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Cecile Petit,Michel Jourlin,Wolfgang Reckers
Image Analysis and Stereology , 2007, DOI: 10.5566/ias.v26.p145-155
Abstract: The increasing levels of emission standards in Diesel Engines require a detailed understanding, combustion and after treatment. This paper focuses on the spray development as one key parameter in the mixture preparation. The presentation of a methodology to differentiate the internal symmetry of spray images taken under different environmental conditions is presented. In a first step, a preprocessing is performed, then an image re-centering is made using the logarithmic average, afterwards different symmetry axes based on grey levels or on the plume boundary are calculated and, finally, the logarithmic distance characterizing the spray plume internal symmetry is computed. This distance gives more importance to the high grey level pixels, so using our optical setup, it characterizes the liquid continuous core symmetry. The methodology relies on the logarithmic image processing framework, providing a set of specific algebraic and functional operations to analyze images. This paper is an application of the logarithmic image processing framework on Diesel spray characterization. This is a step further in the quantitative diesel spray characterization by means of image analysis. The presented method can be applied to Diesel sprays illuminated with polychromatic or monochromatic light, under atmospheric or pressurized conditions.
Guy Courbebaisse,Frederic Trunde,Michel Jourlin
Image Analysis and Stereology , 2002, DOI: 10.5566/ias.v21.p121-125
Abstract: The Fourier transform is well suited to the study of stationary functions. Yet, it is superseded by the Wavelet transform for the powerful characterizations of function features such as singularities. On the other hand, the LIP (Logarithmic Image Processing) model is a mathematical framework developed by Jourlin and Pinoli, dedicated to the representation and processing of gray tones images called hereafter logarithmic images. This mathematically well defined model, comprising a Fourier Transform "of its own", provides an effective tool for the representation of images obtained by transmitted light, such as microscope images. This paper presents a Wavelet transform within the LIP framework, with preservation of the classical Wavelet Transform properties. We show that the fast computation algorithm due to Mallat can be easily used. An application is given for the detection of crests.
David Garcia,Guy Courbebaisse,Michel Jourlin
Image Analysis and Stereology , 2001, DOI: 10.5566/ias.v20.p143-148
Abstract: This work follows the general framework of polymer injection moulding simulation whose objectives are the mastering of the injection moulding process. The models of numerical simulation make it possible to predict the propagation of the molten polymer during the filling phase from the positioning of one point of injection or more. The objective of this paper is to propose a particular way to optimize the geometry of mold cavity in accordance with physical laws. A direct correlation is pointed out between geometric parameters issued from skeleton transformation and Hausdorff's distance and results provided by implementation of a classical model based on the Hele-Shaw equations which are currently used in the main computer codes of polymer injection.
Cecile Petit,Wolfgang Reckers,Jean-Marie Becker,Michel Jourlin
Image Analysis and Stereology , 2005, DOI: 10.5566/ias.v24.p95-104
Abstract: In Diesel engines, a key element in achieving a clean and efficient combustion process is a proper fuel-air mixing, which is a consequence of the fuel spray development and fuel-air interaction inside the engine combustion chamber. The spray structure and behavior are classically described by the length (penetration) and width (angle) of the spray plume but these parameters do not give any clue on the geometrical injection center and on the spray symmetry. The purpose of this paper is to find out original tools to characterize the Diesel spray: the virtual spray origin is the geometrical injection center, which may (or may not) coincide with the injector axis. Another interesting point is the description of the Diesel spray in terms of symmetry: the spray plume internal and external symmetry characterize the spray and the injector performance. Our approach is first to find out the virtual spray origin: after the image segmentation, the spray is coded with the Freeman code and with an original shape coding from which the moments are derived. The symmetry axes are then computed and the spray plumes are discarded (or not) for the virtual spray origin computation, which is derived from a Voronoi diagram. The last step is the internal and external spray plume symmetry characterization thanks to correlation and mathematical distances.
City Development, Natural Resources and Human Impact: The Case of Medellin, Colombia  [PDF]
Michel Hermelin
Natural Resources (NR) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/nr.2013.48058

Medellin is a 3.5 M inhabitant city located in an Andean valley in northwestern Colombia. Its initial prosperity was due to agriculture and cattle-raising carried out in the valley itself and sold to the surrounding gold mining fields. The investment of these monies in coffee plantations and industry boosted the city development, accelerated urban growth, and since the middle of twentieth century, relegated food production to surrounding regions, which are also responsible for almost the totality of natural resource supply: water, electricity, food, building and industrial raw materials. Among the problems which will have to be solved in order to reach a sustainable development are relocation of population living in areas exposed to natural risks, improvement of road communications with surrounding regions and of internal public transportation and pollution control.

