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Optimization of Layout using Discrete Event Simulation
Ond?ej Kurkin,Michalimon
IBIMA Business Review , 2011,
Abstract: This contribution focuses on optimizing the layout of the two production lines for Daimler (hereinafter referred to as DA) and VW Group (hereinafter referred to as VAG) products in the company BOS Automotive Products ltd. The main reason for this optimization is the reduction of the spatial arrangement of the production hall with regard to the planned production. The aim of this study is to optimize the spatial arrangement of the CARGO LOADER (hereinafter referred to as CL) production hall, where storage systems for automobiles are produced on the Daimler and VW Group production lines.
Monitoring of X-Ray Sources in the Optical Spectral Region
Vojtěch ?imon
Advances in Astronomy , 2010, DOI: 10.1155/2010/382936
Abstract: We review current results and perspectives of the photometric monitoring of the optical counterparts of X-ray sources of various kinds (binary X-ray sources (cataclysmic variables and low-mass X-ray binaries, supersoft X-ray sources, microquasars), gamma-ray bursts). We discuss the problems of the monitoring of the individual kinds of objects in the optical and X-ray passbands. We show the importance of multifilter monitoring to obtain a deeper understanding of the physical processes and to resolve between the individual emission mechanisms. We also show that there are brief, unique, and little understood phenomena which are very promising targets for the optical monitoring, for example, flares in intermediate polars. 1. Introduction This review deals with the observations of the optical counterparts of sources of high-energy emission. Since the research field of the high-energy sources is already very broad, we have to limit this topic. We will concentrate on the systems which contain a compact object with the mass comparable with the stars, that is, excluding supermassive black holes present in active galactic nuclei. Furthermore, we will concentrate on the systems and events in which the optical emission radiated by the accreting matter dominates. Our review is focused on binary X-ray sources (cataclysmic variables (CVs), low-mass X-ray binaries (LMXBs), supersoft X-ray sources, microquasars), gamma-ray bursts (GRBs). These objects are very important laboratories for the study of the physical processes occurring in extreme conditions. However, their activity on long timescales of months, years, and even decades remains little studied, although it is very important for our understanding of the relevant physics. A search for and analysis of rare dramatic variations of activity like outbursts of various kinds which reflect huge changes of the physical processes are particularly exciting. Study of the long-term activity requires monitoring of the individual objects (if they are already identified), or even monitoring of the large fields of the sky to search for the events like optical afterglows of GRBs. 2. Binary X-Ray Sources CVs and LMXBs are binary systems in the phase of mass exchange (e.g., [1, 2]). They contain a compact object (white dwarf in CVs, neutron star, or black hole in LMXBs) which accretes matter from its Roche lobe-filling companion (the so-Called donor). The donor is usually a late type main-sequence star, but also rare cases where it is a subgiant or a white dwarf are known (the type of the donor depends on the orbital period ranging
Studies for obtaining a small holle, rapid edm drilling machine
Mihai ?imon,Lucian Grama
Scientific Bulletin of the ''Petru Maior" University of T?rgu Mure? , 2011,
Abstract: This paper studies the obtaining of an experimental rapid drilling machine, through EDM process for small holes. The best parameters such as peak current, pulse frequency, duty factor and electrode rotation speed were studied for best machining characteristics. An electrolytic copper rod 0.8 mm diameter was selected as a tool electrode. The experiments generate output responses such as maximum material removal rate (MRR) and the dependence with peak current, duty factor and Electrode rotation, parameters. Finally, parameters were optimized for maximum MRR with desired surface roughness value and used for sizing the component for a better small rapid drilling machine.
Research on improving performance to metallographic microscopes
Teodor Socaciu,Mihai ?imon
Scientific Bulletin of the ''Petru Maior" University of T?rgu Mure? , 2011,
Abstract: Precision optical components from an old optical microscope can be improved and emphasized with a dedicated digital microscope camera. This is an affordable way to obtain a high performance metallographic or biological microscope, with minimum of spending. This paper study those ways and adapts a camera to existing microscopes for researchers use, Optimizing visualization by projecting the image and improving the microscope use by different options of capture and image processing.
The community service in Romania. The first community service workshop
Dobrescu, A.,imon, M.
Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Bra?ov. Series VII : Social Sciences and Law , 2010,
Abstract: This article aims at a topical and of great interest issue for the specialists working in the Reinstatement Service and also for those who are dealing with criminally sanctioned citizens. The current system of non-custodial sanctions existing in Romania is still in its beginning, providing few alternatives for obeying this type of punishments in a non-custodial framework but which is yet well organized and supervised. The intimation of this aspect and the desire to promote the non-custodial sanctions among the persons who have violated the criminal law, in 2009, led to the establishment of the first workshop of unpaid work in Romania. The interviews, with the specialists directly involved in this project, show that a sustained effort from the public and private community institutions, the community service workshops can be efficient and viable methods of social reintegration for the criminally sanctioned citizens.
Image Sterilization to Prevent LSB-based Steganographic Transmission
Goutam Paul,Imon Mukherjee
Computer Science , 2010,
Abstract: Sterilization is a very popular word used in biomedical testing (like removal of all microorganisms on surface of an article or in fluid using appropriate chemical products). Motivated by this biological analogy, we, for the first time, introduce the concept of sterilization of an image, i.e., removing any steganographic information embedded in the image. Experimental results show that our technique succeeded in sterilizing around 76% to 91% of stego pixels in an image on average, where data is embedded using LSB-based steganography.
Symmetric Three-Term Recurrence Equations and Their Symplectic Structure
imon Hilscher Roman,Zeidan Vera
Advances in Difference Equations , 2010,
Abstract: We revive the study of the symmetric three-term recurrence equations. Our main result shows that these equations have a natural symplectic structure, that is, every symmetric three-term recurrence equation is a special discrete symplectic system. The assumptions on the coefficients in this paper are weaker and more natural than those in the current literature. In addition, our result implies that symmetric three-term recurrence equations are completely equivalent with Jacobi difference equations arising in the discrete calculus of variations. Presented applications of this study include the Riccati equation and inequality, detailed Sturmian separation and comparison theorems, and the eigenvalue theory for these three-term recurrence and Jacobi equations.
Preparing and Managing the Remote Experiment in Education
Tomá? Kozík,Marek ?imon
International Journal of Online Engineering (iJOE) , 2013, DOI: 10.3991/ijoe.v9i1.2370
Abstract: Remote laboratories have become a real fact in recent years not only at technical universities, but also at lower educational levels. The use of such technology in education is not associated only with the advantages. The attention of pedagogical research is necessary to focus also to some specific problems, pitfalls and risks that occur as a side effect. The development and operation of remote laboratories requires certain resources. Some experiments are able to run fully automatically, others require constant human interference on the spot. What has been overlooked the developers and users of remote experiments was the question how to manage the long-term operation, reliability and innovation of the remote real experiments installed at remote laboratories. In remote experiments, students, consciously or unconsciously, are trying the limit parameters of the experiment. Although such behaviour is important in terms of education, safety of the facilities must be taken into account.
Decently regular steady solutions to the compressible NSAC system
imon Axmann,Piotr B. Mucha
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: We aim at proving existence of weak solutions to the stationary compressible Navier-Stokes system coupled with the Allen-Cahn equation. The model is studied in a bounded three dimensional domain with slip boundary conditions for the momentum equations and the Neumann condition for the Allen-Cahn model. The main result establishes existence of weak solutions with bounded densities. The construction is possible assuming sufficiently large value of the heat capacity ratio $\gamma$ ($p \sim \rho^\gamma$). As a corollary we obtain weak solutions for a less restrictive case losing point-wise boundedness of the density.
Weyl-Titchmarsh Theory for Time Scale Symplectic Systems on Half Line
Roman imon Hilscher,Petr Zemánek
Abstract and Applied Analysis , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/738520
Abstract: We develop the Weyl-Titchmarsh theory for time scale symplectic systems. We introduce the ()-function, study its properties, construct the corresponding Weyl disk and Weyl circle, and establish their geometric structure including the formulas for their center and matrix radii. Similar properties are then derived for the limiting Weyl disk. We discuss the notions of the system being in the limit point or limit circle case and prove several characterizations of the system in the limit point case and one condition for the limit circle case. We also define the Green function for the associated nonhomogeneous system and use its properties for deriving further results for the original system in the limit point or limit circle case. Our work directly generalizes the corresponding discrete time theory obtained recently by S. Clark and P. Zemánek (2010). It also unifies the results in many other papers on the Weyl-Titchmarsh theory for linear Hamiltonian differential, difference, and dynamic systems when the spectral parameter appears in the second equation. Some of our results are new even in the case of the second-order Sturm-Liouville equations on time scales.
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