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Impact of pericentric inversion of Chromosome 9 [inv (9) (p11q12)] on infertility
Mozdarani Hossein,Meybodi Anahita,Karimi Hamideh
Indian Journal of Human Genetics , 2007,
Abstract: Background : One of the frequent occurrences in chromosome rearrangements is pericentric inversion of the Chromosome 9; inv (9) (p11q12), which is consider to be the variant of normal karyotype. Although it seems not to correlate with abnormal phenotypes, there have been many controversial reports indicating that it may lead to abnormal clinical conditions such as infertility. The incidence is found to be about 1.98% in the general population. Materials and Methods : We investigated the karyotypes of 300 infertile couples (600 individuals) being referred to our infertility clinic using standard GTG banding for karyotype preparation. Results : The chromosomal analysis revealed a total of 15 (2.5%) inversions, among these, 14 male patients were inversion 9 carriers (4.69%) while one female patient was affected (0.33%). The incidence of inversion 9 in male patients is significantly higher than that of normal population and even than that of female patients (P< 0.05). Conclusions : This result suggests that inversion 9 may often cause infertility in men due to spermatogenic disturbances, which are arisen by the loops or acentric fragments formed in meiosis.
A cytogenetic study of couples with recurrent spontaneous abortions and infertile patients with recurrent IVF/ICSI failure
Mozdarani Hossein,Meybodi Anahita,Zari-Moradi Shabnam
Indian Journal of Human Genetics , 2008,
Abstract: Purpose: This study was conducted to determine the frequency and contribution of chromosomal abnormalities in miscarriages and in couples with recurrent in vitro fertilization/intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (IVF/ICSI) failure. Materials and Methods: A total of 221 individuals; 79 with three or more recurrent spontaneous abortions and 142 with at least three IVF/ICSI failures. Chromosomal analysis from peripheral blood lymphocytes was performed according to standard cytogenetic methods using G-banding technique. Results: Abnormal karyotype was found in 21 (9.50%) individuals. Of these 21 subjects, 4 (19.04%) exhibited sex chromosomal abnormalities and 17 (80.96%) had autosomal abnormalities. Male partners had significantly higher chromosomal abnormalities (5.88%) than of females (3.61%). These abnormalities were also higher in patients with recurrent spontaneous abortions than with IVF/ICSI failure (P < 0.05). Conclusions: These data may be indicative that chromosomal abnormalities are involved more in spontaneous abortions than in recurrent IVF/ICSI failure. Cytogenetic analysis could be valuable for these couples when clinical data fail to clarify the cause.
Chromosome Abnormalities and Viability of Vitrified Eight-Cell Mouse Embryos at Presence of Two Different Cryoprotectants at Different Storage Durations
Shabnam Zarei Moradi,Anahita Mohseni Meybodi,Hamid Gourabi,Hossein Mozdarani
Cell Journal , 2013,
Abstract: Objective: Experiments were conducted to find the differences between post-thaw viability and chromosome aberrations in eight-cell mouse embryos at presence of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) and 1, 2-propanediol (PROH) as croprotectants in different storage durations.Materials and Methods: In this case-control study, a total number of 720 mouse embryos from about 250 NMRI mice were vitrified with 30% PROH or DMSO; each diluted with a solution containing 30% ficol plus 0.5 M sucrose. Embryos were exposed to the solutions for 0.5 minute at 25 C followed by cooling in liquid nitrogen, then after appropriate storage duration, they were rapidly warmed. Besides, there were 100 mouse embryos for each cryoprotectant group (totally 200 embryos) as control. Embryo survival was assessed by in vitro development, and chromosome abnormalities were analyzed by Giemsa staining.Results: The proportion of mitotic abnormalities in PROH/DMSO vitrified embryos was significantly higher than unfrozen control group. This was confirmed also by a reduced viability of the embryos as judged by a culture at the blastocyst stage (p<0.05 in all test groups).Conclusion: It can be deduced that long term cryopreservation may result in chromosomal abnormalities and/or low viability.
