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Incorporating Egan’s Imaginative Education into the Curriculum and the Culture at the Post-Secondary Level  [PDF]
Karynne L. M. Kleine, Julia K. Metzker
Creative Education (CE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2012.326111
Abstract: Creativity is conspicuously absent in the outcomes of liberal arts higher education institutions generally and Georgia College particularly. One strong candidate for rectifying this deficit is the incorporation of curriculum based on Kieran Egan’s theory of Imaginative Education (IE, 1988). There is a dearth of investigation as to how IE might be used in colleges and universities by faculty and students to allow the “the unusual and effective to flourish” (IERG, 2008). This paper presents a component of the work of one grass roots faculty development group as it learned about and sought to implement aspects of IE into their undergraduate curriculum and university culture.
Tratamento conservador na síndrome do impacto no ombro
Metzker, Carlos Alexandre Batista;
Fisioterapia em Movimento , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-51502010000100014
Abstract: introduction: the impingement syndrome is an inflammatory and degenerative pathology that is characterized for mechanic impingement of definitive structures located in the umerocoracoacromial space of the joint. it is the most common problem of the escapular joint with superior prevalence in 40 and 50-year-old individuals, however, for being closely related to some labor and sport activities, it has become much more frequent in young adults. by means of the raised number of patients and with the intention to guide the large number of health professionals on the necessity of early treatment of the pathology, the aim of this study is to present the models of the impingement syndrome treatment and the physicaltherapy′s importance in the conservative treatment. metodologia: a scientific literature review was carried through with accessing the diverse literary reports on the subject and national and international articles search through the internet. results: the conservative treatment of the impingement syndrome involves a group of procedures to go through measures analgesic, anti-inflammatory and physiotherapy, being the last, indispensable tool in the recovery process. conclusion: to the end of the study it can be concluded that the conservative treatment is frequently used in the impingement syndrome treatment and that the physicaltherapy is the more indicated therapeutical modality, associated to a guided and re-education program about the activities that can make it difficult the process of full recovery. however, the treatment plan depends directly on the illness evolution phase, since in the case of failure of the conservative treatment, the surgery could be indicated.
Organiza??o do trabalho no processo de desenvolvimento de produtos: a aplica??o da engenharia simultanea em duas montadoras de veículos
Zancul, Eduardo de Senzi;Marx, Roberto;Metzker, André;
Gest?o & Produ??o , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-530X2006000100003
Abstract: to overcome the limitations of the traditional product development process and reduce product development lead times, companies are adopting a new product development approach based on concurrent engineering and multifunctional teams. in theory, this new approach significantly changes the way product development work is organized, and involves teams from various functional areas who work in concert from the inception to the conclusion of the project. however, few studies have analyzed the scope of the changes this new product development approach has wrought in company practices. in this context, this paper describes how product development work is organized in companies and discusses the differences between actual practices and theory. to this end, two case studies were carried out at automakers, which revealed that multifunction teams and concurrent activities do not ensure the effective integration of functional areas. this survey also indicated that a relevant portion of new product development activities are still performed individually, notwithstanding the potential advantages of a more flexible and autonomous team work-based organization.
Reeduca??o da sensibilidade da m?o: desenvolvimento de um modelo de luva sensorial
Mendes, Raquel Metzker;Mazzer, Nilton;Zancheta, Sthela;Cavalcante, Juliana Maria Soares;
Acta Ortopédica Brasileira , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-78522011000500005
Abstract: objective: to develop a sensory glove model and test it in subjects with normal sensitivity in the upper limbs, who have been trained to replace hearing with touch. methods: to make the equipment, a glove, mini-microphones, amplifier and headphones were used. seven female subjects, with a mean age of 26.28 years (± 1.03) were selected to use the equipment and differentiate textures after training. the training took place over seven days, fifteen minutes a day, with the aim of identifying textures through sound, using the sensory glove. at the end all subjects answered a questionnaire. results: all the subjects rated the use of the glove as "comfortable". three subjects (42%) rated the aesthetic appearance of the equipment as "excellent", two subjects (28.57%) as "good", and two subjects (28.57%) as "regular." six subjects (85.7%) identified the textures by sound alone, and one subject (14.3%) reported that he was aided by touch. conclusion: it is feasible to manufacture a model of sensory glove using national technology that is readily accessible and relatively low cost, enabling the identification of textures through sound when the equipment is used by individuals trained to replace hearing with touch. level of evidence: level ii, prospective comparative study.
