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Ki ileraras at ma zme Yakla mlar nda Kontrol Oda n n Rolü
H. Nejat BASIM,Fatih ?ET?N,Cem Harun MEYDAN
Selcuk Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu Dergisi , 2009,
Abstract: This study is conducted for the purpose of determining the role of locus of control as personality characteristics in adopting the communication oriented conflict resolution approaches. Conflict is regarded as an interaction process that occurs when there is disharmony or incompatibility in or between social beings. This interaction process comprises of cognitive, emotional and behavioral dimensions Interpersonal conflict becomes a fact that originates from consequences of feeling of negative emotional reaction (emotional), realizing prevention (behavioral) and perceiving incompatibilities (cognitive). Interpersonal conflict, seen in all kinds of groups in the social life, can be a result of different needs and interests, discord and tension, the structure of conflict, individual values, communication processes, restrictions, history of conflict, anxiety, hostility, or negative statements.Interpersonal conflict generally is seen as a negative and adverse event at first glance; however, it can be also a source of innovation and creativity. From this point of view, conflict fulfils a function that brings out a positive change. This opinion, regarding conflict as a desired situation, has many positive results; improving interpersonal relationship, creativity, new ideas, decisions, mutual understanding, work performance and constructive personal attributes.Constructive or destructive results of conflict based on how conflict is perceived and which resolution approaches are adopted. This addresses the conflict resolution concept. Conflict resolution can be defined as making equal the resolution with the accommodation, focusing on the resolving strategies. There is several conflict resolution approaches ranging from two to five dimensions reported in the literature. Most of them focus on the results of the communication process or the interests of the involved parties, and generally are used in organizational settings to enhance the managerial process and improve dysfunctional relationships within organizations. When interpersonal conflict is seen as an interaction process which is influenced by culture, situation or personal structure, the importance of communication process comes into prominence in terms of both the reason and the resolution of conflict. In addition to this, the communication process should be taken into consideration instead of result of the interaction process in conflict situations in order to increase the interference of attitudes and behaviors in the conflict situations. One conflict resolution strategy, focusing the communication proce
Testing robustness of relative complexity measure method constructing robust phylogenetic trees for Galanthus L. Using the relative complexity measure
Bak?? Yasin,Otu Hasan H,Ta??? Nivart,Meydan Cem
BMC Bioinformatics , 2013, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2105-14-20
Abstract: Background Most phylogeny analysis methods based on molecular sequences use multiple alignment where the quality of the alignment, which is dependent on the alignment parameters, determines the accuracy of the resulting trees. Different parameter combinations chosen for the multiple alignment may result in different phylogenies. A new non-alignment based approach, Relative Complexity Measure (RCM), has been introduced to tackle this problem and proven to work in fungi and mitochondrial DNA. Result In this work, we present an application of the RCM method to reconstruct robust phylogenetic trees using sequence data for genus Galanthus obtained from different regions in Turkey. Phylogenies have been analyzed using nuclear and chloroplast DNA sequences. Results showed that, the tree obtained from nuclear ribosomal RNA gene sequences was more robust, while the tree obtained from the chloroplast DNA showed a higher degree of variation. Conclusions Phylogenies generated by Relative Complexity Measure were found to be robust and results of RCM were more reliable than the compared techniques. Particularly, to overcome MSA-based problems, RCM seems to be a reasonable way and a good alternative to MSA-based phylogenetic analysis. We believe our method will become a mainstream phylogeny construction method especially for the highly variable sequence families where the accuracy of the MSA heavily depends on the alignment parameters.