Detection of High Risk Human Papillomavirus DNA Sequences in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Iranian Fanconi Anemia Patients
Kaveh Haratian,Anahita Mohseni Meybodi,Shabnam Zari Moradi,Parvaneh Vosough
Cell Journal , 2010,
Abstract: Objective: Fanconi anemia (FA) is an autosomal recessive disorder characterizedby congenital malformations, bone marrow failure, development of squamous cellcarcinoma (SCC), and other cancers. Human papillomavirus (HPV) in the oral cavityor oropharynx has been associated with an increased risk of laryngeal papillomatosis,invasive squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck (HNSCC) and cervicaland other genital cancers. The prevalence of HPV DNA in the oral cavity/oropharynxin FA patients and controls was compared.Materials and Methods: A risk factor questionnaire and oral exfoliated cells werecollected from FA patients. The study group consisted of 22 FA patients with HNSCC(case subjects) and 24 patients with HNSCC without FA (control subjects). HPVDNA was detected using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and specific primers thatcovered high risk types of HPV. Moreover, special serological assays were used forthe detection of specific antibodies against HPV in patient’s sera.Results: HPV DNA was detected in 82% of the SCC specimens from the case subjectswhich was statistically higher (p< 0.05) than the SCC specimens from the controlsubjects (62.5%). In all cases, the presence of HPV antibodies in patient’s serahas been shown. Among the case subject specimens, 14 cases, and in the controlsubjects, 11 cases were infected by high risk HPV (hr-HPV).Conclusion: These data confirm that HPV infection, especially with high risk types(16,18), could be one of several risk factors for HNSCC particularly in FA patients.
Structural Study and Analytical Modeling of Mangerak Salt Diapir (South West of Firozabad Fars-Iran)  [PDF]
Anahita Keynejad
Open Journal of Geology (OJG) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojg.2017.71002
Abstract: Mangerak salt diapir is in the South West of Firuz Abad in Fars province, southern Iran and structurally, it is exposed in the simple folded belt of Kohzad Zagros. This diapir, now, is located in a transtentional zone in the overlapping parts of Koreh Bas right fault zone. The origin of this diapir is evaporative series of Hormuz, at the beginning of the Cambrian and ending Precambrian age. In this paper, we investigated tectonic structures around the salt dome of Mangerak. By promoting this salt dome, a variety of structures, such as marginal reverse faults, radial normal faults, folds and caves have been developed. In addition, many changes can be seen in the status line, and the amount and direction of the strata dip, thickness of rock units, and facies change, that all showed the downbuilding phenomenon in the diapir. The method was based on structural desert surveys and relevant measurements. The results show that salt domes above were rising during the Late Cretaceous-Paleocene, and pre-deformation of Zagros and in connection with basement Fault of Korebas, and probably, when sedimentation was in the Zagros basin, they have been exposed in the form of an island. Zagros deformation at the same time, the pressure released from the collision zone on the north side of the East and its wave motion, to the South West, exerts more pressure on the salt horizons and helps them to erupt. About Mangerak salt dome, which is exposed on the side of the Sayakh anticline axis and Basement fault of Korebas, two phenomena are effective in its exposing. Analytical modeling shows the life of the outcrop 31,000 years that this age is consistent with the effects of salt dome Neotectonic.
RETRACTED: Uprising Mechanism and Its Effects on the Evolution of Structural-Stratigraphic in the Mangerak Salt Dome (Firuzabad Fars-Iran)  [PDF]
Anahita Keynezhad
Open Journal of Geology (OJG) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojg.2017.71003
Abstract: Short Retraction Notice
The paper does not meet the standards of \"Open Journal of Geology\".
This article has been retracted to straighten the academic record. In making this decision the Editorial Board follows COPE's Retraction Guidelines. The aim is to promote the circulation of scientific research by offering an ideal research publication platform with due consideration of internationally accepted standards on publication ethics. The Editorial Board would like to extend its sincere apologies for any inconvenience this retraction may have caused.
Editor guiding this retraction: Prof. Alireza K. Somarin (Editorial Member of OJG)
The full retraction notice in PDF is preceding the original paper, which is marked \"RETRACTED\".
