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Electrical Conductivity of Collapsed Multilayer Graphene Tubes  [PDF]
D. Mendoza
World Journal of Nano Science and Engineering (WJNSE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/wjnse.2012.22009
Abstract: Synthesis of multilayer graphene on copper wires by a chemical vapor deposition method is reported. After copper etching, the multilayer tube collapses forming stripes of graphitic films, their electrical conductance as a function of temperature indicate a semiconductor-like behavior. Using the multilayer graphene stripes, a cross junction is built and owing to its electrical behavior we propose that a tunneling process exists in the device.
Porous Carbon Grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition on Copper Substrates  [PDF]
D. Mendoza
Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering (MSCE) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/msce.2015.38003
Abstract: Amorphous porous carbon was synthesized by chemical vapor deposition on copper substrates. The average size of the pores is around 1.2 microns with some small pores decorating the big ones. Lamellar samples of this carbonaceous material can be separated from the copper support and may be useful as electrode due to its low electrical resistivity of the order of 0.4 Ωcm.
Snapshot of Non-Inclusive Growth: Evidence from Philippine Employment Trends in 2001-2009  [PDF]
Ronald U. Mendoza, Padmini Mahurkar
Modern Economy (ME) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/me.2012.37106
Abstract: This article briefly examines the Philippines’ pattern of job creation during the period 2001-2009 in order to help explain why growth during this period failed to translate into poverty reduction. An analysis of disaggregated employment and sectoral output data provides a much more nuanced picture of the types and sectors of jobs created during the last decade. The empirical evidence suggests that employment creation was inadequate, and skewed in favor of high skilled workers even across industries. Based on these findings, promoting inclusive growth in the Philippines requires a robust job creation strategy in order to meet the growing labor force, along with mechanisms to ensure skill upgrading and better skills matching (notably for the young) as well as efforts to bring even lower skilled workers into the formal sector.
The Adjust Data with the Laboratory PVT Reports that Are Applied in the Oil Wells Designs  [PDF]
Salazar-Mendoza Rubén
Advances in Chemical Engineering and Science (ACES) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/aces.2013.34A1003
Abstract: The correlations have been developed with the flash data to predict the multiphase flow and mass transfer in the oil wells designs. Therefore, the laboratory pressure/volume/temperature (PVT) reports require calculation of the flash Oil Formation Volume Factor and the flash Solution Gas/Oil Ratio data starting from Differential Liberation tested data. Once these parameters are known, the oil density and other thermophysical properties can be determined by a complete model for the different states of pressure and temperature in the well during its production life and initial design. The subject of this paper is how to read and make proper use of information contained in the IMP laboratory PVT reports, for the oil wells designs. The discussion is focused on the laboratory report for the well number 407 located in the Maloob field in Mexico.
Modified Newtonian Dynamics as an Entropic Force  [PDF]
Diego A. Carranza, Sergio Mendoza
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2015.66084
Abstract: Under natural assumptions on the thermodynamic properties of space and time with the holo-graphic principle, we reproduce a MOND-like behaviour of gravity on particular scales of mass and length, where Newtonian gravity requires a modification or extension if no dark matter component is introduced in the description of gravitational phenomena. The result is directly obtained with the assumption that a fundamental constant of nature with dimensions of acceleration needs to be introduced into gravitational interactions. This in turn allows for modifications or extensions of the equipartion law and/or the holographic principle. In other words, MOND-like phenomenology can be reproduced when appropriate generalised concepts at the thermodynamical level of space and/or at the holographic principle are introduced. Thermodynamical modifications are reflected in extensions to the equipartition law which occur when the temperature of the system drops below a critical value, equals to Unruh’s temperature evaluated at the acceleration constant scale introduced for the description of the gravitational phenomena. Our calculations extend the ones by [1] in which Newtonian gravity is shown to be an emergent phenomenon, and together with it reinforces the idea that gravity at all scales is emergent.
