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Trois cantons suisses face aux réformes. Une impossible séparation entre sphères politique et administrative ?
David Giauque,Fabien Resenterra,Michal Siggen
Pyramides : Revue du Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches en Administration Publique , 2012,
Abstract: Sur la base d'une enquête quantitative et qualitative auprès des hauts fonctionnaires et membres du Gouvernement des cantons du Valais, du Jura et de Neuchatel, le présent article vise à tester l'hypothèse selon laquelle les réformes inspirées des principes de la nouvelle gestion publique conduisent à la redéfinition des relations entre acteurs politiques et administratifs. Autrement dit, l'introduction des réformes permettrait de séparer plus strictement les activités stratégiques des activités opérationnelles. Or, les constats que nous tirons de nos investigations rendent compte d'une certaine stabilité des relations politico-administratives, au-delà des différences constatées dans les stratégies de modernisation menées dans les trois entités cantonales. Des facteurs institutionnels, mais également politiques, peuvent expliquer cette stabilité. De sorte que nos résultats remettent en question la faisabilité et la légitimité d'une séparation entre sphères politique et administrative à un niveau de gouvernance cantonal en Suisse.
Phosphate and Nitrate Release from Mucky Mineral Soils  [PDF]
Michal A. Leblanc, Léon E. Parent, Gilles Gagné
Open Journal of Soil Science (OJSS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojss.2013.32012

High-organic (mucky) mineral soils make a small proportion of the Canadian agricultural land but are highly productive, especially for organic farming. Although these high-quality soils may release large amounts of nitrate and phosphate to the environment, there is yet no reliable agro-environmental indicator for managing N and P compared to the adjacent mineral and organic soils. Our objective was to quantify the N mineralization and P environmental risks of mucky mineral soils. Nine Canadian soil series (eight Orthic Humic Gleysols and one Terric Humisol with three variants) were analyzed for texture, pH(CaCl2), total C and N, oxalate and Mehlich-III (M-III) extractable P, Al and Fe, and water extractable P (Pw). Soil texture varied from loamy sand to heavy clay, organic carbon (OC) content ranged from 14 to 392 g·OC·kg-1, total N from 1.21 to 16.38 g·N·kg-1, and degree of P saturation (DPSM-III) as molar (P/[Al + γFe])M-III percentage between 0.3% and 11.3%. After 100 d of incubation, soils released 31 to 340 mg·N·kg-1. The N mineralization rate was closely correlated to organic matter content (r = 0.91, p < 0.01). Sandy to loamy soils released 1.2 - 1.8 kg·N·ha-1·d-1 compared to 1.6 - 2.4 kg·N·ha-1·d-1 for clayey soils, 2.0

Reconstruction of Danio rerio Metabolic Model Accounting for Subcellular Compartmentalisation
Michal Bekaert
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0049903
Abstract: Plant and microbial metabolic engineering is commonly used in the production of functional foods and quality trait improvement. Computational model-based approaches have been used in this important endeavour. However, to date, fish metabolic models have only been scarcely and partially developed, in marked contrast to their prominent success in metabolic engineering. In this study we present the reconstruction of fully compartmentalised models of the Danio rerio (zebrafish) on a global scale. This reconstruction involves extraction of known biochemical reactions in D. rerio for both primary and secondary metabolism and the implementation of methods for determining subcellular localisation and assignment of enzymes. The reconstructed model (ZebraGEM) is amenable for constraint-based modelling analysis, and accounts for 4,988 genes coding for 2,406 gene-associated reactions and only 418 non-gene-associated reactions. A set of computational validations (i.e., simulations of known metabolic functionalities and experimental data) strongly testifies to the predictive ability of the model. Overall, the reconstructed model is expected to lay down the foundations for computational-based rational design of fish metabolic engineering in aquaculture.
Manfred G rlach. English Words Abroad
Michal Abecassis
Lexikos , 2011, DOI: 10.5788/14--704
Abstract: Since the Second World War, the infiltration of English into the Romance languages has remarkably increased, notably diffused by various media such as newspapers, radio and television broadcasts, popular music, and the internet. This comprehensive, thorough and authoritative work, whose data has been collected from these different sources, strives to quantify the spread of Anglicisms within individual foreign languages.