Extended Distributed Learning Automata:A New Method for Solving Stochastic Graph Optimization Problems
M. R. Mollakhalili Meybodi,M. R. Meybodi
Computer Science , 2013,
Abstract: In this paper, a new structure of cooperative learning automata so-called extended learning automata (eDLA) is introduced. Based on the proposed structure, a new iterative randomized heuristic algorithm for finding optimal sub-graph in a stochastic edge-weighted graph through sampling is proposed. It has been shown that the proposed algorithm based on new networked-structure can be to solve the optimization problems on stochastic graph through less number of sampling in compare to standard sampling. Stochastic graphs are graphs in which the edges have an unknown distribution probability weights. Proposed algorithm uses an eDLA to find a policy that leads to an induced sub-graph that satisfies some restrictions such as minimum or maximum weight (length). At each stage of the proposed algorithm, eDLA determines which edges to be sampled. This eDLA-based proposed sampling method may result in decreasing unnecessary samples and hence decreasing the time that algorithm requires for finding the optimal sub-graph. It has been shown that proposed method converge to optimal solution, furthermore the probability of this convergence can be made arbitrarily close to 1 by using a sufficiently small learning rate. A new variance-aware threshold value was proposed that can be improving significantly convergence rate of the proposed eDLA-based algorithm. It has been shown that the proposed algorithm is competitive in terms of the quality of the solution
Evaluation of the efficacy of 50% citric acid solution in plane wart treatment
Vali Anahita,Ferdowsi Faezeh
Indian Journal of Dermatology , 2007,
Abstract: Background and Aims: Treatment of plane warts is problematic, methods such as cryotherapy and cauterization is associated with high recurrence rate, risk of scar, pain and high cost. Topical tretinoin causes irritant contact dermatitis that limited its use. Citric acid was used in treatment of warts in traditional medicine of Iran. We evaluated the efficacy of 50% citric acid solution in water in treatment of plane warts and compared it with 0.05% tretinoin lotion. Materials and Methods : This study was a double blind; prospective, case-control study.Seventy-five patients with bilateral plane warts who signed informed consent were included. Exclusion criteria were pregnancy, breast-feeding, suffering from any systemic disease and the use of any other drug due to treatment of warts in past six weeks. The patients randomly used citric acid or Tretinoin lotion to lesions at each side of the body. Randomization was performed by coin-flipping. Patients were examined at three weeks interval for six weeks and number of warts were recorded in the proforma, which included the name, sex, address and code of the drug that was used in each side of the body and side effects. The results were analyzed by Chi-square test statistically. Results: After six weeks 64.4% of the lesions in citric acid treated group disappeared versus 53.7% of the lesions in tretinoin treated group. This difference was significant ( P value Conclusion: On the basis of this study, the treatment of plane warts by 50% citric acid is strongly suggested. This modality is superior to tretinoin lotion due to higher efficacy and low incidence of side-effects and lower cost.
Opinion Dynamics in Heterogeneous Networks: Convergence Conjectures and Theorems
Anahita Mirtabatabaei,Francesco Bullo
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: Recently, significant attention has been dedicated to the models of opinion dynamics in which opinions are described by real numbers, and agents update their opinions synchronously by averaging their neighbors' opinions. The neighbors of each agent can be defined as either (1) those agents whose opinions are in its "confidence range," or (2) those agents whose "influence range" contain the agent's opinion. The former definition is employed in Hegselmann and Krause's bounded confidence model, and the latter is novel here. As the confidence and influence ranges are distinct for each agent, the heterogeneous state-dependent interconnection topology leads to a poorly-understood complex dynamic behavior. In both models, we classify the agents via their interconnection topology and, accordingly, compute the equilibria of the system. Then, we define a positive invariant set centered at each equilibrium opinion vector. We show that if a trajectory enters one such set, then it converges to a steady state with constant interconnection topology. This result gives us a novel sufficient condition for both models to establish convergence, and is consistent with our conjecture that all trajectories of the bounded confidence and influence models eventually converge to a steady state under fixed topology.
On Opinion Dynamics in Heterogeneous Networks
Anahita Mirtabatabaei,Francesco Bullo
Computer Science , 2010,
Abstract: This paper studies the opinion dynamics model recently introduced by Hegselmann and Krause: each agent in a group maintains a real number describing its opinion; and each agent updates its opinion by averaging all other opinions that are within some given confidence range. The confidence ranges are distinct for each agent. This heterogeneity and state-dependent topology leads to poorly-understood complex dynamic behavior. We classify the agents via their interconnection topology and, accordingly, compute the equilibria of the system. We conjecture that any trajectory of this model eventually converges to a steady state under fixed topology. To establish this conjecture, we derive two novel sufficient conditions: both conditions guarantee convergence and constant topology for infinite time, while one condition also guarantees monotonicity of the convergence. In the evolution under fixed topology for infinite time, we define leader groups that determine the followers' rate and direction of convergence.
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