § £o cultural e estrutural capaz de sustentar e refor §ar as mudan §as realizadas ao n -vel da gest £o dos recursos humanos.
Jorge F. S. Gomes,Miguel Pereira Lopes
Revista de Administra??o FACES Journal , 2006,
Abstract: O presente artigo aborda a relevancia e validade do modelo do equilíbrio pontuado (GERSICK, 1991) para a compreens o das mudan as ocorridas nas organiza es, principalmente das mudan as ao nível da gest o dos recursos humanos. A aplica o deste modelo de mudan a organizacional permite-nos levantar algumas hipóteses para explicar o facto de muitas organiza es que implementam mudan as significativas nas práticas de gest o de recursos humanos n o encontrarem resultados da mesma magnitude ao nível dos resultados esperados. Especificamente, a breve análise efectuada leva-nos a pensar (i) que muitas das altera es ocorridas nas práticas de gest o n o constituem mudan as genuínas ao nível organizacional, (ii) que muitas dessas mudan as acabam inclusive por servir a tendência de inércia das organiza es e (iii) que essa genuína mudan a organizacional ocorre apenas quando existe uma mudan a nas regras básicas que regem a organiza o, ou seja, quando existe uma transforma o cultural e estrutural capaz de sustentar e refor ar as mudan as realizadas ao nível da gest o dos recursos humanos.
Adaptation of Bird Communities to Farmland Abandonment in a Mountain Landscape
Jo?o Lopes Guilherme, Henrique Miguel Pereira
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0073619
Abstract: Widespread farmland abandonment has led to significant landscape transformations of many European mountain areas. These semi-natural multi-habitat landscapes are important reservoirs of biodiversity and their abandonment has important conservation implications. In multi-habitat landscapes the adaptation of communities depends on the differential affinity of the species to the available habitats. We use nested species-area relationships (SAR) to model species richness patterns of bird communities across scales in a mountain landscape, in NW Portugal. We compare the performance of the classic-SAR and the countryside-SAR (i.e. multi-habitat) models at the landscape scale, and compare species similarity decay (SSD) at the regional scale. We find a considerable overlap of bird communities in the different land-uses (farmland, shrubland and oak forest) at the landscape scale. Analysis of the classic and countryside SAR show that specialist species are strongly related to their favourite habitat. Farmland and shrubland have higher regional SSD compared to oak forests. However, this is due to the opportunistic use of farmlands by generalist birds. Forest specialists display significant regional turnover in oak forest. Overall, the countryside-SAR model had a better fit to the data showing that habitat composition determines species richness across scales. Finally, we use the countryside-SAR model to forecast bird diversity under four scenarios of land-use change. Farmland abandonment scenarios show little impact on bird diversity as the model predicts that the complete loss of farmland is less dramatic, in terms of species diversity loss, than the disappearance of native Galicio-Portuguese oak forest. The affinities of species to non-preferred habitats suggest that bird communities can adapt to land-use changes derived from farmland abandonment. Based on model predictions we argue that rewilding may be a suitable management option for many European mountain areas.
Marketing de ideias e constru??o de redes: As duas vias de atrac??o de recursos para novos empreendimentos
Lopes,Miguel Pereira; Cunha,Miguel Pina e; Reis,Filipa;
Comportamento Organizacional e Gest?o , 2006,
Abstract: this article presents a framework to explain how entrepreneurs attract critical resources to venture creation and development. we conceive the entrepreneur as a magnetizer establishing relationships with relevant resource-holders through two possible routes: a direct route refering to how the entrepreneur seeks to engage others in the venture and to persuade them to support his/her entrepreneurial efforts; and an indirect route concerning the magnetic effects of his/her social network positions and venture legitimacy. the framework ads to entrepreneurship theory by adopting a meso-level stance which privileges neither the individual personality traits, nor the macro socio-economic-cultural constraints. practical contributions are discussed in the end of the article.
