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Revista Colombiana de Antropología , 2008,
Abstract: the article explores the eastern mountains of bogotá as a complex of territoriality regimes and socio-historical heterogeneous and conflicting experiences through time. the teusacá river basin is the micro regional context in the transition between bogotá city and the eastern plains. it serves as a case study to identify overlapping and conflicting territorialities associated with nature conservation, urban expansion and rural life. the analysis of the construction of different territorial regimes during the last century allows a glimpse at the dilemmas and conflicts that characterize the eastern mountains of bogotá in this new century
Margarita Serje (coordinadora). Desarrollo y conflicto. Territorios, recursos y paisajes en la historia oculta de proyectos y políticas
Meza Carlos Andrés
Maguaré , 2011,
Abstract: Margarita Serje (coordinadora). Desarrollo y conflicto. Territorios, recursos y paisajes en la historia oculta de proyectos y políticas. Bogotá: Universidad de los Andes, 2010. 296 páginas.
Territorios de frontera: Embate y resistencia en la cuenca del río Cacarica
Meza Ramirez,Carlos Andrés;
Universitas Humanística , 2006,
Abstract: this text proposes an approach to the environmental history of a border region such as the low atrato and particularly the cacarica's river basin. in its treatment, it incorporates the notion of border territorial complex, which allows a better understanding of how over time different dynamics of territorial appropriation are superimposed, among those the settlement of black communities, indian towns and farmers; the development of extractive economic models centered around wood; the dynamics of conservation with the implantation of natural reserves, and development policies related to the advance of agro-industrial and cattle production among others. when all those territorial tensions worsen due to expansion and a limit that surges from the intersection of these different logics, the result is armed conflict that seems to be either the outcome of this history or the beginning of a new one.
Territorios de frontera: Embate y resistencia en la cuenca del río Cacarica
Carlos Andrés Meza Ramirez
Universitas Humanística , 2006,
Abstract: Este artículo propone un acercamiento a la historia ambiental de una región de frontera como es el Bajo Atrato y particularmente, la cuenca del río Cacarica. En su abordaje se incorpora la noción de complejo territorial fronterizo, que permite entender cómo se superponen en el tiempo diferentes regímenes de apropiación territorial tales como la dinámica del poblamientopor parte de las comunidades afrodescendientes, indígenas y campesinas; el desarrollo de modelos económicos extractivos alrededor de la madera; las dinámicas de conservacionismo con la implantación de reservas naturales ; y, las del desarrollismo con el avance de la frontera agro-industrial, ganadera y las comunicaciones, entre otros. Al exacerbarse las tensiones por la expansión y el límite que surge de la intersección de todas estas lógicas, el resultado es el conflicto armado que parece ser el desenlace de esta historia o el comienzo de una nueva.
DYNA , 2012,
Abstract: in this work, a new methodology for automatic selection of the free parameters in the least squares-support vector machines (ls-svm) regression oriented algorithm is proposed. we employ a multidimensional generalized cross-validation analysis in the linear equation system of ls-svm. our approach does not require prior knowledge about the influence of the ls-svm free parameters in the results. the methodology is tested on two artificial and two real-world data sets. according to the results, our methodology computes suitable regressions with competitive relative errors.
Carlos André Faccini dos Santos,Lidia Angulo Meza,Jo?o Carlos C. B. Soares de Mello
Relatórios de Pesquisa em Engenharia de Produ??o , 2011,
Abstract: Soccer is famous for unpredictable match results. Despite that fact, it isn`t odd to point that great teamsthat usually keep high technical level along many competitions have most of the times conditions tocompete for titles. The DEA approach evaluates the efficiency analysis of the teams by their actionsduring the game, that way inefficient teams may identify what aspects of performance are low and findout where they could search for improvements. On this paper, variable selection was applied forchoosing which aspects inside the field game are more relevant for 3 different DEA models, that evaluateteams on three different goals: Defense, Connection and Attack.