Is Lexicography Making Progress? On Dictionary Use and Language Learners' Needs
Michal Abecassis
Lexikos , 2011, DOI: 10.5788/17--521
Abstract: : This article sets out to explore the ways native speakers as well as foreign language learners use dictionaries and the strategies dictionary users adopt in the language acquisition process. The basis for this article is a corpus of six books (in chronological order Atkins (Ed.) 1998, Nesi 2000, Tono 2001, Humbl? 2001, Sin-wai (Ed.) 2004 and Thumb 2004) that look at both the usage of bilingual, monolingual and bilingualised dictionaries and the users' behaviour in the consultation process. Both the bilingual and monolingual dictionaries seem to be used independently, depending on whether the user wants to utilise them for comprehension, translation or production with regard to a foreign language. As pointed out in the literature on lexicography, some of these dictionaries, though they have undergone many changes over the years, still have serious limitations as learning tools, but the user's performance is also under investigation in empirical research, with the aim of optimising dictionary effectiveness as well as developing the language learner's skills. Keywords: LEXICOGRAPHY, MONOLINGUAL, BILINGUAL, BILINGUALISED, DIC-TIONARIES, LANGUAGE ACQUISITION, DICTIONARY USER, LOOK-UP STRATEGIES, THINK-ALOUD, TRANSLATION, CORPUS, SKILLS Opsomming: Maak leksikografie vordering? Oor woordeboekgebruik en taalaanleerders se behoeftes. Die doel van hierdie artikel is om die maniere te verken waarop beide moedertaalsprekers en vreemdetaalaanleerders woordeboeke gebruik en die strate-gie wat woordeboekgebruikers toepas by die taalverwerwingsproses. Die basis vir hierdie artikel is 'n korpus van ses boeke (in chronologiese volgorde Atkins (Red.) 1998, Nesi 2000, Tono 2001, Humblé 2001, Sin-wai (Red.) 2004 en Thumb 2004) wat kyk na sowel die gebruik van tweetalige, eentalige en vertweetaligde woordeboeke as die gebruikers se gedrag by die raadplegingsproses. Beide die tweetalige en eentalige woordeboeke word skynbaar onafhanklik gebruik, afhangende daarvan of die gebruiker hulle wil aanwend vir begrip, vertaling of produksie met betrekking tot 'n vreemde taal. Soos die literatuur oor leksikografie aantoon, het sommige van hierdie woordeboeke, alhoewel hulle deur die jare baie veranderinge ondergaan het, steeds ernstige beperkinge as leer-werktuie, maar die gebruiker se prestasie word ook in empiriese navorsing ondersoek met die doel om sowel die effektiwiteit van woordeboeke te verhoog as om die taalaanleerder se vaardighede te ontwikkel. Sleutelwoorde: LEKSIKOGRAFIE, EENTALIGE, TWEETALIGE, VERTWEETALIGDE, WOORDEBOEKE, TAALVERWERWING, WOORDEBOEKGEBRUIKER, N
Ursula Wingate. The Effectiveness of Different Learner Dictionaries: An Investigation into the Use of Dictionaries for Reading Comprehension by Intermediate Learners of German.
Michal Abecassis
Lexikos , 2011, DOI: 10.5788/16--671
Abstract: Unlike the long tradition of EFL dictionaries, German learners' dictionaries are quite recent and were first marketed in the 1990s. Ursula Wingate's book is quite unique, since studies in German learners' dictionaries are very few, as is empirical research conducted in dictionary use.
Gabriele Stein. Better Words: Evaluating EFL Dictionaries.
Michal Abecassis
Lexikos , 2011, DOI: 10.5788/16--670
Abstract: Gabriele Stein, a Professor of English Linguistics at the University of Heidelberg, is one of the most authoritative academics in the study of English as a foreign language, and has published a wide range of research in the field of English lexicography. This book which is a collection of reprinted articles and previously unprinted papers, forms a cornerstone in EFL lexicography. It is a useful reference book for both EFL teachers and students alike, as well as for lexicographers.
Gabriele Stein. Developing Your English Vocabulary: A Systematic New Approach
Michal Abecassis
Lexikos , 2011, DOI: 10.5788/15-0-30
Abstract: Gabriele Stein is professor of English linguistics at the University of Heidelberg in Germany and has published widely on lexicography and lexicology. The objective of this book is twofold: to compile a lexical core and to maximise the skills of language students by developing ways of expanding this core. It is intended to function as a teaching aid for teachers of English as well as a self-study book for learners of English as a second language. Lexical knowledge is a crucial part of language acquisition and depends on different external factors such as the age and profession of the learner, his/her goals, expectations and needs in learning a language. Beck et al. (2002) have demonstrated the small extent of the emphasis on the acquisition vocabulary in school curricula.
Geoffrey Leech, Paul Rayson and Andrew Wilson. Word Frequencies in Written and Spoken English
Michal Abecassis
Lexikos , 2011, DOI: 10.5788/15-0-26
Abstract: Geoffrey Leech, Emeritus Professor in the Department of Linguistics and Mod-ern English Language at Lancaster University, has been the co-editor and co-author of much research on English grammar, and computational and corpus linguistics. During the past thirty years, his major focus has been the analysis and processing of English with the building of the 100-million word British Na-tional Corpus, composed of modern English written texts as well as spoken transcriptions. Derived from a new version of this large electronic corpus, Leech et al's word-frequency book is a very comprehensive database for the linguist and lexicographer alike. In the past, frequency lists tended to focus on written language only, but this book has the merit of covering not only present-day written English, but also of encapsulating lexical frequency in modern spoken language. Spoken data only makes up 10% of the British National Corpus, however, as the transcription and digitisation of spoken language is extremely time-consuming. The spoken data in this book has been divided into a conver-sational part which includes informal dialogues (recordings of everyday spon-taneous interaction) and a task-oriented part that represents 60% of the spoken data of the corpus and includes more formal audio material (lectures, TV and radio broadcasting).
Thomas Herbst and Kerstin Popp (Editors). The Perfect Learners' Dictionary (?).
Michal Abecassis
Lexikos , 2011, DOI: 10.5788/16--667
Abstract: This collection of articles originates from a 1997 symposium in which participated some of the most eminent scholars researching lexicography and linguistics, that, since the 1970s, have widely developed to the extent of becoming a thriving market for publishers. Looking back at the evolution of EFL dictionaries for learners and ahead to the use of corpus linguistics for the compilation of a new generation of dictionaries, this volume is of particular interest to lexicographers, although some of its references may now appear slightly outdated.
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