La pedagogía como ciencia: notas para un debate
Investigación y Postgrado , 2004,
Abstract: the purpose of this research is the debate of pedagogy in the scientific level, as the intellectual commitment of those who are in the transcendent field of education. we do not formulate definitive propositions but the connotations that this subject has and the necessity for a permanent discussion. in a general way we express some aspects that the pedagogy has been adapting, searching for autonomy of its field as a philosophical reflection about the goals of education, the search for recognition under other specialties like the excluding positivism philosophy finishing with an analysis of the different possibilities of pedagogy as a science through the epistemological openings of the paradigms that base the new rationality.
Hacia una caracterización ecomorfológica compleja: una revisión de la paleoautoecología de los ungulados
Ameghiniana , 2005,
Abstract: a primary goal of palaeoecology is the reconstruction of the adaptations and modes of life of extinct species, or palaeoautoecological characterization. the behavioral attributes of the fossil species have been inferred in different ways, but the comparative method is probably the most widely used. for this, some authors have tried to carry out a cuantitative characterization of different ecological adaptations in ungulates, using the dental-skeleton morphology of the living species, which is known as ecomorphological characterization. at first, that characterization was only qualitative. later on, some authors began to quantify the relationship between morphology and different ecological adaptations, but this quantification simply entailed finding significant statistic correlations between some measurements and the adaptation that was analized. however, the more and more frequent use of the multivariate statistics has allowed a more complex, precise and reliable morphological characterization of the ecological adaptations of ungulates. in this review, i analize the evolution that the undestanding of ungulate ecomorphology has undergone during the last decades, with special emphasis on the methodology and results of some recent papers which are characteristic of a complex approach.
Trastorno delirante de tipo somático
Revista Colombiana de Psiquiatría , 2007,
Abstract: objective: to review and illustrate a case of delusional disorder, somatic type. methods: case report. results: a 41-year-old female patient presents with a chronic somatic delusion of infestation, of suffering a severe cardiac ailment and cancer in the central nervous system and left breast. repeated cleansing of the left breast leads to a contact dermatitis. her insight regarding the disease is null and her support system is precarious. therefore, she does not adhere to medical recommendations or to psychiatric treatment and continues to consult different specialists and medical services, although neoplasia and other systemic illnesses have been discarded. conclusions: delusional disorder, somatic type, is a challenging illness to diagnose and treat. it warrants integral and multidisciplinary management.
Socialization to the Academic Culture: a Framework of Inquiry
Revista de Estudios Sociales , 2008,
Abstract: the purpose of this article is to provide a theoretical framework and methodology for the understanding and study of the academic culture. it is based on previous works on organizational culture with emphasis on sociological and cognitive perspectives and applicable to all types of organizations. in particular, this article describes the application of socialization and sensemaking perspectives to the formation and development of the organizational culture in academic departments with emphasis on how new faculty members socialize and engage in sensemaking as they gain full membership in their entering department. it also provides a specific methodology to systematically assess potential cultural shifts in academic departments as incoming faculty interact with faculty in the entering academic unit.
Del arte dramático al arte poético: Técnicas para la lectura en inglés
Revista de Pedagogía , 2009,
Abstract: the differences between poetry and prose require distinct analytical approaches. this work compares the effectiveness of traditional or classic teaching techniques with the use of dramatization to improve reading comprehension of poetry among students of english as a foreign language. the current study is of the pre-experimental type, in which we determined the effectiveness of the aforementioned techniques in the comprehension of poetic texts in english by sixteen students of english literature at the national experimental university ?francisco de miranda? in falcon state, venezuela. data was collected through an initial diagnostic test followed by the application of the techniques before giving two post-tests. the results indicate that on comparing the levels of reading comprehension through the statistical test ?t? of student, a significant difference emerged (.000 less than 0.05) in favor of the dramatization technique with regard its effectiveness in comparison with the level of comprehension registered in the diagnostic test. on the other hand, the use of more traditional methods did not produce any significant statistical variation (.144 greater than 0.05). to achieve significant, cooperative and enjoyable learning, we thus recommend the use of dramatization in the classroom so that students may effectively comprehend poetic texts.

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