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Central limit theorem and almost sure central limit theorem for the product of some partial sums
Yu Miao
Mathematics , 2007,
Abstract: In this paper, we give the central limit theorem and almost sure central limit theorem for products of some partial sums of independent identically distributed random variables.
Two-Dimensional Medical Image 3D Visualization System’s Realization  [PDF]
Ai Ting, Li Zhe, Miao Yu
Open Journal of Applied Sciences (OJAppS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojapps.2013.31B007
Abstract: With the development of virtual reality application in the medical field, two-dimensional medical image of the three-dimensional visualization technology made possible. Surgery gets into minimally invasive operation microscopy Era, and gradually becomes a new research hotspot. This paper studies the realization of two-dimensional medical im-age 3D reconstruction visualization system method, and the overall process and management module. Using the main technology of VTK (The Visualization Toolkit) to achieve a two-dimensional medical image three-dimensional visua-lization system, which can help the physician to obtain help clinical diagnosis Information and play an important role in treatment, accurate positioning in diseased tissue and tumor early diagnosis.
Measuring Method of Radius of Curvature Based on Dual-Frequency Laser Interferometer  [PDF]
Wenlong Zhang, Liang Miao, Yu Liu
Optics and Photonics Journal (OPJ) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/opj.2016.68B035
In order to achieve high-accuracy measurement of radius of curvature of optical sphere, ultra-high accuracy radius of curvature testing device is developed by dual-frequency laser interferometer and Fizeau interferometer based on cat’s eye and confocal method. Through analyzing the error source models of radius of curvature testing, optical configuration of the testing device has been optimized. Precise environment control and real-time monitoring system is also established to reduce the errors caused by environment. Through the above processes, the radius of curvature measurement relative accuracy is better than 2 ppm. One optical sphere, R88.5 mm, test aperture 59 mm, has been tested. Testing result is 88499.465 ± 0.176 μm, meeting the design requirement. The method has high accuracy and practical advantages.
Study on Knowledge Integration in Innovation Clustering Project  [PDF]
Miao Yu, Fangwei Zhu, Peng Wang
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2016.411014
In this paper, we establish a framework for analyzing knowledge integration across organizations in the context of innovation clustering. In order to pinpoint the process of national innovation clustering and the internal process of knowledge integration, we view innovation clustering project from a systematic perspective. Based on multiple case studies of typical innovation clustering projects, this study identified multi-dimensional innovation clustering capacity of dominant firm, and established process model of innovation clustering involving innovation capability and knowledge integration. The results show that the perfect matching of innovation clustering capacity and the process of knowledge integration in the whole life cycle of innovation clustering is the key to innovation performance, and the dominant firm centered national innovation system needs the synergy of innovation clustering capability of dominant firm and efficient process of knowledge integration to integrate resources of all subjects and enhance innovative capability of whole system.
Medical Image Segmentation of Improved Genetic Algorithm Research Based on Dictionary Learning  [PDF]
Xianqi Cao, Jiaqing Miao, Yu Xiao
World Journal of Engineering and Technology (WJET) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/wjet.2017.51008
Abstract: The image signal is represented by using the atomic of image signal to train an over complete dictionary and is described as sparse linear combinations of these atoms. Recently, the dictionary algorithm for image signal tracking and decomposition is mainly adopted as the focus of research. An alternate iterative algorithm of sparse encoding, sample dictionary and dictionary based on atomic update process is K-SVD decomposition. A new segmentation algorithm of brain MRI image, which uses the noise reduction method with adaptive dictionary based on genetic algorithm, is presented in this paper, and the experimental results show that the algorithm in brain MRI image segmentation has fast calculation speed and the advantage of accurate segmentation. In a very complicated situation, the results show that the segmentation of brain MRI images can be accomplished successfully by using this algorithm, and it achieves the ideal effect and has good accuracy.