P2CS: a two-component system resource for prokaryotic signal transduction research
Mohamed Barakat, Philippe Ortet, Cécile Jourlin-Castelli, Mireille Ansaldi, Vincent Méjean, David E Whitworth
BMC Genomics , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2164-10-315
Abstract: We present P2CS (Prokaryotic 2-Component Systems), an integrated and comprehensive database of TCS signal transduction proteins, which contains a compilation of the TCS genes within 755 completely sequenced prokaryotic genomes and 39 metagenomes. P2CS provides detailed annotation of each TCS gene including family classification, sequence features, functional domains, as well as genomic context visualization. To bypass the generic problem of gene underestimation during genome annotation, we also constituted and searched an ORFeome, which improves the recovery of TCS proteins compared to searches on the equivalent proteomes.P2CS has been developed for computational analysis of the modular TCSs of prokaryotic genomes and metagenomes. It provides a complete overview of information on TCSs, including predicted candidate proteins and probable proteins, which need further curation/validation. The database can be browsed and queried with a user-friendly web interface at http://www.p2cs.org/ webcite.His-Asp phosphorelays, or two-component system (TCS) signal transduction pathways, are found across all three domains of life, allowing adaptive responses to changes in environmental conditions. However, they are mainly found in bacteria where they control diverse aspects of bacterial metabolism, such as cell differentiation, morphogenesis, central metabolism, motility, biofilm formation and virulence. These systems were classically described as the association of two proteins that communicate through a His-Asp phosphorelay [1]. A typical TCS comprises a histidine kinase (HK) sensor protein, which is capable of autophosphorylation on a conserved His residue, before transferring the phosphoryl group to a conserved Asp residue within the receiver domain (REC) of a response regulator (RR). This 2-step phosphorelay constitutes the basic scheme of TCS signalling. More complex systems utilise a 4-step phosphorelay (His1-Asp1-His2-Asp2) that is made possible by the addition of 2 interme
Spatially and polarization resolved plasmon mediated transmission through continuous metal films
Y. Jourlin,S. Tonchev,A. V. Tishchenko,C. Pedri,C. Veillas,O. Parriaux,A. Last,Y. Lacroute
Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.1364/OE.17.012155
Abstract: The experimental demonstration and characterization is made of the plasmon-mediated resonant transmission through an embedded undulated continuous thin metal film under normal incidence. 1D undulations are shown to enable a spatially resolved polarisation filtering whereas 2D undulations lead to spatially resolved, polarization independent transmission. Whereas the needed submicron microstructure lends itself in principle to CD-like low-cost mass replication by means of injection moulding and embossing, the present paper demonstrates the expected transmission effects on experimental models based on metal-coated photoresist gratings. The spectral and angular dependence in the neighbourhood of resonance are investigated and the question of the excess losses exhibited by surface plasmons is discussed
Main Features of a Complete Ultrasonic Measurement Model: Formal Aspects of Modeling of Both Transducers Radiation and Ultrasonic Flaws Responses  [PDF]
Michel Darmon, Sylvain Chatillon
Open Journal of Acoustics (OJA) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/oja.2013.33A008

This paper aims at describing the theoretical fundamentals of a reciprocity-based ultrasonic measurement model. This complete inspection simulation can be decomposed in two modeling steps, one dedicated to transducer radiation and one to flaw scattering and echo synthesis. The physical meaning of the input/output signals used in these two modeling tools is defined and the theoretical principles of both field calculation and echo computation models are then detailed. The influence on the modeling results of some changes in the simulated configuration (as the incident angle) or some input signal parameters (like the frequency) are studied: it is thus theoretically established that the simulated results can be compared between each other in terms of amplitude for numerous applications when changing some inspection parameters in the simulation but that a calibration for echo calculation is generally required.

DarcyTools: A Computer Code for Hydrogeological Analysis of Nuclear Waste Repositories in Fractured Rock  [PDF]
Urban Svensson, Michel Ferry
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics (JAMP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jamp.2014.26044

A computer code for simulation of groundwater flow and transport is described. Both porous and fractured media are handled by the code. The main intended application is the analysis of a deep repository for nuclear waste and for this reason flow and transport in a sparsely fractured rock is in focus. The mathematical and numerical models are described in some detail. In short, one may say that the code is based on the traditional conservation and state laws, but also embodies a number of submodels (subgrid processes, permafrost, etc). An unstructured Cartesian grid and a finite volume approach are the key elements in the discretization of the basic equations. A multigrid solver is part of the code as well as a parallelization option based on the SPMD (Single-Program Multiple-Data) method. The main application areas are summarized and an application to a deep repository is discussed in some more detail.

Urban Trends and Economic Development in China: Geography Matters!  [PDF]
Michel Dimou, Alexandra Schaffar
Current Urban Studies (CUS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/cus.2014.23016
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to document the role of spatial effects in the relationship between urban trends and economic development in China, between 1984 and 2004. During this period the Chi-nese urban system experienced dramatic changes, with significant rural-urban, intra-provincial and interprovincial migration, mainly after the 1993 reforms that eased the former Hukou rule and abolished the prevailing cross-region labor mobility restrictions. This study draws upon recent econometrical tools based on spatial panel data models, developed in order to deliver evidence for a linear relationship between urbanization rates and GDP per capita and an inverted-U relationship between urban primacy and GDP per capita in the Chinese provinces.
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