renmeyi renme Stratejilerinin rencilerin D rdüncü S n f “Ya ad m z Yer” ünitesini renmelerine ve Kal c l a Etkisi
Selcuk Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu Dergisi , 2010,
Abstract: The main feature of today's world, the pace of change is growing. However, individuals learn beyond the boundaries of theschool, outside school and school learning is making also extremely important.Therefore education should be a process that serves three purposes.1. Education is helps student's current and future educational needs to realize2. Students' own physical and mental capabilities, limitations and learning profiles to help discover.3. Educational needs will be needed to determine the knowledge, skills and attitudes for behavior, learning profile to helpget the appropriate waysThese three goals should be noted that based on "Learning to learn", but isn't "information spadework".Learning is a very personal matter. There isn't one study/learning skill or strategy that works for every person in everysituation. Therefore, learning to learn strategies are about learning what you know, learning what you don't know, and learningwhat to do about it.To learn how to learn can be done? It is possible to be listed as follows: Access to information from various sources, Information problem solving, decision making and blue-print for the purpose of use, Information in daily life use, The computer as a tool to be able to access information to provide, etc.In teaching Social Studies, rather than giving the ready-to-use knowledge, making the students comprehend how to reach newinformation from the present one is important. “Learning to learn” is the person’s producing the new information for newsituations using the present information ( zden, 2002). To make the students gain new information; teaching them how to makelinks with the previous information; how to make the information systematic and organized, making them gain versatile, abstract,critical, creative, constructive, independent, logical and analytic thinking are more important then giving them the information(Ormrod, 1990). In this research, it is aimed to search the effect of teaching Social Sciences Geography Units through Learning to LearnStrategy on students’ success. From this aspect, the answers to these questions are sought:1. Is there a meaningful difference between the success of experiment group taught through learning to learn strategy andthe control group taught through traditional teaching methods?2. Is there a meaningful difference between the first and the last test success states of experiment and control groups?3. Is there a meaningful difference between the total permanence points of experiment and control groups?The study carried out in the first semester of 2004-2005 academic ye
A Paradox Of International (Non)Recognition: The Relationship Between De Facto States And Patron States
Uluslararas? Ekonomi, Siyaset, ?nsan ve Toplum Bilimleri Dergisi , 2018, DOI: -
Abstract: International system has been witnessing some jeopolitical mobilization after the second half of 20. century. These mobilities resulted in several conflicts which demand secession from their parent state. The conflicts which are caused by secessionist movements usually end with unilaterally secessions and these entities establish their own state without consent of parent state. After decolonization era, these secessionist movements are regarded as illegal by international community because they are not as part of decolonization movements. So these entities remain as unrecognized, in other words, de facto states. The violation of territorial integrity principle and threat to international peace and stability are main reasons that these states are regarded as illegal. But de facto states can’t achieve their statehood without a support from external sources. While external sources, in other words patron states support de facto states from several aspects, they also have a control on these entities. De facto states which are not recognized by international community also exprerience isolation politics. These isolationism make de facto state dependent on patron state’s support. But these dependences take de facto states away from international recognition. So in this study, it is aimed to analyze the relationship between de facto states and patron states and how this relationship evolves around a vicious circle.
Control of the menstrual cycle: the impact of nutrition on reproductive function
Turk Pediatri Ar?ivi , 2011,
Abstract: The menstrual cycle is a complex series of events, especially prone to outside factors during the adolescent period due to the incomplete maturation of hypothalamo-hypophysio-ovarian axis. Both over- and undernutrition may adversely affect the menstrual cycle. Anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and the female athlete triad are the main causes of undernutrition. Menstrual cycle abnormalities and ovulatory problems are common. Overnutrition presents with obesity, becoming more and more prevalent throughout the world, and oligo or anovulation. Present knowledge suggests that energy balance and the amount of readily available energy are more important than “critical weight” in determining anovulation and menstrual cessation. Treatment of these adolescents by a multidiciplinary team increases their reproductive capacity and normolizes their menstrual cycle. (Turk Arch Ped 2011; 46 Suppl: 107-10)
De-Dollarization and European Energy Policy: Testing Brent and WTI  [PDF]
Berk Cem
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2015.38008
Abstract: Historically most of the oil trade has been made with US Dollars. This has important practical implications. For example, US Dollar is always a reserve currency since it has to be obtained to trade oil. There were previous attempts to trade in Euros such as Iraq however recently there is more support from resource countries such as Russia, China and Iran. A dedollarization campaign against petrodollar has already been started. This can be done by exporting oil, gas and gold with currencies other than US Dollar, such as Ruble, Yuan or Rial or most importantly an international reserve currency which could be Euros as a strong alternative to US Dollar. This is possible due to monetary policy practice of European Central Bank and support from European Union. This increases the value of Euro, decreases interest rates and helps European economy with increased interest on European assets. This paper investigates Brent and WTI for the changes in the value of major currencies. Brent is traditionally a European oil index, and oil is produced in North Sea whereas, WTI (West Texas Intermediate) is a Texas based US oil index. Both indices are used as international benchmarks of oil. The data for this research is daily between February 2011 and September 2014. The WTI and Brent are represented by variables from NYSE exchange traded funds namely Teucrium WTI Crude Oil ETF (WTI), and United States Brent Oil ETF(BRENT). The currencies analyzed for the study are EUR/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, USD/RUB, USD/SAR and USD/ ZAR. The analysis includes unit root tests, vector autoregression (VAR), vector error correction model (VECM), cointegration and Granger Causality. Finally European Energy Policy implications, and opportunities and challenges of oil trade in Euros are discussed.
One Belt One Road Initiative: New Route on China’s Change of Course to Growth  [PDF]
Cem Nalbantoglu
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2017.51007
Abstract: China’s One Belt One Road Initiative (OBOR) is an inclusive project that is pregnant to profound changes for International Political Economy but also for Chinese Political Economy. In 21st Century, when Chinese Political Economy is observed, it is to be seen that engines of the economy that once led China to development become the very problems that are distorting the development and growth today. Those problems make the “challenges of China” and they are deeply connected to each other making local operations ineffective in long term solutions. Hence, China is in need of a restructuring in social and economic architecture of the country that will not only enable a grand solution to those challenges but that will also guarantee the stability in domestic affairs. By employing One Belt One Road Initiative, China aims to achieve peace and harmony in her domestic structures regarding economy and society. Therefore, China’s domestic challenges render One Belt One Road Initiative essential for the survival of a stable China.
