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Entre o medo da contamina??o pelo HIV e as representa??es simbólicas da AIDS: o espectro do desespero contemporaneo
Meneghin, Paolo;
Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP , 1996, DOI: 10.1590/S0080-62341996000300005
Abstract: lack of knowledge and mis informations on hiv/aids are predictors of emotional responses as fear of contagion, homophobia, avoidance and excessive precautions. fear of contagion is an affective stress response to the neurocognitive activity that leads to a perceived threat of aids in connection with the symbolic meanings os illness. focused interviews were conducted with an opportunistic sample of 31 young people to know the affective responses and behaviors after blood screening for hiv antibody testing. the findings confirm the relationship of symbolic representation of illness as mystery, death, punishment and sexuality to fear of contagion and mitic conception of aids.
Painleve's determinateness theorem extended to proper coverings
Claudi Meneghin
Electronic Journal of Differential Equations , 2010,
Abstract: We extend Painleve's determinateness theorem to first-order ordinary differential equations in the complex domain, with known terms allowed be multivalued in the dependent variable. The multivaluedness is supposed to be resolved by proper coverings.
Sur les points fixes et les cycles répulsifs au voisinage d'une singularité essentielle isolée à l'instar de la méthode de Zalcman
Claudi Meneghin
Mathematics , 2004,
Abstract: Let $g$ be a holomorphic function in the neighbourhoods of an isolated essential singularity $v$: if $g$ omits a complex value there, then $v$ may be approached by a sequence of repelling fixed points for $g$, whose multipliers diverge to $\infty$. This implies that an entire function omitting a value or a non-M\"obius self-map of the punctured plane admit infinite repelling fixed points, whose multipliers diverge to $\infty$. By another point of view, we show that, if $v$ is not Picard-exceptional for $g$, then $v$ can be approached by a sequence of 2-cycles of $g$: these cycles are repelling if $v$ is not a completely branched value.
Natural Formulations Addressing Skin Challenges in Baby Care  [PDF]
Giada Maramaldi, Martino Meneghin, Giuseppe Antognazza, Michela Pollastri
Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications (JCDSA) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jcdsa.2013.31A002
Abstract: Addressing skin challenges in baby care formulations is quite a challenge itself, as the formulation not only needs to be active, but it should also meet specific requirements in terms of ingredients, agreability and rational of the formulation design. Object of this study was the realization of a few different cosmetic formulations blending soundly documented natural active ingredients in systems matching the most common requirements of the baby care products. Additionaly, compatibility evidences of the employed natural actives within the tested systems have also been observed. We are therefore presenting the formulation design of four different formulations for baby care: a baby wash, an immediate rash recovery, an after sun emulsion and a calming and soothing product, each one described for the rational of the actives it contains and provided with a detailed formulation design. Specific attention will be directed to those ingredients for which clinical data supporting the expected skin benefits are available.
Concep??es dos alunos de gradua??o em enfermagem sobre o envelhecimento
Santos, Noely Cibeli dos;Meneghin, Paolo;
Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0080-62342006000200002
Abstract: the objective of this study was to identify the conceptions of undergraduate nursing students on aging. a qualitative research was carried at the cidade de s?o paulo university (unicid); 49 students were requested to write a text whose theme was "what does being old mean?". the texts were submitted to a content analysis, in which three thematic units were identified: representations of the old being; how respondents perceive old the elder in society and within the family; and the need to change public opinion regarding aging. the results showed that conceptions of the students on aging are tied to negative images and showed the need for changes in the society and in the family.
Tradu??o e adapta??o para a língua portuguesa do In-hospital Utstein Style
Avansi, Patrícia do Amaral;Meneghin, Paolo;
Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0080-62342008000300013
Abstract: cardiopulmonary arrest (cpa) is a potentially lethal event in which the quality of the service depends on agility, knowledge and the skills of all of the involved team. the development of the guide identifying the significant points during the procedure of an in-hospital cpa appeared in 1997, with the creation of the in-hospital utstein. the purpose of this study was the translation and adaptation of the procedures into the portuguese language. outcomes of this process resulted in a pre-test instrument administered on 20 cpa patients. the outcome variables were not collected, because it involved accompanying these patients over a lengthy period of time. the most common cpa rhythm was pulseless electrical activity (65%); the defibrillation average time was 1.25 minutes. some information was not recorded. in conclusion, the instrument is adaptable to the brazilian reality, therefore improving care administered during the cpa event.