Comportamento organizacional positivo e empreendedorismo: Uma influência mutuamente vantajosa
Palma,Patrícia Jardim da; Cunha,Miguel Pina e; Lopes,Miguel Pereira;
Comportamento Organizacional e Gest?o , 2007,
Abstract: positive organizational behavior (pob) and entrepreneurship are both making na effort to be aknowledged as reference fields in organizational researh. stil, both these research disciplines can benefit from improvements at the conceptual, methodological and practice levels. based on an analysis of the state of the art of these two fields, this article aims to present synergies between pob and entrepreneurship, in order to contribute to a more sustained development of each of these disciplines. pob might benefit from entepreneurship by introducing a concern with the societal impact, a more integrated approach, and a temporal perspective in the study of psychological capabilities. enterpreneurship research can be enriched by evidencing pob?s use of clear success criteria, a concern with methodological reliability and a developmental view of entrepreneurs characteristics.
Accessory Placental Structures—A Review  [PDF]
Rennan Lopes Olio, Luis Miguel Lobo, Márcio Aparecido Pereira, Amilton Cesar Santos, Diego Carvalho Viana, Phelipe Oliveira Favaron, Maria Angelica Miglino
Open Journal of Animal Sciences (OJAS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojas.2014.45039
Abstract: Many studies have reported on the different types of placenta in different species, but accessory or paraplacental structures are mentioned only in species that have such a nutrient-exchanging mechanism. Hystricomorph rodents possess a subplacenta, swine and equines have the placental areola, equines have the chorionic girdle, and carnivores have hemophagous organs that are equivalent to the placental hematoma in ruminants. These accessory structures are specialized tissues for specific nutrient exchanges in different species, and they are adaptive modifications exhibited by domestic and wild species to remedy the nutritional deficiencies that are related to permeability of the main placenta to important nutrients for the growth and development of the fetus during the gestation.
Propriedades físicas de Latossolo Vermelho distroférrico típico sob sistemas de manejo na sucess o soja-milho no período de três anos = Physical properties in distrofic Red Latosol under management systems in the succession soybean-maize in three years
Reny Adilmar Prestes Lopes,Lucia Helena Pereira Nóbrega,Miguel Angel Uribe-Opazo,Maritane Prior
Acta Scientiarum : Agronomy , 2007,
Abstract: Este trabalho avaliou altera es das propriedades físicas teor de água, densidade e porosidade do solo em áreas sob sistemas de semeadura direta e preparo convencional nas culturas de soja e milho em três anos agrícolas. O experimento foi instalado no NúcleoExperimental de Engenharia Agrícola da Unioeste (Cascavel, Estado do Paraná). Nos dois primeiros anos foi implantada a cultura de soja; no terceiro ano, milho, como cultura de ver o, e aveia preta e nabo forrageiro, como cobertura de inverno. Durante os três anos,foram observados redu o do teor de água e densidade do solo e aumento da porosidade. As varia es nas propriedades físicas do solo mostraram rela o diretamente proporcional entre teor de água e densidade do solo e inversamente para porosidade. O solo apresentoumelhorias nas condi es físicas pelo acréscimo de porosidade e redu o de densidade com as culturas de aveia preta+nabo forrageiro e milho. O manejo soja/milho em rota o com aveia preta+nabo forrageiro mostrou-se mais adequado na melhoria das condi es físicas dosolo do que os sistemas de manejo, uma vez que nenhum dos sistemas teve maior destaque na melhoria das propriedades físicas avaliadas em todo o período. This study evaluated alterations in the physical properties water content, soil density and porosity in areas under no tillage and tillage systems in the cultures of soybean and maize in three agricultural years. The experiment was carried out at the Experimental Nucleus of Agricultural Engineering of Unioeste (Cascavel, state of Paraná). Soybean culture occurred in the first two years and in the third year maize, as summer crop, black oats and forage turnip as winter cover crops. During these three years the study observed reduction of water content and soil density andincrease of porosity . The variations as regards the physical properties of the soil showed direct proportional relation between water content and soil density and was in inverse proportion for soil porosity. The soil presented improvements on its physical conditions for the porosity increase and density reduction with the black oats and forage turnip crops and maize. The soybean/maize management in rotation with black oats and forage turnip showed more adequate in the improvement of the physical conditions of the soil ascompared with the management systems, since neither of the systems had a major impact in the improvements of the physical properties evaluated throughout this whole period.
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