Managing Real Estate Exposure: An Empirical Analysis on Interest Rate Risk  [PDF]
Cem Berk
Journal of Financial Risk Management (JFRM) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jfrm.2017.63019
Abstract: Real estate is an illiquid investment with cyclical returns, so risk management techniques should be used for sustainable returns. The risk management techniques include asset based, portfolio, insurance and derivatives solutions. Asset based solutions include the risk character of the real estate, based on where it’s located and how well it is developed. Some property such as foreclosure and those require maintenance is riskier than others. Portfolio solutions allow real estate companies to include real estate with different location and segments such as office and retail. Using this, the risk is limited to the systematic component, where asset based-idiosyncratic risk is tried to be reduced when included enough number of assets to the basket. The management should be capable of determining which risks taking and which to transfer. Some risks such as earthquake, fire, vehicle crush, terrorist activities are rare in nature but can cause severe damage when it takes place. The insurance policies can cover these events which most of the time are reinsured. In addition derivatives are available to hedge some of the risks. These can be traded on the market or over-the-counter. By using derivatives it is possible to hedge interest rate risk, inflation, currency risks, and property price changes. To hedge interest rate risk which is also studied in this paper, instruments such as cap, swap, and collar are available. The research is investigating the role of interest rate risk in the performance of real estate management companies. The variables used in this research are 30 years treasury yield, and exchange closing price for CBRE Group Inc., Colliers International Group, and Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated. The data is daily for the period 16 June 2004 and 19 June 2015. The methods used are Johansen Cointegration and Granger Causality. The results of the study
Results of cochlear implantation candidate patients by high resolution computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging
Mustafa Re?orlu,Reyhan Meydan
Dicle Medical Journal , 2012,
Abstract: To evaluate the effectiveness of high resolutioncomputed tomography (HRCT) and magnetic resonanceimaging (MRI) for assessment of factors whichwould influence the type and success of surgery in patientsundergoing cochlear implantation.Materials and methods: All patients underwent HRCTimaging while MRI was performed in 38 of them. MRIand HRCT images were evaluated for mastoid cell pneumatization,sigmoid sinus localization, aberrant vascularstructures, congenital anomalies, cochlear stenosis, labyrinthossification, infection, internal acoustic canal width,presence of vestibulo-cochlear nerve, semicircular canals,cerebellopontin area, and cochlear and vestibularaquaduct width.Results: Totally 49 patients (29 males and 20 femaleswith a mean age of 12.3 years (1 - 61 years) were included.Various abnormalities or congenital anomalies werefound in 35 patients by HRCT and MRI. We observedgrade 1 mastoid cell pneumatization in 58 ears (59.3%),grade 2 in 23 (23.4%) and grade 3 in 17. Furthermorethe position of sigmoid sinus (p<0.001) and mastoidwidth (p<0.001) were affected by mastoid cell ventilation.HRCT provides knowledge about mastoid and middle earventilation, cortical bone thickness, round window niche,perilymphatic-endolymphatic compartment and status ofinternal acoustic canal. Pathologies such as otosclerosisand Paget disease that involve otic capsule can berevealed by CT. MRI can provide views of intracochlearviscosity and cochlear opening, semicircular canals, cerebellopontinarea, and vestibulocochlear nerve.Conclusions: HRCT and MRI provide information aboutthe etiology of hearing loss, suitable side for cochlearimplantation and detection of abnormalities or anatomicvariations that may cause complications introperatively.Key words: Cochlear implantation, high resolution computedtomography, magnetic resonance imaging
Electricity Market Mechanism regarding the Operational Flexibility of Power Plants  [PDF]
Cem Kiyak, Andreas de Vries
Modern Economy (ME) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/me.2017.84043
Abstract: Electricity market mechanisms designed to steer sustainable generation of electricity play an important role for the energy transition intended to mitigate climate change. One of the major problems is to complement volatile renewable energy sources by operationally flexible capacity reserves. In this paper, a proposal is given to determine prices on electricity markets taking into account the operational flexibility of power plants, such that the costs of long-term capacity reserves can be paid by short-term electricity spot markets. For this purpose, a measure of operational flexibility is introduced enabling to compute an inflexibility fee charging each individual power plant on a wholesale electricity spot market. The total sum of inflexibility fees is accumulated on the spot markets and then can be used to finance a capacity mechanism keeping the necessary reserves to warrant grid reliability. Here each reserve power plant then gets a reliable payment depending on its operational flexibility. The proposal is applied to an exemplary small grid, illustrating its main idea and also revealing the caveat that too high fees paradoxically could create incentives to employ highly flexible power plants on the spot market rather than to run them as backup capacity.
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