Establishing a culture of limno-terrestrial tardigrada in laboratory and development of alternative
André Arashiro Pulschen,Silvana Perissato Meneghin
Evidência : Ciência e Biotecnologia - Interdisciplinar , 2010,
Abstract: Tardigrades (Phylum Tardigrada) are invertebrate animals also known as water bears, that occurs almost in everylocations on Earth, from the Arctic to Antarctic, from Himalayan top to the bottom of the ocean. One of the reasonsthat the animals can live in such places lays on his cryptbiotical hability, state that it’s induced by hard conditions.In such state, they can survive desiccation, temperatures from -192 °C and up to 100 °C, pressure of 7500 Pa,radiation levels of 7000 Gy and another’s conditions. Currently, the phylum has been deeply investigated, sincethe cryptobotical phenomenon it’s extremely interesting from the point of view of Biotechnology. The phylum it’salso important to metazoan phylogeny studies, evolutionary studies and to astrobiology. There is no relates fromcryptobiotical studies and lab rearing of tardigrades in Brazil, so this is the first work of the genera. The presentwork had as objectives: establishing a rearing system of a limno-terrestrial Tardigrade and also the developmentof alternatives methods of dissecation of the animals, alternatively the use of dessicators and chemical solutions. Ithas been established successfully a culture of the Tardigrada Macrobiotus hufeandi, using the microalgae Chlorellavulgaris as food, in small plastic containers of about 30 mm diameter and 20 mm in height, with water and foodbeing exchanged every two days. The proposed methods of dehydration achieved survivor rates of 70 and 77%,similar results of existing studies in the literature and may be simpler alternatives to anhydrobiosis studies.Keywords: Tardigrada. Lab rearing. Cryptobioses. Dessication.
FastFlow: Efficient Parallel Streaming Applications on Multi-core
Marco Aldinucci,Massimo Torquati,Massimiliano Meneghin
Computer Science , 2009,
Abstract: Shared memory multiprocessors come back to popularity thanks to rapid spreading of commodity multi-core architectures. As ever, shared memory programs are fairly easy to write and quite hard to optimise; providing multi-core programmers with optimising tools and programming frameworks is a nowadays challenge. Few efforts have been done to support effective streaming applications on these architectures. In this paper we introduce FastFlow, a low-level programming framework based on lock-free queues explicitly designed to support high-level languages for streaming applications. We compare FastFlow with state-of-the-art programming frameworks such as Cilk, OpenMP, and Intel TBB. We experimentally demonstrate that FastFlow is always more efficient than all of them in a set of micro-benchmarks and on a real world application; the speedup edge of FastFlow over other solutions might be bold for fine grain tasks, as an example +35% on OpenMP, +226% on Cilk, +96% on TBB for the alignment of protein P01111 against UniProt DB using Smith-Waterman algorithm.
Probiotics and Atopic Dermatitis in Children
Fabio Meneghin,Valentina Fabiano,Chiara Mameli,Gian Vincenzo Zuccotti
Pharmaceuticals , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/ph5070727
Abstract: There is increasing interest in the potential beneficial role of probiotic supplementation in the prevention and treatment of atopic diseases in children. Probiotics are defined as ingested live microorganisms that, when administered in an adequate amount, confer a health benefit to the host. They are mainly represented by Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria. Several epidemiological data demonstrate that intestinal microflora of atopic children is different from the one of healthy children. Many literature data show that probiotics may modulate the intestinal microflora composition and may have immunomodulatory effect. Based on this hypothesis, probiotics are supposed to confer benefits to allergic diseases. Administration of probiotics when a natural population of indigenous intestinal bacteria is still developing could theoretically influence immune development by favoring the balance between Th1 and Th2 inflammatory responses. For this reason, some studies have evaluated the potential impact of probiotics supplementation in the prevention of atopic dermatitis, with contrasting results. Clinical improvement in immunoglobulin (Ig)E-sensitized (atopic) eczema following probiotic supplementation has been reported in some published studies and the therapeutic effects of probiotics on atopic dermatitis seemed to be encouraging. However, as far as the usefulness of probiotics as a prevention strategy is concerned, results are still inconclusive. In fact, the clinical benefits of probiotic therapy depend upon numerous factors, such as the type of bacteria, dosing regimen, delivery method and other underlying host factors, such as age and diet. More studies are still needed to definitively prove the role of probiotics in the treatment of allergic eczema.
Constru??o de um modelo de regress?o hierárquico para os dados do SIMAVE-2000
Soares, Tufi Machado;Mendon?a, Márcia Cristina Meneghin;
Pesquisa Operacional , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-74382003000300003
Abstract: the evaluation systems developed on the last decade keep a same main objective: to find ways to efficiently improve the quality of the education. besides identifying results of the pupil's learning, the educational system is also evaluated. in this context, the sistema mineiro de avalia??o da educa??o pública (simave) was instituted in 2000 year by the secretaria de estado de educa??o. the present study had used multilevel models with the objective to identify the relation between the educational performance, the technic-pedagogical characteristics of the schools and the social-economic profile of the 4th. grade pupils that had made simave-2000 tests. searching to investigate the factors that act in the classrooms differentiation in schools had been considered the multilevel models with the hierarchy levels: classroom (level 1) and school (level 2). it was found explanation for a great proportion of the variation of the scores of the classroom.
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