Tratamento de endometriomas ovarianos com implantes subcutaneos de ST-1435 (Elcometrina)
Coutinho, Elsimar Metzker;Bastos, Geovani O.;Carreira, Cacilda;Gon?alves, Maria Tereza;Fonseca, Jacqueline;
Revista Brasileira de Ginecologia e Obstetrícia , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-72031999001000006
Abstract: purpose: evaluation of the effect of elcometrine on ovarian endometriomata. method: subdermal implants containing 50 mg elcometrine were inserted in 51 women with ovarian endometriomata, the volumes of which were recorded by vaginal sonography before and after each three-month interval of treatment. a new implant was inserted every 6 months according to the need for continuing treatment. results: at admission, 74% of patients presented with dysmenorrhea, 57% chronic pelvic pain and 31% dyspareunia. pain was rated as severe or incapacitating by 82% of the subjects. a total of 924 months of observation was recorded during the four years of study. relief of pain was observed during the first month of treatment and severe or incapacitating pain was no longer reported by any subject by the end of the first trimester. volume of endometriomata was reduced in 86% of the patients. in 45%, ovarian volume was restored to normal. in 41% the volume reduction was incomplete and in 14% there was no volume reduction. seventy-seven percent presented amenorrhea during treatment. the most common adverse events were decreased libido (21%) and feeling of heaviness in lower limbs (14%). one year after discontinuation of treatment, 33% of the patients were symptomless, while 28% presented recurrence of the endometriomata before 3 months post-discontinuation. thirty-nine percent of the patients preferred to continue using the method in order to maintain amenorrhea. conclusion: elcometrine is effective in reducing ovarian endometriomata, without some of the side effects of other treatments.
Estudo epidemiológico do HPV na mucosa oral por meio de PCR Epidemiological study of HPV in oral mucosa through PCR
Willys Trist?o,Rodrigo Metzker Pereira Ribeiro,Camila Andrea de Oliveira,Julio Cesar Betiol
Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/s1808-86942012000400013
Abstract: Pertencente à família Papillomaviridae, o papilomavírus humano (HPV) é formado por um capsídeo e uma única fita dupla de DNA. Sua infec o ocorre principalmente por forma sexual, apresentando grande tropismo por células cutaneas e mucosas. OBJETIVO: Avaliar a presen a do HPV em mucosa oral de pacientes assintomáticos e em paralelo correlacionar os hábitos sociais comportamentais com a presen a viral. MATERIAL E MéTODO: Estudo de coorte contemporanea com corte transversal. O diagnóstico da presen a viral foi realizado por PCR, utilizando os primers gerais MY09/11 em 125 amostras de mucosa oral, submetidas à extra o de DNA e PCR para a pesquisa do gene da beta-globina para avalia o da qualidade do DNA extraído. Em paralelo, foi realizado um estudo de quest es comportamentais dos pacientes. RESULTADOS: Todas as amostras apresentaram o diagnóstico positivo para o gene da betaglobina. O HPV foi diagnosticado em 23,2% das amostras analisadas. CONCLUS O: O vírus esteve presente em 29 dos 125 pacientes, sem que estes apresentassem qualquer manifesta o clinicopatológica relacionada com o HPV. Quanto ao comportamento social dos pacientes, concluiu-se que a prática de sexo oral está correlacionada de forma estatisticamente significante com a presen a viral, além de o HPV ter sido estatisticamente mais prevalente em pacientes do sexo feminino. The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) belongs to the Papillomaviridae family and has a capsid and a single DNA strand. Its infection occurs mainly through sexual intercourse, having an important tropism for skin and mucosal cells. AIM: To evaluate the HPV presence in normal oral mucosa of asymptomatic subjects and; in parallel, to correlate social behavioral habits with the virus. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Contemporary cohort cross-sectional study. The HPV was found by PCR, using general primers MY09/11 in 125 oral mucosa samples submitted to DNA extraction and PCR to search for the beta-globin gene in order to assess the quality of the extracted DNA. In parallel, we carried out a study of behavioral issues associated with the patients. RESULTS: All the samples had a positive diagnosis of the beta-hemoglobin gene. HPV was diagnosed in 23.2% of the samples analyzed. CONCLUSION: The virus was present in 29 of the 125 patients, without them having any clinical-pathological manifestation associated with the HPV. As to the social behavior of the patients, we concluded that oral sex is statistically correlated to the virus, and besides the HPV has been statistically more present in female patients.
Efeitos de um protocolo de reeduca??o sensorial da m?o: estudo de caso
Mendes, Raquel Metzker;Arnaut, Amanda Carla;Barbosa, Rafael Inácio;Elui, Valeria Meirelles Carril;Fonseca, Marisa de Cássia Registro;
Fisioterapia e Pesquisa , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1809-29502008000400014
Abstract: a patient who had undergone nerve injury repair surgery of the right-hand 5th-finger flexor tendons and digital nerve was studied in order to assess the effects of a hand sensory reeducation program. the patient was evaluated before and after the three-month program application, as to: touch pressure threshold (by monofilaments); static and moving two-point discrimination; pinch strength; and answered the dash - disabilities of the arm, shoulder and hand - questionnaire. the proposed exercises involved static and moving touch discrimination, and recognition of different shapes, sizes and textures. the patient was also guided to do the exercises at home. after the three-month program, a pressure threshold reduction was noticed in the 5th-finger volar region, as well as a static two-point discrimination improvement in the same area. also, an increase of grip and pitch strength and a minor score in the dash questionnaire were found. results thus suggest that the sensorial reeducation program proposed may contribute to improving hand sensory function, bringing real benefits to the patient.