The cytological changes of tobacco zygote and proembryo cells induced by beta-glucosyl Yariv reagent suggest the involvement of arabinogalactan proteins in cell division and cell plate formation
Miao Yu, Jie Zhao
BMC Plant Biology , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2229-12-126
Abstract: In this study, we used the tobacco in vitro zygote culture system and series of meticulous cell biology techniques to investigate the roles of AGPs in zygote and proembryo cell division. For the first time, we examined tobacco proembryo division patterns detailed to every cell division. The bright-field images and statistical results both revealed that with the addition of an exogenous AGPs inhibitor, beta-glucosyl Yariv (beta-GlcY) reagent, the frequency of aberrant division increased remarkably in cultured tobacco zygotes and proembryos, and the cell plate specific locations of AGPs were greatly reduced after beta-GlcY treatment. In addition, the accumulations of new cell wall materials were also significantly affected by treating with beta-GlcY. Detection of cellulose components by Calcofluor white stain showed that strong fluorescence was located in the newly formed wall of daughter cells after the zygotic division of in vivo samples and the control samples from in vitro culture without beta-GlcY treatment; while there was only weak fluorescence in the newly formed cell walls with beta-GlcY treatment. Immunocytochemistry examination with JIM5 and JIM7 respectively against the low- and high-esterified pectins displayed that these two pectins located in opposite positions of zygotes and proembryos in vivo and the polarity was not affected by beta-GlcY. Furthermore, FM4-64 staining revealed that endosomes were distributed in the cell plates of proembryos, and the localization pattern was also affected by beta-GlcY treatment. These results were further confirmed by subsequent observation with transmission electron microscopy. Moreover, the changes to proembryo cell-organelles induced by beta-GlcY reagent were also observed using fluorescent dye staining technique.These results imply that AGPs may not only relate to cell plate position decision, but also to the location of new cell wall components. Correlated with other factors, AGPs further influence the zygotic div
Thin-layer Impedimetric Biosensors for the Free-label Immunoassay
Yu-Qing Miao
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2005,
Abstract: In the present study thin-layer impedimetric biosensors were developed for the free-label immunoassay of Fatty Acid Binding Protein (FABP). This test based on antibody recognition was performed within a thin-layer detection cell between two pieces of conducting glass. Antibodies were immobilized by physical adsorption. The biosensor exhibited obvious change of impedimetric signals due to the adsorbed antibody and subsequently captured antigen. No label of enzyme or aurum nanoparticle is needed. The given equivalent circuit is consonant well with the impedimetric results.
Junfen Li,Yu Miao
Applicable Analysis and Discrete Mathematics , 2008, DOI: 10.2298/aadm0802197m
Abstract: In a real {sc Hilbert} space $H$, starting from an arbitrary initialpoint $x_0in H$, an iterative process is defined as follows:$x_{n+1}=a_nx_n+(1-a_n)T^{lambda_{n+1}}_fy_n$, $y_n= b_nx_n+(1-b_n)T^{eta_{n}}_gx_n$, $nge 0$, where$T^{lambda_{n+1}}_f x= Tx-lambda_{n+1} mu_f f(Tx)$,$T^{eta_{n}}_g x= Tx-eta_{n} mu_g g(Tx)$, ($forall xinH$), $T: H o H$ a nonexpansive mappingwith $F(T) eemptyset$ and $f$ (resp. $g$) $: H o H$ an$eta_f$ (resp. $eta_g$)-strongly monotone and $k_f$ (resp. $k_g$)-Lipschitzianmapping, ${a_n}subset(0,1)$, ${b_n}subset(0,1)$ and ${lambda_n}subset[0,1)$,${eta_n}subset[0,1)$. Under some suitable conditions, severalconvergence results of the sequence ${x_n}$ are shown.
Quantification of propidium iodide delivery with millisecond electric pulses: A model study
Miao Yu,Hao Lin
Physics , 2014,
Abstract: A model study of propidium iodide delivery with millisecond electric pulses is presented; this work is a companion of the experimental efforts by Sadik et al. [1]. Both membrane permeabilization and delivery are examined with respect to six extra-cellular conductivities. The transmembrane potential of the permeabilized regions exhibits a consistent value, which corresponds to a bifurcation point in the pore-radius-potential relation. Both the pore area density and membrane conductance increase with an increasing extra-cellular conductivity. On the other hand, the inverse correlation between propidium iodide delivery and extra-cellular conductivity as observed in the experiments is quantitatively captured by the model. This agreement confirms that this behavior is primarily mediated by electrophoretic transport during the pulse. The results suggest that electrophoresis is important even for the delivery of small molecules such as propidium iodide. The direct comparison between model prediction and experimental data presented in this work helps validate the former as a robust predictive tool for the study of electroporation.
An invariance principle for the law of the iterated logarithm for additive functionals of Markov chains
Guangyu Yang,Yu Miao
Mathematics , 2006,
Abstract: In this paper, we prove Strassen's strong invariance principle for a vector-valued additive functionals of a Markov chain via the martingale argument and the theory of fractional coboundaries. The hypothesis is a moment bound on the resolvent.
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