Síndrome metabólico: definición, historia, criterios
Pineda,Carlos Andrés;
Colombia Médica , 2008,
Abstract: the metabolic syndrome is a set of risk factors for diabetes mellitus type 2 and cardiovascular disease, characterized by the presence of resistance to the insulin and compensating hiperinsulinemia associate to alterations of the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids, elevated arterial blood pressure, and obesity. a revision in medline was made, and gave as a result 6366 entrances for ?metabolic syndrome?. in the beginnings of the xx century, associations of risk factors were described. in 1988, reaven observed that several risk factors (dislipidemia, hypertension, hyperglicemia) tended to be together. this set was named syndrome x. the name metabolic syndrome like diagnostic entity with defined criteria was introduced by the who in 1998. the prevalence of the metabolic syndrome varies according to some factors such as gender, age, ethnic group, but it is located between 15% to a 40%, being greater in the population of hispanic origin. several criteria for the metabolic syndrome diagnosis exist. the most known it is of atp iii, in this case, three factors must be present: high abdominal perimeter (>102 cm in men and >88 cm in women), tg >150 mg/dl, hdl under (men >40 mg/dl y women hdl >0 mg/dl), ta >130/85 mm hg, glycemia >110 mg/dl including diabetes mellitus.other factors also considered are: thrombogenesis, inflammation, uric acid, stress, cigarette, sedentariness, age, ethnic origin, acantosis nigricans, polycystic ovary syndrome, microalbuminuria, primary hypothyroidism, use of protease inhibitors for patients with hiv, endogenous or exogenous excess of glucocorticoids.
Guías preventivas por ciclo vital individual en Colombia
Pineda,Carlos Andrés;
Colombia Médica , 2006,
Abstract: the preventive guides are condensations of the different interventions in health promotion and disease prevention that are made to take part of the population?s interventions. they contain council strategies, screening and specific measures of protection. it is mentioned the characteristics of screening test. it presents the preventive guides by each individual vital cycle as far as council measures, specific protection and screening. thus, a concrete guide offers itself on the interventions to carry out preventive consultations with the patients in colombia.
(Com)partiendo el secreto, entre la ley y la ficción (la literatura y lo político en el pensamiento de Jacques Derrida)
Manrique,Carlos Andrés;
Revista de Estudios Sociales , 2010,
Abstract: to understand derrida's conception of the relationship between literature and politics, one needs to begin with his reflection on the connection between the production of meaning in language, on the one hand, and the demarcation of borders in socio-political space, on the other. for derrida, literature is a specific kind of writing that, by intensifying the limits of meaning, suspends or de-stabilizes the socio-political borders erected by all institutional normativity. this article reflects on the mutual entanglement, thus emphasized by derrida, between a certain idea of "literature" and a certain idea of "democracy." what is at stake here is the possibility of configuring the political community by other means. this possibility implies the challenge of re-thinking the exercise of freedom and the affirmation of an unrestricted universality, no longer in the transparency of a fully-accountable subject or in the space of intelligibility of discursive rationality, as we are used to thinking about them. but rather, it is a freedom associated with an irreducible opacity of the subject, and a universality associated with an instance of excess (the "secret'), which dislocates the structure of discursive meaning. by pointing out suggestive points of convergence between several late kantian texts and some works by derrida on the apophatic writing of medieval mysticism, the article attempts to show how derrida's meditation on the political function of literature prompts us to question and de-stabilize the opposition between "enlightenment" and "mysticism", and a series of dichotomies tied the latter that have become dogmatic in our understanding of politics.
Sector externo: clave del desempe o económico en el cuatrienio Uribe
Carlos Andrés Giraldo
Perfil de Coyuntura Económica , 2006,
Abstract: en el último cuatrienio, el entorno internacional ha sido un factor determinante del mejor desempe o económico de la economía colombiana. El desempe o de economías como la estadounidense y China, grandes consumidoras de energéticos y materias primas, favoreció la demanda y cotización de los commodities, lo que benefició el saldo en la cuenta corriente de la economía. Además, la amplia liquidez mundial impulsó el flujo de capitales hacia los mercados emergentes, incidiendo la reducción del costo de financiamiento público y privado. El desempe o futuro de la economía a mostrar se ales de cambio. Por un lado, la tendencia creciente que han mostrado las tasas de interés internacionales puede disminuir el dinamismo de la economía mundial, a la vez que presiona las tasas internas al alza. Por otro lado, los precios de los commodities se encuentran en niveles históricamente altos, lo cual podría interpretarse como que, en caso de no suceder un hecho atípico, no hay buena probabilidad de aumentos sustanciales en los próximos meses.
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