Nitric oxide as an activation agent for nucleophilic attack in trans-[Ru(NO)(NH3)4{P(OEt)3}](PF6)3
Metzker, Gustavo;Toledo Jr., José C.;Lima, Francisco C. A.;Magalh?es, Alvicler;Cardoso, Daniel R.;Franco, Douglas W.;
Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-50532010000700014
Abstract: the complex trans-[ru(no)(nh3)4{p(oet)3}](pf6)3 undergoes nucleophilic attack on the phosphorus ester ligand in the solid state yielding trans-[ru(no)(nh3)4{p(oh)(oet)2}](pf6)3. the reaction was monitored and the products analyzed using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (31p{1h} cp-mas nmr and 31p{1h} nmr), infrared spectroscopy (ftir), electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy (epr), cyclic voltammetry (cv), electronic spectroscopy (uv-vis) and elemental analysis. according to experimental data and quantum mechanical calculations (dft), the reaction proceeds in the solid state by the nucleophilic attack on the phosphorus ligand, promoted by the strong polarization along the piii-ruii-no+ axis induced by the nitrosyl ligand, and takes place following the michaelis-arbusov type mechanism for phosphorus ester hydrolysis. in solution, the nucleophilic attack occurs simultaneously at the nitrosyl and triethylphosphite ligands, yielding trans-[ru(h2o)(nh3)4{p(oet)3}]2+ and trans-[ru(no)(h2o)(nh3)4]3+ in comparable amounts.
Clinical data and molecular analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosi isolates from drug-resistant tuberculosis patients in Goiás, Brazil
Alves, Sueli Lemes de ávila;Metzker, Fabiana Sarcinelli;Araújo-Filho, Jo?o Alves de;Junqueira-Kipnis, Ana Paula;Kipnis, André;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02762011000600003
Abstract: drug resistance is one of the major concerns regarding tuberculosis (tb) infection worldwide because it hampers control of the disease. understanding the underlying mechanisms responsible for drug resistance development is of the highest importance. to investigate clinical data from drug-resistant tb patients at the tropical diseases hospital, goiás (go), brazil and to evaluate the molecular basis of rifampin (r) and isoniazid (h) resistance in mycobacterium tuberculosis. drug susceptibility testing was performed on 124 isolates from 100 patients and 24 isolates displayed resistance to r and/or h. molecular analysis of drug resistance was performed by partial sequencing of the rpob and katggenes and analysis of the inha promoter region. similarity analysis of isolates was performed by 15 loci mycobacterial interspersed repetitive unit-variable number tandem repeat (miru-vntr) typing. the molecular basis of drug resistance among the 24 isolates from 16 patients was confirmed in 18 isolates. different susceptibility profiles among the isolates from the same individual were observed in five patients; using miru-vntr, we have shown that those isolates were not genetically identical, with differences in one to three loci within the 15 analysed loci. drug-resistant tb in go is caused by m. tuberculosis strains with mutations in previously described sites of known genes and some patients harbour a mixed phenotype infection as a consequence of a single infective event; however, further and broader investigations are needed to support our findings.
Ovário-histerectomia vídeo-assistida com único portal em cadelas: estudo retrospectivo de 20 casos
Silva, Marco Augusto Machado;Batista, Priscila Andréa Costa dos Santos;Pogianni, Franco Metzker;Silva, Miguel Ladino;Munerato, Marina Salles;Flores, Fabíola Neiderauer;Borges, Paula Araceli;Ribeiro, Alexandre Pinto;Nunes, Newton;Toniollo, Gilson Hélio;
Ciência Rural , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782011005000013
Abstract: the aim of the present study was to evaluate retrospectively the first 20 cases of single-port video-assisted ovariohysterectomy (spva-osh) performed by an inexperienced surgeon. twenty bitches submitted to spva-osh were assessed. a 10mm operative rigid endoscope with one 5 mm working channel and bipolar coagulation was used. the trocar was positioned in the prepubic area of the abdomen. surgical time and complication rates were assessed descriptively. mean surgical time was of 22.95±5.17 minutes. mild or moderate complications were present in six (30%) out of 20 bitches that were operated. the first five surgical procedures spent more time to be performed than the others. the longest transoperative momentum time of execution was spent in the approach to the left and right ovarian pedicles. the complications were: mild or moderate hemorrhage from one of the ovarian pedicles in four bitches (20%) and severe hemorrhage due to accidental puncture of the spleen with veress needle in two animals (10%). spva-osh was performed in bitches by an inexperienced surgeon, without severe complications.
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